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ISLAMIC Astrology And Astronomy

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Author Topic: ISLAMIC Astrology And Astronomy  (Read 8735 times)
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                      THE MANSIONS OF THE MOON ACCORDING TO IBN `ARABI  (ca. 1200)

   [name] meaning  from attribution letter Divine Attribute

1 Al Sharatain The Two Signs 0 Aries The First Intellect, the Pen Hamza & Alef Divine Essence

2 Al Butain The Belly of Aries 1251'22" Aries The Universal Soul, the Preserved Tablet H
(unstressed h) The One Who Calls Forth

3 Al Thurayya The Many Little Ones 2542'51" Aries Universal Nature Ayn The Interior

4 Al Dabaran The Follower 834'17" Taurus Universal Substance, prima materia H
(stressed h) The Last

5 Al Hakah The White Spot 2125'40" Taurus Universal Body Ghayn (gh) The Manifest

6 Al Hanah The Mark 417'09" Gemini Form Kh (kh) The Wise

7 Al Dhira The forearm 1708'34" Gemini The Throne Qf (q) The All-Encompassing

8 Al Nathra The Gap or Crib 0 Cancer The Footstool Kf (k) The Grateful

9 Al Tarf The Glance 1251'22" Cancer The Self-Existing Ultimate Sphere, the Starless Sky, the Zodiacal Towers Jm (j) The Independent, the Rich

10 Al Jabhah The Forehead 2542'51" Cancer The Sky of the Fixed Stars, the Sphere of the Stations, the Sun of Paradise, the Roof of Hell Shn (sh) The Powerful

11 Al Zubrah The Mane 834'17" Leo The First Heaven, the Sphere of Saturn, the Sky of the Visited House and Lotus of the Extreme Limit, the Abode of Ibrahim (Abraham) Y (y/) The Lord

12 Al Sarfah The Changer 2125'40" Leo The Second Heaven, the Sphere of Jupiter, the Abode of Musa (Moses) Dd
(stressed d) The Knowing

13 Al Awwa The Barker 417'09" Virgo The Third Heaven, the Sphere of Mars, the Abode of Harun (Aaron) Lm (l) The Victorious

14 Al Simak The Unarmed 1708'34" Virgo The Fourth Heaven, the Sphere of the Sun, the Abode of Idris (Enoch, Hermes) Nn (n) The Light

15 Al Ghafr The Cover 0 Libra The Fifth Heaven, the Sphere of Venus, the Abode of Yusuf (Joseph) R (r) The Form-Giver

16 Al Jubana The Claws 1251'22" Libra The Sixth Heaven, the Sphere of Mercury, the Abode of Isa (Jesus) T
(stressed t) The Numberer

17 Iklil al Jabhah The Crown of the Forehead 2542'51" Libra The Seventh Heaven, the Sphere of the Moon, the Abode of Adam Dl (d) The Evident

18 Al Kalb The Heart 834'17" Scorpio The Sphere of Ether, Meteors and Fire T
(unstressed t) The Seizer

19 Al Shaula The Sting 2125'40" Scorpio Air Zy (z) The Living One

20 Al Naam The Ostriches 417'09" Sagittarius Water Sn (s) The Life-Giver

21 Al Baldah The City 1708'34" Sagittarius Earth Sd
(stressed s) The Death-Giver

22 Al Sad al Dhabih The Fortune of the Slayers 0 Capricorn Minerals and Metals Z
(stressed z) The Precious

23 Al Sad al Bula The Fortune of the Swallower  1251'22" Capricorn Plants Th (th) The Nourisher

24 Al Sad al Suud The Fortune of the Fortunate 2542'51" Capricorn Animals Dhl (dh) The Humbler

25 Al Sad al Ahbiyah The Fortune of the Hidden 834'17" Aquarius The Angels F (f) The Strong

26 Al Fargh al Mukdim The First Spout 2125'40" Aquarius The Jinn B (b) The Subtle

27 Al Fargh al Thani The Second Spout 417'09" Pisces Humanity Mm (m) The Uniter

28 Al Batn al Hut The Belly of the Fish 1708'34" Pisces The Hierarchy of the Degrees of Existence, not their manifestation Ww (w/) The One Who Elevates by Degrees
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