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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33394 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2007, 10:46:45 pm »

July--The Puebla UFO Crash. Hundreds of awed witnesses were able to behold a number of falling unidentified flying objects, some of which were even captured on film. The mobilization of the Mexican Army over the course of the following days made many realize that something significant had indeed transpired, and rumors spread about a UFO which had collided in the mountains. The town of Jopala, to the east of Puebla and in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico, became the target of serious research. The townspeople had allegedly seen a solid craft explode into thousands of sparks: witnesses included not only the local mayor, but also a number of schoolteachers, who had been able to retrieve pieces of a rough metal. The most curious detail to the townspeople's story was that others had beaten them to recover the pieces of the unusual material--a group of persons who arrived by helicopter and were obviously Americans. The newsmedia would later report, as it often does, that "NASA scientists" had visited the area. More likely than not, these were members of the Air Force's secretive Moondust/Bluefly recovery teams. Upon analysis, one of the recovered pieces of UFO debris proved to be an unusually pure alloy, unavailable to earthly technology at the time. U.S. researchers also believed that a subsequent collision had occurred in Tabasco, and that two dead alien pilots had been recovered from the wreckage. Mexican researchers were greatly annoyed at the fact that foreign investigators had obtained access to the available data before their own research teams.

July 17--A large Soviet satellite called Cosmos 929 was launched. It has mystified satellite watchers because of its strange behavior in radio signals. Most observers have concluded that it is un-manned, having detected no verbal communications. Rumors have it that it is a twin satellite, consisting of a command module and a separate Particle Beam weapon module.

July 25--A remarkable series of events which took place in 1977 attracted wide publicity. They began on the evening of July 25 in Lawndale in central Illinois. Three boys, one of them 10-year-old Marlon Lowe, were playing when they saw two large birds come out of the south. They swooped out of the sky toward one boy, who jumped into a swimming pool to escape. They then turned their attention to Marlon, who was grabbed by the straps of his sleeveless shirt and lifted two feet above the ground. As Marlon screamed, his parents Jake and Ruth Lowe and two friends, Jim and Betty Daniels, heard him and witnessed the bizarre sight of the boy held in the talons of a flying bird. Marlon was beating at it with his fists until finally, after carrying him for about 40 feet, it dropped him. By this time Mrs. Lowe, who had headed off in pursuit, was so close to the birds that she had to back up. Then, she said, "the birds just cleared the top of the camper, went beneath some telephone wires and flapped their wings-very gracefully-one more time." They flew off toward the north and in the direction of the tall trees along Kickapoo Creek. According to the witnesses, the birds were black, with white rings on their long necks. They had curved beaks and eight- to 10-foot wingspreads. They looked, the Lowes decided after consulting books in a library, like condors. The authorities wasted no time or tact in declaring that all concerned were liars, and the Lowes found themselves at the receiving end of withering ridicule. Marlon himself suffered from nightmares for weeks afterwards, though there were no physical injuries.

August 11-- On a farm south of Odin, Illinois a large gray-black bird flew out of the northeast and in a circle about 300 feet away, as if looking for a tree big enough to hold it. Finally it landed on one near a small pond close to the house. John and Wanda Chappell were able to watch it closely for five minutes-making theirs the most detailed report of all. "It looked like a prehistoric bird," Mrs. Chappell said. "It was really fantastic. The head didn't have any feathers, and it had a long neck, crooked, kind of 'S' shaped. The body was covered with feathers.... We couldn't tell much about the feet, but it had long legs." Her husband estimated its wingspan at 10 to 12 feet, she at 14. They agreed, however, that it was four feet high; the distance from the tip of the beak to the back of the neck was eight inches. After a few minutes the bird left in a southwest direction.

August 15--The "Big Ear" receiver at Ohio State University receives the "Wow" message.

September 17--"One who knows" says Russia started destroying US spy satellites by beam weapons.

