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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33394 times)
Jennie McGrath
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July--A Dutch multi-national businessman was contacted in the Oostscheld, below Amsterdam, by extraterrestrial beings who said they came from a place called Iarga, some 11 light years from our sun as we calculate distance. They were observing us from underwater and they allowed this man to visit the spacecraft in its underwater location.

July 20--A huge cigar-shaped vehicle was reported emerging from the sea and into space in the log of the Argentine ship Naviero off the coast of Brazil. The officers and crew could see a shining object in the sea no more that 50 feet away from the starboard side. It was cigar-shaped and about 110 feet in length and emitted a powerful blue and white glow. It ran silently and without wake through the water. There was no periscope or conning tower or any protruding parts to this mysterious submarine. It paced the Naviero for 15 minutes, then suddenly dived and passed beneath the ship and vanished rapidly into the great depths.

August 17--Cube-shaped object weighing about three tons found 50 miles from Kutum, Sudan. No markings. Samples cut with difficulty. Photographed by the authorities. Satellite or crashed UFO?

September--Animal mutilations begun near Alamosa, Colorado. "Snippy" the horse, the first "mute" is found dead with the skin and flesh stripped from his head and neck and no blood in the carcass or on the ground.

October--A massive UFO wave engulfed the British Isles following reports that two Devon police officers had chased a "star-spangled flying cross" in their patrol car at speeds approaching 90 mph.

October 4--Something crashes into the sea at Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. It was hovering just over the water and gyrating in an erratic manner. It then tilted to one side and fell into the water. Lights could still be seen after it submerged but soon afterwards they blinked out. It seems that the UFO then left the area after submerging. It traveled underwater to a place about twenty-five miles away called Government Point, near the site of a submarine detection facility. The witnesses, searching for a logical explanation, thought some sort of conventional aircraft must have crashed so they reported it to the authorities. It was detected there, and a small group of naval vessels was positioned over it. After several days, just when a salvage operation was being considered, it was joined by a second underwater UFO, which some said seemed to have come to repair the first UFO. The decision was made by the Navy to just watch and wait. After about a week, some of the naval vessels were forced to leave in order to investigate a Russian submarine that had entered Canadian waters, and at that point, the two UFOs began to move. They headed underwater toward the Gulf of Maine, and when they had outdistanced the remaining naval vessels, they broke the surface of the water and vanished into the sky at high speed.

December 15--The "Silver Bridge", a suspension bridge between Ohio and West Virginia at Point Pleasant, WV collapsed during rush hour. Forty-six cars plunged into the cold waters of the Ohio River, and fifty lives were lost. It's said that many of those who were killed were those who had seen the Mothman.


The "Roush Hearings", a strongly pro-UFO seminar, is held in Washington, D.C. This is James. E. McDonald's high point, and the nearest thing to a Congressional investigation of UFOs that has ever taken place.

A UFO crashed on Kolguev Island north of the Arhangelsk region of Russia. Transported to the Odintsove base.

Archaeologists exploring burial chambers, tunnels, and catacomb-cities (several of which are linked together at the lower levels) near Derinkuya, Turkey, had reached a depth of about 900 feet when they were suddenly attacked by a group of seven-foot tall albino-haired troglodydes. One team member was killed and another was hospitalized for several months, and all had serious wounds.

Kennedy Deaths: RFK is killed in Los Angeles (shot in the back of the head from a gun in front of him. Sirhan Sirhan, who wounded Kennedy in the shoulder pad, still doesn't remember what happened but perhaps security guard Eugene Cesar, who carried the same caliber gun as Sirhan, does; Kennedy was shot in the back of the head at close range--Cesar was close behind him, Sirhan several feet in front; a "girl in the polka dot dress," who earlier had been seen with Sirhan, reportedly leaves the scene saying "We've shot him!". Dr. Nicholas Chetta (who performed the autopsies on Ferrie and Dr. Sherman) died of a heart attack. Richard Carr (JFK assassination witness who is about to appear in Shaw Trial) learns that police have arrested a man planning to kill him.

