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Private Enterprise- To mars

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Author Topic: Private Enterprise- To mars  (Read 15004 times)
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« Reply #360 on: September 11, 2010, 03:54:29 pm »

Smiley  Sounds like the movie is to be a three part trilogy then.   You’ve got lots of good material here.  I haven’t finished watching all the videos.  (It’s harder to go into the “scan” mode with video, LOL). 


I wonder if its possible that America is the New Atlantis of the Earth and now its up to someone to recreate A true Atlantean civilisation amongst the stars.

Well, remember that by some accounts Atlantis was a technologically advanced civilization with designs of global domination.  That might be a good fit for the America this country has become, LOL.  And according to Cayce, they strayed away from “The Law of One”, (which seems to have been a lot like monotheism), and used their technology for self gratification.  That might also fit our current trends, LOL.

They say that “There is nothing new under the sun” and I for one believe that we haven’t even reached the level of technology that Atlantis achieved.  There are rumors of a pyramid on the moon, and “The Face On Mars”.  The immediate assumption is that “alien” civilizations may have built them.  But I just think “we” (Atlantis) built them and don’t remember it.  

The entire surface of Mars is “oxidized”, and there are books written with speculations of how we could “teraform” Mars to be inhabitable.  I think “we’ve” already done that.  Atlantis, in my opinion, may have had outposts on the moon and had already “teraformed” Mars and made it inhabitable, and turned it into an Atlantean colony thousands of years ago.  But with the destruction of Atlantis the colony couldn’t sustain itself and had to return their now devastated home planet to try and rebuild it. 

It’s reasonable to assume that the Atlanteans had the same dreams and goals of the highest aspirations of the human spirit as we humans have today.  Have you seen any of my posts about the “zoomorphic gold bug” that Ian Sanderson first popularized?  If so you may remember that an aeronautical engineer was given a model of it and asked to analyze it without being told what it was.  His conclusion was that it was something we have yet to develop… a vehicle capable of leaving the atmosphere into space and also capable of re-entering it and landing! 

Check it out:

Maybe we're trying to do what they already did, LOL.

They did this same experiment on the science channel. MUFON magazine conducted the experiment.
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