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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 32947 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2007, 10:49:28 pm »

Large V-shaped UFOs seen over Newburgh, New York.

Spring-- South Molton, Devonshire, England local farmer Eric Ley lost over one hundred of his sheep in a period of two and a half months to the Beast of Bodmin Moor, a large cat-like creature. Eric noticed that the killer did not attack its victims like a dog or fox would, but rather like a lion or leopard by ripping out their throats.

February--Linda Moulton Howe reportedly meets with an AFOSI agent at Kirtland AFB and is shown a "presidential briefing paper."

May 5--In the case of "The Ordzenikidze Object", the air defense units of the Trans-Caucasus military region fired a missile at a cone-shaped UFO, after being detected on radar for some time. Afterwards, a local inhabitant of the Stolovaya Mountain area, near Nalchik, claimed that he had made contact with "Aliens". Later, some adventurers from Moscow, after learning of the incident through a media report, claimed they found and entered a spacecraft there (the Daryal Gorge area). The article went on to say that senior military officers evacuated the area and the craft hauled off to the secret Mitische base near Moscow where the propulsion system was studied and scientists determined that the engine used neutrino radiation.

August 12--The destruction of the "Montauk Project".

November 1--A construction crew was working on Route 1 just north of the Golden Gate Bridge near Stinson Beach. Suddenly they spotted a creature, underwater, approaching the land. They estimated the creature's length at 100 feet and it's diameter at five. Using binoculars they watched it making coils, throwing it's head about and whipping it's body around.

November 27--The best indication of Illuninati infiltration into Catholic church is that the Pope retracted all of the Papal Bulls against Freemasonry and allowed Catholics, after several hundred years, to again become members of secret societies without fear of excommunication.


A meeting is held at MJ-12's "Country Club" which sparks a factional fight over what to do about the "Alien Problem". They resolve to hold off from the original plan of full revelation by 1987 and continue to work on defensive technology.

Producer Jaime Shandera receives the MJ-12 Documents on an undeveloped roll of 35mm film.

A seismic shock wave hit the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. An alleged UFO crash was reportedly responsible and the wreckage was later recovered and transported to the military base at Monchegorsk.

Massive UFO sited in Millwood, New York sometime in July. It looked like a floating city, about the size of three football fields. Its shape was triangular and it had different color lights, green, white, and red.

In northern Russia in the Taymyrian area of Siberia , near the Enisey river a "dolphin-shaped" craft was recovered from the river and removed to the Zhitkur base for study.

One of the documents from the Soviet "Blue Folder" describes a UFO encounter that happened in 1984 in Turkestan Military District. Anti-aircraft defense system near the city of Astrakhan "notched up" the object that flew along the Caspian Sea coast at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and was heading to the frontier. It did not respond to the interrogations. Its shape resembled a sphere. Two fighters were scrambled, but all the attempts to shoot the UFO down failed. Moreover, when the object was fired at, it descended down to one hundred meters above the ground to an altitude that made further firing by the fighters impossible. It is necessary to mention that despite the firing, the speed of the UFO did not change. During the flight the object passed above several military unit locations, and this made it possible to take photographs. When the UFO approached the town of Krasnovodsk, a helicopter was scrambled to make an attempt to shoot the intruder down, but the UFO quickly climbed and hovered at the altitude that was inaccessible for the helicopter. After the pilots had spent all their ammunition the helicopter descended for landing, whereas the UFO sharply changed its course and headed toward the open sea. Soon after, the object disappeared from sight and was lost by radars.

July 13--A 20-foot long, two-foot-high bulge stretched the surface of a street in Fort Worth, Texas, as if a giant earthworm was trying to come up from under the road. It seemed alive, swaying back and forth, said Charlie McCafferty of the fire department, "What spooked me was there wasn't even a crack in the road." Jackhammers were used to break through the asphalt and concrete, where they found silt layers intact and no evidence of gas buildup. Shortly after the above event a similar mound was seen on Calvin Lang's homestead at the outskirts of Fort Worth, and after prodding it with a rake it disappeared yet it had left some buildings torn apart, fences torn down, and shrubs and trees uprooted. Later Jeremy Boiter spotted what appeared to be a giant tentacle erupting from the ground in a shower of gravel and dirt about two miles away. It seized a cat and her kittens, devouring them in seconds as well as two growling dog which it swallowed in its "slick dripping mouth". His friend Phil Dewar also found scraps of birds, rabbits and other while animals among the rubble of a destroyed hut.

July 20-- In the Baku mountains of Azerbaijan, a UFO was seen to crash into the mountains.

August 1--"Lindow Man" is unearthed from Lindow Moss, near Manchester, England.

September-- A high delta-winged craft soundlessly buzzed golfers in Australia, which set Royal Australian Air Force into motion. The event caused the subject of UFOs to be raised in Parliament.


Dr. Kinchloe invited to test a free energy N machine in Santa Barbara, CA, called the "Sunburst".