A dark seven-foot tall creature was observed by workers in London's New Victoria tube line.

Air Force officially denies the existence of UFOs.

Approximate date of the founding of the "Kaisers"--sixty German-Americans who plan to make Nixon a dictator.

Y. Druet and H. Salfati announced the discovery of semi-ovoid metallic tubes of identical shape but varying sizes in a 65-million-year-old Cretaceous chalk bed in a quarry at Saint-Jean de Livet, France. The reddish brown, wafer-shaped specimens with hollowed ends were reportedly turned over to the geomorphology laboratory at the University of Caen.

Mystery ship Sheersberg disappears between Antwerp and Genoa with 200 tons of uranium believed to have been taken to Israel.

Transmissions from astronauts circling the Moon interrupted by unexplained voices.

UFOlogists Steiger, Whitenour and Keel smeared during Men In Black visits in UFO flap area.

Bilderberger meeting in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

PROJECT PORENCE begun to evaluate alien information.

Children see a landed UFO and an alien at St. Stanislas de Koska, Quebec, Canada.

Dr. Curt Strand at the Soder Hospital in Stockholm begins implanting "brain transmitters" into human beings. These eventually are able to, via RHIC (Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control), EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) and ESB (Electronic Stimulation of Brain), give total control over the people into whom they have been inserted.

MJ-12 becomes known as the "50 Committee".

Apollo 8 photographs UFO Moon base.

April 4--Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray begins international travels thanks to "Raoul" who sounds very much like his younger brother Jerry Ray; FBI begins search for Ray as lone assassin, ignoring considerable evidence of a conspiracy with Ray as patsy--including reports of the mysterious "sausage and eggs man" who was seen in the neighborhood of King's motel with a rifle before and after the murder. Following the ML King assassination, black leader Ron Karenga meets secretly with California Governor Reagan and later with Los Angeles police chief Thomas Reddin. Spiro Agnew's law-n-order handling of riots following King's assassination brings him to national attention. Agnew allegedly chosen for Nixon's vice-president to obtain CIA and Greek oil and shipping firms' contributions.

Summer--Near the demilitarized zone in Vietnam there was a series of sightings which set off "quite a battle with an Australian destroyer taking severe damage".

August--The famous "Cobrea Case", which took place in the eponymous city in Argentina's Santa Fe province, captured the attention of that country's media. During several days in August, witnesses observed strange lights moving around the sky and no less enigmatic reflections being seen in the remotest areas of the wilderness. Local residents were surprised to find considerable amounts of burnt grass and earth with huge toadstools growing around them. Several animals--small dairy cattle--also turned up dead, apparently as a result of radiation exposure. Nonetheless, the most interesting experience was that of the Rodriguez family, who witnessed a Jeep carrying four men (two of them dressed in blue coveralls, the other two dressed in black) drive along the only access road to the property. One of the men asked the landowner where they could find an exit, and the startled Mr. Rodriguez asked them how had they gotten there in the first place. There were, in fact, no tire-marks on the ground, nor had the barbed-wire fence surrounding the perimeter been cut. The owners of neighboring fields later told police that they had not allowed the transit of such outlandish characters and their vehicle through their own fields. Curiously enough, after the Jeep-driving MIBs departed, UFO activity in the area came to a complete halt.

September 5--Tetrahedral shaped object picked up on Spanish Air Force radar and seen visually from ground by thousands near Madrid. F-104 scrambled from Torrejon AB to intercept but pilot reported he was at 50,000 feet and had a visual and radar lock but the UFO moved higher to 90,000 feet and then disappeared.

December 25--Houston Mission control sat in silence for six agonizing minutes as Apollo 8 encountered a "bogey" that was a glowing sphere. Jim Lovell then told Houston in an attempt at a joke that he knew now that Santa Claus existed.


CIA-linked Professor Thomas Rika disappears from Boulder, Colorado.

