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News: Remains of ancient civilisation discovered on the bottom of a lake
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Private Enterprise- To mars

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Author Topic: Private Enterprise- To mars  (Read 15032 times)
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« Reply #195 on: October 02, 2007, 10:30:47 am »

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It's interesting the you mention star systems and formations. If you ever get the chance to look it up, look at all the ancient Egyptian locations of pyramids and temples and then compare it to the gallatic center. What you'll find is an almost exact map of the sky with the nile representing the milkyways belt, and the pyramids marking pacific stars, revealing our loction in the Milkyway.
Now do you care to offer a theory as to why they did this?

Well my signature quote covers that, LOL.  “AS ABOVE SO BELOW”, LOL.  But I guess that’s only a reason for and not an actual answer to that question.

Of course I’m familiar with Giza being compared to a star map of the Sirius system.  Then of course the entire layout of the cities of the “old ones” the  "Anasazi" in the American southwest and Mexico are compared to a star map. 

But you are the first one to suggest that the entire world may be a star map with Egypt as the Galactic center, (if that is what you are suggesting?)  That’s a most intriguing thought.  People have come up with all sorts of geometric explanations of how all the megalithic sites all over the world are aligned.  But to my knowledge no one has suggested that the entire world is laid out as an earthly representation of the stars.

In the case of Egypt, most would suggest that this is a graphic representation of a specific point in time when the stars were exactly so positioned.  But I personally believe that they were aligning the magnetic field, (and gravitational, and electrical… oh heck, let’s just say the entire energy field), of the earth with all the other energy fields of the sun and the planets and the stars. 

At certain times when the positions of the planets and or star are properly aligned, I personally think either communication with those places or teleportation to those places is possible.  From all my research the entire planet was crisscrossed with a network of megalithic stone structures in an effort to “pattern” and pool the earth’s naturally random energy patterns to certain key places, (places like Giza).  These places look like the work of crude Stone Age people, but they were not crude looking when they were constructed.  They are just so astoundingly old that they no longer have smooth cut edges. 

This took an amazing effort to achieve, and my understanding of human nature tells me that there’s no way this was done for religious purposes.  There’s always been, and will probably only be, one reason why men build anything on a large scale: PROFIT.  If they didn’t stand to gain anything that would either put food in their bellies or gold in their pockets, then only a gun to the heads of every man involved would have gotten them quarry and move all those massive stone megaliths, LOL. 

Long answer short:  I think the reason the megaliths are laid out according to the stars, was they used the earth’s own energy field, (magnetic, gravitational, electrical, and it’s very place in time and space), to travel to those far away places.  Not with crude rocket ships, or even sophisticated gravitational drive flying saucers, but by bending time and space and bringing “the mountain to Mohammed” so to speak, LOL. 

Say did you ever see that original Star Trek TV series episode where there’s a metal version of a stone arch?  Kirk, Spock, and Bones go through the arch and they’re back in time on earth.  The arch was a gateway to another time and place built by ancient aliens.  The whole episode was very much like “Stargate Atlantis”.   

Yeah, it’s kinda like that, LOL. 
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Hermes Trismegistus:  “As above, so below.”
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