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2010 new proof ufo attack WTC september 11

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Author Topic: 2010 new proof ufo attack WTC september 11  (Read 1204 times)
Delorean Bryson
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« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2010, 07:19:21 pm »

The material contained in my pretrial proffer (the Abell/Cali cartel connection), had it been acted on in a timely manner by the govt., would have led to the interdiction of over 200 tons of ****. Most of the bad acts charged in the indictment against Abbell et. al., occurred a significant time after my original proffer. A question that needs to be addressed is the legality of the US Attorney interfering with my proffer.

    To facilitate my pretrial proffer, I did the following:

        1) I had Ted Gunderson as an investigator to help independently corroborate key points of my proffer.

        2) I had Alan Boyak, an attorney and former DEA agent, prepare the pretrial proffer. Alan also had direct knowledge of some of the key points in my proffer because he had worked cases against some of the targets when he was a DEA agent.

        3) The head of the intelligence unit of the Tampa Bay Fla. Police Dept. offered to be the intermediary for the deal.

    The govt. reacted to my proffer by:

        1) Threatening Ted with arrest and banning him from visiting me in the county jail before and during my trial.

        2) Refusing to allow Alan Boyak to attend any of the pretrial proffer meetings with my other attorneys.

        3) Formally demanding that the Tampa Bay P.D. refrain from interfering with a case outside of their jurisdiction.

        4) Filed a motion with the court for 4141 and 4142 competency hearings. This go vt. motion questioning my competency was based in part on the govt's stated position that my proffer was delusional.

        5) The AUSA prosecuting my case flew to Los Angeles from Seattle and presented Robert Booth Nichols with a copy of my pretrial proffer where I had named Nichols and his associates as targets.

    I would have been declared incompetent had not the series of articles appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle outlining the bio warfare projects at the Wackenhut /Cabezon joint venture. My claim to have been involved in bio warfare work was cited, by the govt, in the motion for the competency hearing These clearly documented my claim concerning bio warfare work. When the forensic evaluation was sent to the court, it established that "...some of my most unlikely sounding claims turned out to be true upon checking with collateral sources. The govt. response was that so what if it is true, it is not relevant to their case in chief which is a drug case.

    My proffer was never reconsidered by the govt after the determination of my competency. The fact of the matter is that I have a solid established record of reliability in the counterintelligence field. This is clearly documented in my central file. The US Attorney handling my pretrial proffer certainly had this information available to him at the time. The glaring question is why did the AUSA reveal the details of my pretrial proffer to potential targets!?

    As I have stated to you in past letters,and telephone calls, I have been attempting to proffer against Nichols and his crew. The DOJ/BOP [Department of Justice/Bureau of Prisons] has consistently interfered with all of my attempts in this proffer. I have stated that I need you to facilitate my communication with other parties that have direct knowledge against Nichols et. al.

    Things have now come to a head! I now have contact with an operative that is in an Arabic group known as The Base. They are presently engaged in preparation for a major attack in the US. [..blacked out words..] currently represents the Abuhouran brothers, two of the brothers are incarcerated in the US. The third is a fugitive facing 15 years jail time in the US. We have an insider to this group that handles fake ID and passports for the group's operations. I also have contact with one of the parties that supplies explosives materials to this group. I am deliberately keeping myself with a paucity of specific details until the govt issues an immunity agreement with my contacts. If the govt will not issue the immunity agreement, no more details of these ongoing activities will be forthcoming from anybody. My bonafides are:

        1) I have family members in the [..blacked out..] leadership (..blacked out..) a Christian militia group

        2) Thirty-four days before the two US Embassy bombings in East Africa happened, I notified the FBI in Miami! Two days before these bombings occurred, I made an emergency request of BOP staff at FCI Coleman to make an overseas telephone call to ECOMAG security headquarters to warn African officials. The BOP categorically turned me down on this call. I have the documentation on all of this.

        3) In the 1980's, Ted Gunderson , myself, and Ralph Olberg were involved in negotiations with the Afghan Mujahadeen on behalf of the US govt. Ted will verify that we had these meetings and that OSAMA BIN LADEN was present in the US under the name of TIM OSMAN. Mr. Osman was taken to special demonstrations at US military bases.

        4) I have an exemplary track record in the counter intelligence field.

    Mr. [..blacked out..] is flying out to visit me this week. This letter is my authorization for you to discuss the details of all my written and oral communications with him. The Abuhousan Brothers are writing similar letters to their attorneys: [..blacked out words..] to authorize them to speak to both you and [..blacked out words..] on this matter. This authorization will also include your access to documents.

    As soon as we learned that an actual attack was in the works, we realized we can't fool around with this. On the other hand, we don't want to get screwed by the govt.

    Mike Riconosciuto

    P.S. Somebody just got certiorari on the PLRA exhaustion of administrative remedy requirements. Notice on this enclosed. 
The Riconosciuto Letters, Exhibit "B"

Urgent Feb. 14, 2001 Warning to Congressman of 'Planned Attacks in the U.S.'

    " This needs to be dealt with ASAP. If not dealt with in a timely fasion, this opportunity will be gone." ...Michael Riconosciuto

    [Editor's Note: Exhibit "B" is the second handwritten letter by Michael Riconosciuto (held in federal prison in Allenwood, PA) in Ted Gunderson's report Terrorism Cover Up in America. It was sent from Riconosciuto by certified mail (#7000 0600 0027 1175 6538) to Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) on February 14, 2001 (The original handwritten letter can be viewed here: Page1, Page 2, and the certified proof of mailing). Mike Riconosciuto had been an intelligence asset for the U.S. government for a long time, but ran afoul of the Big Boys because of the work he had done for them in opening a 'back door' for the (privately owned and proprietary) PROMIS software. Mike was subpoenaed to appear before the Brooks Congressional Committee investigating the government's role in the Inslaw Case which involved the PROMIS software. Three weeks before he was to testify in front of the committee, Mike got a telephone call from a Department of Justice official named Peter Videnieke, who, according to Michael Riconosciuto, told him that if he testified before the committee, he would have to 'suffer the consequences'. Riconosciuto testified anyway and shortly afterwards, his small trailer workshop/lab in northern Washington state (Riconosciuto is a scientist by profession) was raided by federal agents. .

    Riconosciuto suddenly found himself the target of an indictment for operating a "methamphetamine lab". Apparently, possession of common (& legally obtained) chemical solvents that could be used during one of many steps involved in meth production, is enough to get you convicted these days for running a meth lab, despite the absence of evidence of the drug itself (the feds having destroyed all of Mike's lab glassware; glassware that could have established the absence of illegal drug residues, which you would expect to find in abundance for a 'meth lab' operation). Mike's trial set a new mark for prosecutorial and judicial abuse even by federal 'railroading' standards. He was given a 30 year sentence for a first time drug offence.

    Riconosciuto's intelligence contacts continued after he was incarcerated and his investigative probes into the activities of Robert Booth Nichols (Cabazon Indian reservation scandal) led to an trusted inside source that was providing high level information about planned attacks in the U.S. by Islamic radicals. Riconosciuto and his lawyers were doing their best to bring this valuable information to the attention of the appropriate government agencies and the highest political figures with the authority to take action, but they were met with either stone silence, a perfunctory listening (FBI), or outright dismissal (FBI, DOJ). Mike was particularly weary of the FBI, because they kept betraying him. For example, they turned over a copy of Mike's intelligence info given to federal investigative authorities about Robert B. Nichols to Robert B. Nichols!
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