Walter Andrus and a group of followers leave APRO to form MUFON.

Two local people (Duncan McDonell and William Simpson) were fishing in Loch Morar, northwest of Fort William along the west coast near Mallaig, Scotland. Suddenly they saw a long creature approaching their boat at great speed. It rammed them, and fearing they were to be capsized, the terrified fisher-folk started shooting. The beast disappeared into the depths of the loch but left them with the impression that it was between 20 and 30-feet long and had three humps. Nessie's lesser known cousin?

The wife of Pennsylvania's Clinton County sheriff John Bovle, while sitting in front of the couple's cabin in remote Little Pine Creek, saw an enormous gray-colored bird land in the middle of the creek. A few moments later it rose to fly away, and "its wingspread," she said, "appeared to be as wide as the streambed, which I would say was about 75 feet--making the creature truly otherworldly. That same summer three men claimed to have seen a thunderbird snatch up a 15-pound fawn near Kettle Creek.

It is rumored that when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were out in space they spoke to NASA on a secure channel describing brilliant orbs lined up above the moon watching them.

Pentagon and Department of Interior researchers study methods of inducing earthquakes by injecting fluids into deep wells.

Alleged CIA spy Humberto Carrillo Colon arrested by Cuban government which seized his Very Low Frequency transceiver and coded messages describing strange lights, a minisubmarine and other unexplained items.

Eleven witnesses see a daylight disc UFO hover over a farm in Anolaima, Colombia.

A theory that suggests that the moon is a large hollow sphere. Backed up by little evidence, but still regarded by some as a possibility, the hollow moon theory originated during seismological tests on the moon following the Lunar landings. This occurred most notably in November, 1969, after seismometers were set up on the moon's surface by the astronauts of Apollo 12. When the Lunar module had taken off, heading back to earth the astronauts discarded the ascent stage of the lunar module, dropping it on the moon's surface, smashing the craft and creating a tremor that was picked up by the seismometers. When the NASA scientists heard the data stream, they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The moon was ringing like a bell and continued to do so for around an hour. After they had had a chance to analyze the seismological information, NASA declared that the moon seemed to be a hollow sphere with a metallic layer around 34-40 meters deep.

MIB "Carlos Allende" visits UFOlogists Jim and Coral Lorenzen in Tucson, gives them a copy of the ONR reprint of Jessup's Case for the UFOs.

The "Lake Worth Monster" (a giant white biped) is seen near Fort Worth, Texas.

Bilderberger meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nixon signs Executive order #11490 establishing plans for dictatorial control in the event of a national emergency, and consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over the previous 15 years.

US government makes a deal with aliens to allow abductions in exchange for technology.

Charged with mismanagement, Donald Keyhoe is forced out as NICAP director.

Kennedy deaths: Clyde Johnson, who had allegedly attended parties with Ferrie, Ruby and Oswald and who was beaten up to keep him from testifying at the Clay Shaw trial, shot to death near Greensburg, Louisiana.; Richard Carr, while visiting in Atlanta, is attacked by two men with knives.

Trial of Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate JFK; with Jim Garrison's witnesses dead or discredited by CIA or FBI and other government agencies, Shaw was soon found not guilty.

Fifteen Russian Generals die in "unrelated" incidents in a month's time.


PROJECT AQUARIUS is established.

(Date Uncertain) A huge underground joint CIA/alien base is built northwest of Dulce, NM (and Kirkland?). The entrance to the base is on Mount Archuleta (also called Archuleta Mesa), on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. The base gets water and power from a dam on the Navajo River, and expels waste water back into the Navajo River. The base is set up so that the U.S. government has control of the upper levels, and the aliens control the lower levels. It is to this base that the majority of abductees are taken and slaughtered.

A confrontation broke out between the Soviets and Americans at the secret joint lunar base. The Soviets attempted to take control of the base and held American scientists and personnel hostage We were able to restore order but not before 66 people were killed. The Soviets were suspended from the program for a period of two years. A reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact.