September 27-- Date of America's disastrous defeat by the Soviet Union in the still-secret "Battle of the Harvest Moon", where the Soviets destroyed the secret US moon base in Copernicus Crater. It was bombarded with a Soviet Neutron Particle Beam which killed all of our astronauts there. The Copernicus base was itself equipped with Particle Beam weaponry, but was defeated by the Soviet Union just before achieving operational status. This was history's first full-fledged space battle, and the Soviet Union emerged as the only possessor of the decisive new Particle Beam weapon.

November 10--Oe family claimed to have been abducted by visitors from outer space while traveling through North Wales. The family were driving near the village of Llandernog, Denbighshire. They saw a purple triangular craft which then swallowed up their car. The purple object seemed to vanish. The family had lost several hours but could remember nothing about what had taken place during that time. The man whose family were abducted was reportedly instructed by the RAF not to speak publicly about what had happened to him.

November 16--Purported alien landing at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, resulting in an incident between two MPs and an Alien near a missile silo.

December--Not far from Novy Georgy Island, the crew of the fishing trawler Vasily Kiselev observed something quite extraordinary. Rising vertically from under the water was a doughnut-shaped object. It's diameter was between 300 and 500 meters. It hovered at the altitude of four to five kilometers. The trawler's radar station was immediately rendered inoperative. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then disappeared instantly.


Attempted murder of Larry Flynt in Lawrenceville, Georgia after he announces a $1 million reward for new information in the JFK assassination, and releasing the "Gemstone File" that reportedly implicates government figures in the murder. Jimmy Carter's brother Billy is investigated for making threatening remarks against Flynt several weeks earlier. Also suspected was Mitchell Werbell, inventor of the silent M-11 rifle used by the CIA, and a Soldier of Fortune with links to clandestine activity in Vietnam, Guatemala and Dealy Plaza.

Bilderberger meeting near Princeton, NJ.

Alice Hicks, suspected witch, dies mysteriously. Detective investigating her struck by bad luck in Youngstown, Ohio.

A UFO similar is shape to a fighter aircraft was allegedly shot down by the Soviet military in Western Kazahstan. UFO and its pilots were transported to Zhitkur.

Lord Hunt photographs Yeti tracks.

The CIA begins to experiment with ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic fields and EEG Entrainment.

A series of loud noises are heard along the East Coast of the US, they continue into early the next year.

A landed cylinder-shaped UFO come 35-meters long was allegedly seized by the Soviet military somewhere in Russia and transported to Zhitkur.

Paul Bennewitz begins to see UFOs near the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility and the Coyote Canyon Test Area near Kirtland AFB in central New Mexico.

There is an altercation between Aliens and the Military at the Archuletta Mesa laboratory. 44 scientists are killed as well as 66 Delta Force/Blue Berets.

After a collision with a Soviet fighter plane, a disc-shaped object fell into the ocean off Finland, where it was recovered, with humanoid bodies, by a Soviet salvage team.

January--Possible UFO crash at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. Following a number of UFO sightings in the area, over the airfield and Fort Dix army camp, a Fort Dix Military Policeman was pursuing a low flying object, which then hovered over his car. He described it as "oval shaped" with no details, and glowing with a bluish green color. His radio transmission was cut off. At that time in front of his police car appeared a thing, about four foot tall, grayish brown, fat head, long arms, and slender body. The MP panicked and fired five rounds from his .45 caliber pistol into the thing, and one round into the object above. The object then fled straight up and joined with 11 others high in the sky. The thing ran into the woods towards the fence line and they wanted to look for it. By this time several patrols were involved. They found the body of the thing near the runway. It had apparently climbed the fence and died while running. It was all of a sudden "hush-hush" and no one was allowed near the area. They roped off the area and AF OSI came out and took over. There was a bad stench coming from it too. Like ammonia smelling but it wasn't constant in the air. That day, a team from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base came in a C-141 and went into the area. They crated it into a wooden box, sprayed something over it, and then put it into a bigger metal container. They loaded it in the plane and took off. That was it, nothing more was said, no report made and they were all told not to have anything to say about it or we would be court martialed.

