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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33761 times)
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A Finnish scientist announced he could partially "shield" objects from gravity using spinning superconductors. Although most scientists are skeptical, NASA is interested enough that it's trying to replicate the results to make an antigravity machine.

January 20-- Varginha, Brazil: Hoax or Brazilian Roswell? Early reports were of a box-shaped black UFO emitting smoke, seemingly having trouble and eventually crashing. Later that day in various parts of the township mutant creatures of unknown origin and ghastly odor and appearance began to pop up. Initial reports stated that townspeople cornered on of the small creatures in a ravine and stoned it to death, shouting "Diablo!" as it appeared to have horn like protrusions on its head. The number of completely unverifiable details of the Varginha case leave one wondering if this was more an event of typical South American 'schlock' pseudo-news or the real deal. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The raw info is as follows, as best as can be determined... An unidentified flying object was picked up on US radar over Brazil (there were no Brazilian satellites), contact was however made with the Brazilians and the information was relayed. The Brazilian Air Force was scrambled while many people on the ground saw a cigar shaped craft expelling large amounts of smoke heading for the ground. In other parts of the town there were many anomalous lights reported. The Brazilian Army and the local fire service went to the crash site in a coordinated joint operation. They go to the crash site as indicated by local eyewitness reports. On searching the area, a craft was not located, however an EBE was. It was wrapped in a camouflage net then put into a 1meter (3ft) square box before being loaded into a Brazilian Army Truck by soldiers. On the same day, three girls (Liliane Fatima Silva, her sister Valquiria and Katia Andrade Xavier) saw a creature of the following description: Brown, soft skin ('like a heart'), large, red, bulging eyes and visible veins. They ran home and told their mom, who, being more bothered about something scaring her girls than being shot with an extraterrestrial AK-47 went after the creature. All she found was a footprint with a round palm and two long straight, forward facing toes. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Army move the creature to the local hospital. It was a hot day and there were numerous townsfolk out on the streets who witnessed the military operation. By now, the press was on the trail, they were however, refused any coverage by the army, the reporters who failed to comply were scared off by soldiers. There was no identification of the creature from the hospital or the military. Some members of the Brazilian army who actually held the creature after packing it into the net gave their report on the event to UFO researchers despite being told not to talk, at risk of losing their jobs. All reports however were in agreement as far as who was involved, the equipment used, etc. The creature seen by the girls was not wearing any clothes and did not seem intelligent; maybe it was an extraterrestrial animal. After the event, a woman attending a party at a local soon saw an identical creature as the girls had seen. Dr. Leila Cabral, a member of the zoo staff report anomalous problems and five unexpected deaths of animals with inconclusive port mortems.

January 28--Hundreds of residents of the states of San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Veracruz and the Distrito Federal (Mexico City) were witnesses to an uncanny aerial display. An enormous brilliant light, changing colors from blue to yellowish-orange, green and red), crossed the skies over Mexico at an amazing speed. Eyewitnesses in Mexico City claimed that the light gave off smaller lights, a total of 7, which gradually lost speed and crashed against the slopes of the Popocatepetl volcano. Eyewitnesses in southern Veracruz informed that this spectacular phenomenon was visible around 8:25 p.m. and immediately attracted the attention of radio stations in the city of Coatzacoalcos, Ver.. Residents of Acaycan and Oluta, also in Veracruz, were able to make out numerous colored lights in the Veracruzan skies running in a north-south direction. The townspeople of Minatitlán, Pajápan, Jesús Carranza and other communities also beheld the phenomenon.

February 13--An object streaking across the sky, from east to west, crashed on the west side of the Isle of Jura, off the west coast of Scotland. Many witnesses described it as a UFO (a meteor or bolide didn't come to mind).

