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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 32948 times)
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July 11--Wave of UFO sightings begins during the solar eclipse at Mexico City. The first is of a bright object that hovered over Mexico City for almost thirty minutes before, during, and after the eclipse and was videotaped by seventeen different people in different parts of the city. After enhancement, the object appears to be shaped like a hockey puck, but metallic-looking with a dark underside. It appears to be in front of the cloud cover, whereas the stars that appear during the eclipse are obviously behind the clouds. It also seems to be spinning. The object videotaped during the eclipse is not the only one shown in these videos. There is one fascinating segment of an object performing what is called a "hyperjump" in the narration. Another unusual segment show a UFO fly behind a cloud, then reverse itself and fly back in the direction from which it had come. At one point a formation of Mexican fighter jets flying over a parade is shown, with an object below them that is said to be a UFO. There are many segements showing objects and lights in the sky. The Zona Volcanica, near Mexico City, is in particular a hotspot for UFO sightings, and many of these segments were taped there. In 1991, as thousands of citizens in Mexico stared up into the sky at the eclipse, something unusual was spotted. Countless people claim to have witnessed, for lack of a better term, what can only be described as a UFO. Jaime Maussan was born in Mexico City, and earned a B.A. degree in radio and television from the Miami University in Ohio. He has had a 25-year career in the media and has received several awards. He is now General Director and Anchorman of "60 Minutes" Mexico. After the 1991 Eclipse, he received a videotape of the event that showed a strange, silver disk hovering over the city. Maussan then asked his viewers to share any unusual sightings they might have had during the eclipse. To his and everyone’s amazement, 15 different videotapes, from different locations around the city and from different individuals, were produced. No one was prepared for what may be considered some of the best video evidence collected so far. Since then, Maussan has compiled over 5,000 videos and photos from eyewitnesses. This could be one of the largest collections of UFO videos in the world.

