Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Jennie McGrath:

A wild boy found in the woods of Hesse, Germany. According to the records kept by the local monks, he appeared to be about 7-years old and supposedly had been kept by wolves. This boy apparently died soon after being captured, but a second wild boy --this time a 12-year old--seized three years later (1344) in the same region (but in the woods of Wetterau this time) reportedly lived to the age of 80 years. According to records, both children were wild and immune to cold and discomfort, besides not being able to stand upright, consequently having to move around on all fours.


Edward III vowed to establish an order like Arthur's at Windsor. (The round table still exists and was decorated in 1486 with the figure of Arthur and the names of 24 knights.)


April 23--The "Order of the Garter" formally founded on St. George Day, by Edward III of England. The members consisted of twenty-four knights, the monarch and the Prince of Wales. The symbolism of the garter itself still remains obscure. A record of the Order, compiled in Henry VIII's reign, relates that Richard I, during his crusade, gave garters to certain knights as tokens of honor, and it was supposed that Edward III followed this example.


Pope Innocent VI ordered a grimoire called The Book of Solomon, probably The Key of Solomon, to be burned.


January--The "Order of the Star", or the "Order of Our Lady of the Noble Lineage" founded.


Approximate date of the earliest known Satanic cults with black masses celebrated in France.


A flying object described as being "shaped like a drum, about twenty feet in diameter" emerged from the inland sea off western Japan.


The first known record of the concept "Freemasons" in the city archives of London.

1379 to 1482

Alleged life of Christian Rosenkreuz, fictitious founder of Rosicrucianism.


The "Zeno Map" was drawn, it covered a vast area of the north as far as Greenland with amazing accuracy.


December--A "fire in the sky, like a burning and revolving wheel..." was seen in Leicester and Northamptonshire, England. The objects "emitted fire from above, and others in the shape of long, fiery beams".


A report from England: "A certain thing appeared in the likeness of fire in many parts of England every night. This fiery apparition, oftentimes when anybody went alone, it would go with him, and would stand still when he stood still. To some it appeared in the likeness of a turning wheel burning; to other some a round object, the likeness of a barrel, flashing out flames of fire at the head; to others, the likeness of a long burning lance."


Many feel that the Holy Grail may have been taken to Nova Scotia in this year.


The Holy Grail brought to Martin the Humane, King of Aragón, to his palace in Zaragoza, Spain, according to catholic tradition.


Cathari sect dies out.


A mermaid was apparently found stranded in the mud after a storm in West Friesland. She was then taken, clothed and fed ordinary food. Some say that she lived for fifteen years in capture, trying to escape constantly; she was also taught to kneel before the crucifix and spin but she was never able to speak.


The first known printed reference on the Almas was made by a Bavarian named Hans Schiltberger. He traveled through the Tien Shan mountains as a captive to the Mongols. During his imprisonment he kept a journal in which he wrote: "In the mountains themselves live a wild people, who have nothing in common with other human beings, a pelt covers the entire body of these creatures. Only the hands and face are free of hair. They run around in the hills like animals and eat foliage and grass and whatever else they can find. The Lord of the Territory made Egidi a present of a couple of forest people, a man and a woman, together with three untamed horses the sizes of asses and all sorts of other animals which are not found in German lands and which I cannot therefore put a name to."


The magician Abramelin, also called "Abraham the Jew", authors The Book of Sacred Magic, said to have been delivered to his son Lamech. His book offers readers cabalistic magic squares that will purportedly perform such feats as raising tempests, causing spirits to appear, changing men into animals and vice versa, procuring visions, raising the dead, rousing love or hate, demolishing buildings, walking under water, and even making stage performances appear.


Guru Nanak Dev first master of Sikhs


Latin translation of Corpus Hermeticum, which had just been rediscovered in Macedonia. The Corpus Hermeticum is a collection of texts from the second and third centuries of our era that survived from a more extensive literature. Reflecting the generalized spiritual orientation of late Hellenistic gnosis rather than a tradition in any organized sense, these sometimes contradictory texts share only their claim to a common source of revelation, Hermes Trismegistus.


The term "Illuminati" was used by one writer, Menendez Pelayo, as early as 1492 and is attributable to a group known as the "Alumbrados" of Spain. The Alumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source, resulting in superior human intelligence.

October 11--10:00 PM, from The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus and Pedro Gutierrez while on the deck of the Santa Maria, observed, "a light glimmering at a great distance." It vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down, "in sudden and passing gleams." It was sighted 4 hours before land was sighted, and taken by Columbus as a sign they would soon come to land.

1493 to 1541

Life of Paracelsus, possible real founder of Roscrucianism; discoverer of zinc around 1530; model of the Faust legend.


Approximate date of Roshaiya, "the Illuminated Ones", in the mountains of Afganistan.

Beginning of "Alumbrados" in Spain and "Charcoal-Burners" in Scotland.

1503 to 1566

Life of Nostradamus, visionary prophet.


Fra Dolcino's version of Joachim's Illuminism suppressed by the Bishop of Vercueil.


An ancient tomb that some ditch diggers uncovered in Rouen, France, contained the skeleton of a man over seventeen-feet tall, in his armor. Affixed to the tomb was this engraved identification: "In this tomb lies the noble and puissant lord, the Chevalier Ricon de Vallemont, and his bones."


February 1--Thousands of Londoners abandon their homes after predictions of an apocalyptic flood. They return when it fails to rain.


At the Siege of Utrecht in Holland: "A cruel and strange sight was seen in the sky, which terrified the townspeople and made the enemy think he would get the city. It was the form of a Burgundian cross right over the city, high in the sky, yellow in color, and fearful to behold."


Hospitallers given Isle of Malta by Charles V, become "Knights of Malta".


Contemporary accounts disagree about the actual date, but all concur that Magister Georgius Sabellicus Faustus Junior, "Faust" as he styled himself, had been famous for decades throughout Europe for either fraud or true wizardry. He died in 1541. A wall plaque at the inn in Wilatemberg, Germany reads "One of the most powerful devils, Mephistopheles, whom he had called brother-in-law during his lifetime, had broken his neck, as the pact had expired after 24 years, and delivered his soul to eternal damnation."


The first mention of South America's mysterious hominid creature called mono grande (big monkey) or didi, appears to be in a book written by Pedro de Cieza de Leon in 1553. De Leon recounts native superstitions about these creatures, and goes on to tell of a Spaniard who found a carcass of one in the forests.


March 10--A report from France: "There appeared between 6 and 8 PM, about the moon, a burning fire, emitting a great noise, what seemed to be the point of a lance, turning form side to side, from east to west, casting out flames on all sides."


Though sea serpents are ubiquitous in myths and legends, the first attempt to describe them as figures in natural history appears in a 1555 work by Olaus Magnus, the exiled Catholic archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden. The archbishop wrote that sailors off the coast of Norway had often seen a "Serpent ... of vast magnitude, namely 200 feet long, and moreover 20 feet thick." A dangerous beast, it lived in caves along the shore and devoured both land and ocean creatures, including an occasional seaman. "This Snake disquiets the shippers," Olaus Magnus wrote, "and he puts up his head on high like a pillar."


Story of the Blessed Margaret of Metola. Margaret was a blind dwarf, hunchbacked and lame, but that didn’t stop her from living a life of heroic service to the poor. She died in 1330, but in 1558 her remains had to be transferred because her coffin was rotting away. At the exhumation, witnesses were amazed to find that like the coffin, the clothes had rotted, but Margaret’s crippled body hadn’t.


April--One of the most astounding of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described could only be called a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses. The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in battle. Comets and such were well identified and charted in this period, so it is highly unlikely that what the people witnessed was merely a celestial phenomenon like a 'meteor shower', as some debunkers suggest. Rather, what is described are physical objects of unique detail and shapes, in 'battle' for over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical 'motherships'. At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene... It began at dawn, as dozens, if not hundreds, of crosses, globes and tubes fought each other above the city. It ended an hour later, when "the globes in the small and large rods flew into the sun," and several of the other objects crashed to earth and vanished in a thick cloud of smoke. According to the Nuremberg Gazette, the "dreadful apparition" filled the morning sky with "cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about." Between the spheres, there were "crosses with the color of blood." This "frightful spectacle" was witnessed by "numerous men and women." Afterwards, a "black, spear-like object" appeared. The author of the Gazette warned that "the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Annunciation with St. Emidius Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children."


August 7-- A student in Basel, Switzerland reported that just after dawn, "many large, black globes were seen in the air, moving before the sun at great speed and turning against each other as if fighting. Some of them became red and fiery and afterwards faded and went out."


First Inquisition edict against the Alumbrados.


May 13--A famous naturalist, Ulysses Aldrovandus, recorded the details of a peasant killing a small dragon along a farm road in northern Italy on this day. He obtained the dragon carcass, thoroughly documented the encounter, and had it mounted and placed in a museum.

1575 to 1624

Life of Jakob Bohme, visionary mystic, illuminated one.

Jennie McGrath:

English colony established at Roanoke Island, Virginia; no trace of the "lost colony" was found when supply ships returned three years later.

The last recorded appearance of a cockatrice (or Basilisk) was in 1587 in Warsaw. There, two girls were killed by its breath, while playing in their cellar. Frightened citizens organized a hunt for the monster, but after finding and killing a small snake, declared the affair finished.

Raphael Holinshed in his Chronicles, wrote that in the reign of either John or Henry II, some fishers of Oreford in Suffolk, caught a man-shaped fish, who would not or could not speak, ate fish be it raw or cooked and finally escaped after two months, back to the sea.


Stubbe Peeter was tried in Germany in 1589 for 25 years of hideous crimes, including murder of adults and children (including his own son), cannibalism, incest, and attacks on animals. Peeter claimed to have made a pact with Satan, who provided him with a girdle which turned him into a wolf.


North Berwick witches coven attempts to sink King James' ship.


The "Phiri Rhis Map" is drawn which shows the coastline of Africa and South America accurate to within a .5 degree of longitude. The map clearly shows features of the earth that nobody should have known in the late 1500's. On the map he wrote that he had borrowed and copied from 20 earlier ancient maps. Some of the maps dating back to Alexander the Great and older. Without an accurate timepiece there was no way to figure longitude on a sailing ship. It wasn't until 1790 that the first accurate marine timepiece was invented.


England, London: A "flying dragon" surrounded by flames was seen over the city.


Anonymous alchemist seeks to start Rosicrucian-like society in Europe.


French authorities arrested Jacques Roulet, a beggar, after they found him crouched in a bush and covered with blood from the badly mutilated nearby body of a 15-year-old boy. In his confession Roulet said he had slain the youth while a werewolf, a state he entered via the application of ointment.


A seventeenth-century account from China's Hubei province notes, "In the remote mountains of Fangxian County, there are rock caves, in which live hairy men as tall as three meters. They often come down to hunt dogs and chickens in the villages. They fight with whoever resists."


King James of England declares witchcraft a capital crime.


Rosicrucian constitution published.


June 15--In an attempt to find a northern passage to the East Indies, Henry Hudson's log reported on this day that two of his company, Thoms Hill and Robert Raynor said that they had seen a mermaid, their descritption read: "From the Navill upward, her backe and breasts were like a womans. . . her skin was very white; and long haire hanging down behinde, of colour blacke; in her going downe they saw her tayle, which was like the tayle of a Porposse, and speckled like a Macrell".


First recorded sighting of "Champ", or the Lake Champlain Monster, by Pierre de Champlain.


The Wood manuscript written, traces the history of the Order from two pillars that were found after Noah's Flood.

At Lüttich, Germany two sorcerers were executed because they had turned themselves into werewolves and had killed many children. With them they had a boy of twelve years whom the devil turned into a raven whenever they were tearing apart and eating their prey.


As late as this date, the Chinese emperor was still appointing the post of a "Royal Dragon Feeder."


A pamphlet begins circulating describing an ancient secret society begins to circulate. Worthy people are invited to join. No address or instructions are given on how to contact the Rosicrucian order, but it is promised that published inquiries will be answered. The "Fraternity of the Rosy Cross" allegedly dates back to the time of the Egyptian ruler Akhnaten, who worshipped the sun.


Lakota Indian tribe puts star map on buffalo hide.


Posters appear in Paris warning that the Rosicrucians are "amongst you...visibly and invisibly."


Alumbrados of Spain condemned by an edict of the Grand Inquisition.

Guerinets appear in France.


An English explorer brings back the first reports from Africa regarding a "hairy man" called Pongo ("gorilla").


In this year one James Everett, sober, discreet man, and two others, saw a great light in the night at Muddy River in New England. When it stood still, it flamed up, and was about three yards square; when it ran, it was contracted into the figure of a swine: it ran as swift as an arrow towards Charlton, and so up and down about two or three hours. They were come down in their lighter about a mile, and, when it was over, they found themselves carried quite back against the tide to the place they came from. Divers other credible persons saw the same light, after, about the same place.


Beginning of subliminal persuasion when Rembrandt imbeds the word "sex" in a painting.


