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[R]...Tribes of Atlantis...[R]

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Author Topic: [R]...Tribes of Atlantis...[R]  (Read 30812 times)
Paulo Riven
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« on: February 16, 2007, 08:29:27 pm »

I must say, this is one of the best laid out sites for the investigation into our Atlantean heritages!
Excellent Work!
This site has some true potential to be quite a large forum.

For this first post, I apologize for it's length, and only wish to get most of the research out of the way for us to have an excellent understanding of the Atlantean Kingdoms and how they are very much a reality today.

I hope, in due time, our World as an entirety will one day come to see the Great Light of Orichalcum.

Best Wishes

................Wisdom of The First Book of Atlanteans..................

This is the Greatest Message of World Peace for our modern world today.
This is the knowledge of The First Book, before your Second Book, The Holy Bible.

This is The Book of Atlantean Thoth.

..............To understand the City of Atlantis.........
.....You have to understand the culture of Atlanteans.....

Q] Is the Atlantic Ocean a Myth?
A] No, it divides America from Europe and Africa.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlantic Ocean?
A] Because it was named from the Atlantean cultures.

Q] Why do they call it the Atlas Mountains in NW Africa?
A] Because it was named after the Atlantean cultures.

Q] What are Atlantean cultures?
A] Any groups of human beings who existed in or around the Atlantic Ocean, such as America, S. America, Arctic, Europe, Africa, Antarctica and any Atlantic Islands like Azores, Iceland, England, Thule, Madeira, Canary Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bimini,
St. Tome, Cape Verde, Barbados, Antilles, etc, etc....

Q] Are Atlantean cultures a Myth?
A] No, because Archaeologists and Herodotus told us about these cultures who lived in Africa on her western coasts and around the Atlas Mountains and in Western Europe to the extremity of the Pillars of Hercules or Gibraltar Straits as recorded by us.

Q] Why do people dismiss Atlantean cultures in general?
A] Because they are not tutored in our World Histories and generally are fixated by the notion that Atlanteans come from a magical underwater city as portrayed in modern Fables.

Q] Who are the Atlanteans?
A] The cultures who existed in and around the Atlantic Ocean and were predominant in settling Africa, Europe, S. America and America, both from the land bridge crossings of Iceland and The Bering Strait in China and Alaska and from crossing over on boats or early ship types.

Mostly, we know the Atlantean by different names in the course of our Archaeological studies, which most scholars name these cultures according to their pottery types, industries, or cultural styles and traits, while most names are not what those ancients would have called themselves such as The Bell Beaker Cultures of Europe or Cave people being called The Stone Age people.

Q] What are some of the names early Atlanteans were known by or still are known by, other than Atlantean?
A] I would say to compliment the rise of civilizations ca 50,000.bC, would be a good apex to research Atlantean cultures from, other than 100,000.bC Cro-Magnon,
or 1 million b.C Neanderthals.

In Europe, some of these early Atlanteans were known as Aterian, Azilian, Aetolian, (who were writing and developed our Alphabet ca 12,000.bC) Celtoi, or Celts, Cimmerians, Basques and Navarros, who are a fading culture bordering France and Spain and are related to the Guanche cultures of the Canary Islands.
Some of their modern names are; Portuguese, English, Scandinavian, French (Gallic), Spanish,(Gaulic) Italian, Germans, Ukrainians, Belgians, Norwegians, Russians, Polish, Serbians, Latvian, Greeks, Cyclades or the early Vinca cultures around Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia who were writing around 6000.bC.

In Africa we also find Azilian, Aterians, Berber, Moors, Tuaregs, Capsians or Capstans, Qadans, Atalantes, Atarantes, Gualata, Alata, Troglodytes, Dogones, Garamantes, Maxyans, Lotophagi, or simply Libyans, Egyptians or Gerzeans, Natufians, Fayums and Aetiopians from Kush and Sudan or Arabians upon the Sinai.
Mauretanians, as they were known in the 12th centuries.
In S. America we find Mayans, Aztec, Incans, Peruvians, Mexicans, and other jungle tribes.
In America we find Native Indians like Mohawk, Apache, Kennewick Man, Ojibuay, Cree,Chippewa, Mexicans, or the Canadian First Nations.
Afro-Americans, etc, etc.

In Asia we find Anatolians, Turkish, Black Sea Cultures, (Tartars) Georgians, Carians, Ionians, Lydians, Arabians, Persians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Indians, Assyrians,
 like the earlier palaeolithic Enyans who became the Phoenician cultures upon the Levant with Byblos, Tyre and Sidon, and Cypriot cultures of Cyprus and Rhodes.

Basically, as my translations of the 10 Atlantean Kings names suggest, the Atlanteans were predominant around the ENTIRE MEDITERRANEAN.

When people really and truly understand this, and understand that English and our Alphabet comes from Linear A and not Linear B, then they will also come to grasp with reality, that...


We speak, read and write these evolved words today into English, from earlier Atlanteans.

Atlantean – Aterian – Azilian – Aetolian – Linear A – Latin - English


TA-(Tara/Terra) = Ancient name for EARTH
A = Risen or Origin
A TA LAN = Risen Earth Land

TA - TEN -EN = Ancient Egyptian Risen Earth Land
ATAL-ANTIC (Antique,Antiquity,Antigua,Antiquo > Ancient)
Agua/Aqua = Water  (Gua = Throat)
ATALANTIC(Atlantic) > Risen Earth Land of Antiquity
ATALAS (Atlas) > Risen Earth Stone > Mountain

Jebel (African) > Jabel(Arabian) > Mountains
Djenna (African) > Djanna (Arabian) = Mountain Peaks

Why is it so hard for people to understand that Atlanteans simply means the most antique cultures of our modern world?
Older than the Great Flood.
The only significance to discovering the City of Atlantis is to prove that the city actualy existed like Troy, but not to prove that Atlantean Cultures exist.
The importance of finding the City of Atlantis is in hope of discovering ancient recordings of our advanced and evolved knowledge as we know it today and to satisfy our curiosities of a 12,000 year old legend which was revealed 2577 years ago in 570.bC from Pharaoh Amasis and Uadjahor-Resne.
The Egyptians even told us, and they were smarter than anyone else around them in antiquity and histories, that their teachings and wisdom came from a Risen Earth Land WESTWARD of themselves in the Delta Nile to TATENEN or Zep-Tepi if you like.

You now do realize that Africa is Atlantean also.
Where do they say your oldest bones and roots of dna go back to?
Tanzania? Aetiopia? Old Duvai Gorge?

The Land of JA.

You can run or curse, or alter our Histories, but you can't hide the great Truth of The Law of One.


Linear A Translations by Riven;

EARTH (Eart / Ert)

EA-Risen, in the air, above, so high
RA- King, Kingdom
TA- Earth, IS, IT, I AM.
HA- Here, in this place, also

SA - Son/Child/kin
JA- Father, God, Know
RA – King, Kingdom

God's Risen Kingdom of Earth.

Know this and retain your histories of your ROOTS.

God, The Father IS REAL.
Atlanteans are Real.

Who in this modern or ancient history of our World has a human been able to show you God, The Father Self Creator at Work in a physical dimension of vision for us to See?

Paulo J. Tx. Mn has.....

With the True Garden of Humans in Tanzania, Africa.

".111. Joy To The World, The King is Come, Let Heaven and Earth Remain.111. [/i]

Point of that post is that the Pyramids were built by the Atlanteans and 3500-4500.bC.