February 19--Daylight Saucer Photographed In Turkey Karagol near Izmir, Turkey. Two young amateur mountaineers, Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak, both 20 at that time, were hiking at the Yamanlar Mountain Peak near Karagol. They had finished school and expected to go to the army soon, so they had taken a camera to take each other's picture as a memoir of that good old days. All of a sudden a UFO appeared and was floating in the air, making no sound; they were so astonished that they didn't know what to do first. "We have never seen anything like that before", they told Michael Hesemann, when he interviewed them on the Istanbul international UFO Congress in December 2001, "it was definitely nothing built on Earth. It could hover on the spot and increase to tremendous speed, shot up and down, rotated around its axis, all very fast and completely soundless." Eventually they remembered their camera and shot some pictures, before the object disappeared in a blink of an eye. The sighting lasted for about two minutes. In the following days and weeks the two youngsters returned again and again to the site, hoping that they would see the object again.

May--A UFO apparently went down near Boyle, Ireland. One night during that month many witnessed an unusual object glide down towards the Curlieu Mountains north of Boyle. It appeared to be an aerial craft coming into land, but had misjudged its approach, clipping the tops of trees and landing in a lake. Several occupants were said to have been taken into custody by a retrieval team and much military activity (including American soldiers) continued in the area for a six-month period following the incident. Civilians were prevented from going near the scene and the local police were instructed to keep their noses out of it and their mouths shut.

June--A sphere of light the size of a tennis ball flew into a printing factory in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. A dozen workers looked up in astonishment as the blue and white ball whizzed round inside, spinning along girders, hitting print machinery, sending sparks flying...

June 7--Aer Lingus said it had, "no explanation", for an incident in which one of its passenger jets had a close encounter of an unknown kind over Hertfordshire, England. Pilots reported seeing another aircraft pass close by but extensive inquiries found no trace of another plane being in the area on June 7th.

June 15--LIUFON's John Ford arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

June 23--Arizona: Multiple witnesses saw a white light falling out of the sky, break into three balls of light and crash into the forest. Immediately after, a raging forest fire emitting yellowish smoke ensued. The fire got within a half mile of Pinedale estates, seven miles outside of Pinedale. Pinedale is on highway 260 close to Claysprings. The following information was gathered quickly so we could put the story in this issue. Thanks to Linda Biafore and Patricia Brunner, residents of the area, I was able to piece this story together for our readers. Therefore, it may be that alot of detail will be missing from the final story or that some of what I am providing may be in need of clarification. Here goes. Within minutes of the crash, various types of government personnel were on the scene. Pinedale and Claysprings were evacuated and road blocks along route 260 were implemented. Not only is the above unheard of for a forest fire but the FBI was at the fire scene, armored vehicles were seen in Snow Flake and Show Low. A flatbed truck and alot of cement trucks were seen headed toward the fire. Oil trucks and the local fire department were dispatched as well. Linda was told that oil is used at nuclear disaster scenes. One thing for sure is that the government was well prepared and expecting this crash, weather UFO, satellite, military, your guess is as good as mine. Exactly the point, why in the hell don't they just tell us. Linda's daughter, going to visit Linda, had to pass three check points, where she was questioned as to where she was going exactly, who she was visiting etc. Residents who were allowed to go back to their homes in Pinedale were escorted directly to their door and on Monday the radio was announcing that there is a $100 fine for going back to the fire although the fire was out by Monday. The radio was giving the impression that the fire was still burning. Linda said there was absolutely no need to evacuate these two towns and block 260. The last road block was at Timberland Acres and they were letting no one through. The residents in the area told Linda the road was never closed before. This fire never came close to 260 but was shut down for miles and the police on the scene were telling people that it was due to road damage caused by the fire, that they closed the road. There were many men in the area that didn't belong there, alot of local police, security was heavy, unmarked cars, flatbeds with tarps, oil tankers, all the trappings of a big event and there was no media coverage of this other than there was a fire in the area. Perhaps they don't want to lose their broadcast license. Thank goodness for the "net" and all it's surfers because it is the only mass communication system where governments have little control.

August-- A huge UFO exploded near the village of Shirokee in the Zaporozhe region of the Ukraine. The wreckage was recovered by the Security Bureau of the Ukraine and was transported to the Herson military base.


The Air Force releases further reports stating that the "alien bodies" reported at Roswell may have been crash test dummies dropped from balloons in the 1950's, with Roswell residents getting the dates confused. Some events may have been confused with a military plane crash that occurred in the area, they also say.

