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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 33394 times)
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President John F. Kennedy may have had more than the usual knowledge about UFOs, according to several credible sources. Further support for Kennedy's high-level knowledge regarding UFOs came from a former steward aboard Air Force One who told of a cryptic remark by President Kennedy. Bill Holden, who also served as loadmaster for Air Force One, traveled with Kennedy to Europe in the summer of 1963. He said a UFO conference in Bonn, Germany, prompted a discussion of the subject aboard the President's plane one morning. Holden said he turned to Kennedy and asked, "What do you think about UFOs, Mr. President?" He said Kennedy became quite serious and thought for a moment before replying, "I'd like to tell the public about the alien situation, but my hands are tied." Yet another document appears to be a memorandum written from President Kennedy to the director of the CIA regarding "Classification review of all UFO intelligence files affecting National Security." In this memo, Kennedy stated, "... I have initiated (blacked out) and have instructed (then NASA Administrator) James Webb to develop a program with the Soviet Union in joint space and lunar exploration. It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs. Kennedy then asked for all files on "Unknowns" to be turned over the NASA authorities and an interim report be forwarded to the White House no later than Feb.1, 1964. This document which clearly showed a president about to make UFO secrets available to wider circles in government and, hence, probably available to the public was dated Nov. 12, 1963, just 10 days before his Nov. 22 assassination in Dallas. Desperately clinging to their UFO-free mindset, debunkers question this document's authenticity while an unquestionably authentic document has been found in the John F. Kennedy Library. Opponents to JFK became frantic over his attempts to alter the course of previous U.S. policies. According to one knowledgeable source, Kennedy played a dangerous game, "... after making it clearly evident that he was not prepared to support action against the communists in the normal sense - plans to withdraw troops from South Vietnam - plans to fracture or abolish portions of the CIA; plans for expansion to the Justice System; failure to support the Bay of Pigs [invasion]; and a desire to share some of our most sensitive secrets with the Russians and Chinese - space borne platforms, etc... All during a time when his popularity was growing in leaps and bounds with the American public - a President who did not enjoy majority support at his election. A very dangerous situation, leaving few methods for control beyond assassination." This same source went on to say, "I believe John F. Kennedy was appraised of, and had access to, sufficient classified information, to have personally come to the conclusion that UFOs and therefore possible alien life-forms were possibly extant within our solar system... I think Kennedy certainly came to this conclusion... and was looking to demonstrate not only mankind s ability to come together for a common goal, but to formally demonstrate we could enter and conquer space as a species. Back then, some would have seen this as either crazy (if they had no access to the material) or (if they had access) very premature and possibly dangerous." A whole JFK issue evolved around his planned speech at the Dallas Trade Mart, the destination of his ill-fated motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963. Several researchers and some tabloids have claimed that he planned to change his scheduled talk and referred to handwritten notes, which may have included comments regarding UFOs. These notes have never been made public and so continue to be fodder for theorists. Spurred on by such tantalizing bits of evidence, some researchers even claimed that Kennedy's assassination was to prevent him from revealing the news of extraterrestrial visitation to the public.

Lee H. Oswald-1963 Oswald in New Orleans: Oswald's Fair Play for Cuba Committee established at same address as ex-FBI man Guy Bannister's private detective office, also used for E. Howard Hunt's Cuban Revolutionary Council and other anti-Castro fronts; confrontation with Carlos Bringuier, another agent for CIA's Domestic Contact Service, in front of Shaw's International Trade Mart; Oswald asks Bringuier to hit him, pleads guilty when they are arrested, asks to see an FBI agent, is released and appears on radio and TV the next day to publicize his activities; Oswald allegedly meets Shaw, Ferrie and other operatives of the FBI and CIA; Oswald, Shaw and Ferrie allegedly attempt to register to vote in rural Clinton, Louisiana, attracting attention by arriving in a black Cadillac; Oswald and Thornley allegedly meet at nightclub; Thornley thinks it was a "look-alike"; Jack Ruby visits New Orleans to obtain "the services of a stripper known as 'Jada,' who became his featured performer."

