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Private Enterprise- To mars

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Author Topic: Private Enterprise- To mars  (Read 15032 times)
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« Reply #195 on: October 01, 2007, 03:47:21 pm »

Yeah, how much energy does it take to open the hyperspace portal, and keep it open?  I hope this isn’t one of those perpetual energy theories that takes more energy to produce than it creates, LOL. 

Actually, the energy is endless once you get the gate open and enter it.
As the theory of this goes.

Clark believes this is because the vortex at the right time and place makes things weightless.  But I think it actually teleports things through time and space. 

I would have to agree with you on this MD. When you think about it, just because there might be an absents of gravity doesn't always mean your going to ascend upward. In fact, the direction your going in, you will travel in until you are stopped or thrusted into another direct for which you will travel in endlessly.

Thing is, there is no mention of bodies being found floating around in orbit.
It's abit shady...........

Berlitz never covered the Al Bielek story in his Philadelphia book.  I guess he thought it a little hard to believe.  I myself thought that this part was all made up in the movie version of the story.  But it all relates to what you’ve said here about hyper-drive.  And although getting into other dimensions becomes a little mind boggling, this is exactly what I was driving at with all that stuff about the complex motion of the stellar bodies in our own dimension. 

I have my own “crazy” theory of why the ancients were so astrologically preoccupied.  The reason I’m a “ley-line” enthusiast, Tesla fan, “Philadelphia Experimenter”, “Bermuda Triangularist “ and Atlantis “freak” is that I think I know what they were doing when they built all these “God knows how old” megalithic stone structures.   
Have you ever heard of a little known phenomenon called “spontaneous teleportation”?

It's interesting the you mention star systems and formations. If you ever get the chance to look it up, look at all the ancient Egyptian locations of pyramids and temples and then compare it to the gallatic center. What you'll find is an almost exact map of the sky with the nile representing the milkyways belt, and the pyramids marking pacific stars, revealing our loction in the Milkyway.

Now do you care to offer a theory as to why they did this?  Wink

Hans Solo:  “Navigating through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops boy”, LOL.

Quantum computing is the only answer for navigation. Hand Solo might want to switch hands...
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