Mel Waters tells of a "bottomless shaft" in the Madistash Ridge near Ellensberg, Washington, about ten-feet wide. Also nicknamed "Hell's Hole". One man claims to have dropped an old refrigerator down the shaft but did not hear it hit. Also reports of military men in the area, and residents who were told not to talk about the subject, also rumors that the U.S. military paid the discoverer a "fortune" to shut up about shaft and "disappear".

Colonel Philip Corso, who once served on President Eisenhower's National Security Council staff, states " . . . When that truth of alien intervention in our planet's affairs and our ongoing contact with an alien culture is finally revealed, it won't be frightening even though it will be a shock."

The alleged discovery of an underground tunnel by a family picknicking in the suburban town of Irmo, four miles northwest of Columbia, South Carolina. Irmo having been suspected in the past of harboring U.N. fugitives. John Don Cooper and his son Wayne Dwayne discovered the opening while out foraging for branches for their makeshift lean-to. The passage led to a man-made cave. According to police spokesman Ralph Hightower, the tunnel was located in a wooded area next to the parking lot of the Irmo K-Mart, which was not heavily visited due to competition from a nearby Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. Cooper immediately called 9-1-1 and the Irmo SWAT Team responded by storming K-Mart and the tunnel. Caught by surprise, the U.N. infiltrators lost the battle, which lasted about four hours, however it was fount that the tunnel branched out to many different and still unknown locations. The tunnel at the town limits of Irmo was sealed by the SWAT Team. Hightower said: "...I don't think they'll be back 'cause we kicked their butts real good."

From the Jordan Times website: "It could be a sea monster, a rare species of fish, a creature from outer space, or a total hoax altogether. But what Mohammad Yousef Obaid, a Kuwaiti municipal employee, fished out of the sea on a family outing a week ago is definitely strange. Mr. Obaid, 35, says he found the creature floating face down in water, Aug. 8, as he was fishing in the Al Fantas area of the Kuwaiti shoreline at around 11 p.m. "First I thought it was a dead human body and wanted to call police," he recounts. "But then I thought let me determine for myself what it was and so I turned it face up with a stick." "I was shocked to see that the creature, or whatever, had a strong resemblance to humans," says Obaid. "I could see that the body was disintegrating but could distinctly spot the strange skull, remnants of eyes, ears and mouth, spinal cord and pelvis." The creature could have been dead for about a week or more, according to Mr. Obaid, who adds that as he pulled the skeleton to the shore, it broke into three pieces. He took home the skull and spinal cord (which remained attached to each other) but the rest of the creature's body was missing when he went back to get it. The skeleton is one and a half metres long; it has a big mouth, two nostrils, two eyes and two ears which jut out of the skull resembling a Chinese dragon or even the "devil" as portrayed by artists. Mr. Obaid, a father of five, says he is keeping the skeleton in a deep freezer at home. "But it has turned black by now," he said Saturday. The municipal worker says he approached several research centres in Kuwait with the story, but "no one seemed to take me seriously."

Pat Robertson, head of the Christian Coalition and television evangelist preached this 700 Club broadcast: that those who "entertain the existence of space aliens and UFOs" should be stoned to death, according to "God's word." He stated that if such things exist, they are simply demons trying to lead people away from Christ.

A CIA historian claims that 50% of all "unexplained" UFO sightings have been due to U-2 spy plane flights and later to SR-71 Blackbird spy plane flights. He also remarks that in the early days, the U-2 was painted silver, but it was later painted black.

A Fire Chief took what would become a very well known photograph of an alleged Skunk Ape in Ochopee. Shortly before he saw the creature, a group of tourists had also reported seeing it on the outskirts of a swamp nearby. Despite the photographic evidence however, Doerr himself was never convinced. He believed that what he had photographed was someone messing around in an ape suit, and not a genuine animal at all.

Scientists have revealed a mysterious recording that they say could be the sound of a giant beast lurking in the depths of the ocean. Researchers have nicknamed the strange unidentified sound picked up by undersea microphones "Bloop." While it bears the varying frequency hallmark of marine animals, it is far more powerful than the calls made by any creature known on Earth, Britain's New Scientist reported on Thursday. It is too big for a whale and one theory is that it is a deep sea monster, possibly a many-tentacled giant squid. In 1997, Bloop was detected by U.S. Navy "spy" sensors 3,000 miles apart that had been put there to detect the movement of Soviet submarines

The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso is published, with claims that he released alien technology from the Roswell crash to U.S. military and industry during the 1960's.