Oswald in Mexico: Although Oswald was allegedly on a bus to Mexico at the time, someone calling himself "Harvey Oswald" appeared at the Selective Service office in Austin, Texas, to discuss his undesirable discharge; the next day Cuban refugee leader Sylvio Odio is visited in Dallas by two Latins and "Leon Osward" (whom they called "Leopoldo") to discuss violent anti-Castro activities and revenge against Kennedy--though Oswald was supposedly on his way to Mexico City; Albert Osborne, who allegedly paid for 1000 Hands Off Cuba leaflets which Oswald distributed in New Orleans, allegedly rides the same bus with him to Mexico City; Oswald, or someone impersonating him, attempts to go to Cuba from Mexico City; while Oswald was in Mexico a second Oswald appeared at a Dallas rifle range to shoot bull's-eyes, have his scope adjusted and talk to people there; Oswald returns to Dallas on bus No. 332, or was it No. 340? which had the name "Oswald" added to the manifest after the trip.

Oswald in Dallas: Soon after returning from Mexico Oswald and his family allegedly drove to Alice, Texas, to talk with the manager of KPOY--though Oswald didn't drive and the Warren Commission concluded he couldn't have been in Alice then; Oswald attends General Walker's John Birch meeting lecture and two nights later attends an ACLU meeting where he criticizes Walker's alleged racism; someone looking like Oswald visits a furniture store in Irving, Texas, with his family, looking for a part for a gun; the second Oswald visits the Irving Sports Shop to have three holes drilled in a rifle, though Oswald's only had two holes and they were drilled before he got it; the second Oswald cashes a $189 check at an Irving grocery store, buys groceries Oswald was unlikely to buy and gets a HAIRCUT accompanied by a teenager who allegedly exchanged leftist remarks with him; Oswald II visits the Lord-Lincoln auto agency to look at cars, test drives one at 70 mph and brags about coming into money soon and returning to Russia; Oswald II begins visiting Dallas/Irving rifle ranges to demonstrate his marksmanship, shooting bull's-eyes and hitting other people's targets; Oswald I writes a letter to the Dallas FBI which is destroyed soon after the assassination; Oswald I writes to "Mr. Hunt" asking to "discuss the matter fully before any steps are taken by me or anyone else"; two days before the assassination Oswald II creates a scene in a Dallas restaurant where Officer J.D. Tippit "glowered" at him; Oswald I allegedly seen at the Carousel Club, plotting with Ruby, Tippit and/or Bernard Weissman; Oswald I or II allegedly ordered distribution of the anti-Kennedy "Wanted for Treason" leaflets in Dallas; Oswald, or was it Billy Lovelady? photographed standing in the doorway of the Book Depository building at the moment Kennedy was shot; Oswald II allegedly seen fleeing from the back of the Book Depository immediately after the assassination; Oswald II confronts Tippit, Oswald I arrested in the Texas Theatre; Oswald's voice prints show he told the truth when he said "I didn't shoot anybody, no sir."

Faces in the Crowd: Among the several hundred witnesses to the assassination were the following: the "umbrella man" who supposedly signaled assassination teams to fire by closing his black umbrella; the "Babushka Lady," who allegedly was introduced to "Lee Oswald of the CIA" by Jack Ruby and who also filmed the assassination, only to have the FBI confiscate the film and never return it; Joseph Milteer, the National States Rights Party leader who had disclosed the Miami plot against JFK and who had links through the NSRP to James Earl Ray's brother Jerry; three tramps who were arrested soon after the assassination, two of them allegedly resembling E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, the third possibly being Oswald II; Lee Harvey Oswald and George DeMohrenschildt who, so DeMohrenschildt told a hospital roommate just before his death, were together watching the parade when the shots were fired--Oswald ran and that was the last time DeMohrenschildt supposedly saw him.

