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News: Plato's Atlantis: Fact, Fiction or Prophecy?
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Timeline of Our Mysterious World

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Author Topic: Timeline of Our Mysterious World  (Read 32948 times)
Jennie McGrath
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US Army simulated germ warfare project in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

U.S. Army platoon fires armor-piercing bullets at a hovering bell-shaped UFO in Chorwon, South Korea.

Stewart Wavell's expedition to Malaysia was an investigation into the customs and folklore of the Semelai people, launched in 1951. The Semelai revealed to Wavell that they believed in giant cobras which inhabited the lake of Tasek Bera. Although Wavell records that the Semelai used the name ular tedong to describe the animal, some sources record the creature's name as naga (a Naga was an aquatic serpent-god in Hindu and Buddhist mythology). The serpents were huge, said the Semelai: they were covered in large scales, which are gray in young specimens but golden in older serpents. The monsters also had two short horn-like projections on their serpentine heads--a commonly-reported feature of lake serpents worldwide--and were never seen to come out of the water. The creatures are also quite peaceful, and never have attacked humans.

Nebraska, Peru: A man from Lincoln was driving to Indiana when he saw a blue light in the northwest sky. It vanished to the southeast. The witness missed a turn, had to go back toward Auburn, and had reached a point northwest of Peru when he saw an orange glow in the sky. Coming near, he observed the glow came from a cauldron-shaped object on the ground, about 12 m from the road. He stopped to examine the object, which measured about 10 m diameter and seemed to be made of cast iron. Thirty cm from the top was a row of windows, 25 cm in diameter, from which the orange light was coming. On the other side was a blue flame-like glow. There was no noise, no sign of life or activity, and no antenna or protrusion. The witness drove away.

PROJECT REDLIGHT begun in "Area 51" (aka "Dreamland") test flying alien space craft. They are guarded by Blue Berets. First attempts resulted in the destruction of the craft and the death of the pilot.

Denmark, Sonderborg: Joseph Matiszewski, a mechanic, heard a whistling sound and saw an object land in a meadow. Approaching within 50 m, he found himself paralyzed and observed that birds had stopped singing and cows seemed to be similarly unable to move. From the object emerged four handsome men who had brown skin and wore black shiny suits and translucent helmets. Eight objects also emerged from the craft and hovered above it. Other men inside the craft and on its deck appeared to be making repairs, then the objects flew to about 100 m altitude and climbed rapidly out of sight. Only then did the paralysis subside.

EBE-1 becomes ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll based and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert in botany was called for. A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to try and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid 1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza became the expert on alien biology.

Columbia Broadcasting System begins active cooperation with the CIA.

North Korean brainwashing of American prisoners begins.

Eric Shipton discovers a line of footprints on Everest.

Loch Ness Monster sighting by Lachlan Stuart, who photographs the creature.

Mrs. Hardy Reeser spontaneously combusts.

Truman creates the Office of Current Intelligence.

Anti-witchcraft law of 1736 finally repealed.

Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE. The CIA director approved a liaison with the Army and Navy who were interested in finding a truth drug. Another liaison was formed with the Air Force who wanted to study interrogation techniques. Information was also exchanged with the Canadian and British governments. Some of Project ARTICHOKE's experimental subjects included: suspected agents, suspected double agents, people who "had a known reason for deception," American college students (supposedly for more benign testing), and foreigners (since the CIA was more likely to try certain procedures out on them rather than American citizens.) "Terminal," or "to the death" experiments were usually carried out in other countries. According to Bowart, the control method used on two agents involved drugs and hypnosis (narco-hypnosis). The subjects were hypnotically regressed and made to relive past experiences. Posthypnotic suggestions were given to induce total amnesia of their interrogations. The CIA called this experiment "very successful."

Project CHATTER, a highly classified Navy program to search for a truth drug, began. They were looking for a way to make someone talk "fast" in the event of a security emergency. These experiments used barbiturates, amphetamines, and heroin. The drugs were supplied by the Bureau of Narcotics and pharmaceutical companies. Some of the experimental subjects included the scientists themselves, and mostly students.