NOVA's expedition to Loch Ness picks up the sonar signature of something about 15' long and moving under water.

Earth Changes Reports says Hale-Bopp has one self-aware ship that is here to change DNA to alter consciousness. It uses the earth's energy grid (Atlantean energy grid?) to help it. Organic molecules were found on Hale-Bopp.

Sometime in early 1997 a UFO supposedly crashes in the New Mexico desert. A video has recently surfaced which depicts an object careening towards the desert floor. The object bounces once before coming crashing onto the ground, exploding and sending sparks flying.

Mysterious electric cable and fine powder from digging found in Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. It appears someone is digging secretly.

On the Anomalous Images website, is a letter from a man saying he worked at the Vatican and stumbled on a letter in a top secret computer terminal talking about "Wormwood", a possible meteor which could hit the earth. No further details were given, except another letter saying an attempt on his life was made while he was in hiding.

U.S. Lance Corporal John Weygant has made statements that in 1997 he was part of a team sent to secure a UFO crash zone in Peru. It was a very large, teardrop shaped craft which oozed some kind of weird anti-freeze looking stuff. He claims that it was shot down by somebody, possibly the Peruvians. A UFO retrieval specialist team came in and relieved him of his duty at the crash site, but not before tying him up, threatening him with his life and the lives of his family members, and making him sign some secret documents to keep his mouth shut (which he apparently didn’t).

March 13--Massive UFO sighting in Arizona. Millions worldwide watched on CNN what thousands of people videotaped and were pointing at in the skies over the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. The US Air Force has responded in character, first with silence, then a "training mission" story (flares), then total silence again. Eyewitnesses saw UFO floating just 100 feet over their heads, as big as a football field, moving about 5 miles per hour, without a sound, blotting out the stars behind it, and the artificial lights without glare or glow. It appeared to be a V-shaped craft with about 5 lights on each side. It was several blocks wide and made no sound at all. Ed Dames (on Sep 17, 1997 Art Bell show) said it was hoax made with lasers.

March 15--Close to the town of Wegorzewo, Suwalki Province, a UFO was seen to explode in the air before crashing to the ground at 5:00 pm. Its remains were immediately gathered by soldiers of the Polish Army.The Army denied all knowledge of the incident at the time, but since then, Army spokesman Col. Zdzislaw Czekierda of the General Staff, has publicly stated that "...the General Staff of the Polish Army have had a special division which gathered and evaluated all information about UFO sightings and close encounters with aliens since the early 1980s".

March 24--A UFO is tracked and chased over the Peak District of Northern England. RAF Tornadoes gave chase and one was destroyed by the UFO. The RIO survived the incident.

End of March--39 members of the Gateway to Heaven (aka Heaven's Gate) cult kill themselves in California. They leave video testimonials saying they are aliens who are now shedding their "containers" (bodies) to meet with a mothership in the tail of comet Hale-Bopp.

April--Several persons witness a ufo crash in the city of Varginha, Brazil. The local firemen, and then the Brazilian army take over. In the following days, alien beings are spotted by other witnesses, trying to escape, as they are hunted and even fired at by the military. One of the alien body is reported dead and autopsied at the local hospital, then taken away to another location. Revelations on Varginha Case are aired on Brazilian TV and reach the rest of the world. In May, 1997 a scientist accused of having autopsied the alien(s) states in a conference he will be able to speak on the subject in a question of years. In June 1997, fifteen witnesses confirm involvement of soldiers in alien capture. Another witness reports he was offered money to keep his mouth shut. The Varginha Case is unique in many ways. First of all, it's an once-in-a-lifetime shot for UFO-researchers to have a really "hard" case in their hands. Ufologists such as Stanton T. Friedman and John Carpenter, who to many represent the "famous elite". But also well renowned men like the local investigators Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini (who were the first two to investigate and blew the case right open), and A.J. Gevaerd (MUFON's representative in Brazil). Men like Stanton T. Friedman who is an expert in the legendary Roswell-incident and knows how the secret-machine works, an insight that will be vital when it comes to finding out what has happened to the EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) that are supposed to have been transferred alive to Albrook Airforce Base in Panama.