Africans are Atlanteans
Edgar Cayce
Hall of Records
Atlantean Chronicles
Missing Sphinx NW of The Red Pyramid
God The Father's words to me;
"Just as the Pyramids I shaped for you."
Apis Bulls
Secret Teachings
The Lion faces East
The Secret of The Son of Man
The Secret of Carina Nebula

The Sun rises in the East.
That is the Sacred Teachings for our Earth.
But could the Sacred Reasoning of God wanting us to look East, to his Rising Sun, be of His Rising Son in the Carina Nebula Star System?
Could this have been once another Earth?
Could we have come from there?

I wonder....

(If you draw a map of the pyramids in the heavens, they point you to Carina Nebula and not Orion.)



I hope this message of World peace, allows China to let the Tibetan Dalai Llama return home to their world of peace and help them to prosper..
Because they are God's Children also...

Peace to All For The Law of One Unified World of Peace.

Divinità fluviale. Collezione Farnese da Roma. Iseo nel campo Marzio. Seconda metà del II sec. d. C. National Archaeological Museum, Naples.

King Saturn Portugal  Atlantic  (Atlas)

King Neptune Mediterranean (Gadeiros)

Atlantis and The 10 Kings Translated by Riven.

Atlantis = Atlant  (Fatherland, Risen Land)  TA-TEN-EN =Old Egyptian> Risen Primordial Hill of Creation.

Father=Aita (Basque)   Patra /Atta (Greek)   Pater(Latin)   it(Egyptian) 

Plato translated Risen as epanateilantos > anateilantos >ateilantos >atilantos > atlantos > atlantis.

We can also relate the old Greek word of ATE as ruined land.

  Atlas         ( Fatherson, rising son, raiser of sky, risen stone )
Nw Africa =Morocco ,Algeria (Aterians, Azilians,Atalantes )

Gadeirus    ( Green body of rivers )
Iberia= Basque, Celtic , Portugal, British isles, Hyperborean Europe.

Ampheres   (to rest, at both sides) Amphiarus Taranto>Otranto
Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Tyrrhenia, (Etruscans,Appennines) Malta ( Tarxien >Tarshin )

Evaemon         ( fortunate woman ) Athena / Neith
 Tunisia, Libya ( Capsians, Qadan, Maxyan, Lotophagi ) Lake Tritonis/Athena

Mneseus         ( memory of a great warrior, God, Jove ) ( from a Trojan )
Crete ( Minos, Amnisus )  Phaesteus and Aghia-Triada=Mesara Plain

Autochthon     ( earthborn , native) Phoroneus, Prometheus.
Peleponnesia, Sicyon, Argo Attica, Thracia, Cyclades,.(Hellenic Greece)

Elassipus       ( horse riding, rulers )
Anatolia ( Phrygia, Troy,Ionia, Caria, Ephaesus, Ecbatana )

Mestor           ( NNE middle. Suitor ) 
Phoenicia, Syria ( Byblos, Tyre ) 

Azaes         (Heat or Ashened one)       
Mauretania ( Azas, Azamor , Alata, GuAlata, Guanches)

Diaprepes   Written Knowledge of God, ( highly distinguished )
Egypt, Nubia, Aetiopia. (AVILA=Africa/Kush)

The Founders
Neptune ( Sea/ Land God, Earth-Shaker, Chained feet, Savior of Ships, Horses ) Cleito’s lover.
Socrates also interpreted Poseidon (Neptune) to mean "without feet" or at feet's end or Chained Feet, meaning that when man came to the lands edge, he could no longer walk further. Coastal shorelines.

Evenor ( primeval firstborn, arrive with strength, vanishing ) Cleito’s Father

Leucippe (Grove of White Horses, Spartan surname) Cleito’s mother

Cleito (emperor’s favorite, sloping hill) Acropolis hill, Atlantis Royal City.

Based on Atlantean migration 10,840 bC (estimated 1,240 years of growth)
Countries Liberated after Great Battle and Atlantis sinking (2850-9600 bC)   

Riven dates a more precise estimate of Nov 1st, 6482 bC 21:00hrs for the great flood and sinking of Atlantis. Based on the Eye of Ra myth, ecliptic alignment of planets, Mt.Vesuvius and Mt.Hekla eruptions, Bosphorous straite (Black Sea) flooding and All Saints Day of Destruction Nov 1 and the margin of error between Greek Lunar Cycles and Egyptian Sun Cycles. Although Atlantis sank at this time it was still controlled from the Lake Tritonis region no later than 1500 bC.

Ironically Nov 1,1755, an earthquake from African/European plate tectonic pressure, triggered a great Tsunami that wiped out Lisbon, Azores, Madeira, Canaries and NW Africa.   

6482 bC for the fall of Atlantis and 3450 bC for the fall of the warriors (Greece, Phrygia, Anatolia, Phoenicia, Egypt) relating to the Gebel-el-Arak knife from 3500 bC and the Narmer Tablet of 3100 bC where the Atlanteans battled near the Gulfs of Atranto,Gabes, Messina Straite and the Alexandria Egypt Delta.

The Gebel-el-Arak Knife has the same Dragon Claw Orb Ship that can also be found on the Phaisteus Disk from Crete.

ATLANTES-of Libyan people
ATLANTICUS-of Mount Atlas

Written in Stone, King of The Double Falcons 3500.bC Libya, Delta Nile, Sinai, Levant.


Solon: "Tell me Uadjahor, where lies Atlantis?"

Egyptian Priest: "Solon, as the Falcon flies west, to the risen land, over the empire of lions and Kings,Avila (Africa),and further west (2nd Falc.) over the the realm of Nu (Ocean), lies a once fertile sunken (flooded) land, where knowledge and the teachings of spirituality come from."-SaJaRa-Riven 2005.aD.

The Narmer Palette

The Writing is on the Wall.

10 Kings,  Double Falcons,  Twin Lions,  Royal Crowns,  Foreign Ship,  Circular Fortress,  Bull Worship

The four servants who carry the flag staffs, the first two near the ten fallen "Crowned" Kings (for their crowned heads are between their legs), are the most important flag staffs because they are most adorned with large flags on two. Above those flags are the Two Falcons.
As you'll also notice the two Bulls on top depict "Hathor", or the Egyptian flood of 3250.bC, where Hathor worship became popular with the inundation of the nile.

Before Hathor, it was The Two Falcons.

The Twin Lions are Twin Chimaeras. The "O" Symbolizes the Circular Sacred City, in comparison to "ON" for Egypt, or the Circular Fortress of Atlantis where Bull worship was introduced from.
As you See, Persians, or Sinai Arabians have harnessed the twin Lions after the fall of the 10 lion kings.
As you know, the Ramses kings also sold out to Phoenicia and the Persians.
Hence the Bull on the bottom bowing to the "Fortressed Nome", and fallen human.

The Ten Fallen Kings are not the Nine Bows.

As you'll also notice, the Pharaoh wears the Crown of the Delta Nile on this side of the Palette, representing the Atlantean Kingdom of The Delta Nile and The Twin A's or Double Falcons.
Could it be Sais, Buto, Memphis, Cairo, Heirakonpolis, Thinis, kom ombo, etc?
No, no double A's in their names.

You'll also notice above the fallen kings, a ship with a small bird above it. This means a foreigner or bad persons.
notice a little gremlin type creature in the boat?

The symbol they think stand for Mer, or the Chisel, may not be what they think.
To further provenance, the Great Pyramid, as you know it, was standing in the time of Khufu, and The Red, in the time of Snoferu.
I tell you these men did not build the Atlantean Pyramids.
I have also shown the 885 missing years from Khufu.
For me that is enough provenance to sustain that the Pyramids were standing around 3500.bC, for The Son of Man, Philitis The Good Shepherd, or JESA, was murdered Dec 10th, 3474.bC, by Znoferu, The Zero Worship.
You know them as Egyptians, because they wanted you to.