March 11-- From the diarist John Evelyn: "I must not forget what amazed us exceedingly the night before, namely, a shining cloud in the air in a shape resembling a sword, the point reaching to the north. It was as bright as the moon, the rest of the sky being very serene. It began about 11 at night and vanished not till about one, being seen by all the south of England."


Earliest known Masonic Lodge to allow non-professional or "free" masons, in Warrington, England.


The "English Diggers", a group of agrarian communists who flourished in England in 1649-50 and were led by Gerrard Winstanley (q.v.) and William Everard. The Diggers were harassed by legal actions and mob violence, and by the end of March 1650 their colony was dispersed.


Reliable sightings of "flying dragons" (pterosaur-like creature) in Europe are recorded as recently as this year. The woods around Penllin Castle, Glamorgan, had the reputation of being frequented by winged serpents, and these were the terror of old and young alike. The winged serpents were described as very beautiful. They were coiled when in repose, and "looked as if they were covered with jewels of all sorts. Some of them had crests sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow". When disturbed they glided swiftly, "sparkling all over," to their hiding places. When angry, they "flew over people's heads, with outspread wings, bright, and sometimes with eyes too, like the feathers in a peacock's tail". Locals had killed some of them, for they were as bad as foxes for poultry, and the extinction of the winged serpents was due to the fact that they were "terrors in the farmyards and coverts."


Illuminated Guerinets come to public notice in France.


The Florentine Heresy rocks the "Society of London".


The following is the text of a sworn statement by a seventeenth-century Swedish clergyman, P. Rahm: "In the year 1660, when I and my wife had gone to my farm, which is three quarters of a mile from Ragunda parsonage, and we were sitting there and talking awhile, late in the evening, there came a little man in at the door, who begged of my wife to go and aid his wife, who was just in the pains of labor. The fellow was of small size, of a dark complexion, and dressed in old gray clothes. My wife and I sat awhile, and wondered at the man; for we were aware that he was a Troll, and we had heard tell that such like, called by the peasantry Vettar (spirits), always used to keep in the farmhouses, when people left them in harvest-time. But when he had urged his request four or five times, and we thought on what evil the country folk say that they have at times suffered from the Vettar, when they have chanced to swear at them, or with uncivil words bid them to go to hell, I took the resolution to read some prayers over my wife, and to bless her, and bid her in God's name go with him. She took in haste some old linen with her, and went along with him, and I remained sitting there. When she returned, she told me that when she went with the man out at the gate, it seemed to her as if she was carried for a time along in the wind, and so she came to a room, on one side of which was a little dark chamber, in which his wife lay in bed in great agony. My wife went up to her, and, after a little while, aided her till she brought forth the child after the same manner as other human beings. The man then offered her food, and when she refused it, he thanked her, and accompanied her out, and then she was carried along, in the same way in the wind, and after a while came again to the gate, just at 10 o'clock. Meanwhile, a quantity of old pieces and clippings of silver were laid on a shelf, in the sittingroom, and my wife found them next day, when she was putting the room in order. It is supposed that they were laid there by the Vettar."


August 15-- As the people of the village Robozero (in the Bolozero district, Russia) were in church they heard a loud noise in the sky and many people left the church to see what was up. One of them was the farmer Levka Pedorov who told the stort to the monastery monk, who documentetd it in script. In midday a "great ball of fire" descended from the south in a clear blue sky over Robozero and moved across the church to the near lake. The "ball" was 45 meters in diameter and two beams of "fire" were shooting out from the front and then, after it went from the south to the west (500 meters from Pedorov), it "dissapeared". Only to re-apear an hour later over the same lake. And there it stayed for an hour and a half. A company of fishermen in a boat on the lake a mile away from Pedorov were sorely burnt by the light of the "ball", which lit up the lake to it's bottom 9 meters deep, while the fish fled to the banks. Pedorov described the water as if "covered with rust under the glow..."


Adam Oschlager wrote of a sighting of a "large serpent, which seen from afar, had the thickness of a wine barrel, and 25 windings. These serpents are said to appear on the surface of the water only in calm weather and at certain times."


Russian Old Believers begin setting themselves alight to protect themselves from the Antichrist. By 1690, 20,000 are dead.

The Hope Diamond is believed to have come from the Kollur mine near Golconda in India. It first came to attention in the 1660’s when a French explorer Tavernier noticed the then 112 carats of golf ball shaped blue stone, gleaming on the forehead of a temple idol. At that point in time it was roughly three times the size that it is today. Tavernier took the diamond back to France where in 1669 he sold it to Louis XIV for the modern day equivalent of £71 million.


A Dutchman named Jan Struys, captured and enslaved by bandits in Armenia, met a hermit--or so he would claim later--on Ararat. Struys, believed by his captors to possess magical healing powers, treated the old man, who in gratitude handed him a "piece of hard wood of a dark color" and a sparkling stone, both of which "he told me he had taken from under the Ark."


In An Account of Two Voyages to New England, published in 1674, John Josselyn recalled a 1639 conversation with residents of the Massachusetts colony: "They told me of a sea-serpent or snake, that lay coiled upon a rock at Cape Ann."


A Dr Goldsmith in Bologna, Italy; witnessed a giant globe, appearing twice the size of the moon, had passed overhead...


The earliest known crop circle, known as the "Mowing Devil," is shown on a woodcut from Hertfordshire, England. The inscription reads, "Being a True Relation of a Farmer, who Bargaining with a Poor Mower, about the Cutting down Three Half Acres of Oats: upon the Mower's asking too much, the Farmer swore That the Devil should Mow it rather than He. And so it fell out, that very Night, the Crop of Oat shew'd as if it had been all of a flame: but next Morning appear'd so neatly mow'd by the Devil or some Infernal Spirit, that no Mortal Man was able to do the like. Also, How the said Oats ly now in the Field, and the Owner has not Power to fetch them away."


Madame Le Voisin, innovator of modern Satanism, executed in Paris.


Tamanend, sachem and chief of the Lenni-Lenape tribe, welcomes William Penn to America, traditionally considered the beginning of the "Tammany Society".

In Fahrenholz, Germany in the year 1682 a number of people were accused of being able to transform themselves into wolves and were put on trial.


The witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts. 20 people are executed for witchcraft. Nineteen are hanged, not burned, and one is crushed under heavy stones.

Dr. O. Dapper wrote that the Congo was inhabited by "squirrels with tails much larger than those in Europe, bears, wild cats, and very venomous vipers...".


William III of Orange becomes king of England, allegedly through the plotting of the Illuminati.


One of the great early studies of Fairies was Robert Kirk's The Secret Common-Wealth. Kirk, a Presbyterian clergyman who served in Scotland's Highlands and who had a keen interest in the supernatural lore of the region, was convinced of the reality of fairies. After all, he asked, how could such a widespread belief, even if "not the tenth part true, yet could not spring of nothing?" He conducted his inquiries on the assumption that once he had enough information, he could accurately describe the nature of fairy life down to its smallest details. According to Kirk, fairies were of a "middle nature between man and angel" with bodies "somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud." They dressed and spoke "like the people and country under which they live." Sometimes passing fairies could be heard but not seen. They traveled often, frequently through the air, could steal anything they liked (from food to human babies), and had no particular religion. Mortals with "second sight" (clairvoyance) were most likely to see them, since they were usually invisible to the human eye. In fact, the word "fairy" comes from a much earlier word, faierie, which meant a state of enchantment rather than an individual supernatural entity.


A skeleton found in a tomb near Angers, France, measured seventeen feet four inches.

Teleportations of human beings are not hard to find in folkloric and religious contexts. One early example of the former, recorded by the Rev. Robert Kirk in his classic work on seventeenth-century Scottish fairy traditions, The Secret Comnion-Wealth (1692), remarks on one unfortunate man's plight: His neighbours often perceaved this man to disappear at a certane Place, and about one Hour after to become visible, and discover himself near a Bowshot from the first Place. It was in that Place where he became invisible, said he, that the Subterraneans [fairies] did encounter and combate with him.


Calcutta is plagued by a man-eating tiger. Edmond Hoyle discovers it is a shapechanger and kills it.

"Kap Dwa" was allegedly a 12-foot tall two-headed giant, who lived in the 17th century, and was captured by Spanish sailors in 1693. It was said he had a pike driven through his heart after managing to kill four of his captors. Since then his stuffed body has been displayed at various sideshows in England from 1900 onwards, and in America since 1980.


The first Rosicrucian society in the United States was founded in Pennsylvania.


November 4--Sighting of two UFOs over Hamburg, Germany. The objects were described as "two glowing wheels".


In the US, there is an 18th century Indian legend about luminous humanoid beings who paralyzed people with a small tube. In variations of these tales, Indian women were even said to have married a couple of these "star people".

Montanus, an eighteenth century writer on German folklore, told of wizards flying in the clouds, who were shot down.


Quietism of Fenelon and others.


Earliest record of "operative" or professional Masonic Lodge in Alnwick, England.


The London Lodges of Freemasonry unilaterally decide to cast off their vows of secrecy and go public. They are followed, sometimes unwillingly, by other Lodges all over the British Isles and western Europe. They are still a secret society, in that their rites and rituals are secret, but they have publicly acknowledged that they exist.


March--Another sighting of a flying fireball “was very surprising to the western parts of England.”


British King George I cracks down on the flourishing "Hell Fire Clubs", popular Satanist cults.


Anderson's Constitutions of the Freemasons published. Ebrietatis Enconium and other early anti-Masonic works published.


A wild boy who was captured in the woods near the German town of Hameln, in Hanover, on July 27, 1724. He appeared to be about 12 years old. He could not speak and ate only vegetables and grass and sucked the juice of green stalks; at first he rejected bread. There were rumors that he had been born dumb or retarded and abandoned in the local woods by his father. The story of the wild boy spread, and in February 1726 King George I of England (who was also the king of Hanover) sent for him. He was briefly a court favorite and learned to identify his benefactor as "ki scho" and Queen Caroline as "qui ca," although he never learned to speak articulately. Wild Peter died in 1785. A German naturalist and scholar later examined all the earliest documents on Wild Peter and concluded that he must have lived with people until shortly before he was captured, because he wore a rag around his neck and parts of his body were pale rather than tanned, suggesting that he had worn breeches. But not all agreed. Peter's case (like that of other "wild children,") strongly influenced contemporary views of how humans came to be civilized. French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau considered Wild Peter a model of an unspoiled "natural man," and Scotland's Lord Monboddo wrote: "I consider his history as a brief chronicle or abstract of the progress of human nature, from the mere animal to the first stage of civilized life."

Publication of the anti-Masonic Grand Mysteries of the Freemasons Discovered.

Jennie McGrath:

Jonathan Swift in his book Gulliver's Travels, accurately "predicted" the previously unknown existence of the two moons of Mars (Phobos and Deimos). These were not discovered by telescope until 1877. There is no way Swift could have known the moons were real yet he described Phobos' orbital period as 10 hours (very close to the real figure of 7.6) and Deimos' as 21.5 (close to the real 30.2). Both seem to be very lucky guesses. How was Swift able to predict the existence of the moons and their attributes so well? Some have seriously suggested he had psychic powers.


Last official burning of a witch in Scotland.


Strange subterranean thundering noise phenomena has been reported since at least 1729 and even before by natives, centered near Mt. Tom and especially Cave Hill, six miles the NW near Leesville, Connecticut, where there is a cavern where witches once congregated that has not been fully penetrated to any great depth because of its "bad air".


Benjamin Franklin initiated into Freemasonry.


Franklin elected Grand Master of Pennsylvania.

Hans Egede, a Protestant missionary known as the Apostle of Greenland, recorded this 1734 manifestation, witnessed while he was on his second voyage to Greenland: "This Monster was of so huge a Size, that coming out of the Water, its Head reached as high as the Mast-Head; its Body was bulky as the Ship, and three or four times as long. It had a long pointed Snout, and spouted like a Whale-Fish; great broad Paws, and the Body seemed covered with shell-work, its skin very rugged and uneven. The under Part of its Body was shaped like an enormous huge Serpent, and when it dived again under Water, it plunged backwards into the Sea, and so raised its Tail aloft, which seemed a whole Ship's Length distant from the bulkiest part of its Body."


According to legend, Ms. Leeds of Burlington, New Jersey, gives birth to a baby boy but he transforms into a monster with the head of a horse, feet of a pig and the body of a snake.


Death of the last leader of the Afghan Illuminated Ones.


Ramsay asserts the Templar origin of Masonry.


Pope Clement XII issued a Papal Bull which stated that any Catholic who became a Mason would be excommunicated, a very serious punishment.


December 16--From an account by a Fellow of the Royal Society, England: "I was crossing St. James park when a light rose from behind the trees and houses, from the south and west, which at first I thought was a rocket of large size. But when it rose 20 degrees, it moved parallel to the horizon, but waved like this (the speaker drew an undulating line) and went on in the direction of north-by-east. It seemed very near. Its motion was very slow. I had it for about half a mile in view. A light flame was turned backwards by the resistance the air made to it. From one of burning charcoal. That end was a frame like bars of iron, and quite opaque in my sight. At one point on the longitudinal frame, or cylinder, it issued a train in the shape of a tail of light more bright at one point on the rod or cylinder; so that it was transparent for more than half of its length. The head of this strange object seemed about a half a degree in diameter and the tail near three degrees in length."


