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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33394 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #15 on: August 02, 2007, 10:42:04 pm »

Bilderberger meeting in Weisbaden, Germany.

PROJECT AQUARIUS begun. The project was funded by CIA funds (non-appropriated). The project assumed full responsibility for investigation and intelligence of UFOs and/or IACs, after December 1969 when PROJECTS GRUDGE and BLUE BOOK were closed. The purpose of PROJECT AQUARIUS was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO and IAC sightings and contacts with Alien Life Forms. These orderly files of collected information have been used to advance the United States Air Force Space Program (not NASA).

A "Skunk Ape" is sighted near El Fers, Florida.

In one particularly notable case of ball lightning, a woman named Kitty Cox was out walking her dog in Scotland when following a lightning strike she witnessed what she described as a "luminous orange ball" drifting towards her. The ball went past her very rapidly, and was said to be "hissing" with electrical charge.

Dr. James E. McDonald, an atmospheric physicist, comes to the forefront of UFOlogy.

A high-altitude U2 spy plane went missing over Cuba. Apparently the mission took the plane south over the tip of Florida and then high over Cuba. When the plane failed to make an expected course change the alarm was raised, but the pilot could not be contacted. Instead the plane continued to fly in a southerly direction before crashing in Bolivia. The official version of events referred to a catastrophic failure of the oxygen supply, that if true would certainly have led to a life threatening situation within no more than a couple of seconds. On the face of it this would appear to be the likeliest explanation. However there were other factors involved. As the stricken aircraft was being tracked over Panama, the local Air Rescue Center, noted that a high flying unidentified object was in close proximity to the spy-plane. Whether this object played any part in the crash is almost impossible to say. What we do know is that an altered state of awareness is a frequent accompaniment of UFO encounters. Perception, acuity, and a true sense of time and direction can all become radically impaired. If the pilot of the U2 was similarly affected, then he might well have drifted on oblivious to his peril or the frantic attempts being made to contact him.

January 19--George Pedley finds a "saucer nest" at Horseshoe Lagoon Near Tully, Far North Queensland, Australia. Up to five landing spots for UFOs were found in a marsh.

March--A series of well-publicized sightings around Ann Arbor, Michigan trigger an upsurge in UFO interest. Eventually this interest results in the Condon Committee. Professor J. Allen Hynek offers his famous "Swamp Gas Theory" as one possible explanation for some of the sightings and is widely ridiculed by the media.

March 21--In Hillsdale County, Michigan, witnesses reported a strange bright glowing object bouncing across a nearby hollow and then became airborne. Soil analysis showed that in the area that the object was seen, radiation levels were higher than in the surrounding terrain. More significant still was the finding that the ground was also contaminated with boron, the element used to slow nuclear chain reactions.

March 25--In Toledo, Ohio, two Lucas County deputies, Robert Schultz and Stanley Nelepa, reported seeing a huge object floating at treetop level.

March 29--A glowing orange object was seen floating over the Ohio Turnpike administration building in Berea, Ohio. The glowing orange object was spotted a second time the next day, by Berea patrolmen Clarence T. Janowick and John R. Galik Jr.

April 17--Law officers chase a UFO from Ohio into Pennsylvania.

June 17--Near the town of Elista in the north Caucasus region of Russia, a UFO was seen to explode and fall to the ground.

September 13--Astronaut/Commander Pete Conrad Jr. while aboard NASA docking and orbital flight of Gemini 11, photographed a mysterious cluster of lights from his port window, the first of several Astronaut sightings and photos of UFOs outside of earth's atmosphere. The photo has been widely debunked as being nothing more than a satellite in a decaying orbit, glowing brightly from re-entry and there are no comments regarding the image from Conrad himself, now deceased.

November 13--In Zanesville, Ohio, local barber and amateur astronomer Ralph Ditter took two spectacular UFO photos. Beyond their detail, which to some skeptics is evidence itself of fraud, the importance of the photos lies in their similarity to the craft reported during a series of sightings that occurred throughout the year.