Maya Bykova, an assistant to Dr Boris Porshnev (yes, the same one from 1964) at Moscow's Darwin Museum, is reported to have actually observed a hominoid of unknown identity, a creature nicknamed by the ethnic Mnasi people as Mecheny, or "marked," because of the the whitish skin patch seen on its left forearm, the only part of its body not covered by red-brown hair.

Mister Scheel resigned as Bilderberger chairman, and was succeeded by Lord Roll of Ipsden, President of S. G. Warburg Group.

An outbreak of Dengue fever strikes Managua Nicaragua shortly after an increase of U.S. aerial reconnaissance missions. Nearly half of the capital city's population was stricken with the disease, and several deaths have been attributed to the outbreak. It was the first such epidemic in the country and the outbreak was nearly identical to that which struck Cuba a few years earlier (1981).

A radar station under Captain L. Valuev in the Krasnovodsk region of Russia registered an unknown object at an altitude of 20,000 meters. Its dimension was about 1000 meters! The object did not move, but after some time a small disc having a diameter of approximately five meters flew out of the large object. This smaller disc-shaped UFO landed at the Krasnovodsk spit. Patrol-boats of Kaspian flotilla rushed to the landing place of the UFO, but when they approached it at a distance about 100 meters, the UFO took off and flew away for about a kilometre. Patrol-boats approached the UFO again, and it again flew away from them. The situation was repeated five times! Finally the object went up with tremendous speed. Its mark on the radar screen coincided with the mark of the mother craft, and then the large UFO went off into Space.

In ruling on a case in which a former U.S. Army sergeant attempted to bring a lawsuit against the Army for using experimental drugs on him, without his knowledge, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that allowing such an action against the military would disrupt the chain of command. Thus, nearly all potential actions against the military for past, or future, misdeeds have been barred as have actions aimed at the release of classified documents on the subject.

Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee invited to Norton AFB to meet with DAVA about UFOs.

Moore and Shandera discover the "Cutler Memo" while searching the National Archives for corroboration of the MJ-12 documents.

June--The testimony of Alexander G. Globa, a seaman from Gori, a Soviet tanker, was published in Zagadki Sfinksa magazine (Issue # 3, 1992) Odessa,. In June 1984, Gori was in the Mediterranean, twenty nautical miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 16:00, Globa was on duty. With him was Second-in-Command S. Bolotov. They were standing watch at the left bridge extension wing when both men observed a strange polychromatic object. When the object was astern, it stopped suddenly. S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his binoculars and shouting: "It is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!" Globa looked through his own binoculars and saw, at a distance over the stern, a flattened out looking object (it did remind him of an upside-down frying pan). The UFO was gleaming with a grayish metallic shine. The lower portion of the craft had a precise round shape, its diameter no more than twenty meters. Around the lower portion of it Globa also observed "waves" of protuberances on the outside plating. The base of the object's body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions. At the circumference of the lower disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright, bead-like lights. The seaman's attention was centered on the bottom portion of the UFO. It looked as if it was completely even and smooth, its color that of a yolk, and in the middle of it Globa discerned a round, nucleus-like stain. At the edge of the UFO's bottom, which was easily visible, was something that looked like a pipe. It glowed with an unnaturally bright rosy color, like a neon lamp. The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower disc, but at a much slower pace. Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible wave. Many lights illuminated its bottom portion. The crew of Gori tried to attract the object's attention using a signal projector. By that time Captain Sokolovky was on the desk with his men. He and his Second-in-Command were watching the object intensely. However, the UFO's attention was distracted by another ship, approaching at the port side. It was an Arab dry cargo ship, on its way to Greece. The Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship. A minute and a half later the object changed its flight's trajectory, listed to the right, gained speed and ascended rapidly. The Soviet seamen observed that when it rose through the clouds, appearing and disappearing again, it would occasional shine in the sun's rays. The craft then flared up, like a spark, and was gone instantly.


Beginnings of the Gulf Breeze sightings. There will be over a thousand in the next ten years.

January 29--A steel-colored, globe-shaped UFO crashed on height 611 on the Izvestkovaya mountain near the small town of Dalnegorsk. Debris was recovered and examined.

May 19-- Brasilia/Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Several bright objects seen by tower controllers, a private jet, and confirmed by ATC and Air Defense Radars-two F-5E and three Mirage III scrambled to intercept. One F-5 pilot had visual and radar contact, while a Mirage and the other F-5 had only radar contact-zigzag movements and rapid acceleration noted by pilots and controllers. No explanation given by Brazilian AF.

April 27--Death of famed Astronomer and UFOlogist J. Allen Hynek

July11--An unusual looking aircraft was seen crashing into California's Sequoia National Park (15 miles northeast of Bakersfield). The person who witnessed this event described it as a UFO. The military came in and closed off the area. They said it was a military aircraft and released a name of the dead pilot. The type of the military vehicle was never revealed. Such sources as Aviation Week believed it to have been a Stealth Fighter aircraft, but that was only a best guess. Could this have been a test of a captured alien craft?