If Ufologists Nikolay Subbotin and Emil Bachurin of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) are to be believed, a 600 meter long UFO lies in a gorge in the Tien Shan ("Celestial") Mountains of Kyrgyzstan near the border with China. The two Russians claim that the huge dirigible-shaped object first attracted attention on August 28, 1991 at 4:42 local time when it appeared on the radar screens of the Mangishlak Peninsula, flying from west to east at 960 km per hour and at an altitude of 6600 meters. Thinking that the object might have been launched from Kapustin Yar (A Russian version of Cape Kennedy), Mangishlak personnel contacted the Cosmodrome. Kapustin denied any knowledge of the object, although they confirmed its appearance on radar. The object failed to respond to attempts at communication on any frequency, and since it was flying near a restricted area, two MIG-29 fighter jets that were already on patrol were directed to intercept it. In addition, a third jet was scrambled from Air Station 7. The MIG pilots were directed to intercept the object, to identify it if possible, to try to make contact with it, and to force it to land at the nearest Air Station. If the object failed to cooperate, they were directed to shoot it down. The MIGs intercepted the object over the western shore of the Aral Sea at 5:12. The pilots observed the object both visually and on their radar screens, and they described it as dirigible-shaped, 600 meters long by 110 meters wide, with very little surface detail except for two round "portholes" near the front, and some sort of strange green markings near the rear. The object did not make any hostile moves or react in any way to the presence of the jets. When all attempts at contacting the object failed, the squadron leader proposed positioning the jets on either side of the object at a distance of about 800 meters and gently but firmly directing it to the Air Station. If necessary, the jets were to fire warning shots to encourage the object to cooperate. When the jets were in position around the object, however, it soon became apparent that, within 800 meters of it, the weapons systems of the MiGs shut down for no apparent cause. Worse yet, at a distance of 600 meters from the object, the engines of the MiGs began to malfunction. The object began to make zigzag evasive maneuvers and to increase its speed from 960 kms per hour to 6800 kms per hour. These maneuvers were verified by radar at Baikonur, Alma-Ata, and Bishkek. The jets backed off as it became apparent that their plan to force the object to land was not going to succeed, and the object proceeded east through Alma-Ata airspace at a slightly lower altitude of 4500 meters. Radar dispatchers at Alma-Ata, fearing a collision with a conventional aircraft, issued a general alert for air traffic to avoid the area. At 5:27, the object disappeared from radar in the area of Lake Issyk-Kul near the border of Krygyzstan and Kazakhstan. The next major development in the story occurred a month later when reports began to trickle back to Bishkek that a huge UFO had been seen to crash into the Tien-Shan Mountains 100 kilometers east of Przhevalsk near a peak known as Pik Pobeda or "Peak of Victory". The actual site lay in a gorge known as "Shaitan Mazar" or "Grave of the Devil", near the Saris Dzas River at approximately Latitude 42 degrees 11 minutes North and Longitude 79 degrees 41 minutes East. A search party of experienced climbers led by Michael Eltchin of SAKKUFON was immediately dispatched from Bishkek, but the group was unable to reach the site due to heavy early snowfalls and the danger of avalanches in the Saris Dzas Valley. An attempt to reach the site by an Air Force helicopter ended tragically with a crash that cost several lives. The search was called off until after the spring thaws. In June of 1992, a second expedition was mounted, consisting of three groups of volunteers having both a scientific background and mountain climbing experience. This expedition was headed by Major German Svechkov, director of the Kazakh branch of SAKKUFON. This expedition arrived on-site on 6/12/92 and set up a base camp 2.5 kilometers NNW from the actual crash site. The path of the object was noted to be such that it had slid 1700 meters after hitting the ground. It then exploded from within its center, blasting it into almost two equal parts and bending its internal structure outwards from the center of the explosion. Decks and interior features were visible inside the object through the gap made by the blast. The expedition immediately noticed the following unusual effects when they began to examine the object: · They could not photograph the object because some sort of radiation exposed all film and ruined all videotape. · Whenever a member of the party got closer than 800 meters to the object, he began to feel unusual anxiety, depression, and exhaustion. · Within this 800 meter range, the men's hair stood on end. Instruments showed an unusually high amount of static electricity in the area. · Compasses and magnetometers refused to function properly in the area of the object. · Measurement devices registered no magnetic fields at all within an elliptically-shaped area centered on the object and measuring 2230 meters long and 1700 meters wide. Even naturally occurring magnetic rocks showed no magnetic field within this ellipse. · All clocks and wristwatches stopped at a distance of 600 meters from the object. · Anyone who approached the object began to suffer from some sort of radiation burns at a distance of 500 meters.

September--There was footage that made its way to mainstream news organizations that clearly showed something being fired upon in space above Australia. This footage has been called the "STS-48 Footage". It was footage downloaded from NASA K-band. What is seen is up for debate however there is no question that something interesting has been caught on film. A serene capture is shown at first and then there is a flash off out of the frame. Shortly afterward, an unidentified orb or sphere changes direction abruptly, and then what appears to be a laser projectile, shoots linearly past where the UFO was drifting. The conclusion that was given as to what was seen was perhaps a "Star Wars" weapons test against a drone decoy. Other UFO investigators say that it was as a Star Wars attempt against an extraterrestrial UFO. Many investigators say that the projectile that was fired at the UFO was most definitely coming from Australia. This would have to mean that if any Star Wars weapons were being fired they could be traced to the secret Pine Gap facility or the North West Cape military facility in Australia. NASA of course concluded that that the UFO was most definitely an ice crystal, and the off camera flash was a burst from an adjustment rocket on the Shuttle. The question is if there was an adjustment firing of a rocket, why then was there no shift in the horizon on the field showing on camera? The shuttle missions of course are mostly civilian however the crew on this shuttle was military. It was after this debacle that NASA decided it was time to move their satellites and delay their broadcasts.

