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Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues

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Author Topic: Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues  (Read 730 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 10, 2010, 05:53:47 am »

Tel Dan Stele mentions the "house of David" but doesn't prove anything.  The Merneptah Stele briefly mentions Israel and Canaan and is more about Merneptah's campaign against the Libyans.  Again, doesn't prove anything.  All this means is that there was a house of David and Israel and Canaan were around.  So what.

#1. it gives extra-biblical evidence of king david and israel. there is no extra-evolutionary evidence.

#2. it shows that ancient people could read and write. evolution does not have 1 ancient monument, text, or any other recording to support its claims.

#3. the dating of these monuments supports the biblical record and puts the correct ancient people in the correct country at the correct time just as the Bible says. nothing ancient does that for evolution.

What I think of the evolutionary process is not blind faith.  I read the what they know and about what they have discovered and base my own opinion on the subject.  So I am in no way like a Christian or you who believe in myth and superstition

#1. you have to have blind faith because there is no proof that the evolutionist is correct in his/her assumptions, conjecture, speculations, hypothesizing and so on. there is nothing from any time in history that rallies behind evolution.

#2. they discover partial skeletons, lone bone fragments and build a whole species out of them. the hoaxes alone shoul dmake you question the validity of the evolutionary theory and you cannot hide behond the self-correcting system for any field that falss for so many hoaxes is just not credible.

#3. but you do believe in myth and superstition, for no ancient record backs up any claim evolutionists make and evolutionists do not even replicate true evolutionary changes, they are all artificial experiments extrapolated and attributed to the process of evolution but with NO real proof those claimed changes took places as said.

You are wrong about everything you've said and the bible is a lie.  See, I can say that too.  I can also use your, you weren't there when it all began so therefore you can't know how it all got started.

except i have the evidence on my side. and no i wasn't there BUT I AM NOT the one trying to construct an alternative past. I am taking the words of the ONE WHOS WAS there, believing them and then telling you so you know. i do not have to be there to know the Bible is true but evolutionists do have to be there for they are the ones who are trying to construct an alternative history from nothing.

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Dever is wrong, archaeology is not an unedited glimpse into the past.
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