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Author Topic: TIME-FRAME-911  (Read 61 times)
Paulo Riven
Hero Member
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« on: February 28, 2010, 10:21:30 pm »

We all know the "enormous" amount of control the Za-yims have over our finances, businesses, educations, histories, health, foods, pharmacare and medias like TV, advertising, news, magazines, movies, video games, etc.

And how they speak in "encrypted" languages, codes and symbols or the "opposite" of what they tell us.

Here is an example from Time magazine covers of how some messages can get across in relation to 911. I presume that within those magazines you will also find articles that can provide more clues to their covers and that in June 2001, pearl harbor was also a mainstream "plan" of communication. For example the pearl harbor maps can be over layed on New York and the twin towers with "highways" for the flight paths from Boston.

Boston is also where the Grand lodge of the Freemasons resides. Personally, I think Gulliani is also a "chief mason" for America.

I also believe that considering the flight paths of the planes that hit the twin towers, that it would have been near impossible for those two planes to hit within 20 minutes of each other, where I suspect that they both landed at Stewart air force base where their paths intersect, while 2 other plans took off on predestined flight paths irregardless of when the original planes would have landed at stewart on time or not. I also believe that EMP or powerful invisible electromagnetic pulses were used to "expand" the molecular structure of the building and guarantee the collapse into fine powder. Perhaps why the basement exploded prior to the first plane hitting. This beam could have been easily focused on the antennae or guided to the buildings by some drone or GPS system. Some photos show white circular orbs around the rooftops that are also mentioned in articles of appearing where EMP waves are focused.

I am sure you can even draw up your own conclusions from these covers of which there is probably a lot more that I left out in consideration of these ones that resonate the most. The idea seems to be that the twin tower plan went into effect near the end of 1998.

Dec 07 1998 - Twin Tower destruction planned.

Dec 14 - Moses, twin tablets, twin towers, yom kippur = september, rams horn sounds war cry, Israel Moses Zionist think tank

Dec 21 - Idea proposed to Bill Clinton, will they do it?

Jan 18 1999 - y2k distraction, means to an end plan.

Feb 01 Clinton agrees sets the wheels in motion

Feb 19 Financial brains to ruin America and sort out the 911 pie.

Feb 22 Twin towers clearly portrayed, scandal to ruin america

Jan 20 / 2000 The Big Deal is set for the Big players, oil companies, reinsurance, wall street, rothchilds, etc.

April 05 / 1999 - The Attack, Blue = Blueblood = Illuminati, U.S to lead Assault, ignite tinderbox = explosive devices to be placed

April 26 - Star Wars = attack from above, Phantom = kept secret, twin light sabers portrays twin towers, Lucas spiritual forces = special effects, holograms

May 17 - All Bright at war=illuminati plan, German air force base-Ashkenazi Rothchilds? Cell phone = communications behind the scenes being reviewed (review is in)

June 07 - all seeing EYE in a star = illuminati plan for the next war, complicated, watch out for Chinese spying our plans

June 21 - Will president bush be our scapegoat with a terrorist diversion?

June 28 - passports to be strategically placed to lay blame (awful truth)

Aug 02 - Ask Not, don't ask questions just do and make sure no one else asks why = cover up

Oct 11 - Blueblood illuminati face looking up, laser guided systems "fixed" for airplanes

Oct 18 - Twin imacs, Toy Story 2 = Twin towers, Steves jobs = computer systems being discussed (speaks) covered, saved apple=destroy new york, struck gold = remove gold underneath twin towers.

Nov 8 - Visions 21 series = outlook for 2001, twin eye lenses, Caleb Carr's novel of the future. (illuminati book?) Beyond 2000 = after 2000 for plan.

Nov 29 - Twin wine glasses tumbling, TSNYE = Twin Towers New York Execution and Stock Exchange, SEC, keep quiet, avoid hyper talk for the end to a means.

Jan 31/2000 - The Mad Dash, red and blue = Zionist German Jews (Ashkenazi-Rothchilds), Crazy race to seat George Bush. Bluebloods and red fascists. Four figures in a cross = end times, destruction

Feb 07 - kid geurillas = scapegoat terrorists, money makers, central banks and investment firms behind destruction with politicians. Who Gets Hurt = exterminate non players or obstructions.

