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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33969 times)
Jennie McGrath
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Barry Goldwater (U.S. Senator, Retired Air Force Reserve Brigadier General, and pilot) tries to gain entrance to the "Blue Room" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. General Curtis Lamey's answer is "Hell no, you can't go. I can't go, and don't ask me again." Goldwater claims, however, that he was told physical evidence exists confirming the existence of alien spacecraft at the airbase.

Stories of UFO sightings by astronauts become widespread.

Thomas Edwin Castello takes photos/videos/notes and flees from his position as Head of Dulce Base Security, six copies of everything is made before he goes into hiding. His wife and child are abducted by agents before he can reach them however. He never sees them again. Castello describes earlier work as a top secret photo analyst during which he developed a role of film showing an "Adamski"-type craft with a "swastika" on the side.

In PROJECT HOMELESS, government agencies began using "expendable" homeless people for genetic experiments for chemical and biological warfare agents. Used also for psychological testing, drug experiments, and as bargaining tools with aliens. Main terminal is Indian Springs, California. Abducted from shelters, streets and hang-outs. These "invisible people" are not even missed by the general population and no mention is stated in the media.

February 17--Near the village of Zhigansk, in the Yakutiya republic of Russia, a disc-shaped craft with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena river. Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University.

April--Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev commenting on a UFO sighting that occurred while en route to the Solyut 6 space station: "It followed us during half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side, it disappeared completely. It was an engineered structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 25 to 29 meters away." Cosmonaut Adanasyev made a drawing of the space ship he witnessed from aboard the Soviet orbital vessel. Afansyev also stated, "I think we are not alone, something of extraterrestrial origin has visited Earth. The alien craft turned toward ours, followed us and flew formation 25 to 29 meters away. We photographed the metallic engineering structure that was around 40 meters long. The film was later confiscated."

June 18-- Near Quinto, Italy. An Italian Air Force G-91R pilot asked by a radar station to check out a radar target. Pilot saw a long opaque object similar to an aircraft drop tank. Pilot rolled his aircraft and took about 80 frames of films. Pilot then turned to make another pass, but the UFO accelerated away and disappeared. Case considered by Italian AF as "unidentified".

August 20--The American embassy in La Paz, Bolivia was informed of the collision of a small artificial vehicle on Bolivian soil. The unknown device had crashed on a large private hacienda near the village of Buen Retiro. Gonzalo Menacho, a local farmer, attested to having seen "a fireball falling from the sky" in the early hours of August 19th. After sunrise, Menacho was surprised to see a small military airplane circling the area, as if looking for something. Accompanied by a friend, Menacho discovered a lightweight sphere made of some unknown metal, roughly three times the size of a basketball. When the men tried to retrieve the object, they were prevented from doing so by government authorities. A Bolivian Air Force colonel stated that the object was not extraterrestrial, merely "a fuel cell from a satellite." A film on the recovery effort was presented to the U.S. Air Force.

November 11--Spanish Air Force F-1 Mirage scrambled after a TAE jetliner reported a near-miss with a disk-shaped object near Valencia. Mirage pilot vectored onto three separate targets which were seen visually but not on radar. First two objects were white lights, third was a white disk. Pilot was unable to gain on the objects, which jammed his onboard radar and ruined his gun-camera film. Event considered "unknown" by Spanish Air Force, damage to film discovered after landing.

November 17--Spanish Air Force Mirage F-1 scrambled from Los Llanos AB after unknown radar target in the vicinity of Grenada. Pilot never had bogey on radar, but picked up three red lights in shape of a triangle over the Med. Pilot had to break off when low on fuel. Also a Spanish AF unknown.

November 25--There was an apparent UFO crash in Grays Harbor, Washington. At least one of the several witnesses reported that the object seen falling into the harbor was cigar shaped with brightly glowing windows. Another witness said he saw a blinding flash after he saw it fall below the timberline towards the harbor. This last witness also reported that the object had a long, blue colored tail. Although there were reports of a retrieval of some object by the military, there was also the explanation that the lights seen by witnesses were merely the lights of a logging helicopter.

December--On the Lanxi highway, Zeijiang Province, China Wang Jianming and Wang Dingyuan, driving separate trucks, ran into two diminutive beings illuminated by a cone of light. When one of the drivers got out of his vehicle, wielding an iron bar and willing to confront the entities, these suddenly vanished and the cone of light disappeared.