Some Nagging Doubts: Nixon, having attended a convention of Pepsi-Cola executives in Dallas, leaves for New York an hour before the assassination and was one of the few people who later forgot where he was at the time; J. Edgar Hoover also alleged to have been secretly in Dallas on the same day. Texas oilman H.L. Hunt taken into protective custody by federal agents after the assassination and kept in another city for several days to avoid threats by those who might think he was involved. DeMohrenschildt, in Haiti, expresses belief Oswald was a patsy and that the FBI killed Kennedy (though later DeMohrenschildt claimed to have been the link between H.L Hunt and Oswald in a right-wing plot to kill JFK). Ferrie allegedly flies to Dallas on evening after assassination but his actual whereabouts remain unclear. Ruby, allegedly in hypnotic trance, shoots Oswald after an unexplained horn honk signal in the Dallas Police building basement. Cuban Bay of Pigs veteran named Ruedelo arrives in Madrid, Spain, five days after Kennedy assassination, jailed for invalid visa. Murder of Jack Zangetti, Oklahoma motel owner who told friends the day after the JFK killing that Ruby would kill Oswald and a member of the Sinatra family would be kidnapped soon afterward to distract attention from the assassination. Frank Sinatra, Jr., kidnapped, released unharmed. President Kennedy threatens to reveal the MJ-12/Jason Society drug running scheme. Oswald allegedly attempts to assassinate General Walker in Dallas. He and Marina separate.

September--Oswald visits Mexico City traveling with Albert Osborne, who paid for the "Hands off Cuba" leaflets; visits Soviet Embassy to request protection from the FBI. They turn him away, and he then visits the Cuban embassy to try and get a visa to travel to Cuba. They reject him as well. He returns to Dallas. During the time of that trip: "Harvey Oswald" appeared at the selective service office in Austin Tx, to discuss his discharge; Cuban refugee Leader Sylvia Odio is visited by a pair of Hispanics and "Leon/Leonardo Osward" to discuss anti-Castro activities and revenge against Kennedy; someone looking like Oswald appeared at Dallas rifle ranges.

Late September-Early October--Oswald begins to work at the TSBD.

September-November--Soon after returning from Mexico City, Oswald (who can't drive) drives with his wife Marina to Alice TX to talk to the manager of station KPOY; he attends General Walker's John Birch Society meeting lecture and two nights later attends an ACLU meeting where he criticizes Walker's racism. Oswald visits Irving TX and visits a furniture store; a sporting good store where he has three holes drills (although when it is found, his rifle has only two holes, drilled before he bought it); cashes a $189 check in order to buy some strange groceries; has his hair cut and exchanges some Leftist comments with a teenager; visits the Lord-Lincoln auto agency and test drives a car at 70 mph talking about coming into money soon and returning to Russia. Oswald writes a letter to the Dallas FBI that is destroyed after the assassination. He corresponds with "Mr. Hunt" asking to "discuss the matter fully before matters are taken by me or anyone else". He is seen in the Carousel Club plotting with Ruby, Officer Tippet, and/or Bernard Weissman. "Lee Oswald of the CIA" is introduced to "the Babushka Lady" (Later filmed at Dealy Plaza) by Jack Ruby. He ordered the distribution of the anti-Kennedy "wanted for Treason" leaflets.

November 18--JFK in Miami. There is an assassination attempt, but it is blown by right wing National States Rights Party leader Joseph Milteer). There was also allegedly an attempted assassination of JFK in Chicago.

November 20--Oswald makes a scene in a restaurant where he was "glowered" at by Officer JD Tippet.

November 21--JFK flies from Washington to San Antonio, then to Houston, then to Fort Worth.