I wanted to know who that mysteriously advanced culture really was.

Remember This;

Khufu's Son, wanted to move away from his father and start his own worship in Abu Roash.

Akhenaten, wanted the Egyptians to stop worshipping false lords, and revert to ATEN.

"No longer would they call upon Osiris".....Akhenaten.


The Commemorative Palette to The Fall of Atlantis.

5000 year old Cycladic Map of Atlantis ca 2800.bC

Linear A Translation > Atlantis.

AA - Father, Mother,God,Goddess, Origen
(in this case singular primary A>Father > A-tlantis > Earth = Male)
TA - Earth
LA- There, in that place, land
AA - Father,Mother,God,Goddess,Origen
NA- Sacred Knowledge, pure, water, air,
IA- and his, so high, adorned

Father's Earth Land with Mother's Sacred Knowledge of Earth and His Son.

The meaning of the word Atlantis broken up into Linear A syllables and translated from 50,000 year old ancient Basque by Riven....

"The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the secret of creation."

.111.The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.111.
The Trinity.

From The Father > ATEN > ATENA

ATENA (Athena)
MAAT (Neit)
MA (Universal)


She is the one who breathes life into us.

The Father gives us life.

When you grasp all that it is true and rightful...
then you will grasp your true King and Father, who's Wife gave you the breathe of Life.

And The Kingdom of His 10 Sons.

Mr 04 JASA Re-Creation After 6482.bC
Mr 14
Mr 24
Mr 34 Jesa Dec 10th, 3474.bC
Mr 44 Paulo J.Tx.Mn 1961- Mr.44 Jan 2006.aD.
Mr 54
Mr 64
Mr 74
Mr 84
Mr 94

Last January was when your Earth warmed up after I returned His Son and rid thee of the unmentionables.

Know that the Father JA is on my Side.

For sake of better understanding for us All in this great quest of Truth, I hope to fill the Hearts of Darkness with The Truth of Light and The Truth of our Father Creator JA and his Kingdom Atlantis, that still is to this day.
Most people who are realists,scientists or scholars as such, say that religion or God is a blind faith and as such breeds the roots of atheism or evolutionary theories like Darwinian monkeys.

Let me take you on a tour of VISUAL REALITY to strengthen you curiosities of human kind, for these are pictures taken from Google Earth and Hubble Space telescope, so you can blame them and not myself if you doubt.

Here is how my understanding and messages of God, who is our Father Creator JA and our newest Atlantis still upon our Earth after the Great Disaster of 6482.bC, which the Chapters of the Old Testament also point to as I have shown you also.

Incidently, ca 600.bC, JAinism, was followed by approximately 1 million people in India, through a Saint who walked around naked and neither killed nor slaughtered any living thing of our Father's creations, even insects or mosquitos for the matter. Perhaps, as our signs also reveal to us today, this saint also found the secret of JA, back then.
You can read about this in "JAINISM" at one of the Greatest Websites for Wisdom lost.

The detour from my Atlantis research, to a path paved with gold and light, took a turn when I decided to look on top of the Great Pyramid, using Google Earth and I found TWO LETTERS on top of The Great Pyramid of our Father Creator JA.

Zoomed in;

Then in our Atlantis Rising Forums,in the Egyptian Threads, some were seeking the answers to the stoneplugs in the airshafts and why they sent robots up there. To my amazement, I also found this image of JA, on the stoneplug. I simply alterred the color with Google's Picassa to better make out the hidden shapes upon the stone. Then I merely OUTLINED the forms I saw.

Naturaly, this leads one to believe the true purpose of the Robots commissioned by Zawii Hawass, to spray ACID on the stoneplug in his attempt to conceal JA and the continued coverup of his Kingdom, Atlantis, upon Egypt also.

Having realized this and heading 10 hours south of Cairo, I found the IDENTICAL TWIN PYRAMID to The Great Pyramid which is the Red Pyramid, and also the missing Lion Sphinx there, and the Temple of Man that they moved where they stained the grounds of Egypt with the Murder of The Son of Man, concealed later by the Wicked Khufu.

Pondering all this, I thought to take a closer look at the Pyramids in Cairo and decode their true intent of The Lion Sphinx and why they faced to the eastward heavens as you see from my map here.

The decoding of those Pyramids and their astral co-ordinates pointed me to the Carina Nebulae where I found this Hubble Telescope picture, which is originally black and white and color filled by them, with the message of our Son of Man, God, and the abominations in the heavens that were trying to get the Soul and Chalice of The Son of Man, while God, held him back for 5014 years with his light Dragon of Defence. This also revealed to me the Great Truth and atroscity of what they really did to The Son of Man which is nothing in comparison to Mel Gibson's "Passion of Christ", but much, much worse.

Having realized all this, I sought to find the missing Temple of Man with the echoes of old Egyptian Scrolls running through my mind. Then I thought about the "Tale of The ShipWrecked Sailor" and behold, thanks to Google Earth I was able to find the missing Temple pictured here;

To further attest the wisdom of our Father The Creator, Ja, and my belief of the real Eden in Africa as always I believed it to be near Lake Victoria or the Cano Agades regions of Mali, I finally found the Garden, which the hills and landscape there cleverly hid our great Truth of Creation, God, Xsam and Aja. Realisticaly perceived in antiquity, one would only be able to know this from the tops of Mountains like Kilimanjaro for example or the nearby hills in Nevi.

These are actual Google Earth pictures without any modification on my part whatsoever, which you can also view for yourselves if you go to the coordinates at the bottom of the pictures.

Pay attention to The left hand of God.

Here, in his left hand and hidden in his thumb, was our Father JA, creating our firstborn man after the great disaster of 6482.bC. To complex and perplex my mind even further, MY FACE is on The Babe upon the ground.

Don't ask me how this came to be, for I know not, other than the great reward of Ja for my having decoded the Lion Temple and returned his Son to him is my best guess for you all, or I am the embodiement of The Son of Man in this age of 44 years for me now, and in tune with the Secret of the 10 Kings of Atlantis such as Mr.24, Mr 34 (Jesa The Pure), and me, Mr.44.

Strange enough.

It is also my belief that only a True Atlantean and Royal Son of Atlantis would be the prophet to reveal Atlantis and it's great Truth to us all, and as such is my birthright to The Azores Islands mid-Atlantic, and my Royal Bloodlines, I have revealed Atlantis to you all from ages past. Our latest Atlantean city to stand, that was also comparable to the words of Critias through Plato, is now Talha, Egypt and Al MANSA hur Egypt where these photos prove beyond any doubt your minds may have.

As such, we also witness the Great Atlantean Lion upon her, no one can deny except Atlantis SUPPRESSORS who will be revealed by this denial.

As Critias spoke in his statement "past the broken pillars" we also find my Atlantis II location being past Ethiopian,Eritrea. This must have been the first Altantis "AFTER" the Great Disaster and The rebirth of man in The Garden of Nevi,Avila Africa Atlantis, later to progress north along the Nile into Egypt, Cairo and Delta Egypt at Talha and Al Mansa hur.

These lands were also populated BEFORE the Great Disaster from our Original Azores Atlantis location and Lake Tritonis Garrison as you have seen from my maps and especially The Empire of Atlantis I map.

Atlantis II.

Atlantean communication machine ca 3500.bC dismissed as "Phoenician Incense burners" by Scholars.

As you now know, witness and have a better understanding and realization of Atlantis, God our Father JA, and The Great Hidden Truth, I hope this will save many lives for our futures of uncertainty by "Broken Oracles of Egyptia and Phoenicia", that effect us very strongly to this very day and powers the war upon Iraq at present and the true intent of world domination by certain "monetary machines" and “puppet” governments imposed as your own kind.