William Moore begins to reveal MJ12 secrets and the Roswell mystery.

Demise of NICAP.

A worker at an experimental agricultural station operated by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences at Bulgan, encounters the dead body of a strange humanlike creature: "I approached and saw a hairy corpse of a robust humanlike creature dried and half-buried by sand. I had never seen such a humanlike being before covered by camel-colour brownish-yellow short hairs and I recoiled, although in my native land in Sinkiang I had seen many dead men killed in battle. ... The dead thing was not a bear or ape and at the same time it was not a man like Mongol or Kazakh or Chinese and Russian. The hairs of its head were longer than on its body"

A strange hole in the back yard of Jim and Harriet Johnson's home in Tacoma, Washington, which "devours" everything thrown into it. Cavers explored the hole and saw three cone-shaped stones that they could not explain. The Johnson's built a deck over the hole and planned to sell the house, after former owners related their own experiences. The original owner told of being lowered down the hole only to have his oil lamp sucked out of his hands, while another told of filling the hole with marble and "all kinds of stuff", but the hole "erupted" spewing stuff all over. Another filled the hole with old tires, but the hole seemed to consume the tires, which began sinking out of site.

During litigation against the CIA by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), a representative of the NSA admitted in a court hearing that the NSA had found a total of 239 documents on UFOs that were relevant to FOIA requests.

Four charter boats carrying 25 people observed a version of the creature "Chessie" near the mouth of the Chester River in the Chesapeake Bay.

Woman motorist abducted from her car and taken aboard a UFO in Pudasjarvi, Finland.

The arrival of a Flying Triangle UFO in Missouri and Kansas in 1980 caused concern and wonderment, as hundreds of witnesses, including policemen, watched a huge craft displaying a triangular pattern of lights, move slowly over the countryside for a period of four hours. It was seen over 22 towns and at one stage the enormous craft appeared to be dropping what a local truck driver described as satellites, which appeared to be round and emitted a bluish glow. The whole event was tracked on radar during the four hour period and must rate as one of the most awesome sightings to date. One witness described the Flying Triangle as being "as big as a football field." This event was the first indication of their presence, but within a decade, Flying Triangular craft were to be reported world wide.

At the Bilderberger meeting, Lord Home turned over the chairmanship to Walter Scheel, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Sometime in 1980, a US Navy carrier was transiting the Atlantic to the Med for a 6th Fleet cruise when a Tu-95 Bear-D came from Kola via the GIUK Gap and into the Atlantic to look for the carrier. Two F-14s and two A-7s (loaded with buddy stores JIC) were launched to intercept and trail the Bear. When they made the intercept, there was some chatter back and forth on GUARD, with the Russians asking what it was like on the carrier, did they really have swimming pools, etc. The Americans would ask Ivan if they'd really screwed up to get assigned to Kola. The A-7 lead (the squadron CO) then asked "Ivan, do you know that when you guys head for Cuba, you'll be flying thru the Bermuda Triangle?" Everyone laughed, but a Russian came up saying "The Bermuda Triangle is nothing but a tool the capitalists use to frighten the masses!" Another round of laughter followed, but the A-7 skipper said "OK Ivan, if that's how you call it, but if your instruments go out and your compasses start spinning, don't say I didn't warn you!" They laughed again and said see you later, as the Bear left the carrier and headed for Cuba. Next day, LANTFLT asked for all info on the Bear-position, course, airspeed, altitude, and any hints of mechanical problems; the Soviet Naval Attache was in Norfolk asking for help-the Bear never arrived in Cuba. Soon every Soviet merchant ship in the Central Atlantic was en route to the area, the Soviet Caribbean flotilla (four ships) headed that way, as did several Soviet subs. More Bears flew down from Kola, as did a couple in Angola, while some already in Cuba headed out as well. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard sent ships and aircraft out as well, not just to keep an eye on the Russians, but to help in the search as well; when someone goes down and is in trouble on the sea, politics steps aside and the Code of the Sea takes over. A 7-Day search-NOTHING. No bodies, wreckage, oil slicks, life rafts/vests, shark concentrations, etc. Only thing of importance found was by a USN P-3 crew: they saw what they took to be a red flare about 400 miles SW of Bermuda, as they got closer, it stopped, hovered for a few seconds, then took off at over 1500 MPH. One may assume the crew was snowed under with paperwork when they got back to NAS Jacksonville. The Bear encounter took place NE of Bermuda-en route to the Azores. Nothing unusual about the plane, everything seemed OK. They were surprised when they got the query from LANTFLT. When the carrier docked in Naples, all the CIC logs, aircrew reports and photos were removed from the ship by Naval Intelligence personnel. Officially, the Navy doesn't care about the Triangle. But unofficially.... As for that "flare" the carrier people heard about it from the P-3 crew when they flew into NAS Sigonella in Sicily several weeks later. The P-3 guys were insistent that "it was no flare...PERIOD!" When a "flare' suddenly stops, hovers for a few seconds, then takes off at 1500 MPH, you kinda know it's no flare. The P-3 guys didn't say if they'd flown to where the "flare" had come up from, though.