November 22--JFK flies from Fort Worth to Dallas. There was the Umbrella Man in the crowd. The Epileptic. John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, TX and Governor John Connally is wounded. There is either a lone gunman in the Texas School Book Depository building; a shooter in the TSBD, and one on the "Grassy Knoll"; or Three gunmen, including one firing from atop the railroad bridge. Three tramps were arrested soon after the assassination; two of whom resemble E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. At the moment of the assassination Oswald was photographed standing in the doorway of the TSBD. George DeMohrenschildt claimed that he and Oswald were watching the parade when the shots were fired, at which point Oswald ran. He is seen fleeing the TSBD by the rear door immediately after the assassination. He is seen eating in the lunch room of the TSBD 90 seconds after the assassination. He is seen (by Deputy Roger Craig) leaving the TSBD by the front door 15 mins after the assassination, and being picked up by a black man driving his landlady's car. According to witnesses, Oswald murders Officer JD Tippet, then runs to the Texas Theater where he enters without paying and is arrested by a large number of policemen. Nixon was in Dallas on 22 November 1963, for a convention of Pepsi Cola executives, although he allegedly left by plane an hour before the assassination. J. Edgar Hoover may have been in Dallas as well, as might have been oil executive George Bush. Texas oilman H.L. Hunt was taken into protective custody by federal agents after the assassination and kept in another city for a few days (DeMohrenschidt would later claim to have been the link between Oswald and H.L. Hunt in an FBI/Right Wing plot to kill Kennedy). Ferrie may have flown to Dallas on the night of the 22d. Cuban Bay of Pigs vet Ruedolo arrives in Madrid, Spain five days after the assassination, and is jailed for having an invalid visa. Jack Zangetti, an Oklahoma City motel manager is murdered after telling friends the day after the assassination that Ruby would kill Oswald and that a member of the Sinatra Family would be kidnapped soon afterward to divert attention away from the assassination (Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped and released unharmed). Oswald is murdered by Jack Ruby while in police custody, on television. Lyndon Johnson is inaugurated on the plane back to Washington. By the end of the day, the various agencies involved will have so muddied the evidence that there is no way the truth will EVER be conclusively known.


Virginia Miller, later known as "Blue Dove," allegedly begins career as "disrupter" in the Amerindian community, later serves as FBI informer on Indian activities.

Russian historian Boris Porshnev visits the place where Zana had reportedly lived. Several centenarians (Caucasus people are noted for their longevity) claimed to have known her and to have attended her funeral. Dr Porshnev also meets a couple of the alleged descendants (her grandchildren) of the wild woman, and wrote of the episode: "From the moment I saw Zana's grandchildren, I was impressed by their dark skin and negroid looks. Shalikula, the grandson, has unusually powerful jaw muscles, and he can pick up a chair, with a man sitting on it, with his teeth." During the next few years, Porshnev and a colleague tried to find Zana's remains in the Genaba (the family name of her descendants) graveyard, and although they found the vaguely Neanderthaloid bones of what they speculated was one of her children, they never discovered the remnants of the Almas herself.

Two fully intact UFOs were allegedly transferred to the Soviet military by extraterrestrial beings.

Ervin M. Scott of Boston claimed to have intercepted an electronically augmented telepathic transmission from a woman, a cavern-dweller under the Salt Lake flats of Utah, whose people were under siege by the "evil ones". She urgently warned about a woman who was abducted into tunnels/caverns beneath an abby in the north section of Boston three weeks earlier (the 1st church of Roxbury is located in the north section of the city and is by far the oldest "abby" in Boston). Another "voice" breaks in on the "transmission" and tells Ervin not to believe the former woman's voice, stating, "Don't you know this is a lie? a trick?", and then warningly, "Keep quiet about this!".

Flaming blob fall near Esperanza Creek, Texas.

White beams seen after rain in San Fernando, California.

Bilderberger meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia.

CIA program MKULTRA became MKSEARCH. Many sub-projects stayed under MKULTRA while the most sensitive behavioral experiments went to MKSEARCH. These experiments were conducted on prisoners, terminal cancer patients and people who were described as mental "defectives." They also used radar waves on monkeys' brains (which risked "cooking" their brains) and one scientist took the head of one monkey and tried to attach it to the body of another. Other experiments involved studying telepathy, radio frequencies and memory.

"Pike Event", an underground nuclear test causes major fallout as far south as Las Vegas.