February 10-- Commander Graham Bethune, U.S. Navy (retired) was flying his military plane from Iceland to Newfoundland when he saw a UFO coming out of the water. He was about 300 miles from his destination, when…“we saw a glow on the water like approaching a city at night. As we approached this glow it turned to a monstrous circle of white lights on the water. Then we saw a yellow halo, small, much smaller than whatever it was launched from. It was 15 miles away.” He continues to describe this sighting, as the UFO approached his plane and flew alongside it. “We could see the craft. It had a dome, we could see the corona discharge … “

April 10--Truman relieves General MacArthur of his command and replaces him with Gen. Ridgeway, a CFR member. MacArthur earlier disobeys U.N. directives by initiating a secret attack on the Communist stronghold at Inchon (leading to a quick end of the war), after he and other military leaders suspected the pro-Socialist U.N. officials of betraying their battle plans to the North Koreans. Truman goes into hiding at Camp David for two weeks following MacArthur's return, fearing that the highest-ranking military general in the United States would arrest him for treason. After Truman fires MacArthur for his unauthorized military action, he receives much condemnation from confused and angered patriotic Americans who criticize Truman for his decision.

August 25--Albuquerque, New Mexico. 9:58 p.m. Witnesses: Sandia Base Security Guard Hugh Young and wife. A flying wing-shaped craft passed over their heads at an estimated 800-1,000’ altitude with no sound. Size estimated at 1.5 times wingspan of B-36 bomber, or 350’. Dark, chordwise stripes on underside, and 6-8 pairs of soft, glowing lights on trailing edge of “wing”. Speed estimated at 300-400 m.p.h., object seen for about 30 seconds.

October--PROJECT GRUDGE becomes PROJECT BLUEBOOK, headed by Captain Edward Ruppelt.

December 12-- Near Mankato, MN: F-51 piloted by then 1LT Donald K. "Deke" Slayton made two passes on disk-shaped object est. at 70-80-ft in diameter, UFO accelerated away and disappeared when Slayton came around for a third pass.


US Army germ warfare project in Key West, Florida, and at Fort McCellan, Alabama.

A briefing paper for president-elect Eisenhower by Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter described "Operation Majestic-12".

U.S. Air Force Pvt. Sinclair Taylor, on guard duty at Camp Okubo, Kyoto, Japan, said he heard a loud flapping noise. Looking up, he saw an enormous "bird" in the moonlight. When it approached, he got frightened and put a round into the chamber of his carbine. The "bird" now had stopped its flight and was hovering not far away, staring at the soldier. "The thing, which now had started slowly to descend again, had the body of a man," Taylor recalled. "It was well over seven feet from head to feet, and its wingspread was almost equal to its height. I started to fire and emptied my carbine where the thing hit the ground. But when I looked up to see if my bullets had found home there was nothing there." When the sergeant of the guard came to investigate and heard the story, he told Taylor that he believed him because a year earlier another guard had seen the same thing.

A mixed group of twelve French and American explorers managed to gain access to the secret underground cavern system below the ancient Icna capitol of Cuzco with enough provisions to last for five days as they embarked upon what they termed “the greatest discovery since Machu Picchu.” The team ventured through the Sacsahuaymán entrance and nothing further was heard from them until fifteen days later, when French explorer Phillipe Lamontierre emerged from the hole suffering from acute dementia, with visible signs of malnourishment and even the bubonic plague (attributable, says Dr. Rios, to the bats inhabiting the underground spaces). The broken survivor indicated that his fellow adventurers had died, and some of them had even fallen down unfathomed abysses. Among the objects he brought back was an ear of corn made of solid gold, which was later entrusted to the Cuzco Museum of Archaeology.

A trip to Mars by a joint Soviet-American craft.

Reinhard Gehlen and Allen Dulles are dubbed Knights of Malta by the Vatican.

Hundreds of residents of Veronica, Argentina witnessed six discs circling above the town, then disappearing into the night sky.