May--A Strange Harvest, the documentary on cattle mutilations by Linda Moulton Howe, is first broadcast.

May--Myrna Hansen of New Mexico related how after she and her six-year old son saw several UFOs in a field and one approached them. They suffered confusion and disorientation, then a period of amnesia which lasted as long as four hours. They were brought to University of Wyoming psychologist R. Leo Sprinkle, who hypnotized them and got a detailed abduction story from the mother and a sketchy one from the little boy. Early in the course of the abduction they observed aliens take a calf aboard the UFO and mutilate it while it was still alive, removing the animal's genitals. At one point during the alleged experience, the mother said, they were taken via UFO into an underground area which she believed was in New Mexico. She briefly escaped her captors and fled into an area where there were tanks of water. She looked into one of them and saw body parts such as tongues, hearts and internal organs, apparently from cattle. But she also observed a human arm with a hand attached. There was also the "top of a bald head," apparently from one of the hairless aliens, but before she could find out for sure, she was dragged away. The objects in the tank, she said, "horrified me and made me sick and frightened me to death". Later she wondered about the other tanks and about their contents.

June--Zao Baovez and several professors at the Electronics Institute on the outskirts of Beijing witnessed an object some ten meters in diameter, which left a small wake and traveled at the speed of an airplane.

June 28-- Jose Luis Maldonado Torres, a 31-year old pilot, was flying an Ercoupe 415-D airplane, together with a 22-year old student pilot, from Santo Domingo to San Juan, Puerto Rico's main airport. Some of the Mayday transmissions from the Ercoupe were leaked by a Federal Aviation Administration source, and the pilots' anxiety is clear: "A weird object in our course made us change course about three different times . . . we have something weird in front of us . . . We are right again in the same stuff, sir. . ." After these words, the pilots were not heard of again. A sea and air search revealed no trace. However, a tantalizing clue lies in the official report on the incident. During the Mayday alert, the American Naval Air Station at Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico was in contact with air traffic controllers at San Juan. At 8.16pm, 11 minutes after the Ercoupe's s last communication, the Americans made an intriguing comment: "It looks like we may see a few of them out there..."

July 30--Several students at Nanking, China's Yanjiajing Institute witnessed a triangular object that emitted a blue light and traveled silently.

August--Paul Bennewitz becomes involved in observing and filming objects which he has sighted on the ground and in the air near Kirtland AFB and the Manzano range. Reportedly his wife was also present to witness some of the first landings he filmed in the Coyote Canyon area. Subsequently he contacts Earnest Edwards of the Kirtland Security Police who, over the period of the next few months, becomes concerned and requests the guards on the Manzano Weapons Storage Area report to him any sightings of unusual aerial lights. At the beginning of August, 1980, three guards report sighting an aerial light which descends on the Sandia Military Reservation. This is the first sighting described in the complaint form signed by Richard Doty. Edwards reports the sighting to Doty unaware that Doty has already heard from Russ Curtis (Sandia Security Chief) that a Sandia Security guard sighted a disc-shaped object near a structure just minutes after the sighting by the three Manzano guards. Craig Weitzel, a Civil Air Patrol cadet, and ten other Air Force personnel see UFO near Kirtland AFB.

September 9--Luo Xuezhi, political secretary at a diesel engine plant in Hunan, China focused his binoculars on a cylindrical object while enjoying an outdoor theatre presentation. "All present turned their heads to look at it," he said. It emitted powerful beams of light at either end, much like the object seen at another open-air presentation in 1978.