August 28--Death of Jim Lorenzen, co-founder of APRO.

November 17--Japan Airlines Flight 1628 is followed by a UFO over Alaska. Pilot sees a giant UFO over Anchorage.


The CIA begins to experiment with ELF "Death Rays".

Reddish-orange UFOs fly over Meishan, Sichuan province, China.

The FDA covers up old information on AZT to get it approved for use against AIDS as part of the plan to poison and kill off the homosexual population.

"Operation Deepscan", studying Lock Ness, picks up three unidentified targets.

The MJ-12 documents are released by Shandera, Moore, and Stanton Friedman.

The Beast of Bodmin Moor, a large cat-like creature was blamed for over 200 farm animal deaths in South Molton, Devonshire, England this year.

April--An accident at Area 51 results in a matter-antimatter explosion. Bob Lazar says scientists at S4 were trying to cut into an alien reactor when it exploded. The official explanation was an "unannounced nuclear test".

July--Christa Tilton of Oklahoma has reported that she had an experience of missing time where she had been abducted by two small grey aliens and transported in their craft to a hillside location where she encountered a man dressed in a red military-like jump suit. She was taken into a tunnel through computerized check-points displaying security cameras. She reported having been taken on a transit vehicle to another area where she stepped on a scale-like device facing a computer screen. After the computer issued her an identification card, she was told by her guide that they had just entered Level One of a seven-level underground facility. Christa goes on relating how she was eventually taken down to Level Five. She reports having seen alien craft and little grey alien entities in some of the areas that she passed through. Christa reports going into one large room where she saw large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to the tanks and large arms that extended from some tubing down into the tanks. She noticed a humming sound, smelled formaldehyde, and was under the impression that some liquid was being stirred in the tanks. Christa has made drawings of much of what she had witnessed during her abduction.

End of August-- A rocket-shaped UFO some 14 meters long crashed near the Vyborg north-west of Leningrad. Wreckage transported to the Monchegorsk air base.

September-- 16-cycle waves are broadcast for a period of four months before the election of George Bush. The ELF waves caused entrainment of millions of Americans to occur.

Early September-- Another UFO dogfight took place over the town of Tutaev in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. The UFO eventually crashed into a bog in the Darvinskiy reserve and the wreckage was recovered and taken to Zhitkur.

September 21-- President Reagan voiced his thoughts about aliens threatening the Earth in an address to the United Nations.

November--The Controversial Gulf Breeze UFO Photos. Ed Walters, a resident of Gulf Breeze, Florida and building contractor, photographed in excess of 40 extremely clear and convincing "flying saucers" over the course of several years, but the greatest concentration of images between Nov-Dec of '87. Though examined by photographic experts and said not to be fakes, there still remains considerable controversy over Ed's photos. Many believe Ed used a simple reflection technique to create his UFOs. A plastic model was discovered by a teenager, Tommy Smith (who also claims he helped Ed fake the photos) hidden in the attic of Walters' home that closely resemble the strange, "tub like" space craft in his pictures. This was later disputed as being untrue and claims were made that the model was planted to discredit Walters. In Ed's book he even had a rather staged photo of himself shaking his fist at the looming UFO which hovered outside his patio window, suggesting he was plagued by the ships to the point that such a photo could have been taken. When Walter's images first came out, many people noticed that they all had a strange ghost-like qualilty to them, possibly indicating either superimposure or the image was in some way reflected onto glass. Quite a number of skeptics reproduced Ed's results almost exactly using the reflection technique. Nonetheless, experts such as Bruce Maccabbe called them authentic and even co-authored a book with Walters. As a UFO case, it simply remains unresolved. Walter's went on to capture the same UFO on video several times and sticks to his story to this day. One thing is for certain, the Gulf Breeze area has been, off and on, a hotbed of UFO activity witnessed by countless others, though no one else has ever photographed "Ed's" particular UFO to date; and yet, Ed's got a scrap album packed with the one UFO type. Ed Walters is the approximate American equivalent of Billy Meier, minus the tomes of transmitted 'knowledge' from the happy space brethren.

November 2--About 80 kilometres from Krasnovodsk in Turkmeniya, a UFO approximately 290 meters in diameter had landed on the water of the Caspian sea. The UFO then exploded and there was almost nothing left of it apart from an oil slick in the sea.

November 27-- Groups of U.S. Army Rangers attempted, but apparently bungled, to enter a joint U.S.-alien facility in New Mexico.

December--John Lear, son of the Lear jet inventor and former CIA pilot, releases a statement about U.S. government involvement with aliens.

December 17--A UFO in Gulf Breeze, Florida dropped a fluid on the local athletic field. Analysis showed that the fluid was of unknown origin.
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