The NSA, National Security Agency is formed as a separately organized agency within the Department of Defense. Headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, its main functions are to protect U.S. government communications and intercept foreign communications. They have the ability to monitor, translate, and decipher communications of any kind.

Project CASTIGATE began when the Navy and the CIA teamed up to test a "secret potion" that consisted of a depressant, a stimulant, and the active ingredient in marijuana. The drugs were to be administered over a three-day period. The experiment was carried out in Germany at a secret CIA base on a military installation. Experimental subjects included one known double agent, one suspected double agent and three defectors. Project CASTIGATE was considered a failure.

MKNAOMI (Pronounced M-K NAOMI with M-K standing for mind control.) TSS's agreement with the Special Operations Division of the Army's biological research center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. SOD's job was to produce germ weapons for the CIA's use. TSS stands for Technical Services Staff and was an agency referred to as "the Gadget Wizards," similar to what "Q" is to James Bond.

January--APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) founded by Jim and Coral Lorenzen.

February 18--At 6:45 a.m., just before sunup on February 18, 1952, a photographer named C. E. Redman was driving through Albuquerque, N. Mex. on his way to photograph a wedding. Stopped for a traffic light, he noticed two bright things in the sky. "They were hovering above Tijeras Canyon... The one to the north was on its edge. The other was lying horizontally. They were bright, bluish white... It was probably the most astonishing thing I've ever seen. Those things were soundless. They were not jets or vapor trails. I've seen hundreds of jets and vapor trails." Redman was questioned later the same day by a LIFE reporter and a prominent scientist, working together. From his testimony, and from the lay of the land, it was estimated that the disks were 20 miles away and four miles in the air, and that they had a diameter of about 136 feet. Another witness saw the same objects Redman saw, and at the same time, but from the other side of town. W. S. Morris, a retired master sergeant of the Air Force who is now a newsdealer in Albuquerque, was out to drop off his morning papers when he saw two strange objects over Tijeras Canyon. "I watched them for 12 minutes. They were a blinding silver, long and thin, gleaming all over. They hovered, one kind of above the other to the right. They seemed brighter than the sun, which wasn't yet over the Sandia mountains. It just touched their bottoms and they glowed red. They didn't flutter or move. They just hung there. It must have been 20 miles away. Then they just suddenly dropped down behind the mountain, and the upper one tilted so that I could see its profile. It looked like a bell pepper-with a bump on top, that is."

May 5-- Near George AFB, CA. Colonel Wendelle Stevens was in an F-86 preparing for a Korean Deployment when a disk dropped out of the sky in front of the aircraft. He attempted to film the UFO with his gun camera, but smoke came out of the weapons control panel and he had to break off. Upon landing, his crew chief discovered that all of the wires in the weapons panel were fused together and the gun camera film was ruined. Two weeks needed to repair the plane.

May 9-- George AFB, CA: Two USAF F-86s chased silvery disk seen from ground and by radar. Disk est. at 40 ft. diameter by pilots. USAF unknown.

June 2--EBE-1 dies, most likely from malnutrition.

July 13--Beginning of Washington DC UFO spree. National Airlines plane en route to National Airport DC, about 60 mi. SW of the city observed a blue- white ball of light hovering to the west. Object then "came up to 11,000 ft. [and] then maintained a parallel course, on the same level, at the same speed, until the aircraft pilot turned on all lights. Object then departed from the vicinity at an estimated 1000 m.p.h. Weather was excellent for observation." The crew said the object "took off up and away." No other air traffic was reported in the area at the time.

July 14--Southbound Pan American Airways plane at 8,000 ft. nearing the Norfolk, VA, area observed six glowing red, circular objects approaching below the airliner; objects flipped up on edge in unison and then sped from behind and under the airliner and joined the in-line formation, which "climbed in a graceful arc above the altitude of the airliner." "Then the lights blinked out one by one, though not in sequence." Next day the crew was thoroughly interrogated by AFOSI, and advised that they already had seven other reports of red discs moving at high speed and making sharp turns.