December 27--"The Bentwaters Case", perhaps the best UFO sighting ever. Just after midnight on December 26-27, radar installations on the east cost of England began tracking n object that dropped below radar coverage near the East Anglian town of Ipswich. Nearby were the NATO bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters, both leased by he Royal Air Force to the US Air Force as headquarters for the 81st Tactical fighterwing. US Air Force personnel, as well as civilians saw something descend into Rendlesham Forrest which surrounded the two bases. One witness was former USAF Sgt. John Burroughs, who had been stationed at Bentwaters since July of that year. Burroughs said both he and his supervisor saw some strange lights near the base's east gate. We decided to go on down off base and kind of check the edge of the woods to see maybe what was going on because it didn't seem right. There was radio traffic back and forth and the decision was made by the shift commander that I should accompany two security guys into the woods. Burroughs recalled. Walking into the woods, Burroughs said he saw a bank of lights differently colored lights that threw off an image of like a craft. I never saw anything metallic or hard. One of the security men with Burroughs identified only as James Archer however later described an object triangular in shape with three landing legs about 10 to 12 feet in diameter and eight feet high with a blue light on top red lights and white lights in the middle and a brighter white light emanating from the underside. Archer was certain he saw something inside the craft. I don't know what but the shapes did not look human. Another witness acting security police commander Sgt. Adrian Bustinza recalled that he too was ordered to check out lights in the forest hat night. When we got to point A the sightings or the object we had trouble turning the lights all on. Our truckers wouldn't run either(note car stop, common in close encounter cases). It was kind of like all the energy had been drained out of both light all units. He told researchers in 1984. We proceeded to look and in the process found kind of triangular tripods burned into the ground at three different standpoints. They were like it was a heavy object. They took radiation readings as I recall. Then I recall we were walking through the woods and we came upon the lights again. And that's when I first saw the object as a circular craft thicker at the center than the edge with a red light on top and several blue lights on the bottom. He said it was a tremendous size and kept moving about in a large clearing. USAF Sgt. Larry Warren said that as he approached the woods he saw a strange mist covering the ground. Warren said the red lights suddenly exploded in a blinding flash and a large arrowhead craft appeared. The main body was pearl white with a rainbow color effect. He said. It was constantly distorting as I looked at it. At the bottom was a bank of extremely bright cobalt blue lights. Below that I thought I could make out dark landing gear. Covering the entire surface were what looked like boxes pipes and strange extensions. Witnesses said the craft lingered in the area for more than an hour and that other airforce personnel arrived including the Woodbridge deputy base commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt Reportedly both the American and British authorities made both film and audiotapes of the event along with radiation tests. By 4:00 a.m. on December 27th the giant craft was joined by or divided into at least five smaller glowing objects that following a moving light display eventually disappeared into the sky. Official spokesmen denied that any audiovisual recordings were made of the event or that any official recordings existed. Freedom of Information Act inquiry resulted in the release of a corroborating official report. This might be the best UFO case out there today and deserves more investigation.

December 29--Near New Caney, Texas, Betty Cash along with Vickie Landrum and her grandson traveling along a dark, rural road encountered a massive, diamond shaped UFO emitting tremendous bursts of heat and light from its underside, scorching the car they were in and leaving them with severe burns and trauma. The UFO was apparently escorted by--or followed by--many "Chinook" style (dual-rotors/blade) military helicopters. Betty Cash took her case to the air force and demanded satisfaction. She was stonewalled. Even the rural road where the incident took place was mysteriously repaved by neither state or federal highway crews for more than two miles to cover-up any evidence of the event. Witnesses said the road crews showed up and worked at night. Betty developed cancer and though treated successfully, she died of complications on precisely the same day, December 29, 1999, she had her encounter.


Congressman Larry McDonald calls for comprehensive congressional investigation of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Congress is urged to investigate these organizations.

The P2 (Propaganda Due) Scandal is revealed in Italy, providing a Masonic link between Italian and American banking, the Vatican, the Mafia and the KGB.

Ailtonda Silva "borrows" girl's body.

A creature, about four-feet tall, walking on two feet and "half humanoid-half dinosaur" was seen by grownups and children in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. One boy attempted to grab the creature from behind, which let out a squealing or screeching sound and escaped. Also, children attempted to pour gasoline on the creature and light it, unsuccessfully, before it escaped into a "sewer tunnel" nearby.