Tribes of Atlantis website:

Pray With Him, Not To Him
Worship No Stone
Command No Death
Love Thy Neighbours
Preserve our History

………………[R]...Sa JA Ra…Paulo J.Tx. Mn...[R]…Feb 7th, 8489.aJA…(2007.aD.)………
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums;

Carolyn Silver
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« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2007, 09:20:04 pm »

Welcome to ATLANTIS, Riven!

This is the place where all true Atlantean souls come and congregate!  Here, all the secrets of our sunken Atlantean homeland will be explored.

You have sure been productive, by the way! Nice art, too.
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Jennifer O'Dell
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« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2007, 11:13:24 pm »

Hey Riv,

Welcome to the forum.  Nice work...
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« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2007, 04:14:43 am »

Aegean islet center of ancient Cycladic culture

Keros is a tiny, chunk of rock sticking out of the Aegean Sea inhabited only by a single goatherd. But the barren islet was of major importance to the mysterious Cycladic people, a sophisticated pre-Greek civilization with no written language that flourished 4,500 years ago and produced strikingly modern-looking artwork.

The Cycladic culture -- a network of small, sometimes fortified farming and fishing settlements that traded with mainland Greece, Crete and Asia Minor -- is best known for elegant figurines. Most of the figurines are naked, elongated figures with arms folded under their chests. The Cycladic culture flourished between 3200-2000 B.C.
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Gens Una Sumus
Paulo Riven
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« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2007, 01:47:47 am »

It's always a pleasure to grace your beauty Carolyn and Jennifer, thanks for the warm welcomes.

In response to Gary David's article on the Secret of 33;

Excellent work by the way, I'm sure your wisdom of Egypt will benefit
us also for our Atlantean research.

Two things that strike me as logical according to Science, is that:
Human brains reached their apex some 250,000 years ago.
Humans were capable of anything.

50,000 years ago is the said apex of genetic mutations, or no new
race types according to Dna research.
Humans were Everywhere, Civilizations flourished.

That's 200,000 years for Man to figure out how to be civilized, or
roughly 8 Solar Cycles of 26,000 years.

No doubt, much more civilizations from America and S.America will
be unearthed.

From what we can see of your mystery of 33, is that it was an ideal
number, cognizant by initiates.

Also, we can see an ideal "Hesperides" within the parallels of 30 and
35, balanced by The Straites of Gibraltar.

I'm sure you've also noticed the closeness of the Great Pyramid to 30.
Did you measure the Stone on Top?

Another good explanation why America was also settled within
those regions, like The Chestnut Trees, Setaria Italica Grass, and
ancient cultures, is because they also kept this parallel of 30-35
degrees in tune with the North Star, as they were sailing, so they knew
how to return home.

Crossing the Atlantic, as I enjoy saying, was a trip to hades and no
knowledge of refreshments. (heading West to the falling

Naturally, to follow ones line, should bide ones time!

Toe The Line. Smiley

The Moon(Great) Pyramid  29.58 N 31.08 E North (Giza)  White
White Sphinx (centered on head)
approx 235 x 70 feet at elbows. N E

The Sun (Red)  Pyramid    29.48 N 31.12 E South      Gold
Golden Sphinx ( "MISSING").

approx 235 x 70 feet at elbows.
North West of The Red Pyramid. N E

All Facing the east towards The Ascension.
(Preview with Caution)

A Word through Riven….SaJaRa….From God our Father Creator..Ja.

Be it known unto mankind, for he has bared witness for my Word.
My Son I carry in my right arm,
For what thou hast done upon this day which Riven foretells upon
Dec Tenth; Eight minutes past Eight in the Morning of Capricorn, The
Star of Venus and Mercury as One with Jupiter above.
  In the age of  Humanities reincarnation, to the year Three Thousand
Four Hundreth and Seventy Four, years of Age before his Second
Coming upon the innocent.
Standeth upon the stain of Egytpa, Cairo.

Thirty Degrees and Three minutes due North.

Thirty One Degrees and Fifteen Minutes due East.
Seven Thousand  Nine Hundred and Seventy One Stars Twinkling at Six
and Half magnitude.

Wanna know something funny I just realized yesterday?

The Catholic Church, I attended as an usher and "walker" of the
money box after to the Altar for some 16 years until my Father's
passing the Oval Light when I was 22....

To the Main entrance....

The Square Wooden Door with a large wooden cross on it, an Arch
overhead with a Lantern, boldly greet you...

under the Arch, on either side of the wooden door are...

Orichalcum Pillars (Pink Granite)

You don't believe in me...

but they are there, to see, and witness.

[R]..Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis..[R]
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums;
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Wonderful work as always, Paulo, and thank you for joining us at the forum.  I was beginning to field questions as to whether you'd been invited, so I'm personally glad that you're here.

You'll notice that most of the people from AR have also been invited here, and that we can post pictures in every part of the forum.  I hope you enjoy it all.

All the best,

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Paulo Riven
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Thankyou Europa;

I am  always impressed by your work also, for like us unified Atlanteans, it is a work by all of us in the never ending story rather than just a book we can buy with hopes for 79.97.

My greatest joy from our research, lies not in finding Atlantis, and questioning her whereabouts, but in knowing that Atlantean Cultures are real and have always been.

And Finding God for myself from his mysterious hand.

As I have proven, our Gods and Goddesses are Atlantean for this sphere of TA.

Our Wisdom is Atlantean.

Thankyou Europa.

“The 5500 Year Suppression of Ages”
To know is immortal

The Greatest curiosities upon our selves, is simply to know our selves and the mysteries of our Self being and Universe so vast. What grand purpose do we have here and why so much cruelty and suffering upon ourselves.

Because we don’t know ourselves and we don’t truly have the freedom to attain that goal for the formations of environments around us and through medias.

Sins, we know plenty of, and we know why… money and power, two of the greatest sins, for all, there is no power in us as there is in our Galactic Father, or God as you know him, though you know him not, and know not how to reveal Him for his true manner of being to convince us that He Exists.

Because they want to convince you that God is Money and money exists.

The existence of money and power for luxuries and perversions, above all, have distorted our very conception of well being, histories and spirituality, for evil always seeks to take away your spirituality to weaken you.

Hence conformed and implemented Corruptions of Propaganda.

We see it every day and every where, both in the human kingdoms and animal kingdoms.

Because of Our Stain.

This Stain will be 5480 years old on December the Tenth of this year, two thousand and seven, in the year of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for all, on a worldwide level, though their religions are different and many, they all know in generality.

The core of our Histories, more or less, has always been focused around the Mediterranean, where we are also watchful for the histories of Egypt because of their great monuments left behind for us to witness and their records in temples of worship.

Many have asked and still debate the great mystery of the Pyramids and the Wisdom of yesterdays Scholars, and why it is that we only know the history of Egypt to roughly 3100.bC to a time of a First Pharaoh, and what are the mysteries of earlier Pharaohs, like Narmer, or Scorpion King and hints of other preceding Pharaohs. Pharaohs, who reach the day of light to 4000.bC from the provenance of the Palermo Stone which I believe was “broken” on purpose to hide older facts of our Histories, especially around 3500.bC, or before Christ.

The Bronze Age is capped around this time also, and the rest of the Mediterranean doesn’t seem to “wake up” until after 2000.bC, By 1000 aD, most of the Western knowledge was altered and hidden to favor the East.

In All, part of the great 5500 year suppression of Ages which all changed when they abandoned Our True God, who is Father.

But who can say, who is Father? What evidence can they sustain to convince us of Father other than words of hope and wisdom?
Who can say whose religion is proper when God has anger with 7 Churches that are in Asia?
For this reason, their very own revelations, shall be revealed unto themselves, for to alter God’s name is a revelation unto thyself of thine own doings as it has been for 5480 years.