A man calling himself the Count of St. Germain turned up in Paris, looking about thirty, he claimed he was two thousand years old. He told the court that he had developed an elixir to keep him thirty forever. He graced many dinner tables, but would never eat; he said he never touched food but lived on his magic elixir. He did add that he had partaken of one wedding dinner-the one that Christ attended at Cana. He opened a scientific laboratory outside St. Antoine to various society visitors, but no one could figure out what he was doing. Even when the king of France gave him laboratory space at Versailles, they were no wiser. Nor Charles of Hesse-Cassel later. He told eighteenth-century Parisians that he had known Henry IV (1550-1610). If that was true, then perhaps he was also the man who scared Catherine de Medicis to death in 1589, for she was Henry's mother-in-law. An astrologer had told Catherine (1519-1589) "to beware of St. Germain," so the queen carefully avoided the Faubourg St. Germain, a district of Paris. Then she fell ill and sent for a priest to hear her confession. He appeared and announced that his name was St. Germain, and she dropped dead. He got involved in diplomatic intrigues and went on several confidential missions for the French king, journeying mysteriously to Vienna, Constantinople, Moscow, and other exotic capitals. In Paris, he made lots of friends, mostly ladies. They kept him so busy (he told Casanova, also an agent of Louis XV) that he didn't have time to invent the steamboat, but he would get to that in the next century. Meanwhile, he distributed to them a wash that took away wrinkles and warned Marie Antoinette of the impending revolution (she didn't believe him).


"Hell Fire Clubs" continue to flourish in Dublin and London.


In Rio de Janeiro, a modern-day researcher named Fawcett found a report of the long forgotten discovery by the Spanish in 1753 of the ruins of a monumental stone city; there was no record of it ever having been visited again. Given a 10-inch tall figure carved of black basalt, Fawcett had it evaluated by a psychometrist, one who claims he can divine an object's origin by holding it. Undoubtedly, he was told, it came from the lost continent of Atlantis, taken along when its inhabitants had fled destruction to find refuge and build a great city in the Brazilian wilderness. Since the name was unknown, Fawcett called it "Z" for convenience. A civilization older than Egypt's waited to be uncovered.

Fictional alchemist Joseph Curwen writes letter stating "I laste Nighte strucke on ye Wordes that bringe up Yooge-Sothothe," perhaps the real power behind the Illuminati.


Baron von Hund founds Templar Strict Observance, inspired, some say, by Frederick II of Prussia. For the first time there is talk of the Unknown Superiors. Some insinuate that the Unknown Superiors are Frederick and Voltaire.


First year of Swedenborg's "New Era."


A spell of unpopularity caught up with Saint Germain, and he moved to London for two years, perhaps serving as a spy for the English government.


While working in a new tin mine at Tregoney-on-Fal, in Cornwall, reports the Annual Register for 1761, a miner discovered a stone coffin on which some unrecognizable characters were inscribed. Inside the ancient eleven-foot-three-inch casket he saw the gigantic skeleton of a man, which, when exposed to the air, crumbled to dust-except for one tooth, which measured two and one-half inches in length.


August 9--First UFO photograph and a most unusual sighting was reported by Monsieur de Rostan, an amateur astronomer and member of the Medicophysical Society of Basel, Switzerland. On August 9, 1762, at Lausanne, Switzerland, he observed through a telescope a spindle-shaped object crossing and eclipsing the sun. Monsieur de Rostan was able to observe this object almost daily for close to a month. He also managed to trace its outline with a camera obscure and sent the picture to the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. Unfortunately, his image -- probably the first one ever obtained of a UFO -- no longer exists. A friend of Monsieur de Rostan, living at Sole near Basel, also observed the spindle-shaped object against the sun, but it seemed to present more of an edge and was not quite as broad. Oddly enough, the UFO was not visible to a third astronomer, a Monsieur Messier who studied the sun, during the same time, from Paris -- an indication that the object was not a sunspot, since it was visible only from certain angles.


In the mountains of Germany, a peasant couple left their three-year-old daughter lying asleep by a stream as they cut grass a short distance away. When they went to check on her, they were horrified to find her missing. A frantic search proved fruitless until a man passing by on the other side of the hill heard a child crying. As he went to investigate, he was startled at the sight of a huge eagle flying up before him. At the spot from which it had ascended, he found the little girl, her arm torn and bruised. When the child was reunited with her parents, they and her rescuer estimated that the bird had carried her well over 1,400 feet.


One of the most perplexing cryptozoological mysteries of all time, the Beast of Gévaudan was a cow-sized, wolf-like monster which terrorized the district of Gévaudan (Lozère), France, from 1764 until 1767. This tiny province, in the Margeride Mountains of south-central France, first became aware of the Beast in June, 1764. That month, a young woman was attacked by a large, wolf-like monster in the Forêt de Merçoire near Langogne. She was one of the few people who survived an encounter with la Bête, a creature which was, peculiarly, referred to in the feminine. In October of that year, two hunters came across the Beast and shot at it from close range. The Beast was hit a total of four times, but it seemed relatively untouched. A Capt. Duhamel, who commanded nearly 60 soldiers, began his own hunt for La Bête, and on several occasions wounded it--but it was still not killed. King Louis XV himself sent an experienced wolf-hunter named Denneval to Gévaudan to kill the Beast. Before Denneval himself managed to track down the Beast, a man named de la Chaumette saw the Beast near his home, near St.-Chely. He and his two brothers went out to a pasture in hopes of killing the Beast. They shot it twice, but it still didn't die. In June, 1765, Denneval gave up his hunt. The previous month, King Louis sent out his chief gun-carrier, Antoine de Beauterne. On September 21, he launched a hunt in the Béal Ravine, near Pommier. He shot what he believed was the Beast. It was an extremely large wolf, 6 feet long. De Beauterne's kill was preserved up until this century in the Museum of Natural History in Paris. But the killings still continued. In the summer of 1767, hundreds of peasants made pilgrimages to Notre-Dame de Beaulieu Cathedral near Mount Chauvet to pray for deliverance from the creature, which was widely believed to be either punishment sent by God, or possibly a loup-garou (werewolf). One of the peasants who went to the cathedral was a hermit named Jean Chastel. He had his rifle and three bullets blessed. On June 19, 1767, an area noble organized a huge hunt, with more than 300 participants. Chastel, at the Sogne d'Aubert, waited for the Beast to appear, praying all the while. When it appeared, he shot it. Finally, it died. What was the Beast? The French peasants of the area believed it to be some sort of demon, but an English account from about the same time said the Beast was most likely a member of "a new species", which they said was a hybrid of tiger and hyena. Learned men believed it to have been a wolverine, a bear, or even a baboon.

Illumines of France founded.


Edward Bancroft's An Essay on the Natural History of Guiana makes mention of what might be the a species of South American mystery hominids when he recounts tribal superstitions that creatures "near five feet in height, maintaining an erect position, and having a human form, thinly covered with short, black hair" dwelt in the forest.


In Staffordshire, England, a laborer moved a large flat stone he encountered in a field while digging a trench, beneath which he discovered a descending stone staircase which he followed deep into the earth, finding that the staircase switch-backed now and then until he emerged into a large underground chamber several hundred feel below that was filled with strange objects and large machines and illuminated by a strange ever-luminous sphere which revealed a man on a throne like chair, dressed in a hooded robe. The man in the chair saw the intruder and stood up with a baton like object in his hand as he went over to the luminous sphere and smashed it, plunging the cavern into darkness, as the laborer stumbled back up to the surface in surprise and terror. The story spread that one of the secret chambers where the Rosicrucians hoarded their scientific secrets had been discovered, i.e. the "Rosicrucius Sepulchre".


A German engineer wrote references to the Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina in journals.


Alleged meeting of Meyer Rothschild and others to plan a world revolution.

July 21--Pope Clement XIV "forever annulled and extinguished the Jesuit Order." France, Spain and Portugal had independently come to realize that the Jesuits were meddling in the affairs of the state and were therefore enemies of the government. The Pope's action was a response to pressure applied by the monarchies.


Casanova becomes secret agent for the Inquisitors of Venice.


Adam Weishaupt, a professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, started the "Order of the Illuminati" on May 1, 1776, originally calling it the "Order of Perfectibilists". Weishaupt (born a Jew and "converted" to Roman Catholicism) was a former Jesuit priest (the Jewish military arm of the Catholic Church) who broke with that Order to form his own organization. His plan was to use the Grand Orient Lodges of Europe as a filtering mechanism through which to screen out talent and build a hierarchy of inner circles. Like the Mafia of today, only the inner circle could be trusted with the true purpose of the Order.

Franklin becomes ambassador to France, is affiliated with French Masonic lodges.

Opening of Freemasons' Hall, permanent headquarters of English Masonry.

Cagliostro initiated into Masonry.

The first written record of the mysterious creature called mokele mbembe (literally, "stopper of rivers") appears in a book written in 1776 by French priest Abbé Lievain Bonaventure Proyart describing the natural history of the Congo Basin of Africa. He described a creature "which was not seen but which must have been monstrous: the marks of the claws were noted on the ground, and these formed a print about three feet in circumference."


Weishaupt joins Munich Freemason Lodge of the "Order of Good Council".


Washington has his mystical vision of the future of the United States while at Valley Forge.

Franklin assists in initiation of Voltaire into Masonic Lodge of Paris.

Masonic Convention in Lyons organizes "Knights of Beneficence".


The crew of the American gunship Protector had an extraordinary encounter in Penobscot Bay. One of the witnesses was an 18-year-old ensign, Edward Preble, who would go on to become a commoclore and a notable figure in U.S. naval history. In his biography of Preble, James Fenimore Cooper recounts this event: The day was clear and calm, when a large serpent was discovered outside the ship. The animal was lying on the water quite motionless. After inspecting it with the glasses for some time, Capt. [John Foster] Williams ordered Preble to man and arm a large boat, and endeavor to destroy the creature; or at least to go as near to it as he could.... The boat thus employed pulled twelve oars, and carried a swivel in its bows, besides having its crew armed as boarders. Preble shoved off, and pulled directly towards the monster. As the boat neared it, the serpent raised its head about ten feet above the surface of the water, looking about it. It then began to move slowly away from the boat. Preble pushed on, his men pulling with all their force, and the animal being at no great distance, the swivel was discharged loaded with bullets. The discharge produced no other effect than to quicken the speed of the monster, which soon ran the boat out of sight.


Illuminati begins rapid growth.

Weishaupt dispatched the Marquis de Costanzo to propagate Illuminism in the north.

First use of the title "Odd Fellows".

"Order of the Brotherhood of Asia", Rosicrucian off-shoot, founded.

May--Report from Capt. George Little of the frigate Boston: In May, 1780, 1 was lying in Round Pond, in Broad Bay [off the Maine coast], in a public armed ship. At sunrise, I discovered a huge Serpent, or monster, coming down the Bay, on the surface of the water. The cutter was manned and armed. I went myself in the boat, and proceeded after the Serpent. When within a hundred feet, the mariners were ordered to fire on him, but before they could make ready, the Serpent dove. He was not less than from 45 to 50 feet in length; the largest diameter of his body, I should judge, 15 inches; his head nearly the size of that of a man, which he carried four or five feet above the water. He wore every appearance of a common black snake.


Weishaupt seeks abortion for his sister-in-law while awaiting dispensation to marry her.

United Masonic Lodges of Hamburg headed by Fraximus, a secret Rosicrucian.


President Hanson commissions the "Eye in the Pyramid" Great Seal.

A Masonic congress was assembled at Wilhelmsbad in 1782, under the presidency of the Duke of Brunswick, who was anxious to end the discord reigning among German Freemasons. It was attended by Masons from Europe, America, and Asia. At the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, an alliance between Illuminism and Freemasonry was finally sealed. This pact joined together all the leading secret societies of the day and united "not less than 3 million members all over the world." The actual effect of this merger on the subsequent history of the world has never been appreciated by historians. Most of which have belonged to one or the other of the secret societies and have sworn not to expose its secrets.

Casanova retires as secret agent.


Ex-Illuminati Utschneider sends letter denouncing the Order to monarch of Bavaria.

"Rite of Swedenborg" founded by Marquis de Throne.

"Eclectic Rite" founded by Baron Knigge in Frankfort.

Windsor Castle, England: Members of the Royal Academy reported and illustrated the UFO they witnessed.

The summer of 1783 was disturbingly hot throughout Europe. The Gentleman's Magazine calmly reported on the “thick hot fog” that had settled from London to Madrid during June and July, making both sun and moon appear a dull red. The storms which broke early in August were some of the fiercest ever known and notable for the violence of the lightning which accompanied them.