Feb 21 - Visions 21 = Outlook 2001 plan. Leo up close = Lion = Royalty involved, British parliament,MI6? Face portrays I know something you don't = illuminati secret. Live in the future = death in the future.

Mar 13 – Crusade (Holy war-bible related-moses) = Templars = Knights of Malta = Illuminati
Kids kill kids = scapegoat terrorists for killing, attacks. BOOM, HOLY WAR, GOP involved.

Mar 20 - Remote control for laser guided planes (white flash seen on tower) Wireless throttle controls in cars also easier for covert assassinations.(toyota). Vatican involved. Bush War planned. Romance novels=fictional 911 distraction stories.

Mar 27 - Stephen king symbolizes "We have something scary under wraps at our finger tips". Defence computer systems "protected" for plan. Diversion war games. Blue glow.

Apr.17 - Eli and his dad = Israeli Mossad, Americas financial and Twin Towers collapse. Boy looking up while Eli looks down = attack on America from above. Political battle. Dotcom = data communications also set to collapse = nsa, fbi, cia, national guards = dick cheney.

Apr 26 - How to save = how to destroy, butterfly = freedom and liberty = patriot act. Notice BAR CODE on cover is seldom seen in other issues = numerical code. UN surveyed.

May 22,2000 - black and white=freemasons, man "towering over dog" half seen, half invisible = Towers soon to disappear from attack overhead. VISIONS 21 = 2001. Hacker school = computers controlled, Gulliani involved and ready for crises. "What will our offices look like?" = towers. Will everyone be bombed?
Caleb Carr's future illuminati novel brought up again.

May 29 - your home, family, parents will experience a hell on earth = hell’s kitchen = new york. Last letters home = finalizing plans or last time you'll see your home base = twin towers. Soldiers ready to die for bush "scapegoat" war. Day to remember America = memorial.

June 19 - Blueheaded illuminati, Visions 21 and Caleb carr novel messages continue, cd-rom = data info being input into computer defence systems. Cyber wars.

June 26 - twin circles = twin towers, They will being watching as psychopaths usually do! Survivor = death, big brother = illuminati, 1900 = on september.

July 03 - laura on the offense = laura bush perhaps arguing against the plan with george?, or playing her role. Cracking the Code = defence computer systems hacked for "inside story".

July 10 An Eye Opening Experience for America, BAR CODE on cover again.

Sept 18 - Humpty W = towers fall, how bad should we make it and how many buildings? Dying on our own terms = the illuminati terms for american new yorkers at 911 scene or who get in the way.

October 23, Barak Obama problem, man towering above peoples heads with blood on his hands and the word Terror = we will blame Osama bin laden terrorist so the blood is on their hands and not ours. Towering above = twin towers = 2 window panes. Blindsided Yemen distraction. Move warships into place lets see how america reacts. Economy dead = trillions of dollars to be stolen and made for america's ruin.

January 08/2001 - looking up=attack from above, piled sandbags=tall buildings, money, cars, houses and flying debris for 911. Will bush help us or hurt us?

Feb 05-2001-Twins on shoulders, healthier = worse, BAR CODE on cover again. Rich pardon = don't accuse the money makers or hurt any of their members and cover their tracks.

Feb 19 - Twin babies face to face = Twin Towers. Black form in between = candle holder = Israel = Mossad. "Here are the perils". Can also resemble a stealth plane flying down. Cloning Think = Remember about the Twin Towers.

April 16 2001 - Jesus = holy war, follow bible codes, moses = Israel Moses (zionist think tank), Jerusalem = Israel, mossad, "BUSH AND THE PLANES". Then and now = biblical zionist plan for israel's future as outlined in the past.

April 30, Superkid with blue beaker = blueblood illuminati superpowers-rothchilds and company, KARL ROVE Zionist think tank for BUSH's man TO SEE. Day care debate = attack at day or night? Planet's above = overhead attack.

Aug 7 The Bush / Cheney plan set in motion

Dec 18 The American constitution plan of ruin (survive = die)

Jan 22/2001 US Justice system in pocket..."Trust me".

