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Private Enterprise- To mars

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Author Topic: Private Enterprise- To mars  (Read 15032 times)
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« Reply #195 on: October 01, 2007, 03:02:05 pm »

 Smiley  Hey, no fair.  You get to use the computer on the weekends at your house, with all your kids, LOL.  You wrote more than I have time to comment on, LOL.   Roll Eyes 


The biggest issues surround the fact that once the hyperspace opening is created, how to control the infusion force because the propulsion force must be controlled so that navigation and guidance can take place smoothly.

Hans Solo:  “Navigating through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops boy”, LOL.


If Heim’s idea works, it will radically change space travel. Forget spending six months holed up in a rocket on the way to Mars, a round trip on the hyperdrive could take as little as five hours

That long?  If we believe the tales of some UFO abductees, than it’s possible to travel a whole lot faster than that.


Enthusiasts believe our future lies in space. “Our job is to help life spread from this planet and make the rest of the universe as beautiful and varied as Earth”

I can hear the grey aliens saying, “Oh, #!#, there goes the neighborhood”, LOL.  Of course that is our destiny!  And with killer comets on the loose, we’d better do this soon or go the way of the dinosaurs! 


Now with the information published, what do you think MD? Q?

Q?   Yeah, how much energy does it take to open the hyperspace portal, and keep it open?  I hope this isn’t one of those perpetual energy theories that takes more energy to produce than it creates, LOL. 


22 over 7 = 3.14…  Notice 27 = 3 * 3 * 3…..   The number 3 is the most mysterious number…

What no number 23?  LOL. 

Sorry, I guess I’m in a comical mood today. 

Berlitz never covered the Al Bielek story in his Philadelphia book.  I guess he thought it a little hard to believe.  I myself thought that this part was all made up in the movie version of the story.  But it all relates to what you’ve said here about hyper-drive.  And although getting into other dimensions becomes a little mind boggling, this is exactly what I was driving at with all that stuff about the complex motion of the stellar bodies in our own dimension. 

I have my own “crazy” theory of why the ancients were so astrologically preoccupied.  The reason I’m a “ley-line” enthusiast, Tesla fan, “Philadelphia Experimenter”, “Bermuda Triangularist “ and Atlantis “freak” is that I think I know what they were doing when they built all these “God knows how old” megalithic stone structures.   
Have you ever heard of a little known phenomenon called “spontaneous teleportation”?

Richard Lefors Clark has advanced a theory that what is happening in the Bermuda Triangle is that if you are in the wrong place, (i.e. an energy vortex), you could be suddenly become a permanent piece of space junk.


Official knowledge of the considerable utility of many magnetic-gravity anomaly points on the Grid has taken obvious precedence over any concerns for public safety. If the officials warned the fools in planes and boats to stay out of the Bermuda Triangle at certain times, then ordinary citizens would know too much of their secret knowledge. If you are in the wrong place on the wrong day in the Bermuda Triangle you will be a permanent piece of space junk some 20,000 to 75,000 miles out in space.

Clark believes this is because the vortex at the right time and place makes things weightless.  But I think it actually teleports things through time and space. 

Berlitz in one of his books recounts perhaps the best documentated case of spontaneous teleportation


Historical, mythical and religious accounts:
Religious traditions
Accounts of miraculous teleportation occur in a number of religious traditions, such as Tay al-Ard ("folding of the earth") in Islam; Kefitzat Haderech ("the shortening of the way") in Judaism. Teleportation is also known in Tibetan Buddhism.

 Gil Perez
There have been many alleged accounts of teleportation. One of the best known is said to have occurred on the evening of October 24, 1593, to Gil Perez.
A Guardia Civil, Gil Perez, is said to have appeared suddenly in a confused state in the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City, wearing the uniform of a Philippine regiment. He claimed that moments before finding himself in Mexico he had been on sentry duty in Manila at the governor’s palace. He admitted that while he was aware that he was no longer in the Philippines, he had no idea where he was or how he came to be there. He said the governor, Don Gomez Perez Dasmariñas, had been assassinated.
When it was explained to him that he was now in Mexico City, Perez refused to believe it saying that he had received his orders on the morning of October 23 in Manila and that it was therefore impossible for him to be in Mexico City on the evening of the 24th. The authorities placed Perez in jail, as a deserter and for the possibility that he may have been in the service of Satan. The Most Holy Tribunal of the Inquisition questioned the soldier, but all he could say in his defense was that he had traveled from Manila to Mexico "in less time than it takes a **** to crow".
Two months later, news from the Philippines arrived by Manila Galleon, confirming the fact of the literal axing on October 23 of Dasmariñas in a mutiny of Chinese rowers, as well as other points of the mysterious soldier’s fantastic story. Witnesses confirmed that Gil Perez had indeed been on duty in Manila just before arriving in Mexico. Furthermore, one of the passengers on the ship recognized Perez and swore that he had seen him in the Philippines on October 23. Gil Perez eventually returned to the Philippines and took up his former position as a palace guard, living thenceforth an apparently uneventful life.
This account has received wide circulation, but historian Mike Dash notes [7] that there are some problems with the story which call its accuracy into question. Perhaps most importantly, he notes that the earliest extant accounts of Perez's mysterious disappearance date from more than a century after the supposed events. Though Perez was supposedly held for some time on suspicion of witchcraft, no records of his imprisonment or interrogation have been found.

There isn’t a lot that I’ve found on line about this phenomenon.  There’s another story in more recent time about a family in Maine traveling in their car who suddenly found themselves driving down a road in Argentina.  The times and dates involved with that case make it impossible for them to have traveled there, let alone bring their car. 

I think that it is possible to use the Earth’s electromatic field to create a hyperdementional bridge to other planets.  Furthermore I think this is “one” of the purposes of the ley lines and the megalythic structures we find in ruins all over the surface of the earth in a percise geometric pattern. 

So in short, do I think hyperdrive is possible?  Well duh, Yeah I do!  Furthermore, I think this kind of stuff happens as a natural phenomenon, (rarely, but it happens).  When it does, nobody believes it, or can explain it, so like the rest of what science doesn’t “get” it just doesn’t exist.  The Philly Experiment?  That was a big surprise to all those involved.  And If we are to believe the “whole” story, it ends with an even more incredible tale than Al Bielek’s.  Supposedly right after the experiment the “galactic” version of the E.P.A. landed and told them “stop doing what they we doing because they were messing up time and space”, or they’d blow our planet up!  Holy Death Star!, LOL.

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