May 6--Reports of a UFO crash near the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico (famous for the Laguna Cartagena incidents earlier this decade) at 3:25 a.m. erupted on the news wires and on the Internet, producing renewed interest in the island's UFO landscape, which had waned since the cessation of Chupacabras activity last year. All accounts coincided on the fact that something had happened near Lajas, producing an intense brush fire in the habitually arid region, but the source of the fire became a bone of contention: one band of ufologists claimed that a spacecraft had hurtled out of the sky and exploded, causing the conflagration along with reports of Federal agents who denied the local police access into the area. Another ufologist appeared on television denying that there was anything to the event aside from a meteor impact which triggered the fires, and suggested that the celestial event was being manipulated by a band of government-infiltrated saucer fanatics to discredit UFO research on the island. To everyone's surprise, an astronomer took the side of the pro-UFO faction, insisting that a meteor of that magnitude would have left a tremendous crater, possibly obliterating Lajas and the neighboring towns. On May 7, Univision's Spanish-language Primer Impacto program presented a dramatic roundup of the events surrounding the mysterious Lajas incident: the interviewers reported claims that the Army had reported to the area to collect debris from the impact site and that the consternation among the locals was clearly visible. It was also pointed out that unusually heavy UFO activity had been reported over Puerto Rico's southern tier, and that a woman from the city of Ponce had taken a video of a silvery, rhomboidal object crossing the skies.

July 21--A UFO was reported to have fallen into the Caspian Sea in the coastal waters of the Dagestan Republic. The crash was witnessed by the crew of the tug boat Szhukin.

August--An elliptical-shaped UFO fell into the forest near Mezmay, Krasnodarsky Kray, North Causcasus region of Russia.

September 11--An anonymous caller to the Art Bell radio show is made by a former Area 51 employee who reveals that the Aliens are extradimensional beings intending on slaughtering and conquering humanity. The broadcast is abruptly cut off, and replaced by an old, taped show.

December 14--The Vatican will invest 5 million British pounds to help fund a telescope to find "the fingerprints of God", i.e. planets where life is possible.

December 29--Russian scientists claim to have found Atlantis 100 miles off Land's End, near England. They plan to investigate the area in spring 1998. Little Sole Bank, which rises within 50 meters of the surface of the water, was supposedly the capital of Atlantis. This is based on a Cornish myth of a land called Lyoness, whose capital city was Lions, which had 140 temples before they sank into the ocean. King Arthur is said to have fought Mordred, who was from Lyoness.


Three Japanese fighter jets shot down by UFOs over the ocean off northern Japan.

New parts of the vast Lamprecht Cave, near Lofer, in the Salzburg mountain region of Austria, connecting two cave systems and making the Lamprechtsofe at the time the deepest cave on Earth.

Strange symmetrical rings of weather appear on weather radar in Arizona (Turret Mtn, aka White Horse) and Texas (Amarillo). A strange fireball was also seen at Turret Mountain.

Monsignore Corrado Balducci, a theologist spokesman for Vatican, has said on Italian national TV channels repeatedly in the last months that extra-terrestrial contact is a fact and that the Pope knows about it and that there is some kind of ET commission at Vatican.

January--Scientists transplant a monkey's head onto another monkey's body. It only survived a few hours.

Summer--Cave explorers using scientific equipment were able to confirm that a linked cave system some 15 miles in length exists underground in North Wales.

June--A group of scientists known as the "Sturrock Panel", in a study commissioned by Laurance Rockefeller, issues a report stating that the physical evidence for UFOs is worth studying, and may contribute to the advancement of science.