For this reason they changed your calendar to Zero, and glorified themselves with riches and have hidden the truth from amongst our selves to gain the promise of the “broken one”, as they have glorified themselves with our true hidden knowledge.

For this reason, the Library of Alexandria fell to Pergamon, where they themselves, say the seat of their abomination also resides near the perch of The Ark.

Strange, for the Ark has been perched for at least 5000 years also, or since the First Pharaoh as you know him, Pharaoh Menes.

You know Menes, but you don’t know the Secret of Mn, which is part of a Royal Family of Wisdom and Time.

Nor do you know the Secret of our True Histories as Atlanteans, because our truth bears no academic standing in our schools of wisdom, if you can call them such things for all their falsities mediated by families of Zero.

So, to tell a Great Lie, is Great Truth, such as to portray Atlantis as a mystical underwater Disney movie, is burnt into the deepest neuro-logic memory banks of our minds.

Such as spending money or slaying our neighbours for crazed manias of distorted beliefs and hidden rages brought on through thought control which evolves into our maturities and family functions.

In other words, gross injustice and negligence upon ourselves through medias of corruption to the level of accepted tolerance and disfunction.

So, in truth, we are innocent as to why, but not as to have known why and still do.
Part of this corruption is also bred on purpose to distort forms of gain, such as religions, God or personal growth or our true histories. A prime example is we often see Crosses, God, Jesus Christ, Bibles and other religious purposes portrayed along side evils on our televisions, such as the The Excorcist and Linda Blair……when she was a child of 13 years of age for her demented movie role.

Again, focus is on Corruptive Power where the mentality of God and religions reaches a point of rejection because they themselves, the followers of Zero, blame God for our injustices and misfortunes and label him a murderer to have wiped out our Earth by a Great flood for his resentment of us.
Or, Priests, Bibles and God, will end up harming us with a “Texas ChainSaw” or “Silence of The Lambs”.

It was not God, the reality is it was Mr. Zero, whose abomination formed from the evils of your Sins upon ourselves, just as the Purity of God forming from the goodness of your deeds upon ourselves.

So, every Earth like planets with humans, also have their Gods in other Galaxies where the Law of One justifies Air and Water and comfort to sustain our lively hoods.

For example, most of us cannot look at a naked body without thoughts of lust if desired or detestment and embarrassment if resentful, for lack of beauty and spirituality of the complexity at hand.

A good example, is that in ancient times, fat big butted goddesses, were looked upon as beautiful because they were closer to God, in ancient times, before we abandoned him for the power of Zero.

The key word is Power, because the Power of Purity or God, and the Power of Zero, were the battles of our life forces to sustain provenance of kingdom, or our Earth, which sadly we see in our medias, families and futures, reflected by the power of zero.

Only problem is, the the followers of Zero, who are leading our very destruction, have no Mr.Zero, to further perpetrate their cause of evil doings and puppet governments.

The reason for this is that the 5500 year suppression has seen the light of day, and the truths of ourselves and our histories has been revealed.

The benefits of this is in the message of World Peace and Prosperous Growth for All of Us, no matter where we stand on this Earth.

Religion has stood the test of time and will always stand the test of time because there is no greater glory than Spiritual growth for us to continue in our next phases of development if we preserve our very well being…

That is, our Souls.

This was the Tragedy of Zero, to please you for your Souls so he could grow further than his 7 light years size within our very energies around us.

Imagine if we were to become that abominations energy?

That is the same purpose of those in Power, to be like the Gods.

Tragic that they shall become the Gods of misfortune in the world of the greys or their souls evaporated into the bowels of Sekhmet and Orion, or Osiris and Isis if you like.

Because it is to Egypt that we are thankful to know the truth of our Histories and God, and to reveal unto us this 5480 years of Suppression, that and a mysterious land known as Africa.

It is to Africa that we owe it to ourselves to be thankful for the truths of our histories, to some extent. Our Scientists discover our oldest bones there, and trace our DNA roots to around the lands of Tanzania, Africa and The Old Duvai Gorge of Ethiopia. Our knowledge base has grown to a level to understand Dinosaurs or Continental plate theories, or wonderful machines that marvel our imaginations and transport us around this entire globe, or magnificent displays of human effort with our Cities or sacrifices of countless of lives for Wars of distortion and greed and false religions.

A 6000 year old war that continues to this day and terrifies our very existence

Call it systematic genocide if you like, for the purpose of the yellow race who glorifies themselves for their 100 years of breathe here on Earth.

It is also to Africa, that we owe ourselves the hidden knowledge of Atlantis and Atlanteans, as it was revealed not only in Sais, Egypt around 570.bC,, but also by our scholars of yesterday who memorized the Atalantean and Atarantean cultures of Africa (see Herodotus Histories).

But who is one man, to convince us of these great truths and why should we accept these truths as provenance.

Because the evidence has been collected to reveal our hidden histories and truths of not only ourselves, but of God and his grand purpose here for us all to be free of corruptions and live in peace and prosperity and to grow in a positive manner.

Perhaps, when we too realize our God, and return to Him as we once did prior to 3250.bC, then we too can build Pyramids with God, like our Atlantean forefathers of TA, the ancient name for our Earth, which became Atlantis or Atalantis if you prefer.

Sadly, we changed it to Earth, from our Suppressions upon ourselves, for here too, evil arose out of Egypt and stained Africa, Arabia, the Levant (Phoenicia) and Phrygia…

Then, it spread throughout our world by the followers of Zero.

Some knowingly while others unknowingly, to support the grand purpose of broken oracles, or promises, unknown to themselves.

Rich they became in the physical, but poor they become in the Spiritual.

In ignorance of their selves, but not in ignorance of their perversions.

True, a man may be King, or President or Wealthy in Riches, but is he wealthy in respect and rememberance? We only need to read about Croesus and Plato to understand the meaning of this.

The True meaning is what we all seek to understand.

To further the purpose of our cause, the meaning is simple for our 5500 year suppression.

Without lay of blame, for lack of knowledge, this meaning in the deepest sense becomes only two.

Jesus The Christ, and Judas The Anti-Christ.

I say this in a different sense of understanding, rather than what we commonly accept because we need to understand truly the purpose of the two.

Judas, we understand that he betrayed Christ who was murdered by the families of Eleazar, the black hooded priests of the 72.

For here is a land where they claim self glorification to justify that Wisdom, Knowledge, our English Alphabet, God, His Son and Mr.Zero all reside?

And here is the Holiest of Holies and the root of our Holy Bible, the Book of Constantine the ByZeroTine.

The root of this word is “Roma”, for they have been influencing our religions for 5500 years also with their cries of “Thou Shalt be put to Death”!! In fact, we can discover that this is 3000 years of influence for 1000.bC was when the Phoenicians reached Western Europe and Africa, and 1000.aD, was the apex of “Roma” integrations.

This “Roma” is also the root of degrading Christians and Catholics alike and setting down the foundations of our beliefs today, such as we also perpetrate everything to Sanskrit or Indo-Europeans without any regard or teachings of virtue for our true histories.

Then you wonder why they also hide Linear A or Atlantis.

When the Wisdom of the West Fell, such in case as The Great Library of Alexandria, the Wisdom of The East also arose and has been manipulated and contorted for their personal gain.

Such as they are known for Serpent cultures or forked tongues, which is also represented by their writings such as the chicken scratches of cuneiform for Darius or early Sumerians or The Tower of Babel and Babylon.

For truly, if you you believe in them, then they shall prosper from you. Just tally up the monetary gain of The Holy Bible or claim of the God and The Holy lands.