August 18--A UFO sighting occurred at 9:45pm in the evening when four witnesses on the terrace of Windsor Castle observed a luminous object in the skies of the Home Counties of England. The sighting was recorded the following year in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, who relates what witnesses observed: "An oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the horizon. Under this cloud could be seen a luminous object which soon became spherical, brilliantly lit, which came to a halt; this strange sphere seemed at first to be pale blue in color but then its luminosity increased and soon it set off again towards the East. Then the object changed direction and moved parallel to the horizon before disappearing to the South-East; the light it gave out was prodigious; it lit us everything on the ground."


Bavarian Monarch Carl Theodore outlaws secret societies.

Elector of Bavaria suppressed the Illuminati Order by edict, June 22, 1784, many Illuminati being imprisoned and some, including Weishaupt, being forced to flee the country.

A Swiss man standing nine feet high exhibited himself to astonished patrons at Vienna, says the Gentleman's Magazine for that year.

Cagliostro moves to Lyons from Bordeaux to found the Mother Lodge of Egyptian Masonry.

Royal Commission in Paris, including Franklin and Guillotine as members, investigates Mesmerism and returns a negative report.

Saint Germain purportedly dies in Schleswig, where he was in the magic business with Landgrave Charles of Hesse-Cassel. Or did he?


Four more leading members of the Illuminati left the Society and testified before a Court of Inquiry called by the Elector of Bavaria. Their startling evidence removed all doubt regarding the Satanic nature of Illuminism. As a result, Weishaupt flees to Gotha; new edicts in March and August outlaw Illuminati and Freemasonry in Bavaria.

Public attention was first drawn to the existence of the Illuminati and their diabolical plan for world conquest as the result of a bizarre accident in 1785. History records that a courier for the Illuminati, named Lanze, was racing on horseback from Frankfurt to Paris carrying documents relating to Illuminati activities in general, and specific instructions for the planned French Revolution in particular. He was killed by lightning and his papers fell into government hands.

French "Diamond Necklace" affair, orchestrated by Cagliostro. Dumas describes it as Masonic plot to discredit the monarchy.

Rosicrucian Order suppressed in Austria.

Anonymous pamphlet appears in Germany revealing secrets of ancient Egyptian ceremonies.

The Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati was established in New York City in 1785. Members included Governor DeWitt Clinton, and later Clinton Roosevelt, Charles Dana and Horace Greeley.


Wisdom Lodge founded in Virginia.

Secret congress in Frankfort where Louis XVI and Gustavus III of Sweden condemned to die by Illuminati.

Italian Illuminatus Buonarroti's library of Masonic and subversive books confiscated by state authorities.


The "German Union" (extension of outlawed Bavarian Illuminati) founded by Bahrdt.

Swedenborgian Church founded in London.

Both the Gentleman's Magazine, in November, and the Annual Register for the same year reported that while English workers were removing a ridge of limestone and rubbish in the lime quarries near Fullwell-hills, close to Durham, they unearthed a human skeleton nine feet six inches long with some teeth still in the skull.


Bavarian edict against "Reading Societies".

The Annual Register for 1790 informed its readers that in July of that year some workers in a peat bog at Donnadea, near the seat of Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer, uncovered at a depth of seventeen feet the sepulchre of an Irish chieftain. Inside the coffin they found an eight-foot-two-inch skeleton with a seven-foot spear at his side. The sepulchre, according to local tradition, was built after the introduction of Christianity into Ireland.

Summer-- French Police Inspector Liabeuf witnessed and investigated a large red globe as it flew over farmland. The globe landed and a man came out and spoke in a language none understood. The globe then exploded and the man disappeared. The event was witnessed by many and is well documented. (Except that the documentation was hoaxed by a dishonest ufologist.)

June 12--A strange entity witnessed by a crowd of people in Alencon, France. It was said that at around that time a large metal sphere descended from the sky and crash landed into a nearby hillside. After a crowd had gathered, a "hatch" slid open and a being emerged dressed in an odd tight fitting costume. It mumbled something in a strange language, before bolting off towards some nearby woods. Seconds later the sphere exploded, fragments of which were said to have "sizzled" on the grass and melted. A wide search of the area yielded no further sign of the mysterious visitor.


Napoleon joins the "Jacobin Club".

Burr begins converting "Tammany Society" into a political machine.

The anonymous Life of Joseph Balsamo (Joseph Basalmo was Cagliostro's name before he joined the Masons), first recorded link of the Illuminati and the French Revolution, appears in several European countries.

Mozart's The Magic Flute, containing Masonic elements, performed.


The French Blue Diamond mysteriously vanishes.

Louis XVI imprisoned in the Templars Temple tower.

First Swedenborgian church in America.

Catherine II outlaws Masonry in Russia.


Johann Rockerfeller of Germany comes to the USA, probably the deadliest immigrant America will ever know. Not because he was a German but because he was a German racist with some very dangerous international banking cult connections.


Robespierre's enemies accuse him of attempting to have himself declared divine by Catherine Theot, an old woman who preached a mystery religion; Robespierre guillotined.

Dr Sigismund Bacstrom was initiated into a "Societas Roseae Crucis" by Comte Louis de Chazal, on the island of Mauritius.

The Duke of Brunswick urges lodges to dissolve because a poisonous subversive sect has now corrupted them all.

Stones fall from a cloud in Sienna, Italy.


Daniel McGiniss discovers a clearing on Oak Island, where he figured must be some buried treasure. He returned the next day with John Smith and Anthony Vaughan. They only manage to dig down 30'.

The first real "break" as far as inside information on the Illuminati is concerned, came when Professor John Robison, working undercover in the Illuminati organization, came out and wrote a startling book entitled Proofs of A Conspiracy. Nearly all of what is currently known about the early Illuminati comes from Robison's book giving us a clear-cut picture of the organization.


John Adams, who had been instrumental in organizing Masonic Lodges in New England, decided to oppose Thomas Jefferson in his bid for the presidency. He made a major issue of the fact that Jefferson, who had been minister to France, 1785-1789, and was frankly sympathetic to the Illuminist-fomented Reign of Terror, was using Masonic lodges for subversive purposes.

Germany, Dresden and Berlin: A bright light irregular in form and the size of the moon was seen in the sky above. A large detonation was heard and a dark bituminous substance fell to earth.


A school master of Thurso in Caithness, William Munro, was walking along Sandside Bay shore when he saw what he first thought was a naked woman, sitting on a rock and combing her light brown hair. He claims she was a mermaid. The face was plump, with ruddy cheeks and blue eyes. If the rock where the woman sat had not been so dangerous for swimmers, Munro would have assumed it was human. After a few minutes it dropped into the sea and swam away. Others had seen it too.

A wild boy captured in the woods near the village of Lacaune, France, in 1797. The boy was taken by his captors (local peasants), kicking and struggling, to be displayed in the village square. The wild boy managed to escape, but a year later (1798) he was caught again in the vicinity of Lacaune by three hunters as he was climbing a tree. He was then taken to a local widow's house, who fed and clothed him for a week. At the first change, the boy again ran away to the forest. But the wild boy was now less wary of human company, and stared showing up hungry at farmhouse doors. Eventually, in 1800 with winter at its worst, the hungry wild boy wandered near another village, Saint Sernin, and was captured again, this time by a a local leather tanner named Vidal. After that, Victor, as the boy came to be known, never returned to the wild. The boy was dirty and inarticulate, and he moved on all fours and grunted like a beast. Brought to Paris — Napoleon's brother himself, Lucien Bonaparte, the Minister for the Interior, demanded that the boy had to be examined by members of the society — and exhibited in a cage, Victor would rock back and forth and appear completely apathetic. Pioneer psychologist Philippe Pinel examined the boy and diagnosed him an incurable idiot, doubting the story of his wild origins. Despite the grim prognosis, a young physician and teacher of deaf-mute and retarded children named Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard took charge of the boy's education. Victor learned how to read, say a few words and to obey simple commands, but he never properly learned to speak. He died in 1828.


July 19--David Pappen, President of Harvard University issued a strong warning to the graduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminsm was having on the American scene. President Timothy Dwight of Yale University issued a similar warning.


September 9--A "beautiful ball blazing with white light,..." was seen at 8:30 P.M. in England. It made no sound, and red sparks flew from it.

November 12, a "large red pillar of fire" was seen in the sky going south in Hereford, England. It was preceded by "flashes of extremely vivid electrical sort". Other object were seen between 5 and 6 A.M. leaving luminous trails behind them.


In the 1800's, two trappers reportedly discovered a cave in the Guadellupe Mountains of New Mexico, which they followed to a considerable depth. Hiding behind a large outcropping of rock they observed in fascination and horror a procession of beings in dark hooded robes enter a large cavern and began to chant, at which a "crystal like" entity descended from the stalactites above, hovered and in a multi-colored display communicated with the beings in some type of xylophone-like manner, until it once again ascended and was lost among the stalactites above, at which the procession descended downward through the passage from which they had emerged.


Death of Thomas Waley, one of the last "Hell Fire Club" leaders.

Napoleon comes to power, allegedly through Illuminati manipulation.

Jennie McGrath:

Francis Barret who greatly inspired Eliphas Levi wrote The Magus which contains also a great number of magica formula.


Fish ejected from volcano Cotopaxi in the North Andes.


McGinnis, Smith and Vaughan return to Oak Island, with Simeon Lynds. At 100 feet they reach the probable site of the chests. They leave it alone for the night, by the time they return everything is flooded.


Lynds and Smith dig a second pit and tunnel in from the side, attempting to drain the water out. They are lucky to survive.

1805 to 1881

Life of Auguste Blanqui, French socialist, founder of numerous secret societies modeled after Buonarroti.


The great Mammoth Cave in Edmondson County, Kentucky, was discovered only in 1809. Bodies of an unknown race reputed to antedate the Indians (giant descendents?) were found in its recesses with reed torches beside them, but all crumbled to powder when touched.


A thick red rain falls in the Placentia Mountains.


One of the earliest recorded sightings of Sasquatch by a white man occurred near what is now Jasper, Alberta by a fur trader named David Thompson.

October 29-- Campbeltown, John M'Isaac, a farmer, made a sworn statement to the Sheriff-substitute and the parish minister that he had met a mermaid in Campbeltown. The description he gave ran for more than five hundred words and was so convincing that Rev. Dr. George Robertson, Rev. Norman MacLeod, and James Maxwell, Esq., Chamberlain of Mull wrote that they were, "satisfied that he was impressed with a perfect belief, that the appearance of the animal he has described was such as he has represented it to be."


July--An Italian journal reported that in the valley of Mazara in Sicily the skeleton of a man ten feet and three inches in length was dug up. It was noted that several other human skeletons of gigantic size had previously been found in the same area.

August 11--Exmouth, a Mr Toupin reported that not only had he seen a mermaid but he had heard her sing wild melodies, similar to the sound of an Aeolian harp.


April 14-- The school master of Rathven, Banffshire, in the Aberdeen Chronicle of this date, a report that two fishermen at Portgordon, about a mile west of Buckie, whose character he was able to vouch for, were returning from fishing in Sprey Bay; "about three or four o'clock yesterday afternoon, when about a quater of a mile from the shore, the sea being perfectly calm, they observed, at a small distance from their boat, with its back turned towards them, and half its body above the water, a creature of a tawny colour, appearing like a man sitting, with his body half bent. Surprised at this they approached towards him, till they came within a few yards, when the noise made by the boat occasioned the ceature to turn about, which gave the men a better opportunity of observing him. His countenance was swarthy, his hair short and curled, of a colour between a green and a grey: he had small eyes, a flat nose, his mouth was large, and his arms of an extraordinary length. Above the waist, he was shaped like a man, but as the water was clear my informants could perceive that from the waist downwards, his body tapered considerably or, as they expressed it, like a large fish without scales but could not see the extemity." But this was not the end of their encounter for he dived and surfaced some distance away and was not alone. With him was what appeared to be a female of his species for she had breasts and hair that reached past her shoulders. The two men then rowed as fast as they could to land where they related their story to the school master.

September 5--One interesting case, reported in scientific journals of the period, concerned a small, slow-moving, perfectly spherical white cloud which suddenly appeared in an otherwise clear sky northwest of Agen, France, on this date. Within a few minutes it stopped and remained motionless for a period of time, then abruptly sped southward, all the while revolving on its own axis and emitting earshattering rumbling noises. These climaxed with an explosion and the expulsion of a variety of stones, some of them of impressive dimensions. The cloud then ceased its movement and faded slowly away.


Secret societies which eventually become the "Decembrist Movement" formed in Russian Masonic lodges.

Stones fall from a cloud in Chassigny, France.

June 20--Capt. Elkanah Finney focused a telescope on a sea serpent in Cape Cod Bay: "I then had a good view of him through my glass, at the distance of a quarter of a mile. His appearance in this situation was like a string of buoys. I saw perhaps thirty or forty of these protuberances or bunches, which were about the size of a barrel. The head [front part visible above water] appeared to be about six or eight feet long, and where it was connected with the body was a little larger than the body. His head tapered off to the size of a horse's head.... What I supposed to be his under jaw had a white stripe extending the whole length of the head, just above the water. While he lay in this situation, he appeared to be about a hundred or a hundred and twenty feet long."