October 19--Four different radar stations in northern Hebei Province in China picked up an unknown moving target in airspace directly above an air base near Changzhou City. Visually, the UFO at first appeared like "a small star," then as an object with a mushroom-shaped dome on top and a flat bottom covered with bright, continually rotating lights as it descended. After it was determined that there were no known aircraft in the area, a fighter was scrambled to intercept the craft. When the jet got to within 13,200 feet of the UFO, it abruptly shot upward, easily evading subsequent attempts to get closer. Thus began a cat-and-mouse game that continued until the jet was too low on fuel to continue. The UFO then vanished before other aircraft could take off. A request by the pilot of the jet to fire on the object was denied.

November 25--A sentry patrolling the perimeter of the Morán de la Frontera Air Base near the city of Seville, Spain at five o’ clock in the morning was startled to hear a sound he likened to "steel plate being cut" (a similarity to the metallic clangor heard by Ms. Sepúlveda in the Chilean case). The sentry shouted a challenge; when no one responded, he loaded his rifle and fired two shots in the air, while letting loose the German shepherd watchdog that accompanied him on his rounds. Almost immediately following the two loud reports, an entity described as a two-meter-tall "sort of person" emerged from the surrounding thicket. According to Spanish researcher José Manuel García Bautista, the sentry was astonished by the being’s height and its fluorescent green eyes, adding that the darkness kept him from making out its physical details. With his heart pounding, the sentry fired another shot straight into the creature, to no avail. He then ordered the German Shepherd to attack; the animal charged the dark figure, but stopped short of it with a loud whimper. The highly trained guard dog cowered back to the sentry, who was at a loss as to what to do next. The entity spared him further confusion by vanishing into the thicket once more. After contacting his superiors over a hand-held radio, the sentry was taken to see the base commander, who advised him to keep the whole affair confidential and awarded him a week’s leave. But before going off on his furlough, the sentry noticed that his guard dog now sported a long scar running along its left shoulder blade: physical proof of the encounter with the unknown creature.


"It was about 200 meters long, 50 meters wide and was lit up like a city in the sky. It moved very slowly across the sky, making a quiet puffing noise." This is the description of what thousands of people on the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain, New Guinea saw in the sky over the weekend.

Exploding UFO levels huge patch of jungle west of Sao Felix do Xingu, Para state, Brazil.

November 21-- At 14:45Z hours our satellites caught an amazing photo of a UFO at an estimated hundred miles above the Earth off the coast of the state of Washington. The University of Colorado also keeps these photos on file for reference. One of the satellites is designed to pick up water vapor or clouds from space. When Russel Kirchner caught sight of the UFO in the display he zoomed in and could see the steam coming off a UFO. It was of the type identified as a large Mother Ship. The possibility of the object image being caused by a computer error was discussed and ruled out.

December--"Flight of Dragons": a wave of UFO sightings occurred in China at the end of 1999 as the Year of the Dragon begins.


January 4--On this night and early the morning of the 5th, in several townships outlying Chicago, Illinois, an enormous Black Triangle craft with intense lights and operating entirely outside the parameters of known aerial technology was witnessed by police officers as well as citizens from several different cities and districts along a path of more than a hundred miles. The collective descriptions of the craft conform to complete one of the most controversial and perhaps substantial and empirical cases of UFO phenomenon in history. One would be hard pressed when reviewing all the evidence in this case to refute the existence of craft dynamically different from our contemporary level of propulsion and aerodynamics from origins unknown.