January--The final report of the Condon Study is issued. It concludes that there is not enough scientific evidence to justify the continued study of UFOs, ending all official Air Force interest in the subject. The Condon Report is the final blow to PROJECT BLUEBOOK and it is shut down.

January 6--While Jimmy Carter was the governor of Georgia, he sighted a UFO. He filed a report with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. The report explained that there was a large, bright object in the sky. It moved toward him from a distance, stopped, moved away, and then departed. It had a blue color at first, then it turned reddish. It wasn't really a solid figure, it was more like a light. The object looked the size of the moon. It was about 300-1000 miles away and was about 30 degrees above the horizon. Robert Sheaffer, a scientist that works for the government believes that Jimmy Carter really saw Venus, but Carter denies that. He even signed a paper that states that he encountered a UFO.

March--UFO crash at Yekatrinburg (formerly Sverdlovsky), Russia. From this has emerged very impressive official Soviet film footage of both the crashed disc and the autopsy of the remains of the inhabitant of the craft. The only major unanswered question is whether the crash is of an ET craft or one that was terrestrially manufactured. The original presence of a formation of five craft, and the autopsy of the ET body would seem to indicate the former assumption, though the body could also have been a terrestrial clone of a recovered ET body.

June 9---Dr. D.M. McArtor, then Deputy Director of Research and Technology for the Department of Defense, appeared before the House Subcommittee on Appropriations to request funding for a project to produce a synthetic biological agent for which humans have not yet acquired a natural immunity. Dr. McArtor asked for $10 million dollars to produce this agent over the next 5-10 years. The Congressional Record reveals that according to the plan for the development of this germ agent, the most important characteristic of the new disease would be "that it might be refractory (resistant) to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease". AIDS first appeared as a public health risk ten years later.

August-- Earl Morrison, who served with the First Marine Division in Vietnam, while stationed near Da Nang, he and two other guards reportedly saw an extraordinary sight just after 1 o'clock in the morning. They were sitting atop a bunker and talking when they noticed something approaching them in the sky. Morrison stated: "We saw what looked like wings, like a bat's, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night-kind of a greenish cast to it.... She started going over us, and we still didn't hear anything. She was right above us, and when she got over the top of our heads, she was maybe six or seven feet up.... We watched her go straight over the top of us, and still she didn't make any noise flapping her wings. She blotted out the moon once that's how close she was to us. And dark-looked like pitch black then, but we could still define her because she just glowed. Real bright like. And she started going past us straight towards our encampment. As we watched her-she had got about 10 feet or so away from us-we started hearing her wings flap. And it sounded, you know, like regular wings flapping. And she just started flying off and we watched her for quite a while. Morrison thought the covering on her skin was more like fur than feathers. "The skin of her wings looked like it was molded on to her hands," he said, and the movement of her arms suggested they had no bones in them.

August 31-- Over New South Wales, Australia, a RAAF Canberra from Amberley chased an object reported "like a metallic Zeppelin" hovering low over several towns and farms. UFO then played "cat and mouse" with the Canberra before accelerating away from the bomber.


Reuther dies in plane crash under suspicious circumstances.

Personality-altering Prolexin administered to 1,093 inmates at Vacaville. Special Programs Unit behavior mod program begins at Joliet, Illinois, under Dr. Martin Groder. Bureau of Prisons requests funds for Federal Center for Correctional Research in Butner, North Carolina.

Bilderberger meeting in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.

Wanda Lockwood of Bakersfield, California reported that she was playing with her son in his bedroom when what sounded like a large steel hammer struck the concrete basement floor 3 times. Her child Danny was so surprised that he began to cry. Having heard a similar noise several months earlier beneath her living room, Wanda was curious and put her ear to the bedroom floor and clearly heard "the roar of machinery". She took a hammer and began to pound the bedroom (basement?) floor in a 1-2-3, 1-2-3 manner until 5 minutes later a "being" beneath the floor began to tap back in the same 1-2-3, 1-2-3 manner. She could hear a series of noises and knocks and then she faintly heard men talking to each other, but the voices were too muffled to understand. In later months she would again hear the machinery when placing her ear to the floor, but never again the men's voices.