But how are we to truly understand all this?


To read The Book of Atlanteans is more dangerous than reading the Bible.

Because, the Book of Atlanteans will reveal to you the Truth of Our Histories and not a conformed book of our legends and myths or garbled bits of scrolls accumulated to a magnificent story of misfortune, such as The Battle of Troy or The Illiad, or The Holy Bible.

To study Atlanteans is to understand our World Cultures as they were and interacted until that fateful day of December 10th, 3474.bC when Zero worship transpired from Snoferu and Khufu.

For this reason 150 years of Darkness fell upon Egypt and The Temples were closed, and Khufu, like his father, murdered millions.

Since then, or after Pharaoh Den, the Stain of Egypt has effected us all for from Egypt it carried into Arabia and Phoenicia, Phrygia and into Europe, and today worldwide for China and Japan are also corrupted.

The Secret of The Golden Calf, or The Slaughter of The Bull, is The Greatest Sacrifice.

The Slaughter of The Son of Man, which was also portrayed again, by Jesus Christ.

Then we have to ask ourselves, was this betrayal on a par with the followers of Zero Worship?

Did their secret books of evil rights know in advance the coming of Him?

We can also view this as the secret rights who keep an eye out for Atlantis, because they know the truth of Atlantis will reveal their falsities upon us.

Jesus Christ died around Zero to our Calendars, because he was chosen.
Jesa Christ died December 10th,3474.bC at 8:08am, because he was pure.
Christ today lives because he is both impure and pure.
For this reason the Evil ones didn’t see his coming and missed their opportune to revive Zero.
Because Christ today, has rid thee of Zero and the Evil ones will suffer the revelations.
Only the followers of Zero remain for the Wisdom of God to justify their sins of ignorance.

In part, the great concealment of those Zero worshippers will be revealed because today, they also try to tell you that the Anti-Christ, or Judas, had good intentions and was related to Christ and they fabricate false shows or papyrus to marvel the weak and monetary slaves.

The other concealment, is that God has revealed himself, His Wife, His Son, His Daughter, and His True Garden where he recreated us after our Great Disaster caused by Mr.Zero who has also been trying for 5480 years to attain the Soul of His Son as he ascended into the Heavens with God.

But now, this great entity of spiritual energy has been released by the Wisdom of God upon ourselves.

For truly I say, that I have no intentions nor purpose to perpetuate such things either amongst myself or others, but rather that these works are in fact the mysterious works of a God we once knew and abandoned.

All because I gained a passion to reveal the truth preserved by Plato, because of the truth preserved by my earth father.

My father’s truth was the Royal history of our Family of Mn, which so far I have traced to Queen Lenor of Portugal around the 12th century, and not actually Atlantis as some people think.

Although, true in the sense of Atlantis being our old name for Earth and what our ancestors were calling themselves like we say “Humans”.

True also in the sense that Menestheos is a remembered King as are Pharaoh Menes, or Atlantean King Mneseus of  Sicily, Crete and The Cyclades or Minoan cultures.

Also true in the sense of Min, the Father of Egypt and true in the sense of Man and Woman.

All Secrets of the Royal Family of Mn.

Now the complexity of all this is simple if we understand that when we use the term Christ, such as it is in the word Christian, that we are in fact referring to The Blood of The Son of Man, who is the First Born Son of God, our Father.

Throughout our time, which we know at least 250,000 years ago to our pinnacle of brain development, or 50,000 years ago to the height of our genetic race types or cultures, that many embodiments of The Son of Man have come and gone for us in our world histories.

These, like the Great Flood stories, we preserve in our cultural legends and myths.

Legends, that have been purposefully altered throughout our 5500 years of suppressions.

Legends that start with Snoferu and Khufu circa the said 2700.bC, although 885 years are missing from the reversion to Solar Calendars from Lunar when they closed the Temples and erected the new Sun Temples and the worship of Osiris, Isis and Horus based on the rising star of Sirius and Orion, which makes the Jackals and Hounds of Egypt run in fear of their shadows and howl all night long and the crocodiles are restless to fulfill their laws of Draconian malices.

Since then, systematic subjugations for this worship of Judas have effected the Nine Bows of Africa as Sesostris circa 1682.bC also slaughtered the countless throughout Libya, Arabia, The Levant and even to do battle with the Greeks with the merger of Indo-Europeans around this time, whereupon the Hyksos retaliated and also became crazed with the countless slaughters of many and subjugated Egypt in return and reverse the role of Egypt to that of Mesopotamia.

For they all came out of Egypt and circumcised themselves as Egyptians, and placed Arks on their altars as Egyptians and glorified themselves with knowledge of Egyptians, Religions and Architectural buildings.

The temple of Todd in Phoenicia (Sidon, Byblos and Tyre) exemplifies this transition period as The Ramses Kings of the middle ages also unified the bond with Phoenicia and Egypt, since they have been trading from at least 3000.bC.

When the Phoenicians traveled to Western Europe and Africa, they gained much knowledge and our histories where today our schools of teachings, falsely conform to us that linear b, is the father of our alphabet when in reality it is like Atlantis, the hidden Linear A or basic roots of speech and hieroglyphics.

Just as they have hidden the knowledge of Atlanteans and our True Father who is JA and His Son that they took away from him and concealed His Temple and His Holy Garden.

The answers I have for you, the wisdom to know and witness, I also have for you.

They are not fabrications nor are they desires of distortion or perversions for monetary gain.

If they were, I would have kept silent like an aspiring author and published a “get rich quick” book for you all to read like the Da Vinci Code whose work had already been laid out by other authors.

Then again, you have to wonder why they made a movie for Dan Brown.

Because they know how to distort your truth with lies as they do your religions and history books.

But let me Strengthen your disbeliefs, for 2700 years have passed since Hesiod and 2500 years for Herodotus.

Nary a one has revealed to you for all this time of Secret of Hesiods Greek Muses or Herodotus’ nine books of our Histories….tho they be 10 for the Hidden Book of Mylo.
For this reason, The Greeks forgot their histories around Homer.

This is authenticity of my works and visions for us all to verify.
The Secret of Mylo and The Books of Herodotus by Riven. 2006.aD. (8488aJA.)
9:05 PM 1/12/2006

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

Book 1) Clio
Book 2) Euterpe
Book 3) Thalia
Book 4) Melpomene
Book 5) Terpsichore
Book 6) Erato
Book 7) Polymnia
Book Cool Urania
Book 9) Calliope

Book 10) Where is it? Someone has it.

Herodotus was writing in the era of memory of the 10 Kings (after 1500.bC,Deukalion), and he definitely was not writing about the Ennead....
Please return the book to us,It belongs to Man and Woman.
You can no longer hide the lies.

The Secret of the Books of Herodotus by Riven.



Epo- illa- caina- rua- in- mylo- potare- ero- h(ae)cis- pretene- moplema(Mopsus)- ila- hete- pretueo.

Epic by that way fallen (Vulcan?)to waste/sorrow into this MYLO > Mysian/ drunken wanderer with his faults, to lie before the Oracle broken Secret Society greatly prized here.

Translated with Cassell's New Latin Dictionary, 1959 edition....from Ja.

By SaJaRa Riven Jan 12,2006.aD (8488aJA.)

RETURN THE 10TH BOOK OF MYLO....Please, it is a piece of our History, along with the Books of Alexandria....Thankyou.

Immortality is attained through the Heart and not the Eyes or Ears.

Had I based my research on The Bible, you would have never known your truths.

Now you know.

For it is as it has become…. Tribes of Atlantis.

To Know Is Immortal.

To Know Is….

Save these Works to Be Immortal and Purify our Distortions.