August 15--A major UFO incident rocked the Southwest Asian nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Tuesday night, August 15, 2000. The fleet of UFOs was first seen at 8:15 p.m. in Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan located 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Kabul, the national capital. "Eyewitnesses in Kandahar told Afghan Islamic Press that objects looking like missiles, like 'flames of fire,' moved through the air around 8 p.m. in the evening and fell" across the border in neighboring Pakistan. "'We did not know what they were,' the eyewitnesses said." "People have also observed these things in the border areas of Pakistan, , Shahrkotal, and in Spin Dolbak in Kandahar province." The UFOs were "also seen in Samangan province and Urozgan province" in Afghanistan. "In Afghanistan, the Taliban (ruling Islamic party--J.T.) wondered whether the USA had come out with another cruise missile attack on Osama bin-Laden's hideouts. Frantic calls, mostly by radio and satellite, were made to Khost, Jallalabad and Kabul. By midnight, the Taliban knew and were relieved that this wasn't the case." "Taliban official Mulla Ahmadullah Ahmadi in Kandahar said, 'Some people saw the star-like objects here at 8:15 p.m. They said they made no noise like the cruise missiles and were brightly lit. Also, they said the objects were flying towards Pakistan. Then it became obvious that this was no fresh (new) U.S. cruise missile attack on Afghanistan.'" "The mystery objects, according to reports, have also been sighted in Afghanistan's Zahul province neighboring Kandahar. It is probable that they were seen elsewhere in Afghanistan, as well, but poor means of communication ensures that it will be weeks before such information reaches the media." The UFOs crossed the border into Pakistan at about 8:20 p.m., heading southwest towards the city of Quetta, in Pakistan's Baluchistan province located about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Kandahar. "Official sources in Quetta said Baluchistan's high- ranking government functionaries spent Tuesday night and the whole of Wednesday," August 16, 2000, "discussing the sighting and searching for the elusive objects." "An aerial reconnaissance was also carried out in Loralal, Barkhan and Kohlu, the places where the flying objects were sighted by many people and also where some of them reportedly fell. A (Pakistani Air Force) helicopter was sent to carry out this task but it returned empty handed." In addition to the civilian eyewitnesses, the UFOs "were also sighted by Colonel Asmatullah," chief of military security for the governor of Baluchistan, "who saw them sailing over Koh-i-Murdar mountain which overlooks Quetta." "Baluchistan Home Secretary Shahryar Khan Mahsud said he is using every means to unlock the mystery of the flying lights." Mahsud said, "We would have dismissed them as gossip if a few people had seen them at just a few places. But we are being told of sightings at several places in northern and central Baluchistan. They were reportedly seen at Chaghi, Quetta, Pishin, Qiila Abdullah, Loralal, Barkhan, Kohlu and Qiila Saifullah." A lone saucer was also seen at Dera Ghazi Khan in the Punjab.

August 27--Possible UFO crash in Balochistan, Pakistan. Newspaper report UFOs and UFO crash.

October 13--On this day, ufologist Jim Hickman "was monitoring local law enforcement (radio channels) and at 7:31 p.m. local time, a radio call came in that four or five fighter planes were sighted by local police officers, and they were traveling to the northwest." "At the same time, an unidentified flying object (UFO) encountered the fighters and reportedly crashed into the ground north of Elk City, Oklahoma." The fighters were presumably from Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. The descending UFO, Hickman reported, "was seen by multiple witnesses as far west as Shamrock, Texas and as far east as Clinton, Okla., north to Cheyenne, Okla. and south to Granite, Okla." According to a radio transmission reportedly made by Hammond, Okla. police cruiser, the UFO "was headed north" and crashed on a farm just north of Hammond. Another eyewitness also reported seeing a strange luminous vapor trail in the lower atmosphere. Richard P. of Jenks, Okla. (population 1,100), a town 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Tulsa, reported, "There was cloud cover everywhere but to the southwest." At 7:20 p.m., "I had just stepped outside when I saw a light in the southwest sky, moving to the north. It was about 'a fist at arm's length' above the horizon. It was more like two or three lights on the front of an object that was leaving a definite trail. The trail, which had sort of a shine to it, made me question if the object was an airplane. It seemed more like a fireball that was starting to break apart. As the object moved north, it would pass behind scattered cloud cover, but I saw it for at least thirty seconds before it disappeared for good." "The trail stayed in the sky for another 10 to 15 minutes. Also, as the sky got darker, the trail got brighter! Finally, it was a beam of light, as bright as the full moon, across the southwestern sky." The Rogers Mills County Sheriff's Department also reported, "Sparks in the sky," according to Jim Hickman. On Saturday, October 14, 2000, KFOR TV in Oklahoma City reported, "It happened last night at 7:30 p.m. when a strange sight surface in the sky. Reports came into our newsroom from across the state, and many callers saw the same thing. They had seen a mysterious fireball in the sky." KFOR TV reported sightings of the UFO and its luminous trail in the cities of Elk City, Erick, Enid, Alva, Clinton, Leedy, Oakwood, Choctaw, Mangum, Ringwood and Sayre." The TV station telephoned Tinker Air Force Base, the National Weather Service and NORAD., "and we quickly learned that the object had been seen by folks from Texas to Nebraska." However, eyewitnesses in Kansas saw more than one object in the sky. "'There's one big light and around it just five little balls, just lights, just following them. And then through the sky there was just like vapors, and vapors like different colors--blues and oranges--that were just cool,' said eyewitness Arthur Davis of Valley Center, Kansas." There were also reports of "fire in the sky" from McCook, Nebraska. In Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, hundreds saw the aerial display. "Gary Bishop of South Wichita said, 'Just looked over my shoulder and right across the sky, from the southwest to the northwest, down a little bit. This was a meteor that left a trail of blue light. It was beautiful!'" "911 supervisors said they had more telephones ringing than dispatchers to handle them. They say they had around 150 calls from witnesses saying they saw everything from space aliens to a plane crash."


