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News: Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice
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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33394 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2007, 10:43:28 pm »

United Airlines flight 553 from Washington to Chicago crashes at Midway Airport. Chicagoan Lawrence O'Connor, who had used United Airlines Flight 553 or its equivalent to fly from Washington to Chicago on Friday nights for years was warned by a White House source not to take this flight; Among the deaths were: Dorothy Hunt (Wife of E. Howard Hunt) carrying $50,000 in Watergate payoff funds and close to $2 million that she was attempting to place in foreign banks; Michele Clark, CBS newswoman who was to interview Mrs. Hunt on a story that could allegedly destroy Nixon; at least four people alleged to have knowledge of a large labor union "donation" to the Committee to Reelect the President who were paid to stop the indictment of a Chicago Labor hoodlum; a group of gas pipeline lobbyists, attorneys and gas company officials (Robert Moreau, Nancy Parker, Ralph Blodgett, James Drueger, Lon Bayer, Wilbur Erickson) who had allegedly gathered evidence against former Attorney General John Mitchell in an anti-trust case involving El Paso Natural Gas Co; also aboard was a "hit-man" using the cover of Harold Metcalf, of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement, who told the pilot, Captain Whitehouse, he was carrying a gun and was assigned a jump seat near the food galley and rear door. After the crash, Cpt. Whitehouse and six of the Watergate related passengers were found to have unexplainably high cyanide contents, although the other 35 passengers who were killed did not. Following the crash hit-man Metcalf, in a jump suit, walked out the cracked open fuselage. Up to 200 FBI and CIA agents took over the crash site immediately, beating the fire department to the scene, refusing to allow in a medical team, confiscating the control tower tapes, interviewing survivors and witnesses before the National Transportation Safety Board investigators had a chance to. CBS News requested immediate cremation of Michele Clark's body; evidence of sabotage includes possible tampering with altimeter and air data computer, malfunctioning of the runway visual range recorder and the Kedzie localizer which acted as the runway's outer marker, a series of misdirections from air traffic controllers and the failure of Flight 553's standby power system. An in-flight robbery gang known as the Joseph Sarelli Mob came into possession of some of the Hunt Money and Mitchell documents after the crash and sold them for $5 million. The day after the crash Nixon Aide Egil Krogh Jr is appointed Undersecretary of Transportation and is placed in charge of the two agencies investigating the crash (the FAA and the NTSB); ten days later Nixon assistant Alexander Butterfield, a CIA-Aviation liaison is appointed head of the FAA; a few weeks later Nixon Aide Dwight Chapin becomes a top aide with United Airlines.

Bilderberger meeting in Knokke, Belgium.

Ivan Ivlov, a Russian pediatrician, sees a family of manlike creatures consisting of a male, female and a small child, standing on a mountain slope. Ivlov observed the creatures through field glasses for some time before they vanished behind a jutting rock. Ivlov's Mongol driver also sees the creatures and assures him they are common in the area.

Two farmers, Bryce Bond and Arthur Shuttlewood of Warminister, England, report a circular impression being mysteriously found in a wheat field. This is the first modern recorded incidence of the crop circle phenomenon.

Loch Ness Monster sighting by Dr. Robert H. Rines and a team of investigators from the Academy of Applied Sciences at MIT who take photographs and sonar soundings of the creature in the Loch.

A monster hunt near Louisiana, Missouri, turns up no sign of Mo-Mo.

The testing center at Groom Lake is shut down for two years while an underground facility is built. By the end of 1972 there are six bases (Groom Lake, Archuletta Mesa, "Sunspot", "Pietown", "Datil", and Roswell)

A Money Pit exploratory group a team sinks a dry shaft near the area. They send down an underwater TV camera and photograph what looks like logs, sea chests, and the grisly image of a severed human hand, half-clenched, its flesh preserved by the salty water and the absence of oxygen.

