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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 32948 times)
Jennie McGrath
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November 9--A glowing object fell into a small lake outside Carbondale, New Jersey. Three teenagers saw it fall at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday. They observed a yellow-white glow under the water that shifted to a point 25 feet offshore. The boys were kept in a police car for three hours while a number of vehicles with floodlights and cranes removed a disc-shaped object and put it into a van. The following Monday, a railroad lantern and battery were recovered from the lake and officials called the whole thing a hoax. Hoax? Or cover story?


Group of top world scientists meet in England to discuss the other races on the moon that pose a threat, supposedly the malevolent Grays and benevolent Nordics.

Rockefeller Commission looks into CIA misconduct.

During a spate of unexplained nocturnal killings of farm and domestic animals in Puerto Rico, owners sometimes reported being awakened by a "loud screech" and hearing the flapping of enormous wings. Several witnesses claimed daylight sightings of what one called a "whitish-colored gigantic condor or vulture."

Two farmers stopped their car along a road in the Wattagan Mountains in Australia to move a log which was lying in their path. When they attempted to move it, though, the "log" obligingly moved itself--it was a giant monitor, 30-feet long.

Attempted assassination of Gerald Ford by Manson follower "Squeeky" Linnette Fromme. A second attempt by Jane Moore soon follows.

Senator Barry Goldwater, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says publicly, "…It is still classified above Top Secret (info about UFOs). I have, however, heard that there is a plan to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future."

Bilderberger meeting in Cesme, Turkey.

Kennedy Deaths: Roger Craig (ex Dallas Deputy who claimed to have seen Oswald leaving the TSBD) is found shot to death, a victim of "suicide".

An Ontario carpenter, Robert Suffern sees a UFO and an alien. He reports the sighting, and is eventually visited by US and Canadian officials who apologize for the landing.

UFO contact in South Africa leaves overwhelming evidence.

Dr. Robert H. Rines and a team of investigators from the Academy of Applied Sciences at MIT take photographs and sonar soundings of the creature in Loch Ness. They get the "Fin" picture.

Alan Wetheral first comes forward claiming that the "surgeon's photo" of the Loch Ness Monster is a fake.

The "Covenant of the Goddess" (COG) founded.

15-foot big bird sighted in Texas.

The extraterrestrial Pleidaian race first contacts Swiss man Billy Eduard "Billy" Meier, continuing to contact him for years to come. Over this time he produced 800 photographs and 3000 pages of written notes from the conversations he allegedly had with them. It is commonly believed that Billy Meier's story is a hoax.

May-- In May, two weeks after a dramatic sighting from his Piper Pa24--a sighting confirmed on the radar screens at the Mexico City airport--a young pilot was pursued down the freeway by four black-suited, "Scandinavian-looking men in a black limousine. After forcing him to the side of the road, they warned him not to discuss his sighting; the pilot was on his way to do a television interview. A month later one of the strangers reappeared and threatened him again as he was on his way to a hotel to talk with J. Allen Hynek, the prominent American astronomer and UFO investigator. That was his last meeting with the MIB, whom he remembered as tall and strangely white; "I never saw them blink," he added.

May 10-- Five people set out on a fishing trip on the Saint John's River in Florida. One of the five, Brenda Langley, saw a strange thing in the water, something with a long neck, horns, a downturned mouth, and "flaps" hanging from the sides of its head. The creature was also a pinkish, "boiled shrimp" color.

Summer--An Oyster Bay, New York, science teacher named Tom D'Ercole was in his driveway about to enter his car when he took a last glance up at the sky. There, hovering above the roof of his house, he saw a small dark cloud unlike the occasional cumulocirrus clouds that were floating by at a much higher altitude. "The 'cloud' seemed to move and slightly enlarge as I watched it," D'Ercole related. "This basketball-sized 'cloud' floated back and forth across the peak of the roof, changing in shape from a small globular mass to a larger ovoid and finally becoming an abstract, multicurved, dark, vaporous 'something.' It finally measured about six feet in height and 11/2 feet in width." Stunned and unable to think of a rational explanation, he continued to watch in disbelief as events took an even stranger turn. The cloud seemed to inhale, purse its "lips," and direct a stream of water toward him and the car, soaking both. After a minute the spray stopped, and the cloud vanished instantly. After changing his clothes, D'Ercole took his wet shirt to Garden City Junior High School, where he worked, and ran a pH test on it. The precipitation was simply water.