Kennedy Deaths: Betty Mooney MacDonald (former Carousel Club stripper who had met Oswald at a party and had provided an alibi for Darrell Wayne Garner, who was accused of wounding Tippet-Killing witness Warren Reynolds) is found hanging in her cell after being arrested for fighting with her roommate; Garner disappears and is later found dead; Hank Killam (whose wife Wanda was also a stripper at Ruby's club, and who was a friend of John Carter who once lived in Oswald's rooming house) evades police for several months, then is found in Pensacola, Florida with a slashed throat; Gary Underhill (former Life editor and CIA agent who begged friends to protect him because he knew who killed Kennedy) is found shot in the left side of the head (which is ruled suicide even though Underhill was right handed); Bill Hunter (Long Beach Press-Telegram reporter, who, with Jim Koethe, was present at a meeting with Ruby's roommate, George Senator, and Ruby's attorney Tom Howard a few hours after Oswald is killed) is accidentally shot and killed by a policeman at the Long Beach Police Station; Jim Koethe (Dallas Times-Harald reporter) is killed by a karate chop to the throat as he stepped from his shower; Mary Meyer (painter, and former JFK lover) shot while taking a walk in Washington DC (her diary is confiscated by her CIA friend James Angleton, and it is later destroyed); RFK is stalked during his senatorial race by Ruby associate Frank Chavez, Puerto Rican teamster Ramon Ducos and Miguel Cruz (who may have been arrested with Oswald in New Orleans and claimed to have killed JFK); Chavez is later killed by his bodyguard Miguel Cruz.

Warren Commission report is released, finding that Oswald, acting alone, killed JFK.

The NSA takes over authority of PROJECT SIGMA.

A mysterious structure that was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by the NSF Polar Research Vessel Eltanin. The object was described as being a pole rising from the ocean floor with a series of twelve spokes radiating from it. Each spoke had a sphere shape on the end of it, and were at an angle of 15 degress from one another. The "Eltanin Antenna" as it was called, is some 1000 miles south of Cape Horn. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the origins and purpose of the object. Some marine biologists think that it may be a type of life form, although no form of marine life is known to be of such a peculiar shape. Others have suggested that the object was intentionally put there, possibly by an ancient civilization, or even by beings from another world.

February--Beginning sometime in February, there was also an interesting series of reports coming from Hong Kong where UFOs were seen to mimic conventional aircraft making a landing at the Kai Tak airport at least once a week for months.

April--Repeated alien abductions of a child near Missoula, Montana.

April 8--During the first orbit of the Gemini I unmanned spacecraft, it was joined by four apparently controlled objects. The tracking station observed two objects take up station above Gemini I, with one behind and one below. These relative positions were maintained for one orbit after which they sped off into space.

April 13--Several adults in Walthamstow, England, witnessed a nine-foot cigar-shaped and silver-colored UFO crash into the river Lea, which tore down telephone lines and scarred the edge of the concrete towpath as it went.

April 24--While chasing a speeding car Officer Lonnie Zamora of the Socorro New Mexico Police Department heard a roar and saw flame in the sky to the southwest. Thinking that a dynamite shack in that area must have blown up, he abandoned the chase and went to investigate. As he approached the arroyo on unpaved roads he saw an elliptical object resting on legs in a gully. A red "insignia" or emblem was visible on the side toward him, and standing near it were two humanoid figures. Zamora did not comprehend what he was seeing, so he reported in to the dispatcher that he would be out of his car "checking the car down in the arroyo." As he got out of his car he heard two or three loud "thumps," like someone slamming a door. The beings were no longer visible. The craft took off with a loud roar and blast of flames, and when it cleared the ground, rising straight up, it came silent, leveled off and flew away horizontally. Then it rose at a slight angle and accelerated until it disappeared in the distance over the mountains, just clearing Six Mile Canyon Mountain.

April 25--A USAF Intelligence Officer met with Aliens at Mollomar Air Force Base in New Mexico. The contact lasted for approximately three hours, after several attempted methods of communications the Intelligence Officer managed to exchange basic information with the Aliens. This project is continuing at a site in New Mexico.