Charles Nodier, an alleged Grand Master of the "Priory of Sion", published anonymously one of his most curious and influential works, A History of Secret Societies in the Army under Napoleon. It develops a comprehensive philosophy of secret societies. And it credits such societies with a number of historical accomplishments, including the downfall of Napoleon.


Suppression of the "Lodge of Jupiter the Thunderer" begins.

The Leixlip churchyard yielded to diggers the skeleton of a man not less than ten feet high. According to local tradition, the giant Phelim O'Tool was buried in that same churchyard some thirteen hundred years earlier.

Irish immigrants force entry into "Tammany Society", changing its direction.

First reports of a peculiar leaping man in London.

August 12, 13, and 14--Reports from Solomon Allen III: 1 have seen a strange marine animal, that I believe to be a serpent, in the harbor in ... Gloucester. I should judge him to be between eighty and ninety feet in length, and about the size of a half barrel.... I was about 150 yards from him.... His head formed something like the head of a rattlesnake, but nearly as large as the head of a horse. When he moved on the surface of the water, his motion was slow, at times playing about in circles, and sometimes moving nearly straight forward. When he disappeared, he sunk [sic] apparently down.


American "Independent Order of Odd Fellows" founded.

Founding of "National Freemasonry", the most important of several Polish secret societies devoted to ousting the Russians from Poland.

June 6--Report from Hawkins Wheeler: I had a fair and distinct view of the creature, and from his appearance am satisfied that it was of the serpent kind. The creature was entirely black; the head, which perfectly resembled a snake's, was elevated from four to seven feet above the surface of the water, and his back appeared to be composed of bunches or humps, apparently about as large as, or a little larger than, a half barrel; I think I saw as many as ten or twelve.... I considered them to be caused by the undulatory motion of the animal-the tail was not visible, but from the head to the last hump that could be seen, was, I should judge, 50 feet.

August 14--Report from Samuel Cabot: My attention was suddenly arrested by an object emerging from the water at the distance of about one hundred or one hundred and fifty yards, which gave to my mind at the first glance the idea of a horse's head.... I perceived at a short distance eight or ten regular bunches or protuberances, and at a short interval three or four more.... The Head ... was serpent shaped; it was elevated about two feet from the water.... He could not be less than eighty feet long.


A formation of flying objects crossed the French town of Embrun. Francois Arago wrote of this date in the Annales de chimie et de physique: "Numerous observers have seen, during an eclipse of the moon, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were equally spaced and remained in line when they made turns. Their movements made a military precision."


"Very large" bones in stone graves found in Williamson County, Tennessee.


Russian government suppresses Masonry.

Charles Babbage demonstrates a prototype of his "Difference Engine" to the Royal Astronomical Society. He continues his work by designing an even more ambitious project "the Analytical Engine" that reportedly was to use punch cards inspired by Joseph Jacquard's invention. During his lifetime he never produces a functional version of either machine. Despite this shortcoming he is often heralded as the "Father of the Computer" and his work lives on as the foundation for the binary numbering system that is the basis of modern computers.


Stones and rocks fall from a mysterious cloud in Noblesville, Indiana.


Document from court of Vienna to French government denounces secret associations like the Absolutes, the Independents, the Alta Vendita Carbonara.


"Decembrist Movement" suppressed in Russia after brief uprising.


Sailors in the English Channel reported seeing a gray, torpedo-shaped object flying overhead.

June 16-- The American ship Silas Richards was sailing off St. George's Bank south of Nova Scotia at 6:30 P.M. on June 16, 1826, when its captain, Henry Holdredge, and a passenger, Englishman William Warburton, saw a most peculiar sight: an enormous, many-humped snakelike creature slowly approaching the vessel. Warburton raced to inform the other passengers, who were below deck, but only a handful responded. Warburton recalled, "The remainder refused to come up, saying there had been too many hoaxes of that kind already."


Tammany Society backs Andrew Jackson for President.

Anti-Masonic Party founded, first third-party in America.

May 26--Kaspar Hauser mysteriously appears on the streets of Nuremberg.


Alleged Illuminati meeting in New York decides to unite Atheists and Nihilists into Communist movement.

June--Olaf Jansen of Sweden with his father Jens Jansen left Stockholm to take an extended fishing and pleasure voyage. They sailed to Spitzbergen, Norway getting their first view of icebergs. Leaving Wijade Bay on June 23, they sailed to Hinlopen Strait and along the rocky coast of Franz Josef Land. After sailing for 24 hours, they came to a beautiful inlet where the air was unseasonably warm. In front of them they saw an open sea. Both father and son, having a love of the sea and a spirit of adventure, decided in that moment to explore this unknown sea. They turned the bow of their boat in a northerly direction and continued on. After three days, they encountered a fierce storm with high winds and spiraling whirlpools. A mist settled around their boat as they struggled to keep it afloat. Suddenly they were in calm waters; the storm had passed. As the mist cleared, the first light they noticed was a sun that was shining on them from an apparent southern latitude rather than from the North as they would expect. Tasting some drops of water that splashed on their hand, they discovered it was fresh water. Their story goes on to relate many unusual climate and compass irregularities. The compass needle continued to point north, although Olaf and Jens knew they had sailed over the curve or edge of the Earth After being ridiculed and laughed at in his homeland for relating his experiences, a demoralized Olaf moved to America in 1889. In the last years of his life he met and confided in a neighbor, who was a writer. The book about his experiences was written by Willis George Emerson of Los Angeles. It was published by Forbes and Company in Chicago in 1908. (The Smoky God: A Voyage to the Inner World) Olaf Jansen had died just a few weeks earlier.


Anti-Masonic conventions in Massachusetts and Vermont find evidence linking Masonry with Illuminism.

Book of Mormon published.

On the island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides, women cutting seaweed reported they had met a creature of female form playing happily off the shore. A few days later her dead body was found two miles from where she had first been seen. The description of the creature was recorded thus, "the upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed chid of three or four years of age, with an abnormally developed breast. The hair was long, dark and glossy. while the skin was white, soft and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon, but without scales."


In the vicinity of Zarnow, Germany a terrible wolf was on the loose and was causing great harm to humans and cattle. Once he even ripped a child to pieces. Then all the peasants of the region banded together and pursued him, finally surrounding him in some brush. They were about to kill him when suddenly a large strange man with a club appeared before them. Then they knew that they had a werewolf before them.


Writing in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, B. H. Hodgson, British Resident of the court of Nepal, made what may be the first reference in English to a strange biped in the Himalayas. He related that as they were collecting specimens in a northern Nepal province, his native hunters encountered an erect, tailless creature with long, dark hair all over its body. Taking it to be a demon, they fled in terror. Hodgson took it to be an orangutan.


Soldiers digging at Lompock Rancho, California, discovered a male skeleton 12 feet tall. The skeleton was surrounded by caved shells, stone axes, other artifacts. The skeleton had double rows of upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this body was secretly buried because the local Indians became upset about the remains.

Off the Isle of Yell, six fishermen reported that their fishing line had become entangled with a mermaid. They said they had kept her on board their boat for three hours, and said that she was about three feet long. She "offered no resistance nor attempted to bite, but she moaned piteously. A few stiff bristles were on top of the head, extending down to the shoulder, and these she could erect and depress at pleasure, something like a crest. She had neither gill nor fins and there were no scales on her body. The fishermen who were very superstitious threw her overboard eventually and said that she dived in a perpendicular direction."

December 17--Kaspar Hauser dies of wounds received in a mysterious stabbing.


The socialist "League of the Just" founded in Paris, later becoming the Marxist "Communist League".


In the French coastal town of Cherbourg what was a described as a "gleaming aerial vessel" was seen in the sky overhead.


October--Polly Adams is attacked at the Blackheath Fair by Spring Heeled Jack.


A little girl, five years old, called Marie Delex, was playing with one of her companions on a mossy slope of a mountain in the French Alps, when all at once an eagle swooped down upon her and carried her away in spite of the cries and presence of her young friend. Some peasants, hearing the screams, hastened to the spot but sought in vain for the child, for they found nothing but one of her shoes on the edge of a precipice. The child was not carried to the eagle's nest, where only two eaglets were seen surrounded by heaps of goat and sheep bones. It was not until two months later that a shepherd discovered the corpse of Marie Delex, frightfully mutilated, and lying upon a rock half a league from where she had been borne off.

January 9--The Lord Mayor of London reveals the existence of a "citizen of Peckham" who has been frightening women.

February 18--Lucy and Margaret Scales are attacked by Spring Heeled Jack in Limehouse.

February 20--Jane Alsop is attacked at her parent's home in east London by Spring Heeled Jack.

February 27--Another victim is attacked by Spring Heeled Jack.


The 222 ton ship Rosalie was found deserted but in ship shape near the Bahamas, a victim of the Bermuda Triangle mystery.


According to an account he gave to a local historian, a Stowmarket, England, man was passing through a meadow on his way home when he saw fairies in the moonlight, "There might be a dozen of them, the biggest about three feet high, and small ones like dolls. Their dresses sparkled as if with spangles.... They were moving round hand in hand in a ring, no noise came from them. They seemed light and shadowy, not like solid bodies. I passed on, saying, the Lord have mercy on me, but them must be the fairies, and being alone then on the patch over the field could seem them as plain as I do you. I looked after them when I got over the style, and they were there, just the same moving round and round. I ran home and called three women to come back with me and see them. But when we got to the place they were all gone. I could not make out any particular things about theirfaces. I might be 40 rods from them and I did not like to stop and stare at them. I was quite sober at the time."


Bahai religion begins when the Bab proclaims his mission in Persia.


Spring Heeled Jack is seen in Ealing and Hanwell. At Jacob's Island in Bermondsey SHJ is responsible for the accidental death of a prostitute, Maria Davis.

June 18-- According to the Malta Times “ ….we find the brigantine Victoria some 900 miles east of Adalia, when her crew saw three luminous bodies emerge from the sea into the air. They were visible for ten minutes, flying a half mile from the ship.” There were other witnesses who saw this same UFO phenomena from Adalia, Syria and Malta. The luminous bodies each displayed an apparent diameter larger than the size of the full moon.

Fishermen John Bockner and James Wilson saw a 100-foot-long "serpent" in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. They reported their sighting to the Reverend John Ambrose, who not long afterwards had his own run-in with the monster.


July 28--At 3:30 A.M., near Stralsund (then part of Pomerania and now Germany). During a short walk from the city on the Baltic shore, witnesses saw in a pale blue light the image of Stralsund looming over the Isle of Rugen on the opposite shore for a period of 15 minutes. The image was clear enough that details of the facade of the Gothic church of St. Mary could be "distinguished with ease."

September 27--During the exhibition of a panoramic model of Edinburgh, in the Zoological Gardens at Liverpool, about 3 P.M., an erect image of Edinburgh, depicted on the clouds over Liverpool, was seen by two residents in the Great Park at Birkenhead, for a period of forty minutes." Edinburgh is about 325 kilometers north of Liverpool.


Marx and Engles publish the Communist Manifesto (allegedly commissioned by the Illuminati) and travel in France and Germany encouraging discontent with the Establishment.

Spiritualism born in Wayne County, New York, when the teenaged Fox sisters communicate with poltergeists.

Fortean tidbits: moon turns "blood-red" during total eclipse; a great comet fails to return at the time predicted; visions and "phantom soldiers" seen in the skies of France and Scotland.

August 6--The most famous sea-serpent report of all time. The witnesses were the captain and crew of the frigate Daedalus, on their way back to England from the Cape of Good Hope. Soon after its arrival at Plymouth on October 4, several newspapers reported rumors of a spectacular 20-minute sea-serpent sighting, and the Admiralty asked Peter M'Quhae, the captain, to supply a report either denying or detailing the incident. On the eleventh M'Quhae wrote Adm. Sir W. H. Gage a letter which the Times of London reprinted two days later. It reads in part: The object ... was discovered to be an enormous serpent, with head and shoulders kept about four feet constantly above the surface of the sea, and as nearly as we could approximate by comparing it with the length of what our main-topsail yard would show in the water, there was at the very least 60 feet of the animal [above water], no portion of which was, to our perception, used in propelling it through the water, either by vertical or horizontal undulation. It passed rapidly, but so close under our lee quarter, that had it been a man of my acquaintance, I should easily have recognized his features with the naked eye; and it did not, either in approaching the ship or after it passed our wake, deviate in the slightest degree from its course to the S.W., which it held on at the pace of from 12 to 15 miles per hour, apparently on some determined purpose. The diameter of the serpent was about 15 or 16 inches behind the head, which was, without any doubt, that of a snake, and it was never, during the 20 minutes that it continued in sight of our glasses, once below the surface of the water; its color a dark brown, with yellowish white about the throat. It had no fins, but something like the mane of a horse, or rather a bunch of seaweed, washed about its back. It was seen by the quartermaster, the boatswain's mate, and the man at the wheel, in addition to myself and officers above mentioned. The Zoologist soon afterwards published the private notes of another witness, Lt. Edgar Drummond, who confirmed M'Quhae's account in all particulars but one. What M'Quhae had called a mane Drummond deemed a dorsal fin. Ten years later another officer recalled the incident in a letter to the Times. "My impression," he wrote, "was that it was rather of a lizard than a serpentine character, as its movement was steady and uniform, as if propelled by fins, not by any undulatory power."