October--Near Milton, Kentucky, Clarence Cable reported a "giant lizard" was roaming the forests near his junkyard. Cable described the creature as "about fifteen-feet long, had a foot-long forked tongue, and big eyes that bulged something like a frog's. It was dull-white with black-and-white stripes across its body with quarter-size speckles over it." On-site field investigations by Mark A. Hall, however, indicated this "giant lizard" ran bipedally, according to other Trimble County, Kentucky witnesses.

October-- Residents of a Walnut Creek, California neighborhood saw an immense bird, over five-feet tall with a "head like a vulture" and gray wings, dwarfing a nearby eucalyptus tree. Five minutes later it flew away, revealing a 15-foot wingspan. Around the same time, in nearby East Bay, a number of persons observed the same or a similar bird sitting on a rooftop.

October--In the 1970s, the Cold War was in full bloom. United States military installations that stored weapons of mass destruction pulled out all stops to hide their location from enemy spies and spy planes. Loring Air Force Base, located in the northeastern part of Maine, fit this pattern, housing their nuclear weapons under camouflaged huts, covered with dirt. This fenced in area was under constant watch by the 42nd Security Police Squadron. At precisely 7:45 P.M. on October 27, 1975, Staff Sergeant Danny K. Lewis was performing his normal duties of keeping a watchful eye on the hidden weapons area. His attention was diverted by the sudden appearance of an unidentified flying craft at an altitude of about 300 feet. The craft was approaching from the north, with a bright red navigation light, and a white strobe light. To Lewis' surprise, the craft entered the official airspace of Loring. At the same time, Staff Sergeant James P. Sampley of the 2192nd Communications Squadron was on duty in the control tower of the base. Sampley received a radar return from an unidentified craft, which he calculated from his radar screen as being 10-13 miles east-northeast of the base. As per his orders, he made calls via radio through all available communication bands, both military and civilian, hailing the craft. He got no response. As he kept an alert eye on his screen, the craft began to circle the base, and finally came to within 300 yards of the highly restricted nuclear storage area. The craft's altitude was now a mere 150 feet. By this time, Sergeant Lewis was notifying his Command Post that the unknown craft had penetrated the perimeter of the base, and was closing in on the nuclear storage area. The base was instantaneously put on a Security 3 alert status. Security officials contacted Sampley in the Control tower to verify the sighting via radar. Making his way to the tower, Sergeant Grover K. Eggleston began studiously watching the craft on radar. It had now began circling ten miles east-northeast of the base. The base's Wing Commander ordered a search of the grounds, and requested air support from Hancock Field, New York, and North Bay, Ontario. Neither of the bases would oblige his request at the time. The Maine State Police and airport flight services were contacted in an attempt to identify the unknown object. Again, no identification was forthcoming. The ground search also came up empty handed. For an additional 40 minutes, the unknown craft circled in the vicinity of the base. Finally it left it's pattern, and headed toward Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Now about 12 miles from Loring, it disappeared from the radar screen. The base was quiet for the rest of the night, but the Stage 3 alert was kept until the next morning. SAC Headquarters was notified of the details of the unknown craft. Unbelievably, the next night at exactly the same time, the craft returned. Lewis was again on duty, along with Sergeants Blakeslee and Long. The craft was approaching Loring from the north, this time at about 3,000 feet. The craft got as near as three miles from the base, again showing flashing lights of orange, red, and white. All three of the men on duty witnessed the craft. Lewis reported his sighting to Command, and this time the Wing Commander came to the storage area to verify the sighting. He confirmed the findings of the three duty officers. Radar again confirmed the unknown craft. The appearance of an other worldly craft would also be confirmed by Sergeant Steven Eickner, and others. A group of military witnesses reported an orange and red object shaped like a stretched out football, which amazingly hovered in midair. It's lights suddenly were darkened, and then the craft reappeared over the runaway, hovering about 150 feet off the ground. They also estimated the length of the craft at about 75-80 feet, solid, with no visible doors or windows, no visible means of propulsion, and totally silent. Again the base was put on full alert, and a security detail searched the base, finding nothing. Finally, the craft turned off it's lights, and vanished from view. Radar picked up the unknown craft heading in the direction of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. A second report was sent to SAC headquarters. The unsettling events of October 27 and 28 would finally get the attention of military personnel who were in a position to give support to Loring. October 29 would bring a National Guard helicopter for support, just in case. Canadian authorities were given permission to cross the border if needed. Royal Canadian Mounted Police provided an officer to ride along in the helicopter. Those who waited for another visit would not be disappointed. The helicopter was called into action, and immediately responded. Accompanying the RCMP officer were Loring Air Security officers, and an officer from the Maine State Police. The chopper followed the leads sent from radar, but even when approaching within 100 yards, they could see nothing in the skies. The next night brought an Air Force helicopter, and a crew from Plattsburgh AFB. October 30 brought more sightings from the ground, and radar confirmation. There would be more ground sightings of strange lights for the remainder of 1975 in the same area, but investigations by the USA and Canada released no findings for public knowledge. The sightings at Loring Air Force Base were only a part of a full-fledged flap in the northern region of the United States, and southern area of Canada. This sighting flap holds a credible place in UFO history.

