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Heads of State and ZMO NWO Fined.

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Author Topic: Heads of State and ZMO NWO Fined.  (Read 605 times)
Paulo Riven
Hero Member
Posts: 452

« on: November 28, 2010, 02:09:24 am »

.111.[R].Testimony and Affidavit of King Paulo Jorge Teixeira De MeneSeS.[R].111.

Being of sound mind,state and health and proceeding into the research of my family history,and discovering what no person can deny. I Paulo Jorge Teixeira De MeneSeS, can in all honesty, integrity and valor state...

...When I realized my truths, I discovered yours.

Evermore, upon this revealment of history upon myself, that I bear forth this written Testimony upon all Uman kinds.

That it be known as ordained by God JAO MN, that the fine imposed upon the heads of state and corruption of which 1 billion shall be accounted for as lords, lordesses, families and friends of the Zionist Masonic Oligarchy and our old world order of the greatest disgrace upon Umanities and dishonor.

Shall be as written this day of November the twenty seventh, in the year of our fabrication being two thousand and ten after our lord,the Christ.

In the sum of 2.6 Trillion dollars for each person remaining to a minimum of five billion persons upon our Earth, Atlantis.

In escrow of 8492 years of corruption and control by the aforesaid mentioned of the ZMO or servants of zathanel hatuptah (satan). This includes all states of government, world banks and monetary and systems of monetary ventures upon what rightfully belongs to my Papa JAO MN and Myself.

Galaxius Empire Atlantis and Tribes of Atlantis are the sole property of Paulo J.Tx.Mn aka Paulo Riven aka Aejor Mn.

This means our Galaxy and this Planet that we abuse as we also do our True God JAO MN.

These heads of the state of the twin iron eagles are to include the Rothchilds, Bauers, Bushes, Clintons, Trumans, Roosevelts, Warburgs, Schiffs, Oppenheimer's, Bronfmanns, Rockefellers, Trumps, Bin Ladens, Silversteins, Goldsteins, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Queen of London and the city of financial london, the world bank, imf, united nations, world banks and corporate owners and or boardmembers, etc, etc and all the fakesteins of the ZMO worldwide and all rabbis, cia, irs, fbi, nasa, mossad, freemasons, knights of malta, American and Canadian governments as all others, etc, etc. All servants of satan.

And that these monies owed upon myself as your true and rightful King and Son of God and any monies determined thereafter for restitutional and constitutional rights to include Atlantis Island and all their people also, is to be equally distributed between the remaining 5 billion plus people worthy of my papa JAO MN and Myself.

And that these funds shall be held for the day of their judgement in our Planetary Temple of The Intelligent Council.

Evermore, everyone knowingly aware of their relationship of character and benefactor to these testimonies, IS TO COPY AND PRESERVE THIS OFFICIAL WRIT OF TESTIMONIES AND AFFIDAVIT OF PAULO J.TX.DE MENESES.

Merit the reward and the reward shall be earned.

Anyone knowingly a part or relationship to the ZMO who attempts to collect any of my fines as judged by myself and committing a fraudulent act, shall perish.

That..IN PART...these are fines and restitutions owed upon your selves by the ZMO and that this is a legal and binding contract of tender and intent to impose and collect the aforesaid mentioned fines, even after my death or during my longevity.

Signed,Sealed this day of November,27,2010.aD. 8492.aJA.

Your King

Paulo Jorge Teixeira C.De MeneSeS.

Son of God JAO MN.

Sword of Avila.

To Know IS Immortal

Save these works to be Immortal.

One day you will collect. The Truth Shall You Set Yourself Free.

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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Paulo Riven
Hero Member
Posts: 452

« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 01:55:39 pm »


What God JAO MN asks of me, I do.

I am the Light and the Way of Amen.

Your King Validictorum.

And you thought I was joking did you?

2.6 Trillion Dollars per person for a minimum of 5 billion persons.

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

New! Tribes of Atlantis Academy of Atlantis Research Forums;
Paulo Riven
Hero Member
Posts: 452

« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2010, 01:28:07 pm »

I, your King SaJaRa; Paulo J.Tx. De Mn exercise my right of speech free of all religions, mannerisms, laws or governments of such laws within any country upon my Planet of Atlantis known as Earth.

Be it known by all of The Great Evil Hebrew Judean lie of yahoweh and moses and of how they disguised our True God Creator who IS AMEN or JAO MN, as was always known, and in testimony of all evidences of their lies and greatest of disgrace and dishonor amongst us all. Including our Religions, Legal Systems, Governments, Financial Banks, Commodities, Estates and Equities or our Educational Systems and Systems of Media……have for the most part been a web of the greatest lies and deceits upon Umanities entwined with voodoo black magic for their servitude of satan.

Evermore, the initial fine of 2.6 Trillion x 5 billion persons, as written a forehand, was in part and awaits Tribulational Consent of Awareness that has been imposed on all Heads of State or Country and The Zionist Masonic Oligarchy of Common Wealth Financial Families (cheeseburgers) such as Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Bronfmanns, Oppenheimers, Schiffs, Warburgs, Bushes, Bin Ladens, Fake Steins, etc etc.