November 15--The mysterious winged creature known as "Mothman" begins a year-long series of appearances around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Over the next year, there were around one hundred sightings of the creature, along with UFO sightings, poltergeist activity, and other weird phenomena in the area. Some of the witnesses reported being harassed by Men In Blacks.


Winthrop Rockefeller elected governor of Arkansas.

The Shepton Mallet Prison ghost is sighted in Somerset, England.

A hat-shaped UFO seen near Yorba Linda, California.

A classic of mystery of Bermuda Triangle. The ship Witchcraft at the harbor entrance vanished within 19 minutes between her call to the Coast Guard and their arrival on scene.

Ghost horseman sighted near Denton, Lincolnshire.

PROJECT OFTEN/CHICKWIT was initiated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA's Office of Research and Development to create new drug compounds "that could be used offensively." Hallucinogens were tested on inmates in Pennsylvania, but very little is known about the experiments. CIA documents mention "several laboratory accidents" in which a drug designated as EA-3167 produced "prolonged psychotic effects in laboratory personnel".

Dr Felix Zigel, of the Moscow Aviation Institute, says publicly, "We appeal to all viewers to send us details of any observations of strange flying craft. This is a serious challenge to Science, and we need the help of all Soviet citizens."

The Air Force commissions the University of Colorado to study the UFO phenomenon. Headed by Dr. Edward Condon, the project becomes known as The Condon Study. A Man In Black, Mr. Dixsun, allegedly visits Professor Condon and offers to help him contact the space people.

Rex Heflin again visited by MIB in connection with his photos of California UFOs.

Bilderberger meeting in Cambridge, England.

CIA's "Operation Phoenix", which will assassinate and torture over 40,000 people in Vietnam is launched.

Beginning of CIA's $21 million rainmaking program over Indochina, which will make 2,600 sorties by 1972.

Military takeover of Greece allegedly executed by secret "Operation Prometheus".

Jim Thompson, ex-OSS commando and "Silk King of Thailand," disappears on Easter Sunday. Five months later his sister is murdered.

John King, working with the Bangor, Maine Police Department, suddenly saw above him a very bright object with a dark underside. He fired at it four times, hearing the bullets hit a metal surface as the object flew off.

In Beverly, Massachusetts, a child saw a blinding, multicolored source of light making a buzzing sound as it flew over the road 15 m away from the house. It seemed to land in a field near the school. Three adults came out to calm the child and also saw the object circling and hovering. They called the police. Two officers arrived and saw the object appearing to "dance" with two other craft. All witnesses then observed the arrival of one helicopter and two aircraft, as the remaining object flew away to the southwest. Police described the object as plate-shaped when stationary above the school building. TV reception was blurred throughout the observation.

In Bellingham, Massachusetts, two women saw a 20 meter cigar-shaped object, with bright, red lights at both ends, flying erratically. It made a whistling sound when moving, was silent when hovering. The lights began flashing and the object went down behind some trees when five planes and a helicopter came over the area. Two of the aircraft circled the location, then flew on. The whistling sound was again heard, but the object was not seen after the departure of the planes.

Patrolman Herbert Schirmer sees a UFO take off from Ashland, Nebraska. Later, under hypnosis, he describes an abduction experience. First of the "silent contactees."

Che Guevara is killed in Bolivia after CIA questioning.

Kennedy Deaths: Jack Ruby, whose lawyers charged Dallas authorities with neglecting his health, died of cancer while awaiting retrial; David Ferrie, who was to be a key witness in the trial of Clay Shaw, found dead in his locked apartment in New Orleans, ruled suicide though how the ruptured blood vessel which induced his brain hemorrhage could be self-inflicted was unexplained; Eladio del Valle (a friend of Ferrie's, and who flew bombing missions with him over Cuba) is shot through the head in Miami the same day Ferrie died; Dr. Mary Sherman (another friend of Ferrie's) is shot in New Orleans and her body partially burned by her killer.

Beginning of the Clay Shaw trial; New Orleans DA Jim Garrison subpoenas Allan Dulles and ex-CIA employee Gordon Novel to testify, but neither does.

Congressional Legislation forced the Kennedy family to turn over all materials pertaining to the assassination to the National Archives.

JFKs brain is missing.