October 30--A UFO incident at Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan.

November 5--Travis Walton was leaving the site where he worked in the mountains of Northeastern Arizona near Snowflake. He, and five others he worked with, saw a light in the woods. Thinking that is may be a crashed airplane, they drove closer. Travis was the only one to leave the truck for a closer look. The other five men in the truck saw Travis hit by a blue beam from the disc-shaped object. Travis was missing for five days. After his return, he had no memory of his abduction. Travis remembered some events that took place during his abduction over time, and was able to vividly describe them under hypnosis. He recalled seeing Grays and being given a tour of the craft. This would later be made into a movie titled Fire in the Sky with James Garner.

November 8--A UFO incident at Malmstrom AFB in Montana.

December 27--A farmer at Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia, reported a monitor lizard nearly 30-feet long. The creature had a two-foot neck, a three-foot head, and stood nearly three-feet tall. As far as the farmer could tell, the lizard had four legs.


Jimmy Carter (CFR) elected. Zbignew Brzezinski (CFR/TLC) appointed National Security Advisor. Five other high level members of president's staff all members of CFR/TLC.

President Elect Carter leaves for vacation on St. Simon Island, first of several visits to the Georgia coastal island of Bilderberg fame and immediately north of Jeckyl Island where the Federal Reserve Plot was hatched in 1910.

PROJECT SIGMA reorganized as separate project from parent PROJECT SIGN.

Kennedy Deaths: Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli are murdered in separate incidents, supposedly to keep them from talking about the CIA-Mafia involvement in the JFK assassination and the attempts against Castro.

Bilderberger meeting canceled due to Prince Bernhard/Lockheed bribery scandal. Lord Home of the Hirsel, former Prime Minister for the United Kingdom, became the new chairman of the group.

Nogales, Arizona summit meeting with Russian Delegation attended by many CFR/Bilderberg figures.

House committee established to investigate the JFK and MLK assassinations (HSCA, House Select Committee on Assassinations). HSCA determines that there were two gunmen, firing four shots.

First sighting of the Nottingham "Lion" in England. It is followed by over sixty sightings in the next week.

Bulgarian sailors Yulia and Doncho Popasov carried out a world tour on their 8 meter ship. In late April, they saw large circles of light circles on the water surface, which were sliding past. The sailors got the impression that, from the ocean depths, a searchlight shone. Yulia even heard a moan behind her back. She turned around, and something very huge seemed to hang over her. Then she saw a large light approaching the ship. It had the shape of a ship with people onboard.

