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News: USA showered by a watery comet ~11,000 years ago, ending the Golden Age of man in America
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Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues

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Author Topic: Darwin May Have Been WRONG, New Study Argues  (Read 712 times)
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« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2010, 06:53:49 am »

If all the fossils are not the ancestors of man, then what exactly would you call them

#1. there is only 1 race of man, not 4 and not several seperate 'species' of man i.e. neanderthal, cro-magnom etc. any HUMAN skeletons all were the descendants of Adam and any animal skeletons were all descendants of their kind.

#2 fossils do not prove any claim of evolutionary process or change. it is impossible to tell which would be the mother or daughter fossil and dating via the dirt is not proof for you cannot prove that those skeletons lived at that exact time. they could have been placed in the dirt at a later date or even an earlier one and eventually covered over by other dirt.

I say the bible and god are man-made creations

that is your choice but you would be flying in the face of true facts.

#1 no scientific discovery has proven the Bible false

#2 no archaeological discovery has proven the Bible false.

#3 all reproduction follows Genesis 1

#4 in evolution there is no reason for death to exist but in creation there is. it entered the world at adam's fall. with the Bible we have reasons for everything that exists and their purpose, with evolution there is no reason or purpose. there is no reason for the reproductive systems in evolution either and no reason for a male and female for each species and humans. in evolution there is no reason for sex.

how can you prove Moses wrote Genesis?  How can you prove anything the Bible says, any more than scientists can prove evolution?

we can prove the Bible far easier than secular scientists can prove evolution.

#1. reproduction is found in all the nurseries of the world for plants, animals and humans. doesn't change and it doesn't take millions of years to see it take place.

#2. we have the existence of light, the sun, the moon and stars as described in the Bible.

#3. ancient socieites and their legends reflect the creation and flood acounts yet not 1 has any evolutionary tales, bed time stories, nor sightings of intermediary species and NOT ONE writing on evolution. kep in mind that the ancients charted the stars, measured the globe, built huge structures, had modern type technology and so on without modern tools, lasers, etc. they would know if evolution existed or not and recognize it BUT they do not teach it at all.

#4. K.A. Kitchen proved that the price recorded in the Bible for selling Joseph as a slave was the correct price fo rthat time period.

#5. the amarna or ugarit tablets show that the patriarchal names were in use at the time the Bible says they were. though we can't prove they were the actual patriarchs, having the correct names is important.

#6. people die just like the Bible says and their lifespan is where God set it at and as the Bible records.

#7 the ancient civilizations mentioned in the Bible are in the correct time and geographical position as recorded.

#8 the discovery of the hittite people

#9. israel restored as a nation. no other people ha sever experienced that feat.

shall i continue?

The Bible is the religious Book for a group called Christians.  There are other religions, and they too, will say their method of worship is the correct one as they were told by THEIR prophet. 

yet the Bble outsells them all, both past and present, most ancient religions are dead and gone while the Bible survives, theirs do not have the archaeological or scientific proof to support their claims and so on.

The Old Testament - which is part of the Bible - and tells about God - is full of killing and suffering and anger.  I find the teachings of the Tibetan Lamas much more spiritual.  They take only what they need, and spend their lives, trying to enlighten others and raise their spiritual consciousness. 

you keep forgetting that God is allowed to punish those who disobey Him or follow sinful ways. you only focus on what you want to see andforget that people have free choice and they suffer because they do not follow God or His ways.

The main factor in a religious belief, is not about who is right or wrong in how they worship - it's in what you do in your life to make you a better person

this is wrong because if there is no right or wrong then hitler would be right and no one could condemn or fight against him for their way is not right either. you have to have a right or wrong or no one would have any standard to convict criminals or point out false  teachings that lead people to destruction. everything would be right.

the legal system is basically following the biblical right or wrong.

Here's a link to Stephen Hawking's latest theory.

i read it and he embarasses himself once again.  he wasn't at creation thus he cannot say that God did not do it. he is merely a handicapped man who does not believe thus he has to make something up to justofy his salary.

who is stephen hawkings? a person , a human, who cannot see into the past andhas noidea what took place because he rejects the truth. he also isn't an authority, nor one who canmake any determination about what did or didn't happen a few thousand years ago.

The reason I think Archeologists reason for not (for lack of a better word) "believing" in evolution is that he and many others feel threatened by evolution because it contradicts genesis and the bible.

can't be afraid of something that doesn't exist.  doesn't matter f it contradicts genesis or not, it isn't truth and as i have shown, the modern secular scientist cannot replicate the claimed actual changes nor the original conditions that spawned said changes. 

there isn't anything to evolution  and it isnot something one should put faith in, it is a complete lie.

Parents have the option of enrolling their kids in private school if they so choose

the atheist can build their own schools and pay extra tuition if they want to teach evolution. evolution is a lie and does not belong in ppublic schools.

Israeli archeologists have not found anything what-so-ever to back up the claims made in the bible

this is a lie as the dan stele has been found, the merepthah stele has been found, and so muchmore. you obviously do not know what you are tlaking about.

And it is a fact that even the Exodus never happened.

prove it.

There are no Egyptian records to back it up

doesn't have to be but there i sone, the ipuwer papyrus but manyscholars date it to the wrong dynasty because they are afraid of the truth.

And they pretty much wrote everything down. 

you obviously know nothing about egyptians or how they kept records. read Old Testament Times by RK Harrison and see for yourself. i will give you a hint--the ancient egyptians did not record defeats.

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Dever is wrong, archaeology is not an unedited glimpse into the past.
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