March 3--Two Loveland, Ohio police officers encountered a four-foot tall, frog-faced biped with textured leathery skin. They saw it jump over a guard rail and descend an embankment leading to the Little Miami River. About two weeks later one of the officers saw the thing again, first lying in the road, then getting up to go over a guard rail. He took a shot at it but apparently missed. A local farmer also reported seeing such a creature.

July 18--Possible UFO crash in the Morroco Sahara Desert, three Bodies.

Summer--At Thetis Lake, British Columbia, there were two reports of a silver-colored creature which emerged from the water, in the first instance, on August 19, to chase a couple of young men from the beach. One supposedly suffered lacerations in the hand from six sharp points atop the thing's head. A witness to the second incident, on August 23, said it was "shaped like an ordinary body, like a human being body, but it had a monster face, and it was all scaly." It had a sharp point on its head and "great big ears."

December 17--Among the more impressive incidents involving yeti tracks is one that happened in 1972 to members of the Arun Valley Wildlife Expedition, a multidisciplinary ecological survey of a deep river valley in far-eastern Nepal where many rare animals and plants live isolated and undisturbed. Its participants, including leader Edward Cronin, a zoologist, were open-minded about the yeti's possible existence and even looked for evidence in the course of their two-year effort, but this was not the main purpose of their endeavor. On the night of December 17, Cronin and expedition physician Howard Emery, along with their Sherpa guides, camped on a depression at 12,000 feet in the ridge of Kongmaa La mountain. The next morning, when Emery awoke and stepped outside, he was startled to find footprints of a bipedal creature which had walked between the two tents sometime in the night. Nine inches long and four and three-quarters wide, perfectly preserved, the tracks showed, Cronin recorded, a "short, broad, opposable hallux, an asymmetrical arrangement of the four remaining toes, and a wide, rounded heel." They looked very much like a yeti print photographed by mountaineer Eric Shipton in 1951. Expedition members followed the prints for some distance. The creature had come up and down the slope to the north, crossed through the camp, and proceeded over the south slope. Then it returned to the top of the ridge. Its tracks disappeared down the south slope in scrub and rock. "The slope was extremely steep," Cronin wrote, "and searching for the prints was arduous and dangerous. We realized that whatever creature had made them was far stronger than any of us."

December 29--Eastern Airlines flight 401 crashes into the Everglades. The spirits of the captain and flight engineer haunt numerous flights after.


Experiments with implanting electrodes in the brain carried out at Vacaville and elsewhere.

President Nixon gives comedian Jackie Gleason access to dead alien bodies. Three separate people claim to have been told the story by Nixon (Bill Knell, Larry Warren and Beverly Gleason). The key witness of the three was Beverly Gleason, the second wife of the comedy superstar. She wrote a version of the story for the National Enquirer in 1983 four years before Gleasonís death. It was a story that Beverly said made Jackie very angry. The gist of the story is that Gleason was friends with Nixon. He lived in Miami, Florida near Nixonís southern White House at Key Biscayne. Gleason saw the bodies late one night at Homestead Air Force Base, which was close to both menís homes. It was also the base where Nixon flew in on his 92 trips to the southern White House.

"Trilateral Commission" is founded under the direction of David Rockefeller, with Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Henry Kissinger, the DuPonts among the founding members.

Sidney Gottleib, head of CIA's LSD and other drug programs destroys records to hide the details of the program.

Alex Botto, Jr., who had infiltrated the Joseph Sarelli air piracy gang for the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts (CCCUC), was seized by federal marshals, taken to the federal prison hospital at Springfield, Missouri, and held for 40 days without hearing or trial; Botto and another CCCUC agent, Joseph Zale, testified to seeing evidence from the sabotaged United Airlines Flight 553 in the Sarelli mob's possessions and turned over evidence on this and an earlier crash robbery to Nixon's Strike Force in Chicago; just before the reopening of the case Zale was indicted in an alleged frame-up by federal agencies; CCCUC chairman Sherman Skolnich revealed at the 553 hearings that his group had stolen the entire government file, 1,300 pages of documentation, and was presenting it as evidence of foul play in the Midway Airport crash.

Bilderberger meeting in Saltsjobaden, Sweden.
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