Foul smelling humanoids are seen near Baltimore, Maryland.

CIA document released in this year, say Ultrasonics research lasted 20 years.

"Skull & Bones" (a German-based cult) member George Bush becomes director of CIA.

January 2--A photograph of a UFO was taken by an RAAF Serviceman at 6.15pm at Butterworth/Penang, Malaysia. The object was described as glowing in bright orange color and had several portholes lining the edge.

February 24-- Three San Antonio, Texas school teachers encountered two large birds in the late afternoon. One of the witnesses. Mrs. Bryant, stated that she could see the skeleton of the bird through the skin...

May 12--Possible UFO crash in the Australian Desert, four bodies recovered.

May 14--A multiple-witness encounter revived interest in the Chinese yeren "wildman" and brought it international attention for the first time. Early in the morning of May 14, six local bureaucrats on their way home from a meeting spotted a "strange, tailless creature with reddish fur" on a rural highway near Chunshuya, Hubei province. Switching the headlights on high, the driver followed the creature as it tried to escape up an embankment along the roadside. It slipped and landed right in front of the jeep, which nearly hit it. The five passengers jumped out and surrounded the beast, now positioned on all fours and staring directly into the headlights. Afraid to approach it too closely, the witnesses, who were not armed, got no closer than six feet. One of them, Zhou Zhongyi, tossed a rock at the yeren's buttocks, causing it to stand briefly. At this the group retreated, and the animal lumbered away and this time executed a successful climb up the slope. The party described the creature as over six feet tall, covered in thick brown- and purpled-red wavy hair, with a fat belly and pronounced buttocks. The eyes struck them as humanlike, but the face was clearly apelike, with large ears and a protruding monkeylike snout.

July 28--A great earthquake destroyed Tangshan, China and killed over 650,000 people. Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am, the sky lit up like daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball. Some investigators believe these electrical effects were associated with electromagnetic plasma and ball lightning and the strange array of flashes which result from Tesla-style technology and /or HAARP-like transmissions. Was this earthquake just a test of the system, conducted on the unsuspecting people of China? It certainly does not appear that it was a natural earthquake.

August 21--One of the most curious abduction cases in UFO history. Artist Chuck Rak, and three friends from the Massachusetts College of Art--Charlie Foltz, and twins Jim and Jack Weiner went canoeing in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine, situated between the White Mountains and New Hampshire. Oddly enough, this was the very area where Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in September of 1961 (and also close to Loring AFB which had experienced its own share of bright, unexplained lights over its weapons facilities in early 1975). On the first day of their outing the men climbed Mount Katahdin, a place known to be sacred to the American Indians of the region, and home of the grest spirit Pomola. The following day, the men met up with their aerial connection to get them to Telos Lake accessible only by pontoon plane. After quite a trip into the dense forest region they canoed up Chamberlain Lake, camping at Mud Brook. That night, witnessed by other campers in the area, several UFOs in the form of flashing lights were seen. On the fourth night of their roughing-it, the men decided to do a little night fishing on Eagle Lake. Prior to leaving they wisely constructed a very large bonfire to act as a beacon so they could find their back in the darkness. Not more than 20 minutes out on the water they encountered a "large, bright, pulsing spherical light" ascending over the tops of the trees on the far shore. Charlie flicked his flashlight on and off at the brilliant object with three long and three short flashes. The glowing object replied by suddenly moving directly over them, hovering in complete silence. Frightened, the men paddled wildly to get back to shore. After reaching the campsite they watched the object hover for a while and then simply disappear. But something wasn't right. The bonfire they had built was nothing but nearly cold cinders; a fire which should have burned for several hours was all but dead, and yet, they were certain they had only been gone about thirty minutes. They reported the sighting to a somewhat disbelieving ranger and completed their camping trip without further incident. It was not until 1986 that Jack Weiner started having horrific nightmares that slowly revealed lost information and memory about what had happened during those missing hours on the lake. His dreams contained the classic abduction characteristics and phenomenon--the men were lifted from their boat into the UFO by some sort of beam of light... they were undressed and examined medically by beings not of this world, described as being spindly, thin and disturbingly insect-like...their memories were expunged...and they were returned to their canoe. Subsequently, under hypnosis all four men recalled the same horrendous event with few variations in detail.