Oregon logger Glenn Thomas sees three big hairy figures digging for rodents near Round Mountain.

The "Patterson/Gimlin" film is by far the most famous and most scrutinized footage ever taken of Bigfoot. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin shot the footage with a 16mm camera while on an expedition to find the elusive creature in the Bluff Creek area of the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California. Large footprints had been found in this region in previous years. Debate among various “experts” over the authenticity of the film has been ongoing for 30 years. In recent years, some people have come forward to claim that they participated in the hoaxing of the film, but even their testimony has been called into question.

A Money Pit exploratory group brings up oak buds, fragments of 16th century wood and a piece of antique brass.

January--In the southwest part of Missouri, a Mr. Loftin found a 40-inch disc and gave it to the U.S. Testing Company for analysis.

March--Two Cuban Mig-21 jets intercepted a UFO within Cuban airspace. The Flight Leader reported object to be a metallic sphere with no wings or tail. After a failed attempt to radio the object for ID, Cuban GCI ordered the MiGs to shoot the object down. Flight Leader responded his weapons were armed and he was locked on. His wingman then screamed into the radio that the leader's MiG had exploded--no flame or smoke, but he just disintegrated. Immediately afterwards the UFO accelerated, climbed to 30,000 feet altitude, and headed for South America.

March 16-- At the Malmstrom ICBM base in central Montana, Captain Eric Carlson and First Lieutenant Walt Figel, the Echo-Flight Missile Combat Crew, were below ground in the E-Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) or capsule. The Echo Flight LCC was located between Winfred and Hilger, about fifteen miles north of Lewistown. Missile maintenance crews and security teams were camped out at two of the Launch Facilities (LFs), having performed some work during the previous day and stayed there overnight. During the early morning hours, more than one report came in from the security patrols and maintenance crews that they had seen UFOs. A UFO was reported directly above one of the E-Flight (LF) or silos. It turned out that at least one security policeman was so affected by this encounter that he never again returned to missile security duty. Around 8:30 a.m., Figel, the Deputy Crew Commander (DMCCC), was briefing Carlson, the Crew Commander (MCCC), on the flight status when the alarm horn sounded. One of the Minuteman missiles they supervised had gone off alert (become inoperable). It was one of the two sites where maintenance crews had camped out on site. Upset, thinking that the maintenance personnel had failed to notify him as required by procedure when maintenance work is done on a missile, that the missile was going "off-alert" status, Figel immediately called the missile site. When Figel spoke with the on-site security guard, he reported that they had not yet performed any maintenance that morning. He also stated that a UFO had been hovering over the site. Figel recalls thinking the guard must have been drinking something. However, now other missiles started to go off alert in rapid succession. Within seconds, the entire flight of ten ICBMs was down. All of their missiles reported a "No-Go" condition. One by one across the board, each missile had became inoperable. When the checklist procedure had been completed for each missile site, it was discovered that each of the missiles had gone off alert status due to a Guidance and Control (G&C) System fault. Power had not been lost to the sites; the missiles simply were not operational because, for some unexplainable reason, each of their guidance and control systems had malfunctioned. Two Security Alert Teams (SAT, "strike teams") were dispatched from Echo to those sites where the maintenance crews were present. Figel had not informed the strike teams that one of the on-site guards had reported a UFO. On arrival at the LF's, the SAT reported back to that UFOs had been seen hovering over each of the two sites by all of the maintenance and security personnel present at each site. Captain Don Crawford's crew relieved the Echo Flight crew later that morning. Crawford recalls that both Carlson and Figel were still visibly shaken by what had occurred. Crawford also recalled that the maintenance crews worked on the missiles the entire day and late into the night during his shift to bring them all back on alert. Not only had missiles been lost to our deterrent forces, but had remained out of service for an entire day. Because of this unique incident, as an ex-Missileer describes it: "All Hell broke loose!" Among the many calls to and from the E-Flight LCC one was to the MCCC of Oscar-Flight which links to the equally dramatic story of what happened in another LCC that same morning. The Oscar Flight LCC was located a mile or two south of the town of Roy, about 20 miles southeast of the Echo-Flight LCC. The following is as told by Robert Salas who was the DMCCC in O-Flight that morning: My recollection is that I was on duty as a Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander