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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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Dealing With Fate - Is Our Fortune In Our Stars Or Our Choice?

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Author Topic: Dealing With Fate - Is Our Fortune In Our Stars Or Our Choice?  (Read 55 times)
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« on: October 11, 2007, 11:17:39 am »

                        Dealing With Fate   -  Is Our Fortune In Our Stars Or Our Choice?

by Kathie Garcia

      John and Jim were 16 when I warned them that during a certain week in January, sneaky action could result in them being kicked out of the private boarding school they attended. They were twins, and being only two minutes apart, their birth charts were exactly the same. I was interpreting for them the potential consequences of transiting Uranus (shocking events) in their 6th houses opposing their natal Mercury (schools) in their 12th house (behind the scenes). I told them they were apt to feel very daring (Uranus) but that the consequences would be severe.

      Noting that Uranus would simultaneously trine their natal Jupiter and Saturn I added, "If you remember my warning, you'll have steady achievement for the rest of the year." January rolled around and John approached Jim, "Hey, let's go AWOL. No one will find out." Jim, who by nature was more cautious, replied, "No. Remember the astrology." To make a long story short, John was caught and kicked out within 48 hours. Jim became student of the year.

      There's a twist to the story. Jim had followed John to school. He followed him everywhere. Now John was gone and Jim was on his own. Transiting Uranus opposing Mercury also describes a dramatic and unexpected separation (Uranus) from a brother (Mercury). Did Jim, by heeding wise counsel, avoid his brother's fate? Or was it fated that he have the opportunity he might not otherwise have taken to separate out from his twin and excel on his own? Can fate really be denied? To what extent, if at all, can we influence the outcome of our destiny? Is it all written in the stars?

      In the ancient writings of Hermes Trismegistus in the Corpus Hermeticum, considered by many a sacred text, the following dialogue on the nature of fate takes place: Tat: There, O Father! The discourse concerning in danger of being overthrown. For if it is altogether fated to this person to fornicate or commit sacrilege, or to do any other evil something, why is he punished, he from necessity of Fate having done this deed?

      Hermes: All men are subject to Fate and to generation and change; for these are the beginning and the end of fate; and all men indeed suffer things fated, but those with reason of whom we have said that the Mind is Guide, suffer not in like manner with the others, but having departed from Vice, not being evil, suffer not evil.

      Conquering karma is, of course, a lifetime quest. The general consensus of ancient wisdom is that man can rise above his fate and through spiritual transcendence operate in a realm not so vulnerable to the influence of the planetary spheres and stars. The ancients believed that the common people, however, being more influenced by their lower nature, are more apt to outpicture their karmic equation. Roger Bacon, who set down the formulas of the modern scientific method in the 13th century and who was in a sense a prophet in his own time, deduced that while the individual may resist the forces of the stars through exercising his will, the power of the constellations usually holds sway over the masses. Modern astrologer Michael Baigent, advises other astrologers to take a basically pessimistic stance in considering the fortune of states, while allowing a more optimistic reading with the individual.

      To what extent do free will decisions alter destiny's hand? Consider the Biblical story about Lot and his wife in Sodom and Gomorrah. The Creator had ordered the destruction of this "wicked" city. Lot pleaded the city be spared. Okay, said Yahweh. Find me 10 righteous men and all will be well. Lot combed the city and did his best but, alas, 10 such men did not exist in what had degenerated into a moral stinkpot. The dye was cast. Lot and his wife, by reason of their virtue, could escape the common fate by leaving before hail and brimstone blew up the city. They were instructed not to look back. Lot's wife gave in to temptation, and glanced behind her. She was turned into a pillar of salt before her husband's eyes. Her fate, like Eve's, rested upon a choice she made in the midst of a challenging situation. Those of Indian schools of thought might argue that her disposition, and in astrological terms, her stars, set her up to blow it. In Will Garver's esoteric novel, published in 1894, The Brother of The Third Degree, the hero of the tale, Alfonso, converses with the Master Saint Germain on the nature of destiny: "And does every man have a fixed time for his bodily dissolution?" I asked.