Nixon staffers develop the "Huston Plan" and "plumbers unit" in plot to use police and intelligence agencies at all levels for political purposes.

Korean CIA undertakes a massive influence peddling campaign, eventually 50 congressmen accept bribes and links are make between the Nixon Administration and the Unification Church.

Probably the most interesting Yeti sighting by a Westerner took place on Mount Annapurna in 1970. The witness, prominent British mountaineer Don Whillans, was looking for a campsite one evening when odd cries sounded. His Sherpa companion said they were a yeti's call, and Whillans caught a glimpse of a dark figure on a distant ridge. The next day he found humanlike tracks sunk 18 inches into the snow, and that night, sensing the creature's presence, he looked out of his tent and saw, in the moonlight, an ape-shaped animal as it plucked at tree branches. He watched it for 20 minutes through binoculars before it wandered away.

A "Skunk Ape" is sighted near Big Cypress Swamp, Florida.

A huge black "Panther" is seen near Cairo, Illinois.

January--Four Gallup, New Mexico, youths allegedly encountered what they called a "werewolf" along the side of a road near Whitewater. It managed to pace with their car, which was traveling at 45 miles per hour. One witness reported, "It was about five feet seven, and I was surprised it could go so fast. At first I thought my friends were playing a joke on me, but when I found out they weren't, I was scared! We rolled up the windows real fast and locked the doors of the car. I started driving faster, about 60, but it was hard because that highway has a lot of sharp turns. Someone finally got a gun out and shot it. I know it got hit and it fell down, but there was no blood. I know it couldn't be a person because people cannot move that fast."

January 7-- Two Finnish ski enthusiasts reportedly encountered a mysterious luminous red "cloud" which, when it got within 50 feet of them, turned out to contain a smoke-spewing domed disc at its center. The object hovered near them, and in the light it cast, they could see a three-foot tall humanoid with a waxy, pale face and a hooklike nose but no visible eyes. The creature was standing on the ground just under the UFO. After about 20 seconds the red fog reappeared suddenly, and by the time it dissipated, both the object and the being were gone.

April--The central Siberian uplands north of Olekminsk have been the source of numerous UFO reports, including a massive "wave" or scare that erupted in early 1970, involving disappearances of animals and humans, including one entire village. A Soviet supersonic bomber disappeared without a trace in the area on April 24, 1970, provoking a 150 plane rescue search (many of these reported gigantic space craft hovering so high that they were out of range). Soviet reconnaissance planes appeared in the skies, relentlessly photographing every inch of the terrain. Chinese citizens were terrorized by UFOnauts disguised as Russian cosmonauts and Russian citizens reported landings of Chinese or Oriental appearing UFO pilots. This confusion might have led (intentionally on the part of the "aliens"?) to World War III between China and Russia since the phenomena did result in some border clashes between the two superpowers. Reports state, "On April 29th (1970) inhabitants of these areas were awe struck as a gigantic Soviet aerial armada consisting if bombers and fighter planes passed overhead en route to a rendezvous near the desert region. This area was bombarded for hours and literally blasted from the face of the earth... reliable sources report that a secret flying saucer base was systematically liquidated... consisting of hundreds of miles of underground tunnels and dozens of 'pyramid-like structures' throughout the area."

May--William S. English was an officer with US Army Special Forces in Vietnam. His A-Team was dispatched to locate, and if possible rescue the crew of a B-52 bomber that had crashed in dense jungle in Laos. Air Force records have no B-52 crashing in Southeast Asia between July 1969 and July 1972. This could be because the records were altered to hide the truth from the public. The plane had crashed after a hostile encounter with a UFO described as a large white light. English and his team located the B-52 by helicopter. It was lying among the trees as if it had been placed there. There was no damage at all to the aircraft, its bomb load, or the jungle. All the crew was onboard, in their seats, horribly mutilated, although there was no blood anywhere. Dog tags were taken from the bodies and code books removed and the aircraft was blown up, the bombs still being onboard. The tale of William S. English is one of conspiracy. He saw a B-52 downed by a UFO and the military then spent the next twenty years first trying to discredit him then to eliminate him to try to conceal the truth.