May 24--Astronaut Scott Carpenter duplicated Glenn's feat with an additional orbital flight lasting 4 hours 56 minutes and 5 seconds. Mercury-Atlas 7 was designated Aurora 7. During the flight, Carpenter took a photograph of a UFO which he saw close to his capsule.

June--The first Soviet-piloted alien vehicles were flown and full contact with the extraterrestrials was made

September 15--Air Force 1st Lt. Robert Jacobs was Photo-optical Instrument Officer for the 1369th Photo Squadron at Vandenburg Missile Base, California. He was in charge of photo-optical instrumentation at a tracking site in Big Sur 124 miles away. His mission was to film an Atlas rocket go through all three stages of powered flight. This particular mission was part of the Nike-Zeus objective for the development of an anti-missile missile at the height of the Cold War. He says: "What we photographed up there affected me for the rest of my life. We were looking down S-SW and the missile popped up through the fog, and it was just beautiful. And our guys on our M45 tracking mount with 180 inch lenses got it, and sure enough we could see all three stages of powered flight as they burned up and dropped away. Of course to the naked eye all we saw was a kind of a smoke trail going off into sub-space. So we whoopied and shouted and heard the film wrap off in the BU telescope, and figured well that was our first big deal, and we got it." He took the cans of film to Vandenburg that night. The next day, he was ordered to go immediately to the office of Major Florence J. Mansman, the ranking optical instrumentation officer in charge. He continues: "I walked into his office and he had a screen and a 16mm projector set up, and there was a couch, and Major Mansman said to sit down. As I recall there were two guys in gray suits, civilian clothes. Mansman turned on the film projector and said to watch this. So I watched the screen and there was the launch from the day before at Big Sur. As the Atlas missile entered the frame, we could see the whole third stage, which has the two rocket motors fill in our frame, from about 160 miles, it was pretty exciting optics. And then on that telescope, we could see the dummy warhead." At the time, the rocket was traveling between 11,000 and 14,000 MPH when a saucer-shaped craft entered the frame. He continues, "It flew into the frame like this, then shot a beam of light at the warhead, now remember all this stuff was flying at several thousand miles an hour, so this thing fires a beam of light at the warhead, hit it, fires another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in, and the warhead tumbles into outer space. When the lights came on, Major Mansman turned around and said, "Were you guys screwing around up there?" And I said, no sir, and he said, "What was that?", and I said, "it looks to me like we got a UFO." Nearly two decades later, several letters written by Major Mansman were obtained. In one dated March 8, 1983, Mansman corroborated Lt. Jacobs story, "In the film, the assumption was at that time extraterrestrial. Details would be sketchy and from memory, the shape was classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble." Jacobs continues, "Now Major Mansman said to me, after some discussion about it, he said you are never to speak of this again. As far as you're concerned this never happened."

October 12--The crew on the Soviet spaceship Voskhod 1 is said to have seen unidentified cylindrical objects in orbit. In the press conference for Voskhod 1, the chief cosmonaut and spokesman Komarov walked out without answering when a western journalist asked him if they had encountered UFOs in space. Komarov died four years later in the accident with Soyoz 1.

December 10--At Fort Riley army base, Kansas, a guard was on duty in the motor pool. He and three other men were ordered by a senior officer to make their way to a remote corner of the base. When they arrived they noticed a large military chopper shining a large search light on a strange object which was resting on the ground. The object was already surrounded by several other military types. The guard was then given "shoot to kill" orders to stop any civilians who tried to get near it. He was also warned not to tell anyone about the incident. He described the object as like a giant hamburger, 12 meters by 5 meters, with a dark line along its rim and a small tail-fin stabilizer. He also observed that the air near the craft was very warm despite being a bitterly cold night. Some time later UFO researchers managed to obtain some collabratory evidence. Another guard reported that on the morning following the alleged incident, he witnessed a large flatbed truck with a roundish object covered with canvas sheets being driven out under high security from the base. Other sources mention the recovery of nine aliens bodies on this occasion.


