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A S T R O L O G Y - Western

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Author Topic: A S T R O L O G Y - Western  (Read 2076 times)
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18th century Icelandic manuscript showing Astrological Houses and glyphs for planets and signs.

Horoscopic Astrology is a system that was developed in the Mediterranean region and specifically Hellenistic      Egypt around the late 2nd or early 1st century BCE. The tradition deals with two-dimensional diagrams of the heavens, or horoscopes, created for specific moments in time. The diagram is then used to interpret the inherent meaning underlying the alignment of celestial bodies at that moment based on a specific set of rules and guidelines.

A horoscope was calculated normally for the moment of an individual's birth, or at the beginning of an enterprise or event, because the alignments of the heavens at that moment were thought to determine the nature of the subject in question. One of the defining characteristics of this form of astrology that makes it distinct from other traditions is the computation of the degree of the Eastern horizon rising against the backdrop of the ecliptic at the specific moment under examination, otherwise known as the Ascendant. Horoscopic aAstrology has been the most influential and widespread form of Astrology across the world, especially in Africa, India, Europe, and the Middle East, and there are several major traditions of Horoscopic Astrology whose origins are Hellenistic, including Indian, Medieval, and most other modern Western traditions of Astrology.


A hand drawn horoscope                                                                                                                                     

Central to Horoscopic Astrology and its branches is the calculation of the Horoscope or Astrological chart. This two-dimensional diagrammatic representation shows the celestial bodies' apparent positions in the heavens from the vantage of a location on Earth at a given time and place. The horoscope is also divided into twelve different celestial houses which govern different areas of life. Calculations performed in casting a horoscope involve arithmetic and simple geometry which serve to locate the apparent position of heavenly bodies on desired dates and times based on Astronomical tables. In ancient Hellenistic Astrology the Ascendant demarcated the first celestial house of a horoscope. The word for the Ascendant in Greek was 'horoskopos' from which horoscope derives. In modern times, the word has come to refer to the Astrological chart as a whole.

 Branches of Horoscopic Astrology

Traditions of Horoscopic Astrology can be divided into four branches which are directed towards specific subjects or purposes. Often these branches use a unique set of techniques or a different application of the core principles of the system to a different area. Many other subsets and applications of Astrology are derived from these four fundamental branches.

Natal Astrology, the study of a person's natal chart to gain information about the individual and his/her life experience.

Katarchic Astrology, which includes both electional and event astrology. The former uses Astrology to determine the most auspicious moment to begin an enterprise or undertaking, and the latter to understand everything about an event from the time at which it took place.

Horary Astrology, used to answer a specific question by studying the chart of the moment the question is posed to an Astrologer.

Mundane or World aAstrology, the application of Astrology to world events, including weather, earthquakes, and the rise and fall of empires or religions.
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