John Keel's Our Haunted Planet discusses more Men In Black cases.

Daughter of conspiracy investigator Mae Brussell is killed in a suspicious car accident.

Due to the constant encroachment of white settlers or invaders into their territory, 30,000 survivors of the Ugha Mongulala tribe in Peru allegedly escaped to an ancient system of underground cities, consisting of 13 separate subterranean complexes all connected by tunnels, one of which is said to extend to Lima, and others of which are located throughout the Andes Mountain range of Peru. The Ugha Mongulala's ancestors were allegedly part of a vast empire which covered South America in ancient times. Some of these ancient people, the chief claimed, left the planet in aerial vessels to explore other parts of the solar system and beyond, leaving behind vast subterranean cities beneath the Andes mountains and western Brazil.

Hunt is hired by the White House to gather damaging evidence against Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Kennedy and other "enemies". Hunt hires Barker and other Bay of Pigs veterans to make a break in at Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office. Barker attempts to get plans to building that will house the Democratic Convention. Plumber Chief David Young, former Kissinger aide, contacts CIA for a psychiatric profile of Ellsberg. He is referred to Howard Osborn, a possible Oswald link. White House agent Segretti meets with FBI, Minutemen and others to plan kidnapping of radicals during the 1972 Convention, a plan later scrapped.

The FBI begins (or continues) illegal break-ins, mail openings and wiretaps, conducted by Squad 47 of the Internal Security Division, in search of Weather Underground fugitives.

The disinformation classic The Anarchist's Cookbook is published.

Bilderberger meeting in Woodstock, Vermont.

Burglars broke into the FBI Field Office at Media, Pennsylvania and escaped with a thousand documents. This exposed the FBI's massive surveillance of blacks, students, radicals, and various other groups. The word "Cointelpro" entered society.

"Deprogrammer" Ted Patrick begins capturing "Jesus Freaks" and reconverting them to conventional behavior.

The Apeman called "Mo-Mo" (for Missouri Monster) is sighted near the town of Louisiana, Missouri.

First meeting of the "Asian Window" group, in Williamsburg, Virginia, financed by the late John D. Rockefeller and continues to date. It brings together the Asian leaders and the Americans. Williamsburg has been particularly effective for discussing Vietnam, or the Indonesian corruption, or supposedly non-existent Japanese exchange controls. Different experiences of trade with China and Russia, or how Singapore has a lower infant mortality than America, have been some of the topics in the Williamsburg forum.

Two physicians, Arguello de la Mota and Antonio Arocha, were in San Juan de los Morros, a small town not far from Caracas, Venezuela when they were startled by the unexpected arrival of two characters dressed in black who drove into the dusty town in a sporty Mustang. Unaware that they were being watched, the MIB exchanged remarks and donned orange-colored belts. Suddenly, a brilliant object appeared in the sky, descending rapidly to the surface. The physicians, swore that the object was a 60-foot wide disk-shaped craft which produced a parabolic ladder while hovering inches off the ground. The MIB entered the vehicle, which rose into the skies and vanished out of sight (no information is available on the fate of the brand-new sports car they left behind). The story was circulated worldwide by United Press International.

UFOs with stubby side wings are seen over a tea plantation in Hewaheta, Sri Lanka.

Early Spring-- Residents of a Mobile, Alabama, neighborhood claimed to have had nocturnal encounters with an extraordinary creature. "The top half was a woman," one witness said, "and the bottom was a wolf." The witness added, unnecessarily, "It didn't seem natural." The Mobile police investigated with inconclusive results.