Further fines and Trials of Tribulation await those Heads of State and Common Wealth that is destined for The Pit of The Calling In KenYA. Such as they were masters of the Evil Serpent and followers thereof of one Zathanel Hatuptah, better known as Satan, Azazel, RaZael (Israel) Baphomet or simply Ba or BaKa the Terrorist from Kenya thru Egypt and to Phoenicia or the Golan Heights.

These fines will also constitute quadrillions of lives over the period of 8492 years unto this day of December 6, 2010.anno de deception or 8492.aJA proper, of which is yet to be determined and applied towards further penalties and or punishments of detainment or incarceration for those of the defendents for the World Governments, ZMO and Common Wealth Families, friends or associates.

All Sargents of Arms, Generals, Commanders or any military personnel and or legal systems of justice and officers of the law, be they in any country or state are to respect and honor what is Valor and Integrity and Commanded by Your King and God’s Son, Paulo J.Tx. De MeneSeS. Sword of Avila and Cross of Victoria.

The Fines and Punishments are also to be additionally determined and be calculated awards on a par with our financial system in relation to financial transactions and or of commodities, lands or any use of such lands of Paulo J.Tx.Mn and God AMEN who is JAO MN. Guess that also means “Compound Interest” is to be calculated, right ZerpentZ?

These fines do not include their lie and disguise of God and what they did to His True Sons 2000 years ago and 5500 years ago, as they did to us 8500 years ago and 6000 years ago with their Nuclear Technologies and Weapons of Mass Destruction for the ZMO or Vulcans. Those families involved with The Murders of Our True Sons Jose (jesus) and Jasa (Philitis The Shepherd), and or associates directly or indirectly, will also be dealt with severely or any families of satanisms and voodoos.

The Space Station Dragon LaZaruz X being one of, if not the Greatest Threat upon Umanity in conclusion with Satellite Technology and in consideration of their mentalities and wrong doings upon us all.
Their World Wars, Extortions, Murders, and multitudes of endless and shameful titulars upon those of the greatest disgrace in the Eyes of God JAO MN and upon all of us on His Planet and in His Galaxy, one of billions.
911 for New York being the Pinnacle of their announcements and self revealments of the greatest corruptions and financial extortions and vital cost of lives and their families by the very webs of deceit between the ZMO and Common Wealth families of no integrities, valor or even validity of character, other than for satan.

For all our Truths that I have shown you and bared witness upon Umanity.

God Amen and Our Gardens Are Real.
Satan was real

Atlantis is Real and The Royal City is still visible at Josephine Seamount.

The 10 Kings Are Real as is also Your Christ…The Golden Orus Falcon  of Amen that they converted to the Black Horus Hawk of Iron Eagles of Khaka Yoruba PH-araoHs Voodoos of Satan.
Just as your systems, schools, languages, histories, religions and medias or even artistries are.

To mess with your heads for their enslavements of you all.
Then they would destroy you with their Nuclear Technology and Laser Rays and give you another Black Bible story of Vaca de Madra. (bulls**t of Byblios and Baals.)
Just like their re-enactment of Jesus and Zero to your calendars.

Who would do such a thing?
They would for Evil destroys what God built.

Just as they destroyed our Atlantis Earth, not once but twice before.

And blamed God Amen who was also Min 7 thousand years ago in Egypt or Jove for Europa.
Then they called him the “hidden one so be it” and taught it in your schools.

For the lie of yahoweh the Lord of Satan and Solomon.

Didn’t you know Solomon murdered a priest under that unholy golden dome of lies?
Or that he killed his own brother Adonais who was supposed to be king of the levant?

Nathanel the prophet and his son Zanub, (satan in disguise) saw otherwise.

Then they gave you that unholiest of stars and baphomet and Yoruba voodoos of Kenya.
Just like on the Canadian Clock tower or the USA 13 star flag for their cleverness of deceit like the Federal Reserve or Central Banking Systems.

Where satan perished unto the Pit as they will.

For all I can do is await you to discover these truths…..

Then Truly Will You Be Free.

For All is of AMEN as it always has been.

So Be It.

This I have come to known as solemn truth and testimony of myself as His Son, not only by Name right, Blood right or Birth right, but also by Amen’s Advocacy of our Family Name and His Witnessings upon myself and your selves.

Is my Staff Not yet Long Enough?

What will they do when my Papa JAO MN comes for those of the ZMO?

Who can deny God Amen?

What’s on the other side of our Sun?

AeJon Mn

AeJor Mn
Paulo Riven
Sword of Avila

Your King
God’s Real Son
Paulo J.Tx.C.Mn.

Born on Jesus Christ Island.
Sword of Avila.
Cross of Victoria.

As predicted by Nostradamus.

As Atlantis Royal City you can still SEE at Josephine.

When you wake up to your Truths as Mine…

Then the Tribulations Will Begin….

…for those of the Red Pill.

And you Will Truly Merit The Reward.

At least 2.6 Trillion Dollars for now.

What you want you pay for, what you need you get.

Money doesn’t build a thing….People Do.!!!

Don’t Ever Forget that or fall for their lies again!

Seems like neither the ZMO or Cheeseburgers of Satan nor satan itself could pay the fines imposed by God JAO MN or Myself.

Thus it Phell thru heaven and hell as they will.

For We are of Evermore.

God and I Await your awakening.


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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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