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ISLAMIC Astrology And Astronomy

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Author Topic: ISLAMIC Astrology And Astronomy  (Read 7807 times)
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Quranic verses and Ahadith relating to astrology

Before the advent of Islam, people believed that the sun and moon might eclipse when a great figure died.

During Muhammad's lifetime, it happened that the sun eclipsed on the same day when Muhammad’s son Ibrahim died. The people then thought that it had eclipsed because of Muhammad’s son’s death. On knowing this, Muhammad led them in the Eclipse Prayer and then delivered a speech saying:

“The sun and moon are but signs of Allah; they do not eclipse because so-and-so died or was born.”

This hadith indicates that Muhammad denied all relation between the movements of the heavenly bodies and events on the Earth. Ibn `Abbas reported that Muhammad said:

“He who has acquired some knowledge of astrology has acquired some knowledge of sorcery;
the more he acquires of the former the more he acquires of the latter.”

Commenting on this hadith, the Yemeni scholar Muhammad ash-Shawkani (d.1834), said that the Islamic prophet Muhammad compared between astrology and sorcery because sorcery was known
to be forbidden; and so, he who would get some knowledge of astrology would do something
forbidden and would be sinful.

It was also reported by Ibn Abbas that Muhammad said: “He who uses astronomy for something other than what Almighty Allah has made lawful would be practicing sorcery. Astrologers predict knowledge of the future, and he who does so is a sorcerer, and sorcerers are disbelievers.”

Also, Ibn Mihjan reported that Muhammad said: “I fear on account of my nation three things after my death: (I fear that) their Imams (leaders) would oppress them, (that) they would believe in astrology, and (that) they would disbelieve predestination.”

Abu Hurayrah also reported that Muhammad said: “He who goes to a fortune-teller to ask him about something, his Prayer will not be accepted for forty days.”

Abu Hurayrah also reported that Muhammad said: “He who goes to a soothsayer or a fortuneteller and believes what he says exhibits disbelief in what has been sent down to Prophet Muhammad (from Allah).”

Contemplating the last two ahadith reported by Abu Hurayrah, it is to be noted that mere going to fortune-tellers is a sin that incurs upon a Muslim who commits it that his prayer is not accepted for forty days, and that believing what fortunetellers say renders a Muslim a disbeliever in what has been sent down to Muhammad. This is because Allah says in the Quran: “Say (O Muhammad): None in the heavens and the earth knoweth the Unseen save Allah; and they know not when they will be raised (again).”

Allah also says: “(He is) the knower of the Unseen, and He revealeth unto none His secret, save unto every messenger whom he hath chosen, and then He maketh a guard to go before him and a guard behind him That He may know that they have indeed conveyed the messages of their Lord. He surroundeth all their doings, and He keepeth count of all things.”
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