Kennedy Deaths: Tom Howard (Ruby's Attorney) died of a heart attack after "acting strangely" for two days--no autopsy; Rose Cherami (former Carousel Club stripper who told a psychiatrist that Kennedy was to be killed two days before the assassination) is killed in a hit-and-run accident near Big Sandy TX; Dorothy Kilgallen (columnist and TV panel show figure who'd had a private half hour interview with Ruby) is found dead in her apartment OD'd on alcohol and barbiturates; William Whaley (Dallas cabbie who drove Oswald from TSBD to his rooming house after the assassination) becomes the first on-duty cabbie death in over thirty years; Karen Bennett Carlin (Carousel entertainer who reported seeing Bernard Weissman and was the last known person to speak to Ruby before he shot Oswald) is shot in the head in Houston.

A foil fall in Peurto Garibaldi, Argentina.

Early prison behavior mod program, CASE, begins in a Washington, D.C. boys school.

Three Russian scientists report receiving unexplained signals from space.

In a three year study beginning in 1965, 70 volunteer prisoners at the Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia were subjected to tests of dioxin, the highly toxic chemical contaminant in Agent Orange. Lesions which the men developed were not treated and remained for up to seven months. None of the subjects was informed that they would later be studied for the development of cancer. This was the second such experiment which Dow Chemical undertook on "volunteers" who did not receive the information which the world proclaimed was necessary for "informed consent" at Nuremberg.

UFO blacks out a U.S. military base at Nha Trang, Vietnam and is seen by hundreds of American soldiers.

A Californian TV repairman and ham radio operator, Sidney Padrick, was given a flight in a saucer that landed near his home. The craft proved to contain a room similar to a chapel, where he was asked to "pay your respects to the Supreme Deity".

Bilderberger meeting in Lake Como, Italy.

Seven years of searching is rewarded when Frank Seale sights the Loch Ness Monster.

PROJECT PANDORA begins in the US to determine the effects of low-level microwaves on people.

A 1000-foot underwater UFO is seen in Kaipara harbor, New Zealand.

Beijing's eight million people were amazed to see a luminous red object fly over the city, stop and remain motionless for a time, and then fly off into the distance.

The diamond firm De Beers discovered that the Hope diamond could be made to glow for several minutes like a red-hot coal, on exposure to ultra-violet light. Not only does no one know why this occurs, the head of Mineral Sciences at Smithsonian is quoted as saying, “Nothing like this has been known to happen with any other diamond”.

A skeleton measuring 8 feet 9 inches was found buried under a rock ledge along the Holly Creek in east-central Kentucky.

Spring-- Looking out the window of a clifftop house along the seashore at Sydney, Australia, a tourist noticed a beautiful stationary pink cloud. An hour later, when she looked again, the cloud was moving in her direction and soon was actually below her eye-level, enabling her to look down on it and see, to her amazement, a round, white object. Vents along the object's side emitted gray steam which, as it enveloped all but the top portion of the object, turned pink. The "cloud," in short, was an artificial creation. As if this were not mind-boggling enough, an engine sound came from the still-descending object. A luminous ladder was lowered from the underside, and a humanlike figure climbed down to a lower rung. There he sat down and directed a searchlight toward the sea below. Some distance out on the water a pink flare shot into the air. Immediately the ladder retracted, and the object shot off in the direction of the flare. The witness then noticed a long but not clearly visible shape in the water from which the flare had ascended. Both the UFO and the underwater shape vanished in a "vivid pink flash."

July 6--Near Puerto La Cruz, Portugal, the commander and crew of the Norwegian tanker Jawesta observed a lighted object flying out of the sea. First Officer Toronin Lien first saw a large, blue, intense flame behind the ship at high speed. He called the captain and tracked the object with binoculars as its altitude reached about 300 meters. Its shape was that of a cigar, with a row of lighted portholes showing a clear yellow glow, and it left a bluish trail.

Summer--According to press reports, the Soviets claimed that a special unit of 200 of their soldiers stationed near Hanoi in the summer of 1965 fired at a UFO which appeared in front of their headquarters. The UFO returned fire with a laser-like weapon and the Russians were "completely dematerialized".