July 18--Washington, D. C. Radio station chief engineer observed 6-7 bright orange discs moving in single file. Each in turn veered sharply upward and disappeared.

July 19--ARTC at National Airport began picking up unidentified targets on radar.

July 20--Herndon, Va. Capital Airlines flight from National Airport called by control tower to check on unidentified radar targets saw three objects, and three more between there and Martinsburg, WV. "like falling stars without tails [which] moved rapidly up, down, and horizontally. Also hovered." Chief CAA air traffic controller Harry Barnes later said in a newspaper interview: "His [the pilot's] subsequent description of the movement of the objects coincided with the position of our pips [radar targets] at all times while in our range."

July 20--Andrews AFB, Md. (Nr. Washington, D.C.). Five witnesses visually observed three reddish-orange objects moving erratically.

July 20--Capital Airlines flight incoming to National Airport reported that an unidentified light followed his airliner from the vicinity of Herndon, VA., to within about 4 miles west of the airport, confirmed on ARTC radar.

July 20--Additional unidentified targets on ARTC radar at National Airport.

July 20--In mid-evening, Air Force radar operators at Andrews AFB weather tower tracked 10 UFOs for 15-20 minutes. Objects approached runway, scattered, made sharp turns and reversals of direction.

July 23-- Near Braintree, MA: F-94 vectored onto unknown radar contact by GCI, crew saw a bluish-green light with onboard radar contact-after lock-on, the UFO sped away from the fighter. Official USAF unknown

July 26--Sharp UFO targets on ARTC radar at National Airport. Civilian pilots saw glowing white objects on four occasions, including a United Airlines pilot near Herndon, Va., and two CAA pilots over Maryland. National Airlines pilot near Andrews AFB at 1700 ft. saw a UFO "flying directly over the airliner."

July 26--ARTC radar at National airport tracked a UFO on radar ("big target"), confirmed by Andrews AFB radar.

July 26--ARTC radar at National Airport tracked "solid returns" of "four targets in rough line abreast," and eight others scattered over the radar scope.

July 26--Andrews AFB, Md., surveillance radar tracked 10-12 UFOs in Washington, D.C. area.

July 26--From this time into following morning, "good sharp targets" of 4-8 UFOs on ARTC radar at National Airport.

July 26--Air Force Command Post notified of unidentified radar targets. Two F-94 jet interceptors scrambled from New Castle AFB, Delaware, to investigate.

July 27--Maj. Fournet (PROJECT BLUE BOOK Officer in Pentagon) and Lt. Holcomb (Navy electronics expert) arrived at National Airport ARTC Center. Observed "7 good, solid targets." Holcomb checked on temperature inversions, but they were minor and could not explain what was going on. He so advised AF Command Post, requesting interception mission. By the time the F-94 jets arrived from Delaware, no strong unidentified targets remained and no visual contacts were made.

July 27--F-94 jet interceptors scrambled from New Castle AFB, Delaware, to investigate Washington, D.C., radar- UFOs. One F-94 pilot made visual contact and appeared to be gaining on target; both F-94 and UFO were observed on radar and "appeared to be traveling at the same approximate speed." When the F-94 pilot tried to overtake the UFO, it disappeared visually and on radar. The pilot remarked about the "incredible speed of the object."

July 27--Air Force Lieutenant at Andrews AFB saw a dark disc moving slowly northeast with "oscillating rolling motion." Clouds were moving southeast. UFO entered base of clouds.

July 27--Air Force personnel and others at National Airport saw a large round object reflecting sunlight, apparently hovering over the Capital Building. After about a minute, the object "wavered then shot straight up disappearing from sight."

July 28--Daily papers headlined a United Press story from Washington, D.C., that the Air Defense Command had ordered its jet pilots to pursue, and if necessary "shoot down, " UFOs sighted anywhere in the country.

July 29--Many unidentified targets tracked by CAA radar, 8-12 on the radarscope at a time, moving southeast in a belt 15 miles wide near Washington, D.C.