In time you will understand why and the clues I have provided for you from God our Father in search of my family roots. Though you disbelieve me and think I fabricated the photos or wisdom..
You will come to understand that these are not the writings of a book nor personal gain, but virtue of wisdom for ourselves and a great message of World Peace.

And you will come to know our Father and His Secret of Creation as witnessed in His True Garden.
You will come to know the true ascension of His Son and the Carina Nebula Star System Secret.

The Glory of All of Us.

King of The Double Falcons.


Men of Wisdom and Time

[R]…SaJaRa- Paulo J.Tx.Mn…[R] March 15th, 8489.aJA. (2007.aD.)

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums;
Tom Hebert
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« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2007, 06:21:25 am »

Hi Carolyn,

So do you believe that most of us here are probably reincarnated Atlanteans?  If so, I hope our purpose is to do good this time around!

Welcome to ATLANTIS, Riven!

This is the place where all true Atlantean souls come and congregate!  Here, all the secrets of our sunken Atlantean homeland will be explored.

You have sure been productive, by the way! Nice art, too.
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Tom Hebert
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« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2007, 06:35:45 am »

Welcome, Paulo!  I'm glad you dedided to join this group.  I confess that I didn't follow much of your postings on AR due to lack of time.  However, I was glad that you ferreted out interesting avenues of research and also that you were willing to consider the spiritual and moral aspects of the subject.

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Paulo Riven
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« Reply #9 on: March 16, 2007, 02:40:52 pm »


Not only are we reincarnated, but we are Atlanteans.

According to Earth History.

To be honest Tom, I didn't expect to discover the spiritual and moral aspects of Atlantis.

I expected to discover the city and the cultures, but not to take a mysterious turn towards God and his hidden truths like Atlantis.

I often ask, why me for I was not pure?

Maybe because the truth of God, is the truth of Heart, and my Heart is true to Atlantis, both from my heritage of being born in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, and from my passion for the truth felt in Plato's Timaeus.

The Sad thing that most people miss, for lack of knowledge and disbelief, is that God does in fact have a message for us from His Pyramids, His Temple, His Son, His Garden, His Wife, His Creation and His Carina Nebula.

That message is Atlantean.

Strange but True.

You have no idea of the frustration I go through trying to teach people these messages of our histories and getting kicked out of "powerful" forums for revealing a true life experience.

See Jennifer O'Dell;

It isn't work, it's a rewarding experience.

To know the knowledge of Atlantis and Atlanteans, is to know ourselves and our truths.

It all makes perfect sense.

Then I have to ask myself why I was born on All Saints Day and why Christopher Columbus called my hometown of Victoria,Teceira...

... Jesus Christ Island.

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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Paulo Riven
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« Reply #10 on: March 30, 2007, 08:38:59 pm »

I realize that most people still do not accept my photos of our True Garden of Avila, however, after this latest update of a closer view of our Garden, you will be amazed how the very natural images upon her reflect the words of The Bible.

What is even more fascinating, is that I didn't realize that God's Left Hand also portrayed THE EYE OF RA symbol which verifies the true wisdom of early Atlanteans and their closeness to our Father when they built the Pyramids.

Seems the secret of The Eye of Ra is The Secret Place of God's Holy Garden in Avila where he re-created us.

Strange but Truth.

[R]...The Garden of Avila Decoded by Paulo Riven...[R]


Armoured Rogue Knight
Garbed in White
The Circular Fortress
Guards his Might
His footsteps Tremble
The Grounds of TA
The Journey undertaken
For The Eye of Ra.
The winding path
Alee of The Serpent
Hold fast our Walls
For the Apis Bull in presence.
gazes to the Holy Oracle
First Born is Come
First Born Undone.

Turn to Face The Sun.
Paulo J.Tx.Mn Mar.29/07.

If you still don't believe that The Garden of Avila IS in TAnzania, Africa, then perhaps, as you know I have not altered a single pixel of the natural formations rather than to outline them, or add tags, then perhaps you might ask yourself how can there be all these identifying markers that portray the very words of our HOLY BIBLE.

I have also updated some new info in The Garden of Avila article in my website where I now realize more of the story around there such as my mistake in saying the image next to Aja(Eve) was Xsam(Adam).

This is however an image of the Evil Sorcerer who conjured the Spirit Serpent from a crystal orb and tempted Aja with her dual nature.

God, our Father JA-MN, created His First Son, The Babe in The Garden with my face on Him, then Aja, whereupon the First Child, Xsam or Adam as you know him, was born. Then Eve's daughter came next.

Not Cain and Able.

I am not The First Son, by the way. I am Mr.44 as you know.

To Know Is Immortal.

All is Seen and Witnessed.


The Double Falcons - ATLA - AVILA - Mn.

Keepers of Wisdom and Time - Paulo J.Tx.Mn. 8489.aJA.

[R]..Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis..[R]
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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Paulo Riven
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« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2007, 03:04:30 am »

Sometimes I wonder if this Whole world is filled with unruly children, or are there any intelligent individuals out there?

Seems everyone's mind is boxed.

For the most part, if any of you have any intelligence on Atlantis, then you would have read Plato's preservation of Atlantis in Timaeus.

For the second part, I am not at the stage of discovering Atlantis for the first time, I am at a far stage of understanding, which as has been told, the research was altered by God last January and The Garden of Avila discovered.

We can question anyone's accounts of anything, but to verify and know takes detective work.
Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

As, I also said, God's greatest gift is not to have Life, but to have Freedom of Life and Choice, for if HE WANTED TO he could have made you to obey him and worship only him and know only him, but then, would that not be Selfishness and Greed?

It is this selfishness and greed that hinders your growths to understand, for neither do you understand the CLUES PROVIDED, nor do you understand The Mystery of God, His Son and His Garden.

But, you understand a 2300 year old Holy Book or Satanic Verses or Crack pipes and Porno movies or Alien bases, or DaVinci Codes.

I have not explained to you my theory of Atlantis, but, if you are intelligent enough to really and deeply immerse yourself in the COURSE OF THE RESEARCH, which all dating, data, sources and such can be verified by post stamps in forums, then you would understand the immense amount of work involved to come to know some very important and vital clues to your mysteries.....

Ah, true, an Evil King can destroy many years of Histories with one word........Attack!!

Which is what most of you do, attack me and ridicule what has been witnessed along the proven track.

That is what bothers you the most, because it can all be proven and verified.

You use google earth, and woooahh, the guy didn't fabricate the pictures! They are as Google Earth Satellite program incorporated, just as we see our very own homes and streets in our neighbourhoods where we live.

Guess you all don't live there either.

I'm elated you all think I'm nuts, or need a psychiatrist, because it shows that my work truly mystifies you, just as your wacky psychiatrists would not be able to explain my "third eye" visions that foretell, or my ability to "SEE" people through physical walls of concrete, steel or wood or drywall.

Then again, how am I going to prove that to you?

Same way you have to prove things you have witnessed and others doubted. I do have many witnesses.

In short I will try to make you understand my theory of Atlantis.

First, Atlantis is our old name for Earth as it evolved from "TA" many years prior, which they named a City after our Earth, Atlantis.

This Royal City, is said in our Atlantean Chronicles of Plato and Chalcidius, to have been IN FRONT OF THE PILLARS OF HERCULES.

I for one, take Plato seriously, and do not call him or Herodotus a Liar, like you all do. The same will be said for your scholars today for our tomorrows.

When they tell you 5000 years today, our futures will say, no it was months, or 50 or 500 solar cycles.

But today, you understand 5000. So too did those scholars yesterday who were just as smart as our scholars today.