August--The crew of the Russian steamship Raduga, while navigating in the Red Sea, observed an unusual phenomenon. At about two miles away, a fiery sphere dashed out from under the water and hovered over the surface of the sea, illuminating it. The sphere was 60 meters in diameter, and it hovered above the sea at an altitude of 150 meters. A gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged from the sea and collapsed some moments later.

August 3--Highway engineer Rex Heflin took a series of four Polaroid photos of a silvery craft near Santa Ana, California. Over a period of about two minutes the craft moved east, "wobbling" slightly, gained altitude slowly, then increased its velocity and altitude more rapidly, leaving behind a ring of smoke-like vapor. Several scientists and other researchers launched an all-out effort to study the photos. In September, two men in civilian clothes, claiming to be from the North American Air Defense, came to Heflin's home and "borrowed" three of the original photos. The photos were never returned and the two visitors were never traced. However, copies of the stolen photos continued to be analyzed. They were regarded as most probably genuine though some doubts remained. Then one day in 1993, Heflin received a phone call from a woman who asked him if he had recently checked his mailbox and then rang off. Half an hour later she called again and asked the same question. After the first call Heflin found his mailbox to be empty, but after the second he found a plain, unmarked envelope containing the three lost photos. The photos were then reanalyzed using state-of-the-art computer enhancement, and the analysis supported the view that they were genuine.

September--A wave of UFO sightings begins at Exeter, New Hampshire.

December 9--Alien vessel crashes near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Supporting evidence: At the time of Kecksburg crash President Lyndon Johnson was at his White House ranch in Austin, Texas. A careful review of the evidence shows some interesting facts, including: James Webb, the head of NASA arrived at the ranch at 9:50 the morning after the crash. All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived the morning after the crash. The Governor of Pennsylvania arrived at the ranch in afternoon. On Sunday night, three days after the crash Johnson arrived back at the White House. The next afternoon, Johnson met off the record with Buford Ellington. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning, which is inside the Executive Office of the President. This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in the Kecksburg crash. One of the key people under Lionel Ellington was USAF Colonel J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division" within the Office of Emergency Planning. He is the person mentioned in the BLUE BOOK file dealing with the Kecksburg crash.


CIA begins weather modification experiments over Cuba, later used in an attempt to ruin Castro's sugar cane crop.

Rose-colored snow seen at Mount Hotham, Australia.

Norman Jenson, an experienced well driller, was boring for water 15 miles from the Killarney homestead about 350 miles south of Darwin, Australia. He had penetrated seven layers of limestone, clay, red soil and sandstone when, at 102 feet, the but struck something soft and quickly dropped to 111 feet. Jenson lowered the pump and brought to the surface a bucket of what he believed to be flesh, bone, hide and hairs. The matter had not putrefied even after several days in the open air. Dr. W. A. Langsford, Territory Director of Health in Darwin, stated that the material he studied under microscope was hair and tissue, possibly human.

A UFO was observed to crash into the taiga setting it on fire in the Tomsk region near the village of Topolevka in Russia.

The U.S. Army dispensed a bacillus throughout the New York City subway system. Materials available on the incident noted the Army's justification for the experiment was the fact that there are many subways in the Soviet Union, Europe, and South America. Although there are no harmful effects known for this release, details of the experiment are still classified.

UFO sighted by S S Morgantown Victory north of Marcus Island.

There is a summer rash of Surrey "Puma" sightings in Hampshire, England.

"Spook lights" are observed in Michigan. College coeds at the dorm in Ann Arbor have repeated sightings of UFOs.

Dr. Carroll Quigley publishes Tragedy and Hope, the result of 20 years research into the "Conspiracy".

E. Howard Hunt serves as CIA contact in assassination plot against Castro.

Kennedy Deaths: Ex-naval Lieutenant William Pitzer (who had photographed the JFK autopsy, and was beginning a new job with a TV station) is shot in the head.
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