July 29--Eastern Airlines pilot asked to check on ARTC radar targets, reported seeing nothing. CAA official said the targets disappeared from the radar screen when the plane was in their area, "then came back in behind him."

July 29--Air Force pilot sighted three round white UFOs 10 miles southeast of Andrews AFB. Other UFOs tracked by ARTC radar during the afternoon.

July 29--An Air Force press conference at which UFO sightings were attributed to temperature inversions causing "radar mirages," typically ground lights reflected in the sky under freak atmospheric conditions. Also announced new scientific program to evaluate sightings.

August 5-- Astronomer James Bartlett, during a daylight observation of Venus, saw a flight of two disks with a diameter about 30 minutes of arc. They passed overhead and turned east. Then he saw two more disks with dome-like protrusions in the center.

August 14--A disc is said to have crashed near Ely, Nevada and 16 bodies were allegedly recovered.

September--The earliest reports of "Flying Triangle UFOs" date from this time and concerned the sighting of triangular-shaped UFOs seen during a NATO exercise called "Mainbrace". Significantly, a number of UFOs were witnessed by military personnel reported throughout Mainbrace, including a now-famous encounter reported by half a dozen Royal Air Force personnel stationed at RAF Topcliffe in Yorkshire who saw a circular shaped UFO operating near the airfield.

September 1--In one of the few series of sightings that the Air Force classified as "unknown" in Project BLUE BOOK, Georgia citizens including an Army Air Force B-25 gunner, an artillery officer, and a total of 35 other people reported seeing various UFO in the night sky. The sightings begin in Atlanta at 9:43 pm and continued northwest into Marietta until after 11:00pm. The Atlanta witnesses included Mrs. William Davis and nine other persons. Witnesses saw a variety of things, including one light, similar to the evening star, moved up and down for a long period of time. Others saw two large white disc-shaped objects with green vapor trails flew in trail formation, merged, flew away very fast. Others saw two large objects shaped like spinning tops and displaying red, blue and green colors, flew side by side, leaving a sparkling trail for 30 minutes. Still others saw a red, white, and blue-green object which spun and shot off sparks for 15 minutes.

September 11--Probably the most scrambled, irritatingly strange story ever, the Flatwoods Monster/Alien/UFO/Meteor/ remains one of those inexplicable tales touting many witnesses and just as many versions of what was seen and heard. As best as can be determined, a meteor (confirmed by the research of Major Donald Keyhoe) passed along a trajectory placing it roughly in the West Virginia mountains approximately 7pm on September 11th, 1952. Residents of Flatwoods reported seeing strange lights in the skies that did not fit any description of a meteor and its known flight patterns. But here's where it gets really weird. A group of kids witnessed a fiery red ball zip across the sky and impact just beyond Bailey Fisher farm. Mrs. Kathleen May took a flash light to help the kids as they made their way into the dark woods to see where the fireball landed. With her were her two teenaged sons, Eddie and Freddie, Neil Nunley, Gene Lemon (the oldest among them, at 17), Tommy Hyer and Ronnie Shaver with his dog. The group saw a pulsing red light just beyond a hilltop and when they approached encountered some kind of being with a cornucopia of peculiar features: It was eight feet tall, had glowing red eyes, a strange drape-like clothing, claws, an enormous round, red head covered by some kind of pointed hood, was surrounded by a foul smelling mist and was making frightening hissing sounds as it approached the boys, scaring them all to death and sending them fleeing into the night.

November 20--First UFO "contact" case. Lifelong occult teacher George Adamski met a Venusian named Orthon in the desert of southern California. This initiated a series of events which would involve further contacts with Venusians as well as Martians and Saturnians. Adamski would also travel into space and on one occasion attend a conference on Saturn. Alleged to be a CIA plot to start UFO scare.

December 29--Over Northern Japan, a disk with rotating red, green, white lights and three fixed beams of white light outran pursuing F-94 piloted by Colonel Donald Blakeslee (Ace with 8th AF in WW II).
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