September 19--Iranian F-4E jets were dispatched from Shahrokhi Air Force Base in Hamadan, Iran to pursue UFOs reported over Teheran by civilians and tower personnel at Meherabad IAP. The UFOs, which were spotted by the public, and the pilots (and subsequently confirmed by radar), outmaneuvered these jets. Every time the jets approached the crafts, their systems failed. The smaller of the two UFOs engaged one jet, causing it to break off the chase. The smaller UFO landed behind a hill while the larger "Mother Ship" disappeared into the sky. Military helicopters dispatched later to find the UFO that apparently landed reported no evidence of a landing.


Carter signs UN charter removing US sovereignty under UN military command.

Cattle mutilations in Grayson Springs, Kentucky.

Joseph Dixon's sow's ears eaten in Mississippi.

The Soviet newspaper Nedelya wrote about a luminescence observed by Vladimir Vorobyov from a Soviet research ship. After having completed an ocean investigation, the team suddenly noticed a white light rotating clockwise at a distance of 150 or 200 m, which split into eight parts. A sonar device registered a depth of 170 m and showed the presence of a big mass under the keel at a depth of 20 m. After 30 minutes, the luminescence disappeared.

Benjamin Creme publishes books and speaks publicly about "Maitreya", the new age Christ returning to earth.

By 1977, the Russians had placed fission-fusion-fission Superbombs in certain deep undersea trenches around the Philippines. The source believes that the Philippines are in the position of a 'keystone' within the giant Pacific Tectonic Plate. Russia had already been setting off lower yield undersea weapons in other areas around the Pacific Ocean causing strong earthquakes. The intention was/is to relieve tensions all around the Pacific plate, except the Philippines where stresses would build to tremendous levels. Then, at a certain point, the bombs around the Philippines will be set off. It is expected that this will cause incredible earthquakes and tidal waves and ultimately devastate the American West Coast. Volcanoes erupting in the Philippines are an indication that stresses are building in the area.

A rotting carcass was dredged up off the coast of New Zealand by the Japanese trawler Zuiyo Maru. On board was Michihiko Yano, a qualified biologist and an experienced crew. All of them were puzzled by what had been dredged up. Yano took five photos and pulled a few **** hairs off the edge of the front flipper, but the carcass had to be thrown back as it was feared that it might contaminate the whole catch. Since then, there have been several articles in creationist publications, the majority of which concluded that the carcass was only that of a basking shark that had decomposed in such a way that the remains looked similar to a plesiosaur-type animal...

Ray Ravenhott, director of the population program of the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), publicly announced the agency's goal to sterilize one quarter of the world's women. In reports by the St Louis Post-Dispatch, Ravenhott in essence cited the reasoning for this being U.S. corporate interests in avoiding the threat of revolutions which might be spawned by chronic unemployment.

New York State Conservation Naturalist Alfred Hulstruck reported that the state's Southern Tier had "a scaled, man-like creature (that) appears at dusk from the red, algae-ridden waters to forage among the fern and moss-covered uplands."

7-foot gorilla shot at near Ingalic Creek, Washington, but later came back for chickens.

Kennedy Deaths: George DeMohrenschildt (after learning that the House assassinations committee wanted to interview him) commits suicide; two days later Dutch journalist Willem Oltmanns testified to the committee that DeMohrenschildts had confessed to him several months earlier that Oswald had "acted on his instructions" in the plot to murder JFK, and that DeMohrenschildt had acted as the middle man between Oswald and H.L. Hunt; DeMohrenschildt alleged to have left a document naming CIA and FBI officials connected with the assassination in his office. Carlos Prio Sacarras (ex-president of Cuba, former business partner of Jack Ruby in Havana casino, former gunrunner to Pro-Castro guerrillas, who had felt betrayed by Castro and then supported the Bay of Pigs invasion) committed suicide a week after DeMohrenschildt; Lou Staples (Radio talk show host of KRLD in Dallas and KTOK in OKC, who had interviewed Penn Jones, Roger Craig, Mae Brussell and other JFK investigators) falls victim to suicide in OKC.