September--During the Gulf War, with intense aerial activity around and over the NATO air bases in Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, there was a great spate of UFO reports, lasting approximately 6 weeks. Several sightings were shown on the PIK-ENA news broadcaster. The largest scale sighting was in Paphos where a group of black cube shaped objects were seen flying over the town, apparently one following the other in a line. One press journalist attributed the sighting to a pair of black US Sikorsky helicopters that had been in the area that day, but had landed at Paphos International Airport and were apparently not airborne at the time. A second sighting involved many witnesses in Limassol, who, during a powercut in Limassol at night, saw a bright white-blue "laser" or beam of light beam down from the night sky and illuminate part of the coastline for several minutes. Eventually the beam disappeared and the lights were restored to Limassol. At neither time did either British or Cypriot authorities acknowledge the sighting of UFO's and stated that they were likely mistaken for NATO aircraft and helicopters operating at full alert.

November--A UFO dogfight was observed near the town of Ezibastuz, Pavlodar region of Kazahstan. Two UFOs seemed to be fighting each other with one eventually crashing.

November-- A UFO was shot down by a Russian military fighter aircraft. The UFO crashed near the town of Prohladnyi, north of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The UFO and its ET pilots were transported to Zhitkur.


Mars orbiter destroyed enroute to Mars.

An Ecclesiastical court re-tries Galileo. Since the thing that got him excommunicated in the first place, an edict against teaching Copernicus, is still in force, he could actually by found guilty again. He is pardoned, and the Church admits he was right.

A sea kayaker viewed an amazing sight off the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. He was four or five miles off the Peninsula when a waterspout suddenly formed some hundreds of yards ahead of his kayak. As he observed this spout, the forward motion of the funnel stopped, the curtain of light mist surrounding the waterspout disappeared and a rotating column of what seemed to be solid ice appeared. As the sun reflected off the rotating mass of ice crystals, it appeared to be a sight of extraordinary beauty. The height of the ice column was estimated at 100 to 150 feet. When the ice column collapsed back into the ocean, it created a whirlpool. After this amazing event, the kayaker paddled over to examine floating fragments of ice and found specimens of fish embedded in the frozen pieces.

One of the most recent sightings of the Alma was when some footprints were found in Mongolia.

April 15--A former professor at Temple University in Buffalo revealed the following story regarding UFOs that are frequently sighted above Lake Ontario. A large disc shaped craft was observed coming out of the lake around 7:00 AM and flying erratically south towards Lockport, NY. The object appeared to wobble and moved lower appearing to be in trouble. Observers claim it appeared to search for a landing spot, continued to lose altitude and crashed on Campbell Boulevard (Route 270) four miles west of Lockport and ten miles north of Buffalo. The crash was similar to that seen in the movie "MIB". When the UFO crashed it managed to avoid hitting the cars traveling the road. However, the drivers of the cars stopped to examine the UFO and most waited until the police arrived. The UFO was 100 feet in diameter and 25 feet high. Military, fire and police quickly arrived and cleaned up the crash site and cautioned those there not to talk about the incident. Some how the authorities were able to keep the crash quiet and only family members of those who observed the crash site have been told.

June or July-- There was yet another strange explosion in Saovo, Ryazan region of central Russia. Again, only a crater was found and it remains as a suspected UFO crash.

June 25-- A UFO was allegedly detected on radar flying over Moldova in the Ukraine. A Soviet MIG fighter was dispatched to intercept. Allegedly the MIG collided with the UFO both of which crashed as a result.

November 24--A UFO purportedly crashed in South Haven Park near Shirley on Long Island.


NASA's High Resolution Microwave Survey is terminated due to budget cuts.

Various Hantavirus outbreaks.

American Hero by Larry Beinhart is published, revealing the truth of the Gulf War.

A massive triangular object with flashing lights all around it was reported by a witness in the Ashbourne area of Derbyshire. It was very big, made no noise, and seemed to be coming down over back lane traveling towards Uttoxeter.