June 13--CIA "critic" James E. MacDonald drives into desert and "shoots himself".

Summer--Near Edwards AFB, Debbie Clayton reported that she heard a loud roaring sound and then a loud crash. Outside she could see a cloud of dust several blocks away. She walked over to the crash site and while other civilians were studying the craft, the military arrived, weapons drawn. One of the civilians named Dalton was taking pictures. An Air Force officer ripped the camera from his hands and smashed it but didn't try to remove the film. The craft had no markings but seemed to be scratched. There were no windows or seams, and it appeared to be molded in one piece. It was a dark grayish color with greenish highlights. The texture was smooth. The military told the witnesses to leave or be arrested. The military covered the craft with a large canvas and lifted it with cables attached to the canvas. Once it was loaded, the military left, and there was no mention of the incident in the newspapers.

August--Maria Gomez Pereira discovered a strange expressionistic image of a man's face that had appeared on her kitchen floor. A few days later she had the floor ripped out and relaid, only to find that the face reappeared in exactly the same place within a week. Before she got the chance to rip out the floor a second time, the slab was removed and preserved by local authorities. Investigations into the site on which the house was built, revealed that the site had once been a graveyard. It was decided that the floor of the house should be excavated to see what lay beneath. After digging down some nine feet, human remains were found, which were soon removed. It was decided that the excavation had been successful, and a new floor was soon installed. Bizarrely, after just two weeks, a variety of new faces had appeared on the new floor. Over the coming months, the "Faces of Belmez" attracted a huge amount of attention, but nobody was able to explain why the faces kept returning.

September 4--Four members of the National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica were flying in a twin-engined aircraft 10,000ft above Lake Cote, near the Central American state's forbidding Arenal volcano. A special map-making camera was slung underneath their plane. It was automatic and large-format, and every 20 seconds it took another photograph of the lake beneath. When the photographs were developed, one of the frames showed what seemed to be a metallic disc about 160ft in diameter, which had just left, or was on the point of entering, the lake. It was giving off light, and had made a sudden maneuver at the instant the photo was taken. The object showed up on neither the previous frame of film nor the one afterwards. Checks on the negative eliminated tricks of the light as an explanation. Lake Cote is extremely deep, and there have been numerous other reports of unknown submergible craft entering and leaving it. Local fishermen, out on the lake in the small hours, have seen various objects below them, giving off colored lights.

September 10--An Air Force F-4E fighter jet disappears without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle, 82 miles southeast of Homestead AFB.

November 2--A very credible UFO encounter occurred in Delphos, Kansas in 1971. Sixteen-year old Ron Johnson, along with his dog, was tending the family sheep when his attention was suddenly drawn to a mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky. Incredibly the UFO was only about 75 feet from him, and it hovered only a few feet above the ground. Ron estimated the craft's diameter at 6-8 feet and it was covered with multicolored lights across it's metallic surface. Stunned by what he was looking at, he tried to get a closer look, but the brilliant luminance of the craft did not allow him to make out any additional details. Unlike many other UFO reports, Ron described the craft as making a loud sound, "like an old washing machine which vibrates." The glow of the object's bottom increased as it began to shoot up into the sky. Ron would later state that he was temporarily blinded by the brightness of the craft as it ascended. After he regained his sight and composure, he ran back to the family house to alert the others. The bright glow was now high in the sky, as it began to vanish from sight altogether. Three family members came running around the side of the house to get a glimpse of the unusual phenomena. They arrived at the location, and were shocked to see a glowing ring in the ground, right below where the craft had hovered. Family members would later relate that the ground around the glow. "felt strange, like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized." Ron's mother's fingers went numb, like she had been given a local anesthetic. Seeing nothing else of the craft, the family finally settled down for the night. When dawn broke the next day, the family immediately returned to the sight of the glowing ring, and to their surprise, it was still there. The inside and outside of the ring were damp from a rain shower, but the ring itself was amazingly dry. The ring had a crusty appearance, as though the rain had simply ran off, leaving it bone dry. Slightly over a month later, after a snow fall, the white ice had melted both inside and outside of the ring, but the ring itself maintained the snow drift. Investigators experimented with the ring by removing snow from a section of it, and pouring water on the exposed part. The soil would not allow the water to pass through. Further experimentation showed the ground under the ring to be dry to a depth of one foot. The ring itself was composed of a whitish substance, which was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The findings were as follows: "(it was resolved into fibers which) were vegetal in nature and belonged to an organism of the order of Actinomycetales, which is an intermediate organism between bacteria and fungus... family actiniomycete, genus Nocardia... (and is) often found together with a fungus of the order Basidomycetes, which may flouresce under certain conditions... one possible interpretation is that high energy stimulation triggered the spectacular growth of the Nocardia and of an existing fungus, and caused the latter to flouresce." The experience of Ron Johnson is still considered as one of the best documented "ground trace" UFO cases of the past century, and is considered "unexplained."