below ground in the LCC, during the morning hours of 16 March 1967. Outside, above the subterranean LCC capsule, it was a typical clear, cold Montana night sky; there were a few inches of snow on the ground. Where we were, there were no city lights to detract from the spectacular array of stars, and it was not uncommon to see shooting stars. Montana isn't called "Big Sky Country" for no reason, and Airmen on duty topside probably spent some of their time outside looking up at the stars. It was one of those airmen who first saw what at first appeared to be a star begin to zig-zag across the sky. Then he saw another light do the same thing, and this time it was larger and closer. He asked his Flight Security Controller, (FSC, the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of Launch Control Center site security), to come and take a look. They both stood there watching the lights streak directly above them, stop, change directions at high speed and return overhead. The NCO ran into the building and phoned me at my station in the underground capsule. He reported to me that they had been seeing lights making strange maneuvers over the facility, and that they weren't aircraft. I replied: "Great. You just keep watching them and let me know if they get any closer." I did not take this report seriously and directed him to report back if anything more significant happened. At the time, I believed this first call to be a joke. Still, that sort of behavior was definitely out of character for air security policemen whose communications with us were usually very professional. A few minutes later, the security NCO called again. This time he was clearly frightened and was shouting his words: "Sir, there's one hovering outside the front gate!" "One what?" "A UFO! It's just sitting there. We're all just looking at it. What do you want us to do?" "What? What does it look like?" "I can't really describe it. It's glowing red. What are we supposed to do?" "Make sure the site is secure and I'll phone the Command Post." "Sir, I have to go now, one of the guys just got injured." Before I could ask about the injury, he was off the line. I immediately went over to my commander, Lt. Fred Meiwald, who was on a scheduled sleep period . I woke him and began to brief him about the phone calls and what was going on topside. In the middle of this conversation, we both heard the first alarm klaxon resound through the confined space of the capsule, and both immediately looked over at the panel of annunciator lights at the Commander's station. A 'No-Go' light and two red security lights were lit indicating problems at one of our missile sites. Fred jumped up to query the system to determine the cause of the problem. Before he could do so, another alarm went off at another site, then another and another simultaneously. Within the next few seconds, we had lost six to eight missiles to a 'No-Go' (inoperable) condition. After reporting this incident to the Command Post, I phoned my security guard. He said that the man who had approached the UFO had not been injured seriously but was being evacuated by helicopter to the base. Once topside, I spoke directly with the security guard about the UFOs. He added that the UFO had a red glow and appeared to be saucer shaped. He repeated that it had been immediately outside the front gate, hovering silently. We sent a security patrol to check our LFs after the shutdown, and they reported sighting another UFO during that patrol. They also lost radio contact with our site immediately after reporting the UFO. When we were relieved by our scheduled replacement crew later that morning. The missiles had still not been brought on line by on-site maintenance teams. Again, UFOs had been sighted by security personnel at or about the time Minuteman Strategic missiles shutdown.

May 20--Stephen Michalak is burned by a UFO near Falcon Lake Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.

Summer--The wave of apparitions which stunned Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay with over 110 UFO sightings in a space of 24 hours on June 24th alone, was preceded by a singular Men In Black event. Four days prior to the June 24th "night of lights", a man dressed in black showed up at the newsroom of Cordoba, Argentina's Los Principios daily, where he dropped off a letter addressed to the editor stating that before the week was out, the Southern Cone would experience a massive fly-over involving hundreds of extraterrestrial craft. The day before the sightings began, the newspaper received a strange phone call stating: "Attention, it will begin at any moment..." The UFO flap began almost immediately, but the strange MIB remained anonymous.

Summer-- During the summer of 1967, near Middletown, Ohio, a huge bird was sighted flying over several farms. Mr. James Morgan told me that the creature had a wingspan from about 15-20 feet and was dark in color. His description was that of a pterodactyl. Four other witnesses saw the bird as it glided over their porch...

June--Astronauts Ed White (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Those pictures have never been released.
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