January 1--A dome-shaped UFO with portholes was seen in broad daylight by veteran pilot Floyd P. Hallstrom of Oxnard, California. Hallstrom had been flying for 37 years, 17 as a Navy combat air crewman and personal crew chief to admirals, including the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet. Hallstrom had left Oxnard at about 12:35 p.m. in a Cessna 170A bound to San Diego via Los Angeles, following a friend, Jim Victor, who was delivering another plane to a customer at Brown Field, San Diego. The plan was for him to transport Victor back to Oxnard after the delivery. The two kept in touch by radio. As Hallstrom approached Santa Monica at 7,500 feet altitude, the sky was clear except for a smog layer in the vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport. "At this time I was looking for Jim straight ahead," Hallstrom reported, "when I spotted the UFO just on the edge of the haze area above Los Angeles International Airport slightly to the east side....I thought it was Jim so I watched it for about a minute because he had just given me his position report, but it seemed to get larger and coming toward me so I naturally realized that it wasn't Jim.... "I started looking to see what it was but I could see no wings on this aircraft although at this time I could see windows which appeared to be passenger windows in the aircraft. As it drew nearer though, I was able to determine that there were no wings or horizontal empennage assembly to the aircraft as a conventional aircraft...." Hallstrom began wondering if it was some kind of helicopter, but it was approaching at high speed. As the UFO passed about 6,000 feet to his left, he was looking down on it an angle of about 30-45 degrees. Then the true form suddenly became clear to him. There were no rotors, no tail assembly. "All of a sudden I was able to make out the complete form of a saucer shape or round object...I could see the dome, also very vividly clear, including all the windows.... I observed it to be of a very bright was more of a nickel or highly polished chrome or stainless steel type of metal than aluminum because it had more of a mellow glow than if it was of the type finish on a high finish aluminum." About 16 to 20 evenly spaced windows were visible around the circumference of the dome, located just above the base. The dome appeared to be a perfect hemisphere about 20 feet in diameter resting on the base which was about 30 feet in diameter. The UFO continued on a course of about 310 degrees (opposite to Hallstrom's course) with no sign of rotation, oscillation, pitch, roll, or yaw. Neither was there any sign of a propulsion system. The sun reflected off the dome as a bright spot as the UFO passed. After about a minute the object disappeared from view behind the Cessna. Hallstrom estimated its speed at about 650 m.p.h. He quickly took notes and made a sketch of the UFO. Reaching for his radio microphone, he first called Jim Victor to report what he had seen. Then he notified various FAA authorities. Hallstrom, who was shaken by the sighting, later had troubling dreams, mostly about UFOs and aliens. He had not taken the subject seriously up to this time, but the implications of what he had seen struck home to him. He later reported that the experience had altered his entire life.

February 22--A US Navy KA-6D tanker plane disappears without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle, 100 miles off the Virginia coast.

April 2--39 pilots in a race off Florida experience "time loss" on synchronized watches. Unexplained lights and lighted objects seen and tracked on radar over Florida.

April 26--In Dugway, Utah, a "leak of chemical warfare gas when truck overturned" killed sheep and other livestock and made some people sick. In truth a field experiment involving nerve gas released to determine range of open air dispersal and effects of weather on potency. 417 Americans died. Government controlled press to hush the story.