Anthony Vaughan returns to Oak Island with the Truro Syndicate. They dig numerous shafts, bore several holes and get ripped off by their foreman.


A female Alma is captured in the Ochamchir region. She resembled a Neanderthal rather than a human, with unusual features and a full coat of hair from head to toe. She was also very powerful, and could easily outrun even horses, and swim across fast flowing rivers. While in captivity she gave birth to several children, who were also physically tougher than normal and dark skinned, but with no other apparent unusual characteristics. She was named "Zama". (She is able to bear children fathered by humans).

The Truro Syndicate uncovers the drain system that keeps flooding the pit.

The most numerous vitrified remains in the New World are located in the western United States. In this year, the American explorer Captain Ives William Walker was the first to view some of these ruins, situated in Death Valley. He discovered a city about a mile long, with the lines of the streets and the positions of the buildings still visible. At the center he found a huge rock, between 20 to 30 feet high, with the remains of an enormous structure atop it. The southern side of both the rock and the building was melted and vitrified. Walker assumed that a volcano had been responsible for this phenomenon, but there is no volcano in the area. In addition, tectonic heat could not have caused such a liquefication of the rock surface. An associate of Captain Walker who followed up his initial exploration commented: "The whole region between the rivers Gila and San Juan is covered with remains. The ruins of cities are to be found there which must be most extensive, and they are burnt out and vitrified in part, full of fused stones and craters caused by fires which were hot enough to liquefy rock or metal. There are paving stones and houses torn with monstrous cracks [as though they had] been attacked by a giant's fire-plough." These vitrified ruins in Death Valley sound fascinating--but do they really exist? There certainly is evidence of ancient civilizations in the area. In Titus Canyon, petroglyphs and inscriptions have been scratched into the walls by unknown prehistoric hands. Some experts think the graffiti might have been made by people who lived here long before the Indians we know of, because extant Indians know nothing of the glyphs and, indeed, regard them with superstitious awe.

February 15--The first flesh fall recorded in North Carolina occurred on the farm of Thomas Clarkson... "On the 15th Feb'y, 1850, there fell within 100 yards of the residence of Thos. M. Clarkson in Sampson county, a shower of Flesh and Blood, about 250 or 300 yards in length. The pieces appeared to be flesh, liver, lights, brains and blood. Some of the blood ran on the leaves, apparently very fresh. Three of his (T.M.C.'s) children were in it, and ran to their mother exclaiming, "Mother there is meat falling!" Their mother went immediately to see, but the shower was over; but there lay the flesh...


Captain Seaburg of Monongahela kills seaserpent.


A huge "Tiger" is spotted near Russelville, Kentucky.


February 7-- Among the world's great mysteries is the case of the devil's footprints. Unfortunately, the documentation is not entirely satisfactory, but no one disputes that something out of the ordinary took place just after a snowfall on the night of February 7,1855, in Devonshire, England. As The Times of London reported: "Considerable sensation has been evoked in the towns of Topsham, Lympstone, Exmouth, Teignmouth, and Dawlish, in the south of Devon, in consequence of the discovery of a vast number of foot-tracks of a most strange and mysterious description. The superstitious go so far as to believe that they are the marks of Satan himself; and that great excitement has been produced among all classes may be judged from the fact that the subject has been descanted on from the pulpit. It appears that on Thursday night last there was a very heavy fall of snow in the neighborhood of Exeter and the south of Devon. On the following morning, the inhabitants of the above towns were surprised at discovering the tracks of some strange and mysterious animal, endowed with the power of ubiquity, as the foot-prints were to be seen in all kinds of inaccessible places-on the tops of houses and narrow walls, in gardens and courtyards enclosed by high walls and palings, as well as in open fields. There was hardly a garden in Lympstone where the foot-prints were not observed. The track appeared more like that of a biped than a quadruped, and the steps were generally eight inches in advance of each other. The impressions of the feet closely resembled that of a donkey's shoe, and measured from an inch and a half to (in some instances) two and a half inches across. Here and there it appeared as if cloven, but in the generality of the steps the shoe was continuous, and, from the snow in the center remaining entire, merely showing the outer crest of the foot, it must have been convex (concave?). The creature seems to have approached the doors of several houses and then to have retreated, but no one has been able to discover the standing or resting point of this mysterious visitor. On Sunday last the Rev. Mr. Musgrave alluded to the subject in his sermon, and suggested the possibility of the footprints being those of a kangaroo; but this could scarcely have been the case, as they were found on both sides of the estuary of the Exe. At present it remains a mystery, and many superstitious people in the above towns are actually afraid to go outside their doors after night." The Times had nothing more to say on the subject. The most detailed accounts, in fact virtually the only detailed accounts, are to be found in letters to the editor of Illustrated London News from locals who reported on what they saw, heard about, or believed about the enigmatic prints, which covered some 100 miles over a zigzag course. Of a general horseshoe shape, each track was, correspondents claimed, exactly eight and a half inches apart. Then and later theorists would offer all kinds of candidates for print-maker: mouse, rat, swan, rabbit, deer, badger, otter, toad, donkey, and kangaroo. But if the accounts-never investigated by any independent authority-of what the tracks looked like and where they went are accurate, none of these candidates works.

Residents of Green Harbour, Nova Scotia were terrified to see, in one citizen's words, "a hideous length of undulating terror" pursue local fishing boats, apparently intent on bodily harm. As the fishermen raced desperately for shore, their families watched helplessly. One observer described the creature in an issue of the nineteenth-century American magazine Ballou's: "Near what might be the head rose a hump or crest crowned with a waving mass of long, pendulous hair like a mane, while behind, for forty or fifty feet, slowly moved, or rolled, the spirals of his immense snake-like body. The movement was in vertical curves, the contortions of the back alternately rising and falling from the head to the tail, leaving behind a wake, like that of a screw-steamer, upon the glassy surface of the ocean." ...


Lord Waterford dies from a fall from his horse. He may have been Spring Heeled Jack.


Report from Louisiana, Shreveport: "Our attention was called to a strange light in the heavens. On going out into the gallery we had a magnificent view of it. It appeared to the naked eye, about 300 yards in length, extending from north to west appearing just above the tallest trees. Its color was that of a red hot stove from the center beautiful rays resembling those of the sun drawing water would ascend to a considerable height, the whole presenting a very beautiful and sublime appearance. We watched it for about an hour without perceiving it to change any."

Combustible fall in Hessle, Sweden.


Jacolliot writes about the Nine Unknown in Calcutta.

Reddish rain in Siena, Spain.


A shipwrecked Danish sailor in the Indian Ocean reported seeing a strange aircraft as large as a battleship with four huge wings. This object was seen to crash into a cliff and was destroyed.


Assassination of Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes president; "Booth" killed; coded message found among his effects; the code key later found in possession of Benjamin, alleged Rothschild agent.

New evidence suggests that an alien spacecraft crashed in the Cadotte Pass area of Missouri sometime in September of 1865. The man discovering the crashed UFO was a fur trapper named James Lumley, who told newspapers he saw a "bright, luminous body in the heavens" suddenly burst into flames in the middle of the night. The day after the sighting, Lumley reportedly discovered a bizarre giant stone-like object about two miles from his camp that was decorated with weird hieroglyphics Newspapers from the time report that the giant "space rock" was so fragile that it blew to bits before Lumley could take it to scientists for an examination.

Mid September--A UFO crashed in what was to become the state of Montana.


"Ku Klux Klan" founded as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee.

Death of Phineas Quimby, magnetic healer, founder of Free Thought movement, teacher of Mary Baker Eddy.


Ku Klux Klan reorganized along political and racial lines near Nashville, Tennessee.

David Macdill's Secret Societies.

English Rosicrucian Society founded by Wentworth Little. Little was in contact with the German Rosicrucians. He recruited his followers, to the number of 144, from the ranks of the higher-ranking Freemasons.


Chile, Copiago: A strange "aerial construction bearing lights and making engine noises" flew low over this town. Local people also described it as a giant bird covered with large scales producing a metallic noise. Although not an actual landing, this is the first instance of close observation of an unknown object at low altitude in the nineteenth century.

A Tippah County, Mississippi, school teacher recorded the following in the fall of 1868: "A sad casualty occurred at my school a few days ago. The eagles have been very troublesome in the neighborhood for some time past, carrying off pigs, lambs, &c. No one thought that they would attempt to prey upon children; but on Thursday, at recess, the little boys were out some distance from the house, playing marbles, when their sport was interrupted by a large eagle sweeping down and picking up little Jemmie Kenney, a boy of eight years, and when I got out of the house, the eagle was so high that I could just hear the child screaming. The eagle was induced to drop his victim; but his talons had been buried in him so deeply, and the fall was so great, that he was killed-or either would have been fatal."

July 25-26--A UFO buzzed New South Wales, Australia. A local surveyor was invited to board this incredible flying machine by its strange pilot.


St. Germain allegedly completes 85 years in the Himalayas after his "death."

Tennessee, Ashland: A whirlwind came along over the neighboring woods, taking up small branches and leaves of trees and burring them in a sort of flaming cylinder that traveled at a rate of about five miles an hour, developing size as it traveled. It passed directly over the spot where a team of horses were feeding and singed their manes and tails up to the roots; it then swept towards the house, taking a stack of hay in its course. It seemed to increase in heat as it went, and by the time it reached the house it immediately fired the shingles from end to end of the building, so that in ten minutes the whole dwelling was wrapped in flames. The tall column of traveling caloric then continued its course over a wheat field that had been recently cradled, setting fire to all the stacks that happened to be in its course. Passing from the field, its path lay over a stretch of woods, which reached the river. The green leaves on the trees were crisped to a cinder for a breadth of 20 yards, in a straight line to the Cumberland. When the "pillar of fire" reached the water, it suddenly changed its route down the river, raising a column of steam which went up to the clouds for about half-a-mile, when it finally died out. Not less than 200 people witnessed this strangest of strange phenomena, and all of them tell substantially the same story about it. From Symon's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, 1869


Mazzini and Pike reached an agreement for the creation of the new supreme rite, to be called the New and Reformed Palladian Rite. Pike was to be called the Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry, and Mazzini was to be called Sovereign Chief of Political Action. Pike was to draw up the statutes and grades.

A "monster bird, something like the condor of Sinbad the Sailor," landed on a barn owned by James Pepples in rural Stanford, Kentucky. Pepples fired on the creature, wounding it, and took it into captivity. A contemporary press account says, "On measurement, the bird proved to be seven feet from tip to tip. It was of a black color, and both similar and dissimilar in many ways, to an eagle." Nothing is known of its fate.

Colonel James Churchward, a former Bengal Lancer and a big game hunter, announced he had learned of a lost continent named Mu, once located in the Pacific Ocean with its center just south of the equator. Churchward said he learned this from secret, ancient clay and stone tablets hidden in India, which had been revealed to him by a Hindu priest.

A correspondent to a California newspaper, the Antioch Ledger, reported that the year before, he had seen a "gorilla, or wild man, or whatever you choose to call it," in the bush. Its head, he wrote, "appeared to be set on [the creature's] shoulders without a neck--a detail echoed by virtually every modern witness. On the other hand, the correspondent mentioned a decidedly uncharacteristic anatomical feature: "very short legs." If this animal existed outside the writer's imagination, it may well have been a (presumably escaped) gorilla; it could also have been a chimpanzee.

Near the Bullers O'Buchan, north of Cruden Bay, on the coast of Aberdeenshire, an old fisherman swore that he had not only seen but conversed with a mermaid beneath the red granite cliffs. It appears that it had been a fairly general belief that the caves on this rocky coast were the homes of mermaids.

March 22--From the log account of a ship’s captain, F. W. Banner: In the equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sailors of the English corvette Lady of the Lake saw a remarkable object or cloud in the sky. It was a cloud of circular form, with an included semi-circle divided into four parts, the central dividing shaft beginning at the center of the circle and extending far outward, and then curving backward. The thing traveled from a point 20 degrees above the horizon to a point about 80 degrees above. Then it settled down to the northeast, having appeared from the south, southeast. It came up obliquely against the wind, and finally settled down in the wind’s eye. For half an hour this form was visible, then it finally did disappear.


G.B. Scott reports hearing "The Barisal Guns" in the Sundarbans, near the mouth of the Ganges.

Albert Pike publishes the 861-page Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Medium and Hollow Earth supporter M. L. Sherman brought out The Hollow Globe, based on supposed communications from the dead.