      Every organism has a fixed time for its dissolution," he replied, "but as man changes his organism, so also does he change the time for its death. The astrological conditions which meant death to your constitutional combination previous to the time when modified by your will, have no power over your organism as it now is. During life you have, by power of will, so modified your form that its dissolutions comes under different planetary aspects. Esoteric astrology does not preclude free-will or the power of man to modify his nature." "Then destiny is a variable quantity?" I asked.

      "Every conscious act of will brings a modification in your so-called destiny; but only a few men consciously will, most following blindly the impulses or tendencies of their nature. Therefore, most men's lives are fixed and subject to only slight variations. But there are exceptions, and if you take a man of powerful mind and will it is difficult to cast his horoscope; for he can in a few short hours modify his course in life, and his predominant quality today may be replaced by another tomorrow."
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« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2007, 11:19:03 am »

In writing about the great comet of 1246, Roger Bacon espoused his belief that if the comet had been discovered on time and rightly interpreted, the slaughter of Christians in the warfare that followed in its wake could have been mitigated or avoided. Bacon believed, then, that enlightened leadership can protect the uneducated masses.

      So it was in ancient Nineveh. Biblical tales suggest that prophecy is often a warning of logical consequences and that negative prophecy can be nullified under certain conditions. The King of Nineveh was no fool. The prophet Jonah, reluctant to accept his job, but thinking it better than remaining in the stomach of the whale, broadcast that Nineveh would soon be destroyed in retribution for her people's sins. The King and the populace took the message to heart. When nothing happened, Jonah was aghast at having made a fool of himself by announcing a prophecy that never took place.

      In The Astrology of Fate, contemporary astrologer and Jungian psychologist Liz Greene brings forth a fascinating concept-that the machinations of fate change with the times. Giving us a window into the world of the Renaissance astrologers, Greene notes that they gave extremely precise and often dire predictions. In contrast, modern-day western astrologers usually couch especially negative predictions as "potential" happenings. We tend to throw out the window much of the medieval fatalistic fanfare. The only problem with such a disowning is that the Renaissance astrologers were remarkably accurate.

      Greene illustrates the point with the case of the unfortunate King Henri II of France. In 1555, an Italian astrologer called Gauricus warned King Henri II, who was then thirty-seven, to beware of death during the summer of his 42nd year, through an injury to the head during single combat. It didn't occur to King Henri to refute this dark augury. Rather, he responded by announcing in fashion true to the Aries that he was, that combat was a noble way to go. The king's death was also predicted by the seer Nostradamus. He published a verse which did not mention the king by name but which alluded to his crest. According to the verse, "the old lion" would be overcome in single combat. "Through the cage of gold (the King was known to wear a gold helmet) his eyes will be pierced. Two wounds become once, and then a cruel death." No one doubted the prophecy would come to pass. Quietly, arrangements were begun to prepare for the next monarch.

      Yes, he died as predicted, in the summer of his 42nd year, during a tournament. Analyzing Henri II's charts, Greene shows the probable significators of certain and cruel death as interpreted by the Renaissance astrologer. The same transits, she notes, no longer necessarily bode the same evil. Greene contends that Henri knew of himself only in terms of the persona created by his office, what he had been taught to think, believe and feel. Since he accepted his role as such, his fate outplayed itself on the only level of reality he recognized-the physical.
      Greene concludes that it is necessary for us today to look at the horoscope psychologically, for we live in a psychological age. "Outer and inner reflect each other and if an inner meaning emerges linked with an act of outer fate, then one's relationship with that fate has changed. Sometimes the form in which the fate manifests changes too." In truth, we live in a psycho-cosmo age as not only our understanding of consciousness is radically changing but also our understanding of the physical universe we inhabit.