May--The population of Villa Mercedes, Bolivia swamped its local radio station with phone calls concerning an unearthly procession of fifty UFOs across the night skies. Otto Gall, the broadcaster on duty, was able to run outside and verify the events for himself: the wedge-shaped formation of greenish-blue UFOs grew from fifty to a hundred between 10:15 p.m. and midnight. Raúl Pérez, a sergeant at the nearby Villa Reynolds air base, reported that the objects were flying at an estimated 15,000 feet, and appeared to be soundless, oval-shaped vehicles lacking any portholes or windows. Local shortwave operators were able to pick up Chilean broadcasts from across the border which announced that an enormous fleet of "flying saucers" had just entered the area. Further reports indicated that the aerial display was followed by an enormous detonation allegedly caused by a UFO which plummeted to the ground. The National Gendarmerie sent out its 210th Squadron to comb a vast area of wilderness comprising the localities of Baritú, Las Pavas and Los Toldos in an effort to find the crashed saucer. One newspaper, El Tribuno, reported that the object had gone down in a gully ominously known as "Bolsón de los Fantasmas" ("The Ghostly Depths") near Sante Victoria. However, General Víctor González of the Argentinean High Command reported that the object had fallen near the town of Orán. Argentinean commandos continued the search right up to the Bolivian border, where they learned that their neighbors were also engaged in locating another downed UFO. The Bolivian government, however, refused to discuss its search.

May 6--Another possible Bolivian UFO crash, this one in Tarija, Bolivia. Perhaps the best known of the crashes in landlocked Bolivia, where witnesses saw an object measuring some 20-feet in diameter fly over their heads and then collide into the sides of a nearby hill. The explosion was heard some 50 miles around, and the Bolivian military was immediately detached to the area to investigate. The Tarija incident was merely one of the events in a localized UFO flap which covered northern Chile and Argentina. The Bolivian task force reached the impact area after strong denials that NASA personnel was somehow involved with their efforts.

July 5--After mutilated cows were reported at a ranch some 13 miles east of Dulce, New Mexico, an interesting experiment was conducted by New Mexico State Police Officer Gabe Valdez, rancher Gomez, and retired scientist Howard Burgess. They pinned up about 120 of the Gomez beef cattle and moved them through a squeeze chute under an ultraviolet light. They found a "glittery substance on the right side of the neck, the right ear, and the right leg." Samples of the affected hides were removed as well as control samples from the same animals. Schoenfeld Clinical Laboratories in Albuquerque analyzed the samples and found significant deposits of potassium and magnesium. The potassium content was 70 times above normal.

June 19--Carter issues unconstitutional Executive Order creating FEMA Later FEMA executive orders "authorize" the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in event of a "National Emergency".

September 8--Researcher and scientist Paul Bennewitz discovers unusual aerial and underground activity in Jicarilla Apache Reservation near Dulce, N.M. (Archuleta plateau). Also sightings of unusual "atomic spacecraft", helicopter pads, black CIA (Nazi SS?) limos, black choppers, hundreds of armed special forces who disappear into the cliffs when approached, mini-lab vans, etc.

September 18--An encounter between two Iranian Phantom jets and an object that failed to appear on radar. When the American-made F-4 fighters got close enough to release their air-to-air missiles, the planes' weapons-firing control systems mysteriously and repeatedly failed.

October 21--Frederick Valentich, flying a Cessna 182 over the Bass Strait between Australia and Tasmania, radios that he is being followed by a huge, unknown aircraft. No trace of him or his plane is ever found again.

October--Several dozen military pilots and hundreds of employees at Gansu airport in China were surprised by the sudden appearance of an immense cylindrical object over an open-air theatre, flying over their heads at a low altitude. A powerful beam of light shot out of its bow and a similar one issued from its stern.

Fall--Xiao Ying, of Yuanlong, Jianxi Province, China told authorities the following: "While walking with my family along a mountain near my home, we saw a huge disk shaped object which passed right over us, spinning and giving off a bluish glow."


New Frogman sightings near Loveland, Ohio.

Discovery of a saucer landing site near Lake City, Minnesota.

There are rumors of secret US submarine bases in the Mediterranean, and US military lasers being used in European bank robberies.

Australian herpetologist Frank Gordon, searching for skinks in the Wattagan Mountains, came across a large monitor 27-30 feet in length in the forest.

A UFO crashed in the Ural region of Russia near the village of Rinburg. The wreckage was transported to the Odintsovo military base.

Newsman videotapes luminous UFOs over Keikoura, New Zealand.

Two technicians first computer enhance pictures of a face-like structure on Mars that was found in Viking photos.
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