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Private Enterprise- To mars

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Author Topic: Private Enterprise- To mars  (Read 16016 times)
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« Reply #210 on: October 03, 2007, 07:30:18 pm »

For many of you out there that have pondered the question pertaining to the many forms of advanced space travel, this will shed some insight. Two representatives of mankind came close on evaluating the principles of space travel in their publishing's. First, Bob Lazar is right about element 115 as the primary element that fuels the advanced reactor in off world interstellar spacecraft. Also, in that gravity does play a part in the movement of a craft across vast distances of the universe, but he tends to go astray, when it is proposed gravity is in the form of a wave and is produced on the atomic level within the spacecraftís reactor. According to his theories, which are covered under mankindís explanation following this paper, he proposes that gravitational waves emanating from element 115 are amplified and focused at distant points. The greater the amplification, the greater the compression of the nearby fabric of space there is between the point of origin and the destination. His theory concludes, that faster than light space travel is accomplished by closing the distance between two points with amplified gravity waves, which closes the distance between two points. The theory falters, when you have to consider an anchor point in space needs to be established in order to compress linear distances between the initial start point and its destination. How would equilibrium be maintained at the point of origin in relation to nearby cosmic masses, if the craft generates a focused gravitational wave, in what was a balanced local area? Would not the gravitational forces produced within the spacecraft that is responsible for closing the distance between two points, also crush the craft and itís occupants? Careful scrutiny of this theory reveals flaws. Curves and folds in the fabric of space and time do not exist in the version presented by mankind; there are no shortcuts. Considering Albert Einsteinís work, he is correct in his Unified Field Theory with an explanation of new phenomena. He proposed that there are four primary forces in the universe: a vibrational force, which controls the frequencies of matter and energy, nuclear force, gravity, and its opposite and balancing counterpart, the repulsion force. The vibrational and repulsion forces are new phenomena, and were dismissed by scientists and are still unknown to general science. Both are key elements for movement to occur in exotic spacecraft. His other proposed theory on the curvature of space and that worm holes are a path to other parts of the universe, were given to mankind only to expand the present day concepts of the universe. The point is; we may not be alone.   

   The movement of a spacecraft through the cosmos is a multi-step process. Three main steps have to occur in order to achieve travel throughout the universe. Step 1: The creation of an internal gravitational and external repulsion fields to provide gravity and protection of the exterior skin of the ship. Step 2: The ability to engage local gravitational fields emanating from moons, planets and stars. Step 3: Density switching, it is an advanced technology, which can transmute matter and energy to different vibrational levels, allowing access to parallel universes. These steps, none of which to the dismay of mankind involves propulsion. Instead, it is the elimination of an unknown balancing force to gravity, the repulsion force, which is perceived as weightless to mankind when in outer space. The repulsion force, once removed from a craftís equilibrium as a stationary object, allows the force of gravitational particles flowing towards nearby cosmic objects to attract the spacecraft at speeds approaching the speed of light for the corresponding density level or parallel universe. Our universe exists in 3rd density, the lowest vibrational level among the infinite levels in the universe. The energy source element 115 will be addressed and also the process of how power is produced in the reactor. Plus, how molecular interlacing of the bonds in the metals of spacecraft produce superior strength, seamless access points, and a variable metallic transparency all unusual qualities not seen in general population here on Earth.  The first step is creation of an internal gravitational field that counteracts the G-forces of the cosmic object, usually a moon, planet or star that the spacecraft and its occupants encounters during movement. The artificially produced internal gravitational field, a field that only affects the local internal area of the spacecraft, takes one of two forms, the shape of a spiral galaxy (the natural shape of gravitational fields) or the variant, the shape of a bell. This is why saucers and other forms of spacecraft when allegedly seen mimic those forms. In this closed system, gravity particles are independent from particles outside the field or the spatial area in close proximity of the craft, flowing from all directions in the localized area. The interior particles are attracted to the three gravity-repulsion excitor flow generators below the main floor. This enables the craft to flip in any direction, while the occupants remain locked to the floor. Since the gravitational field is self contained, the direction of all gravity particles within the craft are moving towards the artificially produced center of mass, the neutral point of the three gravity-repulsion generators. All G-Forces due to any maneuver with a local cosmic mass are eliminated. Any occupying mass inside of the craft only encounters the force applied by the internal flow of gravity particles moving towards the gravity-repulsion flow generators. This phenomena is due to an artificially produced field of gravity particles that crowds out the natural gravity particles flowing towards the center of the local cosmic mass, allowing no force to be applied from the natural particles to any internal independent mass located within the craft. It is similar to the gravity felt on Earth, which dictates motion of all mass on or near its surface. Although the Sunís gravity controls the movement of the Earthís orbit, this planetís gravitational force is dominating, overwhelming any gravitational force produced by the Sun. Even though there are two gravitational systems at work, they are independent from each other. Noting that we do not feel the gravitational effects of the Sun on Earth, but its gravitational influence can be seen in subtle tidal movements outside of those caused by our moon. The artificially produced charge, which attracts the gravity particles, is also responsible for the polarity reversal of particles, creating repulsion particles. This is achieved by the stacking of gravity particles continuously flowing towards the charged center. The gravity particles, which have settled at a point of neutrality between their charge and the attracting charge of the generators, are now being pushed by gravity particles following in the rear. Gravity particles at the point of neutrality are now pushed passed it and begins to assimilate the charge of the core. Now the gravity particles once opposite in polarity to the charge of the core, are like charges. As the charge in the particles build, the repulsion force between the particle and core overcomes the containment pressures of the incoming gravity particles stacked on top. With polarity and directional flow reversed, these particles are ejected outwards at a certain speed and field concentration. The result is a crowding of the local spatial area within and around the craft with a field of repulsion particles, deflecting outside gravitational particles from applying a force to the mass of the craft. Repulsion particles build at a predetermined distance (force field) from the spacecraft, which emulates its shape. This is accomplished by distributing a charged field at an equi-distance point from the spacecraft that reverses the gravity particle charge. The key to creating a force field is being able to slow to the conversion of the polarity and charge of the repulsion particles to gravity particles at a predetermined point. The directional flow of the particles reverses back towards the generators, the artificial center of gravity. As repulsion particles build at the field edge it is an exponential rate of change vs. distance that dictates the repulsion or force fieldís strength. The field edge overloads with repulsion particles, polarization reversal of the particles occurs to the excess from a charge created by the spacecraft. The longer, the time period it takes for a repulsion particle to change to a gravity particle charge, the greater the repulsion particle builds up at an exponential rate at the edge of the energy field. When in operation, the field completely envelops the craft and the repulsion of matter and energy is in proportion to the field strength. The repulsion particles at the field edge also have another property; they present a razor thin like profile during high-speed movement through atmospheres of cosmic objects. The field edge negates the formation of all sonic booms and frictional heating of the metallic skin by slicing through the atmosphere, by allowing no contact, thus eliminating any buildup of air pressure and heat at the edges of the metallic surface of the spacecraft.

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