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News: Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood in Climate Change
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Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues

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Author Topic: Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues  (Read 726 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2010, 10:36:06 am »

The main factor in a religious belief, is not about who is right or wrong in how they worship - it's in what you do in your life to make you a better person
this is wrong because if there is no right or wrong then hitler would be right and no one could condemn or fight against him for their way is not right either. you have to have a right or wrong or no one would have any standard to convict criminals or point out false  teachings that lead people to destruction. everything would be right.

the legal system is basically following the biblical right or wrong.

I was not talking about this sort of thing.  I was talking about which religion was right or wrong. And whether or not the Bible outsells other religious writings is irrelevant. It's not about money.   Hinduism is the oldest recorded religion and I know those that adhere to it live their life according to their religion.  I have many friends who belong to the Hindu faith.  They accept that Christians believe in Jesus and don't put us down for it.  They don't try to change us or convert us to Hinduism.  They believe everyone has the right to worship the way they want and that God loves everyone, not just a chosen few. 

Most countries' legal system follows their religious beliefs. 

we can prove the Bible far easier than secular scientists can prove evolution.

I asked specifically, how can you prove Moses wrote Genesis?  Even in those days, they understood about reproduction.  They weren't blind.  They'd been farmers for 2000 years by that time, and I'm sure they noticed how reproduction works.  They butchered their animals and could see how the insides were.  They used bladders for carrying water, etc.  They could also see the sun, and moon and stars, etc.  However, they thought the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolved around the earth. 

They would not have sitings of intermediary species because according to science, the species we have today, were the same as back then.  Science is talking in hundreds of thousands of years, not just a few thousand.

In those days, names were passed on in families so surely in all the Bible, they'd get at least something right.  The odds favor them getting at least a few things correct.  The Bible was a compilation of the writings of different people.  They were relating what they knew from their reference point.  They probably had records that showed what slaves sold for, that's not rocket science. 

And I will say again, that you can believe in a God that doles out "punishment" if you want.  Perhaps you feel you've been so wicked you need and desire and enjoy punishment.  Those of us who have suffered cruelty at the hands of others, don't agree with you.  I have known love and I have known hate and let me tell you, I would prefer to be treated with love any day over hate.  Man has been given free will according to the Bible.  Some choose to dominate others through fear and cruelty.  Feel they have to "punish" others.  That is not love as I've said before.  God is Love.  Real love.  Not what man perceives as love.

People who have had a Near Death Experience tell about the sense of love that enfolds them when they are "on the other side".  They say there are no words to describe the beauty of it.  THAT is what I would call God's love.  Indescribable beauty. 
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An open-minded view of the past allows for an unprejudiced glimpse into the future.

Logic rules.

"Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong."
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