More than 300,000 Cubans were stricken with dengue hemorrhagic fever. An investigation by the magazine "Covert Action Information Bulletin", which tracks the workings of various intelligence agencies around the world, suggested that this outbreak was the result of a release of mosquitoes by Cuban counterrevolutionaries. The magazine tracked the activities of one CIA operative from a facility in Panama to the alleged Cuban connections. During the last 30 years, Cuba has been subjected to an enormous number of outbreaks of human and crop diseases which are difficult to attribute purely natural causes.

The 50 Committee (MJ-12) is renamed the PI-40 Committee.

The Alien Alliance (CFR/Jason Society) is resumed.

First flights of TR-39/Black Mamba/Aurora, build with reverse engineered alien technology.

Reported by many newspapers and magazines was the case of three Texas school teachers who saw a "flaming" flying saucer cruise over their car in the desert and crash beyond a hill. Just behind this "flying saucer" was an Army helicopter, which landed at the crash site. The ladies, all respectable, reported their sighting to the police. Then, a few days later, all three of the women lost the hair on their heads. They had apparently been exposed to some kind of extreme radiation as the saucer flew overhead.

The "Beast of Truro", a giant cat-like creature is sighted near Truro, on Cape Cod.

The CIA begins to regularly utilize remote Mind Control Technology, based on the work of Doctor Strand from the late 60s.

Peruvian fighter jet gets into a dogfight with a UFO over Chosica, Peru.

January-- A huge boomerang shaped craft was seen over Arizona, with one witness proclaiming the object "was bigger than several football fields."

January 8-- "The Trans-en-Province Saucer" Report from witness: "Yesterday, January 8, 1981, I was busy around the house as I am practically every day. I was behind the house, which is built over a restanque (raised level). I was building a concrete shelter for a water pump. Behind my house on the same level is an expanse of flat ground. It is reached through a path along the base of the house. It was about 5PM. The weather was turning colder. My attention was attracted by a slight noise, a sort of faint whistling. I turned around and saw a device in the air at the height of a big pine tree at the edge of the property. This device, which was not spinning, was coming lower toward the ground. I was only hearing a slight whistling sound. I was not seeing any flames, either below or around this device. While it was continuing to come down, I went closer by walking towards the stone cabin above my house. When I placed myself against the wall of the cabin, I could see very well over the roof, since this cabin too is built over a raised level. I was on the higher level, about 1.2 m from the roof. From that position, I clearly saw the device resting on the ground. Right away it lifted off, still emitting a slight whistling sound. Reaching a point above the trees, it left at high speed toward the forest of Trans, that is, towards the northeast. When the device lifted off, I saw four openings below, through which neither flame nor smoke were escaping. The device kicked off a little dust when it left the ground. At that instant, I was about 30 m away from the landing site. Later I went to the spot and I noticed a circle about 2 m in in diameter. At certain places along the circumference of the circle were traces like abrasions... The device had the shape of two saucers, one inverted on top of the other. It must have measured about 1.5 m in height. It was the color of lead. This device had a ridge all the way around its circumference. Under the machine I saw two kinds of pieces as it was lifting off. They could be reactors or feet. There were also two other circles which looked like trapdoors. The two reactors, or feet, extended about 20 cm below the body of the machine. I have not felt any disturbance of the sense of vision or hearing." Parts of the account obtained by a civilian investigator are also relevant: There (the witness) discovers a sort of ovoid vehicle, with the general shape of two half spheres of unequal volume, clearly separated by a flat ledge, extending at least 15 cm and forming a ring around the metallic mass which has a... height of between 2 and 2.5 m/... The machine lifts off, making a slight amount of dust and with a soft whistling. Then it seems to tilt, exposing its underside, and it takes off at lightning speed, passing exactly between the two tall trees, at the exact spot from which it had seemed to fall.

February--William Moore receives the famed PROJECT AQUARIUS document.

July 24--Hundreds of thousands of onlookers witnessed an enormous luminous spiral which crossed the skies of several Chinese provinces.

May--A UFO exploded on the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. Debris was recovered by the Soviet military authorities and taken to the Monchegorsk military air base.

October 8--A UFO is photographed in the Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


The bodies of over a thousand "disappeared" are found in Argentina.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is published. Its authors come under massive criticism and threats.

A drilling project on the sea floor between Panama and the Galapagos Islands breaks through to massive cavities under the ocean bedrock. The opening grew in size and is now sucking a massive and constant flow of ocean water into the crust beneath the ocean floor.