The Roman Catholic Church concedes that Israel has a right to exist.

March--A former British Airways pilot, Graham Sheppard, experienced a mysterious "lateral displacement", throwing him miles off course, as he was flying his Cessna 172 light aircraft close to the unique radio-telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a natural crater turned into the parabolic bowl of a gigantic receiving antenna--the largest and most sensitive radio-telescope in the world. Sheppard, an expert navigator whose experience in the air spans four decades, and includes flying 747s, describes it as the most bewildering moment of his career. After passing over the telescope, "a feeling of unease and growing confusion came over me," he says. "Minutes went by with no idea of my position, but I was confident the west coast would soon appear at right angles to my course. I recall the shock of seeing the coastline, not at right angles to my course, but parallel. It became alarmingly clear that I was flying along the south coast. The navigation error here is enormous and should be impossible." An on-board video camera confirms that Sheppard's gyro compass was set to the correct bearing for his original course. It also confirms that he was flying at 2,200ft--yet somehow he had passed over hills up to 3,900ft high. The aircraft's instruments had appeared normal, and later weather checks ruled out a freak wind having blown him off course.

March--A V-shaped craft was reported over New York State and Connecticut. The craft was described as being "as big as two football fields" and the craft flashed its lights on and off as though trying to attract attention.

March 30--At 12:30 a.m. at the RAF Shawbury air base in England, a meteorological officer saw a triangular UFO, larger than a Boeing-747, zigzag in the sky at great speed, making a humming sound. It swept the countryside with a powerful beam of light. At the same time in Rugeley, England a family had a close encounter with a UFO that made a humming sound. They thought the object was going to crash, but instead it vanished. At RAF Cosford an aviation expert timed the flight of a UFO seen traveling between Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire. He calculated its speed at 1100 mph. According to Nick Pope, the UK Air Ministry's representative responsible for tracking UFO reports at the time, zigzagging UFOs were also reported flying over Devonshire, Cornwall, and Somerset Counties at this time.

August or September-- Another UFO was allegedly tracked by a Soviet satellite system over the Ukraine. The UFO was shot down by military authorities and crashed near the town of Nikolaev.

August 8--Oz-Dandenong Foothills Encounter and Abduction. Kelly Cahill has become a name well-associated with UFOs and abduction. The incident appears to involve independent confirmation of a CE3 and missing time in that at least two and possibly three groups of people unknown to each other witnessed the same UFO and entities, and experienced missing time. Perhaps for the first time, independent witnesses have offered strikingly similar information, thus making a convincing case for the reality of the strange events described. This reality is further strengthened by a range of apparently related physical traces, including ground traces, a low level magnetic anomaly apparently consistent with the location of the UFO encounter, and effects on some of the witnesses. John Auchettl and his group Phenomena Research Australia (PRA) had two different laboratories confirm several unusual anomalies and magnetic problems at the apparent site of the UFO landing. Some interesting changes in soil chemistry were detected- an above average sulphur content, the presence of pyrene (which occurs in coal tar and is also obtained by the destructive hydrogenation of hard coal), and tannic acid- in a crescent shaped indentation. There was a triangular formation of dead grass on the ground, spaced out in the site. These physical dimensions represent compelling evidence for a reality underlying abduction events. The case is a striking example of the importance of focusing on the physical evidence for extraordinary UFO events. Such a strategy will provide for insight into the nature and purpose of UFO activity. However, cases like Narre Warren are rare. Most abduction events have little or no direct, unambiguous evidence. Implants, missing fetuses, scars, and other abduction- related anomalies still have not been sufficiently sub-stantiated.