      Remember, during the time of King Henri II's reign, Saturn, the gatekeeper, was the seventh and last known planetary sphere. In the last two hundred years, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been discovered. Now it is curious that the influence of planets seems to concur with their discovery. Uranus didn't pop up out of nowhere, but following its discovery a series of revolutions rocked the world. Observation has shown Uranus to be the harbinger of drastic change. This principle works in the personal astrological chart as well. A memory or record emerges from the unconscious. It was always there, but we denied it or were ignorant of his value. Now we must deal with it consciously, in the here and now. According to Dane Rudhyar, the outer planets symbolize the process of metamorphous of man becoming "more than man", our collective destiny at the threshold of the Aquarian Age. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, "shatter, dissolve and purify" us so that we can perceive of ourselves in new terms and become "citizens of the Galaxy" (see Atlantis Rising issues 14 and 15). Rudhyar noted that man always discovers outside of himself what he is to become. Our understanding of self and the world we inhabit, beginning with the discoveries of physics in this century, are becoming increasingly multi-dimensional and at the same time increasingly simplified. Grasping inner reality is, in fact, ultimately more essential than knowing what will happen. Overlapping the discovery of the outer planets have been studies in the dimensional nature of consciousness. Unconsciousness and subconscious were not forces to be reckoned with in King Henri's date. When we look at the chart as karmic effect, rather than karmic cause, we can grasp core concepts and by embracing fate, rather than running from her, turn her around.
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« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2007, 11:20:56 am »

      The easiest way to predict the future is to understand the past. All of us have groaned at one time or another, "Not again. It's always the same old thing." The fact is everyone has a choice set of "same things" or "same themes." Your themes are not going to be the same as mine and vice versa, but conquer them you must or they will hound you throughout your life. Name three or four "same themes" in your life. Astrology can help you quickly identify them, plus the timing of their appearances. See the pattern. Figure out the core meaning. Resolve the riddle and move on. Most of us occupy ourselves pruning the tree of life, trying to make it better. This is good, but if you want permanent and abiding change you're going to have to get to the roots. And the roots are most often in the unconscious, in records not easily accessible. Outer planet transits will describe situations and opportunities in your life timed to liberate you from the patterns of the past. Understanding the dynamics of change before change comes into the physical can sometimes allow growth independent of outer circumstances.

      Prayer undoubtedly makes a difference. If we want to turn around our fate we need to be in partnership with the hand that molded it. I once saw the possibility of tremendous danger to a man's life. Being a spiritually inclined person, he prayed for help in the form of a novena to Archangel Michael. Three weeks later his car was hit by a train. He was shaking for a week, his car was demolished, but he walked out of that accident completely whole. All astrologers can prime their business with stories of precise predictions that came true, but the best stories of all are those when the wheel of fate was turned around. It takes a very positive spin!

      The Internet has made education a commodity almost anyone can avail himself of during his leisure time. Never have we had so great an opportunity for an educated people, instantly aware of each other's thoughts, to unite their wills to bring about change. There is an x factor in prediction that simply wasn't there before. The public has never had so great a chance of becoming illumined or inflamed!

      Fate evolves as we do. In the Old Testament, the return of karma was often instantaneous. A man leaned on the sacred Ark of the Covenant. He was struck down by a lightning bolt. With the advent of Jesus Christ and the Piscean Age came the concept of grace. "You are forgiven. Go and sin no more." It has been said that Pisces is the Age of Saviors and that in Aquarius each one must sit under his own vine and fig tree. The collective fate seems caught up in a purging of areas of consciousness whose existence we did not even recognize 400 years ago! Some have suffered earthquakes in their hometowns, others have experienced cataclysm within their psyche. Having witnessed the workings of the hand of destiny in thousands of charts, I don't believe fate to be inevitable. People who have experienced death and returned to talk about it, tell of changes made in their original life plan. Moreover, the outer circumstance may not weigh as much as the response and inner integration of the experience in terms of self transformation. .Family charts show how an even tragic situation can be an opportunity for each member of the family who has come to play a specific role . The riddle we inherit, with its labyrinth of turns and cast of characters seems to be a given, but the plot can take many turns.

      Marsilio Ficino was a Renaissance philosopher who departed from the astrological traditions of his day. Ficino mused that if physical substance could alchemically be altered so could the substance that makes us vulnerable to Fate. From Greene: "A bad transit, for the average medieval astrologer, meant a time when fate would deal a blow to the individual which might be averted, but probably could not be, and therefore must be accepted in true Platonic spirit. To Ficino, a bad transit began to emerge as a kairos, a right moment when a new relationship might be made with fate through what he called natural magic." In the Hermetic tradition, Ficino understood that man could be a co-creator with God. This is the stuff of Mystical traditions of the last 100 years and may be the wand of the 21st century.
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