November--There are reports of "the Peckham Ghost", which might be Spring Heeled Jack.

Marie Celeste is found abandoned.

The "Bohemian Grove" group was established by San Franciscans, played an equally significant role in shaping post-war politics in the US. It was at the Grove, it is said, that the Manhattan Project was set up and that Eisenhower was selected as the Republicans' candidate for 1952.


Texas, Bonham: A huge cigar-shaped object swooped low over the town of on two occasions and in broad daylight. It then disappeared quickly to the east.


Sidney Reilly is born as Georgi aka Sigmund Rosenblum in Odessa.

Mexico, Oaxaca: Residents saw a huge, gently swaying, trumpet-shaped object estimated to be 425 feet long hovering in the sky for six minutes.


Madam Blavatsky founds "Theosophy Society".

1875 to 1947

Life of Aleister Crowley, the "Great Beast", Golden Dawn leader and occult figure.


Vertebrae "larger than those of the present type" found in Wisconsin mounds.

James Bryce of Oxford University came upon a four-foot long stick near the peak of Great Ararat. He declared it to be a piece of the ark.

Explorer Charles Barrington Brown wrote of a creature called the Didi. This creature, according to Brown, was a wild man which dwelt in the forests of British Guiana (today's Guyana). He said that on several occasions he had heard its cries, and on others he had seen footprints identified as coming from the creature.


First of seven wills in which Cecil Rhodes leaves his money to establish a secret society to expand British rule throughout the world.

Prospectors near the head of Spring Valley (not far from Eureka, Nevada) found a human leg bone and kneecap sticking out of solid rock dated geologically be from the Jurassic Period, over 185 million years old. Doctors determined that they were from a very modern-looking human being that stood over 12 feet tall.

Skull bones "of great size and thickness" unearthed in mounds of Kansas City area.

Schiaparelli reports canali on Mars

Spring Heeled Jack makes an appearance at Aldershot Barracks.

September 18-- A "winged human form" was observed over Brooklyn, according to the New York Sun.

1878 to 1945

Life of Edgar Cayce, visionary, trance-channeler who spoke of reincarnation, Egyptian mysteries, and Atlantis.


John Martin, a Texas farmer, spotted a fast moving dark object high in the southern sky. When it passed overhead, he saw that it was the size of a "large saucer". It continued on its way and was soon lost to view. In recounting the event, a local newspaper remarked, "Mr. Martin is a gentleman of undoubted veracity and this strange occurrence, if it was not a balloon, deserves the attention of our scientists".

An Englishwoman named Mrs. Turner was aboard the liner Poonah anchored off Suez or Aden; she could not remember which when she related her experience to Robert P. Greg, who subsequently wrote a letter to Oudemans. She observed an extraordinary animal motionless on the surface 150 feet away. Greg wrote, "She saw both the head and 7 or 8 fins of the back, all at the same time in a line. She cannot remember exactly how many dorsal fins there were, but they were large, slightly curved back and not all the same size.... The head looked 4-6 feet diameter, like a large tree trunk.... The color was nearly black like a whale. The whole length appeared considerable, perhaps as long as an ordinary tree, or moderate sized ship!"

October 24--The Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal, a 'Wild Man of the Woods' was captured, supposedly, in Tennessee, and then placed on exhibit in Louisville. The creature was described as being six feet, five inches tall, and having eyes twice the normal size. His body was "covered with scales."


"Hermtic Order of the Rising Day" founded. Many mambers latter form Arcanum.

Persian Gulf: The S.S. Vulture crew reported in the Persian Gulf, two luminous rotating wheels, about 130 ft. across, seen above the water before diving

A 9-foot, 8-inch skeleton was excavated from a mount near Brewersville, Indiana.


Beginning of Saint-Yves d'Alveydre's activity. Leopold Engler reorganizes the Illuminati of Bavaria.

"A skeleton which is reported to have been of enormous dimensions" was found in a clay coffin, with a sandstone slab containing hieroglyphics, during mound explorations by a Dr Everhart near Zanesville, Ohio.

Members of the crew of the British India Company's steamship Patna witnessed two large luminous wheels each estimated to be 500 to 600 meters in diameter. The wheels were spinning, one on each side of the ship, and the spokes touching the ship. The sighting lasted 20 minutes and was witnessed by Captain Avern, third officer Manning, and Lee Fort Brace.

New Mexico, Lamy: Four men walking near Galisteo Junction were surprised as they heard voices coming from a "strange balloon," which flew over them. It was shaped like a fish and seemed to be guided by a large fanlike device. There were eight to ten figures aboard. Their language was not understood. The object flew low over Galisteo Junction and rose rapidly toward the east.

September 12--The New York Times remarked on reports from Coney Island of a "man with bat's wings and improved frog's legs ... at least a thousand feet in the air ... flying toward the New Jersey coast ... (with) a cruel and determined expression."

September 23--At about 3:30 in the afternoon farmer David Lang dematerialized in front of five witnesses while walking across a field near Gallatin, Tennessee. Mrs. Lang ran and pounded the ground where he had vanished. Seven months later Lang's children insisted that they had heard their father crying distantly from uderneath the field. He seemed desperate and tortured, and was begging for help, until his voice faded away and was not heard again. Where he was last seen there was a circle of withered yellow grass 20 feet in diameter.


The first stories of the Alma were gathered by N. M. Pzewalski, a traveler in Mongolia who also discovered the Mongolian wild horse.

Georgia, Americus: Mr. Z. T. Baisden, of Americus, gives us the following story of a whirlwind that visited his place, scaring all his hands and some visitors very badly. A whirlwind occurred in a twelve acre cornfield that was about four feet in diameter and sometimes a hundred feet high. The body of it was perfectly black, with fire in the center and emitted a strong sulphurous vapor that could be smelt three hundred yards form it. The whirlwind would divide into three and move rapidly over the field, twisting up the corn stalks by the roots and carrying them up. These three minor whirlwinds would then come together with a loud crash, cracking and burning and shoot high up into the heavens. Three young ladies who were visiting Mrs. Baisden went in about 150 feet to observe it, but received such a shower of burning sand upon their face and necks that they ran affrighted to the house. Mr. Baisden says that he cannot account for this strange phenomenon, and it certainly frightened all who saw it. The strange part was that it contained fire, yet did not appear to burn the corn that it did not tear up, and its sulphurous vapor sickened and burnt all who got close enough to get a full breath of it.

June 11--In the Cruise of the Bacchante, a work compiled from the journals of the late King George V of England (then Duke of York) and his brother Prince Albert Victor, is reported the sighting of a phantom ship. The brothers served as midshipmen on H.M.S. Bacchante’s round the world voyage between1879 and 1882. At 4 A.M. on June 11, 1881, while the vessel was sailing to Sydney from Melbourne, Australia, the late King’s diary says an eerie red light was noticed. His account follows: "In the midst of the red light, the masts, spars and sails of a brig two hundred yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow. The lookout in the forecastle reported her as close to the bow, while also the officer of the watch from the bridge clearly saw her. So did the quarterdeck midshipman, was sent forward at once to the forecastle; but on arriving, there was no vestige or sign of any material ship. The night was clear and the sea calm. Thirteen persons altogether saw her. Two other ships of the squadron, the Tourmaline and the Cleopatra, who were sailing off our starboard bow, asked whether we had seen the strange red light."


England: A huge UFO, the first such phenomenon which was characteristically saucer-shaped in Europe, was plainly observed by numerous people in England and other parts of Europe during the night. It was seen to travel in the sky at an approximate altitude of 130 miles in an east-west direction. A number of eminent scientists witnessed the object, among them being Dr E Walter Maunder, Greenwich astronomer; English spectroscopist, J Rand Capron; Dutch astronomers Audemans and Zeeman. The Royal Observatory, Greenwich published a report of the conclusions reached by scientists, following the appearance of what had been termed, "The Great Saucer". The report had this to say: "It appeared to be well defined in body and the inference drawn was that it was a meteor, not in the old vague sense of some object high in the Earth's atmosphere, but in the sense of a solid cosmological substance, disc-like in appearance, the orbit of which brought it within the terrestrial atmosphere. But nothing could be more unlike the rush of a great meteor or fireball, with intense radiance and fiery train. The advance of this object, though swift, appeared to be orderly and controlled. There was no sign of the compression of the atmosphere before it, no hint that the matter composing its front part, was in anyway more strongly heated than the rest of its substance, if substance, indeed it possessed."


August 12--Armada Of Discs. Astronomer Jose Bonilla, at Zacatecas, Mexico Observatory, witnessed anywhere from 100-400 disc-shaped or cigar shaped objects crossing the face of the sun. He even managed to take a photograph through his telescope of one of the craft.

An account of "an extraordinary saurian" killed along the Rio Beni in what is now Bolivia appearanced in such a prestigious publication as Scientific American. The account describes a tri-headed monster nearly 40 feet in length.

Ten skeletons "of both sexes and of gigantic size" were taken from a mound at Warren, Minnesota.


A small hominoid is captured near Victoria, British Columbia.

"Fabian Society" founded in London by Sidney and Beatrice Webb and others.

A skeleton 7 feet 6 inches long was found in a massive stone structure that was likened to a temple chamber within a mound in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Pope Leo XIII issued a proclamation stating that Masonry was one of the secret societies attempting to "revive the manners and customs of the pagans" and "establish Satan's kingdom on Earth."

June 6--Holdredge's weekly newspaper, the Nebraska Nugget published a story that had occurred to some cowboys from Dundy County, of a cylindrical object that crashed on the prairie about 35 miles northwest of Benkelman, Dundy County, and left bits of machinery and gear wheels behind, glowing from the heat. A terrifying noise in the sky drew their attention to a bright object diving towards the ground before it crashed, out of sight from where the cowboys were. They had then rushed over to it and discovered numerous burning hot "machinery parts" spread out all along a track left by the mysterious flying object. The heat was so unbearable that one of the witnesses, Alf Williamson, had even fainted. At one point of the track, the sand had melted over a surface area of about 6x22yards. Finding it impossible to approach the mysterious visitor (the UFO) the party turned back on it's trail. When it (the UFO) first touched the earth the ground was sandy and bare of grass. The sand was fused to an unknown depth over a space about 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, and the melted stuff was still bubbling and hissing." The next morning, a group goes back to the site. Certain pieces are now cool enough to get close to. According to The Nebraska Nugget, the metal they are made up of resembles copper but is extremely light and resistant. As for the spaceship, of cylindrical form, the men estimate its length to be about twenty meters long by about 3.5 yards wide. There is no established certainty concerning the nature of this affair: it is probably a hoax, but it is not a certainty. It could indeed be an account of a crash of a flying machine, inevitably extraterrestrial due to the event's date.

December 13--Possible UFO crash in Sorisole, near Bergamo, Italy


Beranger Sauniere becomes the Cure of the village church in Rennes-le-Chateau.

In a block of coal considered to be 60 million years old, a strange man-made cast iron cube (2.64 × 2.64 × 1.85 inches, 1.73 pounds, non-meteoric, non-pyrite ) was found embedded.

A large mound near Gasterville, Pennsylvania, contained a vault in which was found a skeleton measuring 7 feet 2 inches. Inscriptions were carved on the vault.

Miners discovered the mummified remains of woman measuring 6 feet 8 inches tall holding an infant. The mummies were found in a cave behind a wall of rock in the Yosemite Valley.

November 1--Turkey, Constantinople: From L’Astronomie: M. Mavrogordato, calls our attention to the following strange observations which have been communicated to him, "at 9:30pm, there was seen, west of Adrianople, an elongated object giving off a strong luminosity. It seemed to float in the air and its apparent disk was four or five times larger than the full moon. It traveled slowly and cast light on the whole camp behind the station with a brightness about ten times greater than a large electric bulb. In the morning, at dawn, a very luminous flame, first bluish, then greenish, and moving at a height of five to six meters, made a series of turns around the ferryboat pier at Scutari. Its blinding luminosity lighted the street and flooded the inside of the houses with light."


Tesla tests a death ray in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and all electrical apparatus of a Colorado fuel company were rendered useless.

First written Sasquatch report from Siskiyou, California.

October 24--During the night, which was rainy and tempestuous, a family of nine persons, sleeping in a hut a few leagues from Maracaibo, Venezuela, were awakened by a loud humming noise and a vivid, dazzling light, which brilliantly illuminated the interior of the house. The occupants completely terror stricken, and believing, as they relate, that the end of the world had come, threw themselves on their knees and commenced to pray, but their devotions were almost immediately interrupted by violent vomiting, and extensive swellings commenced to appear in the upper part of their bodies, this being particularly noticeable about the face and lips. It is to be noted that the brilliant lights was not accompanied by a sensation of heat, although there was a smoky appearance and a peculiar smell. The next morning, the swellings had subsided, leaving upon the face and body large black blotches. No trace of lightning could afterward by observed in any part of the building, and all the sufferers unite in saying that there was no detonation, but only the loud humming already mentioned. Another curious attendant circumstance is that the trees around the house showed no signs of injury until the ninth day, when they suddenly withered. From Warner Cowgill, U. S. Consulate, Maracaibo, Venezuela in a letter posted in Scientific American.