November 24--UFO Crash? The incident happened just after 07:00pm on the night of November 24, according to John Ford, chairman of the Long Island U.F.O. Network, who said that it has taken his group six months to do a thorough investigation. It was just recently, though, that his group was able to acquire the video and the photos. "We knew that something crashed into the park that night and we have, bit by bit," said Ford, "been able to finally put the picture together." Several motorists who were traveling along Sunrise Highway that night, according to Ford, contacted his organization and described what they thought was a plane that was going down into the park. And many local residents whose homes border Southaven report that they heard loud rumbling sounds and saw strange lights. "Eyewitness accounts have confirmed that a fire was reported immediately after," noted Ford. "In addition, the roads around the park were blocked off to travel by county and park police. The next day, and for a few days after, the park was closed to the public." One local resident who lives near the park said that for a five to six day period after the incident, his house experienced numerous power surges and the phone would ring strangely without anyone on the other end. "I ride horses in the park so I'm pretty familiar with the activities there," said the 45- year-old man who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his job ("they would fire me if they thought I believed in flying saucers"). "For the next few days there were a lot of military helicopters going over the park --- and I couldn't get in." Records show that Southaven Park was closed between November 25 and 28. According to park officials, the park was closed to the general public that week because it was reserved for duck hunting. Although some of the area fire departments were initially called, they were turned back and the fire was handled by the federally controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department, said Ford. Ford's group finally gained admittance into the park a week later. "We found an area that was burned out and some trees were bent over," Ford recalled. "A section looked like it had been plowed over by machinery." But two things were of particular interest to Ford. "We were getting a higher than normal radiation reading in the area, higher than regular background radiation, and the fence line in that area," said Ford, "had no magnetic reading." Ford explained that metal fences maintain a magnetic charge from the Earth. "Something had stripped away the magnetic charge of the fence." Ford later received what he had been waiting and hoping for: a video film of the crash. "I can't say where I got it from because these people who supplied the tape are afraid that the government will go after them." Because of the poor quality of the tape, Ford has been working with video specialists to try and enhance the quality of the picture and to produce stills. The video, a copy of which was given to South Shore Press, shows people examining a bright reddish, metallic-type object about four-square feet that appears to be emitting a white, cloudy gas, and a hissing sound can be heard --- a sight and sound that resembles dry ice that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. The next shot shows what appears to be a person trying to lift up a body near a tree, but the poor quality of the film makes positive identification impossible. In a final scene, three uniformed men (wearing dark jackets and rounded caps similar to federal swat teams) are seen placing a large shiny spread (similar to mylar) over something on the ground. Ford makes no apologies for the poor quality of the video: "Things are happening fast and the guy who took the shots doesn't want to be too obvious." And he confesses that it is hard to get people to come forward and admit what they've seen. "One of the major problems in researching UFOs is that people are afraid of sounding like lunatics when describing strange, unexplained events." But an even greater fear, notes Ford, is the government. "You get involved with things that the government doesn't want people to know and they can make life pretty tough for you." What are Ford's conclusions about the Southaven incident? "We are still very actively investigating this event. We believe that an extraterrestrial craft, with aliens, crashed that night in the park, and we are out to prove it."


Scientists report beached whales in America. They appear confused. The best explanation is the magnetic field of the earth is messed up.

The media finally starts advertising Alan Wetherall's statements that the Loch Ness "surgeon's photo" is a fake.

El Chupacabra "the goat sucker" first spotted in Puerto Rico. It is hard to describe the appearance of El Chupacabra because sightings greatly differ. Most say it is either gray or green. Some say it has a large lizard-like tongue, others say it has wings. A bipedal creature (one that stands upright like a human), the Chupacabra has had many sightings where its height was reported to be anywhere from 3 and 6 feet tall. Some say it walks, some say it flies, and some say it has a kangaroo hop. Due to the distinct technique the strange animal has of killing its prey, it is very easy to tell if the Chupacabra was involved in an animals death. Animals are found with puncture wounds in their neck and most of their blood removed. Often, the victim's organs have disappeared even though the only wound is a small hole in the animal's neck. Reports of laser-like cuts on the victim's ears are also common. Although some people say they have seen the Chupacabra's tracks, in many cases there are no signs of blood or tracks around the dead animals. Like the descriptions of El Chupacabras' appearance, people's ideas of its origin widely vary. Many say it's a new species, or a relative to the panther. More eccentric scholars say it is a dinosaur or an alien. Another theory is that there is a portal to another dimension that stretches from Puerto Rico across to South America.