Bilderberger meeting in Torquay, England. Alex Douglas-Home chosen new Bilderberg chairman. Douglas-Home admits that Bilderberg meetings influence world events. Davis Aaron is Carter Administration representative at Torquay meeting.

A small alien wearing a green uniform and a helmet with blinking red and white lights on it is seen by several people in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.

There is a summer rash of Surrey "Puma" sightings in London, Brighton, and Reigate.

"Champ" is photographed by Sandra Mansi, in Lake Champlain.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind begins an attempt to "sell" the Aliens to the public.

January 10-- In Wakefield, New Hampshire under blizzard conditions and a temp of 5-degrees F, a farmer found a perfectly round hole presumably melted through 14 inches of solid ice on his farm pond. At the bottom of the center of this hole, he could see a black box roughly 12-inches square laying on the bottom. Subsequent Civil Defense Geiger counter readings placed radioactivity at 3 roentgens per hour of gamma radiation. (Usual readings were in the 1000ths of rph.) The place was overrun by police, investigators, and the curious... the black box disappeared under mysterious circumstances... Witnesses reported seeing state officials leaving the area with plastic bags. The NH governor's office denied the whole thing... and within 24 hours, the entire surface of the pond had melted, despite single digit temperatures. In subsequent days the farmer's dog died, a photo appeared in the local newspaper of two men carrying a heavy object from the pond, and it was discovered that one of the investigators was working with a German firm on some sort of secret assignment.

February--Broad Haven, UK was the scene of a UFO flap. There were several reported sightings; the most widely publicized was the strange visitation to a field near to Broad Haven Primary School. 14 primary children witnessed a silvery yellow cigar shaped UFO, and a few also witnessed a humanoid figure in a silver suit. Following this report there were adult witnesses to a dome shaped UFO in the same vicinity. There were several more sightings over the following months, which leveled off considerably after 1977.

April 21--The small community of Dover, Massachusetts entered into the crypto-zoological limelight in April, 1977, with three separate sightings of a bizarre creature, termed "The Dover Demon". At approximately 10:30 p.m. on the night of April 21, 17-year old Bill Barlett and two friends were driving down Farm Street in Dover. They were passing the Farm Street Wall when Barlett noticed movement in the loose stones of the wall. As the animal turned its head and stared into the car's headlights, Barlett saw that it was unlike anything he had ever seen. It had two huge orange eyes, a large, oval-shaped head. The creature was thin-limbed, with large hands and feet. It was hairless and fleshtone in color, with a rough texture. Bill later made a sketch of the creature he saw. About two hours later, 15-year old John Baxter saw a short figure approaching down the street. As the figure neared, it stopped and fled into woods at the side of the road. John pursued the small figure into the woods, halting at the edge of a shallow gully. He looked across the gully at a tree, against which stood the figure. Claiming that he did not know of Barlett's sighting, he nonetheless described a similar creature. The next evening, the creature was seen again by Will Taintor and Abby Brabham. They saw a monkeylike creature without hair. It was thin and sat on all fours at the side of the road. Brabham insisted that the creature's eyes were green, even after investigators told her that Barlett and Baxter said they were orange.

June 21--The New York Times reported that a 40-ton magnet had been shipped to a group of scientists in the Soviet Union. The device could be used to generate a magnetic field 250,000 times stronger than that of planet Earth.

June 22--Possible UFO crash in northwest Arizona produces five bodies.

July--Mister Lu Jiaju, an employee of the Puxing tank farm in China, was the astonished witness to a circular object composed of concentric rings, oscillating slowly over the facility.
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