There is no mistaking that they clearly meant thousands of years prior to themselves for they told you about Deukalions flood, and third floods before Deukalion, and also to the Seeding of Hephaestus and Athena, which really means the Unison of Mercury and Venus when they formed the brightest Star in the eastern Sky that day of December 10th, 3474.bC, and also to the time of first agricultures and metallurgies of Civilizations which we see Copper,Gold and Tin or Silver arising ca 6000.bC, as they also capped falsely your civilizations to mesopotamia or Catal Hayuk (Cattle-H) while trying to push them back to maintain their self glorification, for they also gave you your Bible, Calendar, Taxes, Banks, God, Jesus, Judas, Satan, Nohaha's Ark, etc, etc....

and your schools, medias, and entertainment, mush puppies.

A Clever Twist of The Tale.

And don't think I haven't done my astrological homework either, which verifies the date as it does also 6482.bC when the Greatest Flood hit us.

All the information we have, we have to take with a grain of salt, for there is much distortion and credibility to verify first, such as the it pleases the critics of carbon dating or other theories and legends.

So, to Sail The Sea of Ulysses......

To Azores Atlantis I, The Sub-Continental Island some 300 miles entrance IN FRONT OF THE PILLARS OF HERCULES, you find the original home of Atlantis, or our Old Middle Earth, until it moved East and into Africa.

Then it moved East again to Mesopotamia.... mush puppies.

So today, you all believe their 2300 year old DOG EATING EVIDENCE, for the unruly forum member here who posted that criticism.


Believe me when I say, the Agents of Zero are everywhere.

But they are falling into a very deep, deep abyss.

Now after many long hours of research and new discoveries, taken with guidance of your knowledge bases, I realized Africa was also Atlantean, and naturaly since the Legend of Atlantis came from the Lips of an Egyptian, then it is there too, that we must look for more clues.

Just as people still look for the meaning of The Pyramids and all the Wonderous and Advanced workings that went on in Egypt.

Did someone just say " Advanced" ??

That is because the Atlanteans, WERE the only TRULY ADVANCED CULTURE.

So when you gaze upon Egypt, it is in fact extremely easy to understand that you are in fact looking at ATLANTEAN TECHNOLOGY.....

that was altered through time and histories just as they still do today to you and us.

I have no need to start a cult as some here say,

for every last one of you here on our Earth, has already joined.


Forget about everything else you know, and look alone to the MEANING of the word Atlantis.

It is not a made up word.

The translations you know today, are also the meanings, but they are not THE WORD.

I only say this once more, for those who doubt the underwater Atlantis, you can STILL SEE Atlantean Cities ALL OVER AFRICA and THE WORLD.

Just look on top of those holy mecca mountains, and again you will also find concentric circles like Ecbatanas Fortress.

Isn't that by Zachariah Sitchens alien landing site? woo woo.

So not only have I proven Atlantis and Atlantean Kingdoms, still visible on Earth, and will come to prove our True Garden of Avila,
but I will prove The Father to you, and His Son.

It's gonna drive you all nuts when you find out it's true.

See you in The Chair.

Even though you disgrace your True and Good King.

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums;
Paulo Riven
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« Reply #12 on: April 06, 2007, 02:59:35 pm »

It is not the numbers we look to but the meaning of the numbers.

The meaning of the numbers is in the meaning of the story...


The same as it is for the holy bible and The Great Flood which provides intelligable meaning for a date marker once you discover the actual flood. (6482.bC in my view)

This is said in both the Timaeus and The Critias.

I believe the Timaeus to have been the original account, and the Critias, perhaps, the "edited" account.

Because Critias in Latin is in meaning as "Hebrew Judges".

Could this provide a clue for us that the Critias was translated by the Byzantine or Eastern authors, perhaps after the fall of Alexandria and that is why we don't find a copy of Critias by Chalcidius?

The other important factor is that we can now understand since my discovery of the Hidden Message of the 9 Books of Herodotus, that the authors were suppressed and supervised to write what the rulerships would allow.

So, clever as those men were, they hid the Truth, like DaVinci codes statement...

So Great The Con of Man.

To further verify, and to clear up WHY the Greeks had lost their recorded Histories around their Dark Ages is simple...

Because HESIOD also used the exact same Book Titles before Herodotus for his 9 Greek Muses.

This identifies beyond doubt that from 700.bC to at least 440.bC, that those author were suppressed and under false rulership.

Food for thought.

[ 04-06-2007, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: Riven ]

[R]..Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis..[R]
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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« Reply #13 on: April 07, 2007, 09:09:40 pm »

Hi Riven, old friend, how have you been?

Did you ever find those pictures that the Russians took of the Ampere Seamounts?
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Paulo Riven
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« Reply #14 on: April 08, 2007, 03:07:10 am »

Great, how about you?
Pleasure to hear from you.

No such luck yet my friend, I need to find some KGB experts or MI-6's perhaps!
It's not easy snooping around old russian files. Smiley

We always wish we had more help for our hard efforts though and some great news would befall us.

Well, you know what they say, if you want it done the right way....

It has been an amazing experience dhill.

The battle to instill the truth is harder than looking for Atlantis and Atlanteans!!

Realizing my own truth, for a human Atlantean, is truly unbelievable.
If my instincts are right, and you know my instincts lead me where to look,

The DaVinci Code may be trying to tell us something that they couldn't find.

Mary and Jesus when they fled to France,
gives me a chance.

But it didn't end in France,
For Christopher Columbus
threw the lance.

Beyond Saturn's Throne.
Where They Hid.

Protected by Atlantean Neptune.
From The Phoenicians of Ruin.


Thank you, I too look forward to plausible.
I have no means to be archaeological.

I believe my 2800.bC Cycladic map is plausible.
I believe Tala and Al Mansura are plausible.
The Lion of Tala is plausible.
The Missing Sphinx is plausible.
The Temple of Man is plausible.
The Garden of Avila will become plausible
I sent a letter to Unesco submissable.

The Orichalcum Lion Bracelet
The Ampheres Lion Sceptre
The Dragon Claw Orbis Ships
The Atlantean Machine
The StoneHenge image with the same ship.

The Secret of Hesiod and Herodotus.
My translation of Chalcidius

and most importantly, The Kingdom of The Double Falcons = Heiroglyphic > A.A.

The truer era of early Atlanteans ca 3500.bC.

Narmer Palette, Gebel el Arak Knife, Tomb 100 map, Phaistos Disk ca 3250-3500.bC.

Debateable; God's Name on Top of The Great Pyramid and His image on the airshaft stoneplug.

I would say there is more plausible, wouldn't you Faith?

Don't forget Atlantis II in Mozambique with the 55 foot across circular wall whose foundations are still visible and the concentric mountains facing the Indian Ocean.

All Facts of Atlantis for the most part, to name a few.

Which takes me to Bianca's question about the Black Cat Highly worshipped in Egypt.

No, I am not confusing myths, Bianca.

The Last Atlantean Kingdom was the era of The Double Falcons, which research will show you ca 3250-3500.bC.

Before the first "commonly accepted" -Pharaoh Menes who is said to have unified Egypt ca 3000-3200.bC.

I'm not going to include the missing 885 years of Khufu for his father's great Sin.

When the Atlantean Kingdom fell, back then around 3450.bC, the general worship in Libya,Egypt,The Sinai,and The Levant(Phoenicia), was The Double Falcon.

It then changed to Hathor, The Horned Cow and the worship of Sekhmet.

So why is Sekhmet The Black Cat Egyptians and Phoenicians worship you ask?

Why because they slaughtered The Bull of Course, and erected The Golden Calf, remember?

Do you know the Secret of The Slaughtered Apis Bull?

It will tell you the Secret of The Eye of Ra,
and The Secret of The Pyramids.

Oh, I am The Source.


Through the Heart, lies Truth.

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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