January 20-- A huge, dark, disc-shaped object, reddish-brown in color, vanished suddenly in the skies over Coulommiers, France at 1:14 p.m. European time. The UFO was sighted by the crew of an Air France A320 airliner, and reported to air traffic control. Ground military radar tracked the UFO for 50 seconds at a speed of 100 knots. About one hour later, at 8:20 a.m. local time in Lancaster, New Hampshire, a diamond-shaped UFO with blunt points paused in the sky, then vanished.

February--After being commissioned to investigate the Roswell crash by Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico, the GAO begins its investigation.

March--Discovered accidentally by filmmaker Jose Escamilla in March of 1994, what he calls "rods" are strange flying things that can only be seen on slowed-down film and videotape, and sometimes captured in still photographs. Apparently, these things - whatever they are - move too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. According to Escamilla's own definition, rods are "cigar or cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel." The rods measure from just a few inches to several feet in length and there seem to be a few varieties with different kinds of appendages. They have been spotted and recorded in Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, California, South Dakota, Connecticut and even Sweden. Some have even been seen underwater. Are they some unknown species of animal? If so, why has no one ever seen these creatures at rest?

March 5--Death of Carlos Allende.

March 8--UFOs sighted about 11pm near Holland, Michigan. Hundreds of reports are called in.

May 15--Possible UFO crash in Kharkov, Ukraine. Found were the remains of a strange object that obviously originated from space (judging from its chemical composition, it is neither a meteorite, nor terrestrial space junk).

June--Ukranian military authorities are credited with shooting down yet another UFO. This time it was 100 kilometres north-east of Kiev. The object was later recovered and transported to the military base at Herson where ET bodies were discovered inside it.

July--The Air Force releases its own report claiming the famous Roswell UFO debris was a PROJECT MOGUL balloon train.


A UFO crashes near Boyle, Ireland and a NATO task force and the Irish police capture a crew of five aliens.

Movie "Stargate" released which tells of an ancient stargate found in Egypt. Scientists activate it and travel to another planet where there are pyramids and ancient Egyptian is spoken. Similar to a stargate found in Peru (in the real world).

Reports which surfaced in the first hours following the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing yet were suppressed by the national media, regarding Firefighters who told of huge tunnels that had been blasted open where they were shocked to see huge underground rooms filled with military arsenals, including missiles and missile launchers, tanks, etc. Also reports of an 18-level underground base beneath this Federal Building (and others?), with the top 5 levels being used for underground parking. To digress: Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City has been cited by some as a major New World Order preparation facility, and like many major airports, the Oklahoma City airport is intended to be used as a major transfer terminal for political dissidents once attempts are made to enforce the NWO in North America. Most major airports of this type reportedly have major underground FEMA, etc., facilities. Tinker Air Force Base is also where Cathy O'Brien reportedly met George Bush during her mind control "training".

Paul Freeman, a veteran Bigfoot hunter, Bill Laughery, a former game warden followed the sound of odd screams that were heard in the Blue Mountains of southeast Washington state. Joined by Wes Summerlin, a local resident, they hiked to an area where Bigfoot tracks had been found. In a clearing, the men found several small trees twisted, broken, and dripping sap. Caught on the trees were large clumps of long black and brown hair (see below). They then caught sight of a seven-foot ape-like creature and heard the screams of two others. They observed the creature through binoculars at a distance of 90 feet, eating yellow wood violets. The trackers also found droppings two to five inches long, full of half-eaten carpenter ants, and fallen trees that had been pulled apart for the ants inside.

