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China, a History

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Author Topic: China, a History  (Read 6066 times)
Bee Cha
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List of overlords, or Ba (霸)
Traditionally, the Five Overlords of Spring and Autumn Period (春秋五霸 Chūn Qiū Wǔ Bą) include:
•   Duke Huan of Qi (齐桓公)
•   Duke Wen of Jin (晋文公)
•   King Zhuang of Chu (楚莊王)
•   Duke Mu of Qin (秦穆公)
•   Duke Xiang of Song (宋襄公)
While some other historians suggest that the Five Overlords include:
•   Duke Huan of Qi (齐桓公)
•   Duke Wen of Jin (晋文公)
•   King Zhuang of Chu (楚庄王)
•   King Fu Chai of Wu (吴王夫差)
•   King Gou Jian of Yue (越王勾踐)
List of prominent states
The name following the name of the state is the capital (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).
Qi (state) 齐 - Linzi 臨淄 临淄
Chu (state) 楚 - Ying 郢 郢
Qin (state) 秦 - Xianyang 咸陽 咸阳
Jin (state) 晉
Lu (state) 鲁 - Qufu 曲阜 曲阜
Chen (state) 陈; - Wanqiu 宛丘; 宛丘
Cai (state) 蔡 - Shangcai 上蔡 上蔡
Cao (state) 曹
Song (state) 宋 - Shangqiu 商丘 商丘
Wei (Spring and Autumn state) 卫
Wu (state) 吴 - Gusu 姑蘇 姑苏
Yue (state) 越 - Kuaiji 會稽 会稽
Hua (state) 滑
Zheng (state) 郑 - Xinzheng 新鄭
Yan (state) 燕
List of important figures
Bureaucrats or Officers
Guan Zhong (管仲), statesman and advisor of Duke Huan of Qi and regarded by some modern scholars as the first Legalist.
Baili Xi (百里奚), famous prime minister of Qin.
Bo Pi, (伯噽)the corrupted bureaucrat under King He Lu and played important diplomatic role of Wu-Yue relations.
Wen Zhong文種 and Fan Li范蠡, the two advisors and partisans of King Gou Jian of his rally against Wu.
Zi Chan, (子产)leader of self-strengthening movements in Zheng
Influential scholars
Confucius(孔子), leading figure in Confucianism
Laozi (老子)or Lao tse, founder of Daoism
Mozi, known as Motse (墨子 Mņ Zǐ) or "Mocius" (also "Micius") to Western scholars, founder of Mohism
Confucius(孔子), the editor of Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋)
Lu Ban(鲁班)
Ou Ye Zi, literally means Ou the wielder and mentor of the couple Gan Jiang and Mo Ye
Entrepreneurs and Commercial personnel
Fan Li
Generals, military leaders and authors
Rang Ju, elder contemporary and possibly mentor of
Sun Tzu, (孙子)the author of The Art of War
Yao Li, (要离)sent by He Lu to kill Qing Ji(庆忌).
Zhuan Zhu,(专渚) sent by He Lu to kill his cousin King Liao
Mo Xie
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