Jan 29 California distraction, twin towers portrayed and EMP waves from HAARP to be used. Oh no means Oh yes!

March 12 American pencil (AA plane) crashing into tower face, top right "practicing for doomsday" = emergency response disengaged. SAT = seat = meeting to take place.

April 02 Fear tactics

June 05, Am-bush plan organized, code pearl harbor ready, bird watching = planes

July 07 America brought into another war

July 30  Beware of shark attacks (airplanes, terrorists) know how to avoid them on Sept.11.

Aug 2001 – Power = Rothchilds and company content with plan, go ahead. Kid = Goat, scapegoats, azazel, satan = Za-yim = Red Shield = Red Dragon

Sept 10 - Defence plan ready, donald rumsfeld out, colin powell out, cheney in charge to carry out orders of restraint against america so 911 mission goes as planned

Sept 11 - DDay

Oct 01 - Heres our scapegoat for your war and oil mr.bush and cheney, and for americans to hate muslims on behalf of Israel and the Zionists.

Oct 22 - More Fear Factor psyops, anthrax distraction and for intended government hits or problematic persons.

Dec 03 - Secret mission success, veil in place for america's coverup while veil lifted means illuminati mission success

Dec 31 New York Mayor Rudolph Gullianni on top of a tower for the good job he did with the governor George Pataki and the new jersey port authority and larry silverstein in carrying out the 911 mission. The end to the means = Zionist Masonic Oligarchy mission = NWO = ZMO.


Beverly Hills 90210 = 9-2001.

This is entirely fictional and not meant in any way to implicate Time Magazine or persons and names involved.
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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I Rise, You Fall
Superhero Member
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« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 01:31:34 am »

Very good, so the editors of Time Magazine were in on the hit!
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Paulo Riven
Hero Member
Posts: 452

« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2010, 12:51:14 pm »

I rise you fall, it gets better;

Abu Hamza Exposes 911 & The New World Order Illuminati

At the 3:00 mark and after repeated questioning by the host of who is responsible, Abu Hamza refusing to directly name the suspects leaks out...

....."They are THE LOBBY of America"............

Lobby of America means AIPAC = Israel = Ashkenazi = Zionist Rothchilds and Company behind the lobby and control of America.

In June of 2001 various magazines like National Geographic and Time wrote articles on PEARL HARBOR.

National Geographics was titled OIL AND HONOR, PEARL HARBOR, U.S.S.ARIZONA.(P.84)



This would be the illuminati code announced in June as to the DAY and month of the attacks which was at least a minimum of 2 years in the planning since Dec,1998.

U.S.S = SECRETARY OF STATE = 65TH TERM = COLIN POWELL = 11 letters and 6+5=11
Just prior to 911,Time magazine had Colin Powell on the cover titled "Where has Colin Powell gone" meaning the defence was under control for the 911 job.

ARIZONA = 7 LETTERS, perhaps a code for Aerial Zone or Horizon?

Memorial = day of rememberance

The ship in Nat.Geo also had only 2 targets in the picture and a map of Oahu and the pearl harbor area with highway lines can be placed over the new york area to outline flight paths for 911.

OIL (in large letters) = "0" for Ground Zero and IL for twin towers and for the plan of also controlling Afghanistan like Iraq for the oil monopoly as one reason for 911.

HONOR = honor debt = honor your peers = tremendous debt accumulated (trillions+) by America to the Rothchilds and Zionist factions and to honor them as they demand or "LOBBY".
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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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Paulo Riven
Hero Member
Posts: 452

« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2010, 12:01:33 am »

What does PEARL HARBOR and 911 have in common besides a "surprise attack on America"?


WORLD WAR II = Finances for either side



1941 could mean 19:41 or 7:41pm which would be of course "AM" since pearl harbor was attacked in the early morning of December the 7th.

The first attack on 9:11 was what? 8:46am?

Therefore code name "pearl harbor/ Dec.7th, 1941" as released on magazine covers on June 4th,2001 identifies with the illuminati confirming Sept,11,2001 after 7:41am.

1941 also has 911 as evident.


7 = sept = september

A Bird in the "Bush" is worth two "Rothschilds" in the hand!

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[R]...Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline to Atlantis...[R]

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