January 6-- A British Airways Boeing 737 aircraft was buzzed by a glowing triangular craft as it approached Manchester Airport.

March--Mayans say the Solar Culture will flourish once again with ceremonies at Chichen Itza. This date begins an age of open information.

May-- Another UFO again was tracked by satellite and once again shot down in the Ukraine. Crashing into the Carpathian mountains near the border with Rumania, the wreckage was once again recovered and taken to the Herson military base.

May 25--A cigar-shaped object with a row of brightly flashing lights along its length was observed over the Texas panhandle by the crew of a westward bound America West B-757 airliner. Flight 564 was cruising at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, en route from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada. First Officer John J. Waller and a flight attendant saw, off to their right and somewhat below their altitude, a row of bright white lights which sequenced on and off from left to right. Waller contacted the Albuquerque FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center while the sighting was in progress and checks were made with military installations in the area, but no explanation could be found. As the airliner proceeded westward, the lights began dropping behind. Then they observed the phenomenon against a background of dark thunderclouds. When the background clouds pulsed with lightning, they could see the silhouette of a dark, wingless, elongated cigar-like object around the strobing lights. Though they did not know the object's exact distance, the pilot and co-pilot estimated its length to be 300-400 feet.

July--The GAO releases its report on Roswell. Not much to read.

August 17 or 18--There was a UFO crash in the Salta area of Argentina and it was all covered up. The incident occurred in the vicinity of Mt. El Crestón near Metán, Salta. Thousands of people witnessed the UFO's was apparently struck by air-to-air missiles by an unknown type of aircraft (triangular?) and knocked out of the sky. Hours later a small private plane flew over the crash site and it too fell to the ground. The pilot later said that source of electromagnetic energy caused his plane to crash. According to information published in the press, a team of rescuers from the town of Rosario de Lerma, almost 150 miles from the crash site, set off to the area to initiate operations. "We had no idea it could be, but we went there thinking we'd find injured people," stated Pedro Olivera, the leader of the rescue team. Olivera went on to state that officials later told his group that "an object had exploded in mid-air" but would add nothing further. The rescue team visited Cerrillo, La Merced, Carril and other towns, and in each stop, found excited witnesses telling them about the uncanny celestial event, the subsequent explosion, and the rumbling of the earth beneath their feet. Olivera's team struck pay dirt when they reached the foothills of Mt. Crestón, a nine thousand-foot peak. They found themselves staring at an alien vista of charred vegetation and scorched rocks, and in the middle of this devastation, sat a metallic object which reflected the feeble rays of the sun. The rescuers radioed their superiors, advising them that the object had been located. Without any further explanation, the authorities ordered the rescuers to advance no further and to return to their base. August 18, 1995, villagers and townspeople reported seeing four wheel drive vehicles manned by English-speaking personnel speeding toward the crash site. The testimony of an anonymous technician of the National University at Salta is particularly interesting: apparently, the foreign personnel was accompanied by university staffers and technicians from the local nuclear power plant. The foreigners, according to this account, took with them chunks of a thin, metallic material resembling aluminum. The fragments allegedly "assumed a concave shape when joined" and had an unusual consistency. The anonymous university informer claims that all present were instructed to say that fragments of a meteorite had been found, and that pieces of rock should be shown to the press. Witnesses also say that strange corpses were found amid the wreckage...the craft was saucer-shaped, measuring some six hundred fifty feet across. Some rumors spoke of two hundred dead occupants, and still other rumors suggested that the vast number of corpses was sent to Mendoza and then to the U.S. by plane.

September 16--UFO crashes in Lesotho, Africa. No news reports are seen.

November--Near Itum-Katein the Chechnya Mountains of the Chechen Republic-Itchkeria, an explosion of an unidentified and unusual aerial craft. The wreckage was gathered by Chechinian forces and all records of the event were said to have been destroyed during the was between Checinia and Russia.

December 7--Atlantean energy grid locks onto the earth once again.
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