An American prospector, Mr. Willoughby, claimed he heard an Indian legend of a city appearing in the sky each summer near Mount Fairweather, on the Alaska-Yukon border. Mr. Willoughby said he first saw the mirage in 1887 and offered a photograph as proof that the phenomenon was real. In 1889, the New York Times reported that the city in Willoughby's photograph had been identified as Bristol, England.

Dr Westcott of London uncovers an ancient manuscript.

The "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" is founded in England by Dr. William W. Westcott, MacGregor Mathers and Dr. William Robert Woodman. The order was supposedly a rebirth of a Rosicrucian order from Nuremberg, Germany. The Golden Dawn was an offshoot of the English Rosicrucian Society created twenty years earlier by Robert Wentworth Little, and consisted largely of leading Freemasons. During its heyday the Order of the Golden Dawn formulated and taught the basics of current magickal practice to Western Civilization. It's own sources were Masonic, Rosicrucian, Qaballistic, and the ceremonial practices of the medieval magickians.


Under the orders of Fraulein Sprengle, Dr. Westcott founds the English branch of "Die Goldene Dammerung", or the "Isis-Urania Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn". He is joined by Dr. Woodcott and MacGregor Mathers.

In Minnesota, were discovered remains of seven skeletons 7 to 8 feet tall.

Five Whitechapel prostitutes are murdered, allegedly by "Jack the Ripper" [Some allege these murders are committed according to strict Masonic principles]. "Jack the Ripper" suspected of being one of those implicated in the Cleveland Street Affair involving high-society Victorians and their patronage of a brothel staffed by messenger boys.


Jose Bonilla took several pictures of over 300 objects which crossed the Sun.

Maj. L. A. Waddell became the first Westerner to come upon a mysterious humanlike footprint in the Himalayan snows. His Sherpa guides told him that the track, found at 17,000 feet, was from a hairy wild man of a sort long known to them. "The belief in these creatures is universal among Tibetans," Waddell wrote in Among the Himalayas (1899), but none with whom he spoke "could ever give me an authentic case. On the most superficial investigation it always resolved into something that somebody had heard tell of." He was sure these creatures were in fact "great yellow snow-bears."

Mrs S.W. Culp broke open a 300 million year old Pennsylvanian era chunk of coal collected from the Taylorsville or Pana mines, and found embedded within a 10 inch, eight-carat gold chain “of antique workmanship.” according to the Morrisonville Times, June 11, 1891.


Zama dies, leaving behind numerous half human/half Alma children.

Biologist Yersin visits India, purportedly to receive plague and cholera serum from the Nine Unknown.

In the early American frontier town of Tombstone, Arizona two cowboys claimed to have shot a pterodactyl-like animal and cut off its wing. The local paper recorded a description of the animal that fits the Quetzelcoatlus, whose fossils were found in Texas. This could be a "Thunderbird," the flying reptile of Sioux American Indian legends who was given its name because it was hit by lightning and seen to fall to the ground during a storm.


The foundations of the "Round Table Society", eventually to be funded by Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds to gain financial and political power, are laid by a meeting of representatives of the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand.

Nikola Tesla invents the Tesla Coil.

A giant was unearthed when workmen in Crittenden, Arizona excavated a huge stone coffin that had evidently once held the body of a man 12 feet tall. A carving on the granite case indicated that he had six toes.

In Michigan, a seven-foot tall hairy man is seen.

Sauniere begins to renovate the church at Rennes le Chateau. He finds something, which causes the Bishop of Carcassone to send Sauniere to consult scholars and cryptographers. Sauniere returns and continues to renovate the church. He becomes very wealthy.

J. S. Thompson tries photographic soul leaving body.

September 5-- As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper, two icemen were working outside in Crawfordsville, Indiana at about 2:00am, when a bizarre object sailed overhead. The icemen described the UFO as a 'seemingly headless monster', although there is no reason to believe that it was an animal of any kind. It was about 20ft long, and 8ft wide, moving in the sky toward the two men, and 'seemingly propelled by fin like attachments.' The men moved, and the UFO flew off. The noise awoke Methodist pastor G.W. Swittze, who saw it circling in the sky.


Rockefeller trust transferred to holding company Standard Oil of New Jersey.

A series of unexplained explosions occur along the English Channel.

A black, fiery tornado seen in Georgia.

Archdeacon John Joseph Nouri of the Chaldean Church reported that he had found Noah's ark and even entered it. While there, he took the opportunity to measure it, finding-unsurprisingly-that it was 300 cubits long.

A phantom airship scare began appearing in Poland. As in later "flaps" of this sort, the craft often appeared at night and were usually equipped with powerful searchlights.

February 4--A fall of millions of large larvae of unknown species at Clifton, Indiana


February--The ship, H.M.S. Carolina was sailing in the North China Sea, when a report from an officer of unusual light activity in the sky came to the attention of Captain J.N. Norcross. The officer told Captain Norcross that the lights appeared sometimes in a huge mass, others spread out in unusual patterns. He said that they resembled Chinese lanterns set between the masts of a ship. The next night these strange lights reappeared but with a reddish glow and eminating small amounts of smoke.


Peasants near Odessa, Russia are attacked by a strange creature.

A mound near Toledo, Ohio, held 20 skeletons, seated and facing east with jaws and teeth "twice as large as those of present day people," and besides each was a large bowl with "curiously wrought hieroglyphic figures."


Switzerland, Arolla: Author Aleister Crowley was walking in the mountains when he suddenly saw two little men. He made a gesture to them, but they did not seem to pay attention and disappeared among the rocks.

The skeleton of a huge man was uncovered at the Beckley farm, Lake Koronis, Minnesota; while at Moose Island and Pine City, bones of other giants came to light.

Herbert Coles and Dunham Coretter, two St. Augustine, Florida, residents, found something lying on the beach of Anastasia Island which would quickly become the center of controversy. The object was a huge fleshy mass some four feet tall, 23 feet long, and 18 feet across. A group of investigators from the St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science, led by DeWitt Webb, determined that the mass had been beached for several days. The team also found pieces of what seemed to be tentacles: was the creature a giant octopus or a giant squid? In 1957, scientists proved it was some sort of octopi from preserved tissue samples. Folktales circulate in the neighboring Bahamas of creatures called lusca, which are reputed to be gigantic, octopi-like creatures inhabiting deep waterholes. Could these legends be based on sightings of monsters like those of St. Augustine in life?

First "flap year" for UFOs: wave of sightings of unidentified airships in U.S.

The term Black Mass was first used in English in 1896 to describe ceremonies practiced as part of Black Magic.

November 26--The great Airship Flap of 1897 actually started in late 1896 in San Francisco. Hundreds saw a large, cigar-shaped object, shining brilliant beams of light, and moving northwest passing over Oakland. An airship that looked like a great black cigar with a fishlike tail neared Lorin tremendous speed. It turned quickly and disappeared in the direction of San Francisco. The body was at least 100 feet long and attached to it was a triangular tail, one apex being attached to the main body. The surface of the airship looked as if it were made of aluminum, which exposure to wind and weather had turned dark. At half past 8 we saw it again, when it took about the same direction and disappeared." From the Oakland Tribune, Dec 1.

Jennie McGrath:

Avtar Singh-Gida disappears.

Sworn statement from Alexander Hamilton, at his farm in LeRoy, Kansas: "Last night about 10:30 we were awakened by a noise among the cattle. I arose, thinking that perhaps my bulldog was performing his pranks, but upon going to the door saw to my utter astionishment that an airship was slowly descending upon my cow lot, about 40 rods from the house" Hamilton also described it as a cigar shaped portion, about 300 feet long with a carriage underneath. The carriage was of some transparent material. It was brightly lighted within. It contained six on the strangest beings he had ever seen.

Digging in the Money Pit, W.R. Chappell strikes iron, then cement, wood, and 32 inches of soft metal plus oak chips, coconut husk fiber, and a small piece of parchment with the letters "u i" "v i", or "w i" written in India ink with a quill pen.

April--"Airship" Mania breaks out across nation. The state of Illinois was inundated with airship reports during April 1897. The first known sighting was in Nashville, Illinois, as a balloon-like airship with a large red light was spotted at 8 p.m. by many residents. On April 8th, a Rock Island police officer claimed that while on his east end beat, he was startled by the illuminated vessel a half mile overhead. He described it as having "a glittering steel hull, with dim wing-like fans on either side, and it swayed gently in its flight." On April 9th hundreds of people observed it over Chicago, Evanston, Niles Center and Schermerville. On the night of April 10th, scores of Jacksonville residents watched the airship pass over the city. "It was seen by all the police officers on duty, the firemen and hundreds of citizens." By the evening of the 11th, the sightings reached Springfield as Richard Schriver, foreman of the county jail, watched it for 30 minutes with another man. It was described as "a radiating light not unlike a locomotive headlight." At 8 p.m. in Lincoln on April 12th, "More than fifty people stood on Pulaski street and whenever the lightening flashed and the clouds separated" they thought they could discern the airship's light in the distance. On April 13th, more than 200 people saw its white and green lights as it passed near Lincoln at 8 p.m., while 30 minutes later it was seen over Moline by several farmers including Benjamin Carr who said it was "a cigar-shaped body or hull, apparently about 15 feet long, with large wing-like projections on each side." These are just a handful of hundreds of Illinois sightings that occurred during April. Not only are there striking parallels between the airship wave and present-day UFO reports - but there were also reports of close encounters. I will briefly mention three Illinois close encounter cases. Keep in mind that they are just three of many from Illinois and across the nation during 1897. According to the Decatur Daily Republican of April 16, 1897, p. 1, the airship landed near Springfield the previous night. Farmhand John Halley and local vineyard owner Adolf Wenke said that it landed three miles west of the city along the Jefferson street road. They said a long-bearded man emerged and inquired where he was. "Inside the car was seated another man and also the scientist's wife." He said they usually rested during the daytime in remote parts of the country in order to conceal the vessel's huge wings. When they asked the scientist his name, "he smiled and pointed to the letter M., which was painted on the side car." After bidding the farmers farewell, he pressed a button and the ship flew off. The Springfield News also reported on an airship touching down near Carlinville on April 12th. It was reportedly spotted between the town of Nilwood and Girard about 6:15. William Street, Frank Metcalf and Ed Temples and the telegraph operator all saw it at Girard. "These men saw it alight, and a man get out and fix some part of the machinery. They started for the place where it had alighted, but within a quarter of a mile it rose and disappeared from view" to the north. Elburn, Kane County, on April 10th. According to a report on the front page of the Rockford Daily Republic of April 12th, "Trainmen running through there say that the operator says that some stockmen say that some farmers say that the ship had a breakdown near there and came down for repairs."

April 14-- When a mysterious object passed over Mount Vernon, Illinois, 100 citizens, including Mayor B. C. Wells, saw something that, as press accounts had it, "resembled the body of a huge man swimming through the air with an electric light on his back."

April 17--A "mysterious aircraft" is seen over Aurora, Texas. The strange vehicle was seen to maneuver clumsily in the air, subsequently crashing into a windmill of a prominent citizen of Aurora, Texas. Debris and one body were collected from around the town. Some of the metal had strange writing on it that could not be deciphered. The body was that of a small man, he was buried in the Aurora cemetery. Some of the debris were buried with him.

Summer--One clear summer night at Hutchinson, Minnesota, a solitary brightly luminous cumulus cloud rose majestically from the eastern horizon. It shone with a uniform, steady, vivid, whitish light and passed directly over the town. When the cloud was overhead a great shower of insects descended to earth covering the ground all around to the number of about 50 to 100 per square foot. These insects proved to be a species of hemiptera and were nonluminous.

Summer--Numerous small, blood-colored clouds filled the sky over Macerata, Italy. An hour later a storm broke, during which thousands of seeds fell. Unfamiliar to local people, they were eventually identified as being those of a kind of tree found only in central Africa and the Antilles.


Olof Ohman digs up a Viking runic stone in Kensington, Minnesota.

Morgan Robertson writes Futility (apparently republished as The Wreck of the Titan; or Futility in 1912), a horror story about a luxury ocean liner hitting an iceberg and sinking. Predicted the Titanic?

Bechtel is a supersecret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a "Shadow Government"--a working arm of the CIA.


Tesla discovers terrestrial stationary waves which can produce electricity; reports receiving signals from another planet.

Alleged meeting in England at which the J.P. Morgan, Rothschilds and Warburgs become affiliated.

Sidney Rosenblum becomes Sidney Reilly.

After alerting its telegraph offices to be on the lookout for invading British aircraft, the Transvaal government in South Africa was inundated with sighting reports. Phantom airships, often equipped with powerful searchlights, mysteriously appeared in the skies around. Of course, neither aircraft nor airplanes were known to exist in Africa at this time.


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