January 11-- The WREX Channel 13 Television in Rockford, USA, and other news media reported that they had received some 600 reports of UFOs over this city in Northern Illinois around 9:00 PM on January 11, 2001. As many as twelve lights or UFOs were reported conducting maneuvers over the city. Some reports of computer and electrical shutdowns coincided with the reports. Later that night on all three of the news stations in Rockford reported the sightings. Some people reported seeing six lights while others reported seeing a dozen yellow orange lights hovering in the sky. The light sightings were made from 8:50 to 9:00 PM. Sightings have been fairly regular in recent months over the city.

August-- While on a routine training flight in a U.S.-made T-37 off the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Candarli, two Turkish trainee pilots suddenly had reason to call their home base control tower. A bright object had approached their plane at high speed and reportedly gyrated around them for about a half hour. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted their call: "Object approaching the wings. Now it's behind the plane ... now it's in front of us." They told their controller and the regional war alert center of the Turkish army that the apparent Unidentified Flying Object had an unusual shape that looked like a cross between a cone and a disc. Turkish air force sources said they were investigating. So were the neighboring Greeks. The Turks were planning to report the encounter to international bodies — especially the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

August 19-- Across from a giant radio telescope at Chilbolton in England, a crop formation appeared in a wheat field on this date. It was 75 feet wide and 120 feet long. It contained a response to a message that we humans sent out into space back in November of 1974. Dr. Carl Segan and Francis Drake created the message as part of the project for the search of extraterrestrial intelligence.


November 27--At approximately 4 pm (EST) North American Aerospace Defense Command received unverified reports of what appeared to be a contrail of unknown origin in the vicinity of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Initially, it was reported to be heading northwestward toward the United States. Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail over Florida and later over Indiana. Thereafter, no other sightings were reported. NORAD scrambled fighter aircraft from several bases in an attempt to intercept and identify the source of the contrail. No visual or confirmed radar contact was made with the source of the contrail. NORAD continues to investigate these reports.


January-- A series of pictures was taken off UFOs in space by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a spacecraft about a million miles from earth. Mike Murray, one of the founders of EUROSETI, said: "Some of the pictures are real crackers. They are the archetypal flying saucers - disc shaped objects with some kind of glow around them. Many have a pulsing light and leave a trail behind them. They come from all angles and directions." According to Murray, the craft were said to be moving in a way that suggested intelligent control. "There's one especially which is really fabulous. It is a glowing disk with a pink disc-shaped object within the glow, and a turret on the top, Murray told BBC. "The first thing we did when we got the images was to speak to NASA, who said it was a camera fault. But by enhancing the images we proved this wasn't the case." He said NASA then suggested the objects could be asteroids or comets - but this did not explain the way they appeared to move independently and make turns.

November 23--Japanese doomsday cultists "Aum Shinrikyo" believe a nuclear war starting on October 30 will wipe out most of humanity by the end of November.


November 8--An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet is shot down by a UFO after being scrambled to intercept a radar contact over a valley frequented by UFO reports. The plane crashed near an airbase near Bikaner in Rajasthan state, and the pilot parachuted to safety. The pilot radioed, "I have the UFO in sight.", before his jet's electrical systems shut down.


December 23--The date of the end of the world, according to Mayan cosmology.
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