Another much-publicized sea serpent is Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay monster. It got its name in 1982, following a number of sightings in the spring and summer. As with Caddy, these have attracted the attention of scientists with cryptozoological interests. Sightings include one made by Robert and Karen Frew on May 31, 1982. At 7 P.M., while entertaining guests outside their home overlooking the bay at Love Point on the northern tip of Kent Island, at the mouth of the Chester River, they saw a strange creature 200 feet from shore in calm water only five feet deep. Robert Frew watched it through binoculars for a few minutes before securing his video camera and focusing on the enigmatic animal, which submerged and reappeared several times during the sighting. The closest the creature came was within 100 feet of shore and within 50 feet of some boys who were playing on a pile of submerged rocks. Though the Frews and their friends shouted to alert the boys (their cries and all other comments made during the event are recorded on the videotape), the boys never heard them and so apparently never saw the animal. The witnesses estimated the animal to be 30 to 35 feet long but slightly less than a foot in diameter. Much of it remained under water, but as it surfaced repeatedly, more and more of it became visible. Frew said, "The first time up, we saw its head and about four feet [of back]. The next time about 12 feet, the next time about 20." The visible part of the back seemed to have humps. Its head was shaped like a football, only "a little more round." Observers could not discern eyes, ears, or mouth. It was the odd shape of the head more than anything else that led Frew to reject the idea that the animal was some kind of snake. The Frews, familiar with a wide variety of sea life, rejected theories that they had misperceived a conventional animal.

El Salvadoran trade unionists claimed that epidemics of many previously unknown diseases had cropped up in areas immediately after U.S. directed aerial bombings. There is no hard evidence to support these charges. However, the pattern and types of outbreaks are consistent with the claims.

EBE-3 becomes a "guest" of the US government.

HSCA findings are allegedly discredited by a National Academy of Science study.

General Richard Secort and Col. Oliver North are placed in charge of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Brilliantly-illuminated UFO hovers over Mount Senohara in Japan.

The Hudson Valley UFO sightings in New York and Connecticut begin. New York, Hudson Valley: Thousands of reports, mostly nocturnal, of large, silent, hovering object with series of rotating lights. Reports came from many highly credible individuals including meteorologists, news reporters, and police chiefs. "Planes in formation" theory still in contention; however, videos taken by area resident of both the object and a formation of planes shows distinct differences. Intermittent sightings to this day.

On South Georgia Island is a reported base that has been fought over by Russian, British, American, and Antarctican forces...presumably the real reason for the 1982 Falkland Islands War.

June 27--An informal screening of the movie ET is held at the White House, with about 35 distinguished guests present. Following the movie, President Ronald Reagan leans over to director Steven Spielberg and quietly says, "You know, there aren't six people in this room who know how true this really is." Spielberg is unable to follow up as the crowd starts milling by and later Reagan would deny saying any such thing.


Larry McDonald is killed along with 268 other passengers on Korean Air Lines (KAL) flight 007, shot down over Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan. All bodies recovered, except the bodies of the pilot and copilot. Some of the extremely suspicious information regarding KAL 007 include: Flight was off course with plenty of fuel. Commercial flights commonly take a short cut over Sakhalin when low on fuel. Radio response in Russian airspace commonplace, with Russian pilots monitoring path of commercial planes. Russian pilots radioed KAL 007 with no response from pilots. Russian pilots fired warning shots with visible tracers past cockpit, KAL pilots did not acknowledge warning shots or tracers. Two parachutes were seen by inhabitants of Aleutian islands prior to plane being shot down. Flight recorder recovered by US. submarine, data classified by CIA.

William Moore is shown an "executive briefing paper" by one of his "contacts."

A UFO was allegedly shot down with an experimental Russian laser weapon in Kazahstan.

The "Kassimov Ball", a small (diameter some 4.5 cm) black ball of unknown origin, found in Central Russia in the depth 7 meters, in a layer of pure red clay.

Reports mention an intercept involving US, Greek and Turk fighters in 1983 over the Aegean of an unknown object picked up on radar-one of the interceptors, nationality unknown, didn't come back. SAR results were negative. The source (a NATO officer in 6th ATAF HQ) didn't get into specifics-fear of being found out, but said the J-2 and CINC-6th ATAF were cleared for the full account, he only had a sanitized summary cross his desk.
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