Attempted assassination of George Wallace in Maryland by "loner" Art Bremer who had more money than he should and had alleged connections with CIA-types.

An unnamed Russian doctor met a family of Almas, according to British anthropologist Myra Shackley, who adds that their "very simple lifestyle and the nature of their appearance suggests strongly that Almases might represent the survival of a prehistoric way of life, and perhaps even of an earlier form of man. The best candidate is undoubtedly Neanderthal man."

Warren Commission dissident Hale Boggs disappears on flight to Alaska.

Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi discovered on Guam having hid for 28 years.

Vesna Vulovic survives six-mile fall.

A French company imported some uranium ore from Oklo in the Gabon Republic in Africa. Surprisingly, the uranium concentration in the ore was as low as spent uranium fuel from a nuclear reactor. The finding led scientists to believe that the uranium had already been used for energy production. This discovery shocked the world and attracted scientists from many countries to go to Oklo for further investigation. The results showed that the uranium mine was an ancient nuclear reactor. The ancient reactor consisted of five hundred tons of utilized uranium ore in six different areas. Its output power was estimated to be approximately one hundred kilowatts. The reactor was perfectly preserved and its layout was very rational. It is estimated that the reactor had been in operation for around 500,000 years. Furthermore, nuclear wastes produced in this reactor had not spread all over the surrounding areas. Instead, they were confined within the separate sections. From the perspective of modern nuclear technology, this ancient reactor used very advanced techniques.

While strolling along the shore of a peninsula in Scotland's Western Highlands, American folk singer Artie Traum heard disembodied voices chanting "Run, man, run" in a strange harmony to the sound of fiddles and pipes. When Traum fled into a nearby woods, he heard crackling sounds and "great motion." All the while, he recalled, "my head was swarming with thousands of voices, thousands of words making no sense." The voices ceased once he found his way back to the open air.

Other alleged murders involving secret funds include Representative William O. Mills (suicide) and his assistants Colonel J. Webster and James Glover; a Mr. Taub, Kalmback employee; Dennis Cossini, alleged CIA contact with Bremer; Lou Russell, security cop employed by McCord Associates; and Mrs. Andrew Topping, wife of man alleged to be plotting assassination of Nixon during 1972 convention.

Nixon aides and west coast Nazis cooperate in attempt to keep Wallace off California ballot; Hunt ordered to break into Bremer's apartment but refuses.

Agnew allegedly meets Carlos Bringuier (the guy who punched Oswald for handing out "Fair Play for Cuba" flyers) in New Orleans.

Tackwood alleges that plans are made to disrupt Republican convention in San Diego, declare martial law, assassinate Nixon (or make false attempt).

Exposure and defeat of planned psychosurgery program at Vacaville Prison.

West German authorities produce a skull they say was Martin Bormann's a few days after articles appear with evidence he is alive in Argentina.

Two flying humanoid aliens seen by a crowd in the plaza at Ixtalapa, Mexico.
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