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Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon (2003)

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Author Topic: Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon (2003)  (Read 140 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« on: July 14, 2007, 04:47:03 am »

From Amazon:

Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon (2003)

Starring: Peter Coyote Rating

Best UFO documentary I've seen, March 26, 2004
By  Philip A. Carter (Sydney, NSW Australia) - See all my reviews

This documentary is thought provoking and compelling.
First of all, everything is up to date and there is excellent footage of UFO's and modern computer simulations where video of sightings are not available. Forget the blurry blobs of the past. Feast you eyes on relatively sharp images and clear shapes in colour.

Secondly, it makes use of old footage of statements made by Government officials during the late forties and fifties to great effect. Each statement on it's own seems insignificant but when many such statements are seen together it soon becomes clear that something "funny" is going on. By the end you'll realise that the government position is a joke. How stupid do they think we are?

Thirdly, this documentary is suitable for skeptics and those who know little about the subject. You will be informed about the origins of the "flying saucer" phenomenon and where it's at now. A case will be presented in which the evidence cannot be denied. Only a fool would persist in saying there is nothing to it. People who believe in the existance of extra-terrestrial life will get a lot out of it as well. You may feel like shouting "See - I told you so!".

Another interesting point is that this documentary covers the religious aspect and interviews two theologians to great effect. What they have to say is fascinating.

This is easily the best UFO documentary I have seen and I commend its creators. They have presented the evidence in a professional and exhaustive manner. The DVD contains a 1 hour bonus entitled "UFO's Fifty Years of Denial" which is also excellent. I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough!

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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2007, 04:49:57 am »

Out of the Blue
A New Feature-Length Documentary On The UFO Phenomenon

This award-winning documentary reveals, through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, that some Unidentified Flying Objects could be of extraterrestrial origin. The film, narrated by PETER COYOTE, brings to light how secrecy and ridicule are used to shroud the UFO issue.

Qualified Testimony —
MERCURY 7 ASTRONAUT GORDON COOPER recalls a UFO landing at Edwards Air Force Base. APOLLO ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL discloses his knowledge of the covert effort to keep the subject matter top secret. Military personnel testify to having witnessed UFOs disable nuclear missiles both in their silos and during test flights. PRESIDENTS GERALD FORD and JIMMY CARTER give accounts about their involvement with the UFO phenomenon.

International Scope —
England: Former chief of defense staff, Admiral Lord Hill Norton, and former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, analyze a UFO landing at a U.S. Air Force Base in Bentwaters, England.

Russia: COSMONAUT PAVEL POPOVICH is among a number of military officials with the RUSSIAN SPACE PROGRAM who speak freely about personal sightings and Russia’s new openness regarding UFOs.

France: The recently released COMETA REPORT written by TOP FRENCH SCIENTISTS and MILITARY PERSONNEL is the strongest pro-UFO document ever released to the public.

United States: From the reported crash in ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO, to the recent mass sighting of multiple UFOs in PHOENIX, ARIZONA, the producers interview numerous eyewitnesses and follow a paper trail to shed light on what really happened.

Scientific Perspective —
ASTROPHYSICISTS and NASA PROPULSION EXPERTS present the latest theories on the possibility of interstellar travel and the consensus that we are not alone in the universe.

In its pursuit of facts, footage and personal encounters with UFOs, Out of the Blue presents solid evidence allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions regarding the validity of the UFO phenomenon.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2007, 04:54:07 am »

A sample:
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2007, 04:55:55 am »

What's New

Spring 2007 - "Out of the Blue" Five Years After:
A New Special Five Year Anniversary Edition of Out of the Blue is set for spring of 2007. The producers of the movie have reunited to completely remaster this award-winning film. [more]

July 2004 - Washington, D.C.: Copies of Out Of The Blue were hand-delivered to 435 members of the U.S. Congress. [more]

June 24 , 2003 - TV Premiere on Sci Fi Channel: Filmmakers James Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov take an explosive look at the UFO phenomenon in this award-winning, feature-length documentary. [more]

March 2003 - UFO Magazine, UK: A major "5 Star" review of Out Of The Blue is featured in UFO Magazine published in the U.K. [more]

February 22, 2003 - Radio Interview on Strange Days... Indeed: James Fox, the Executive Producer of Out Of The Blue, was interviewed on Saturday night at 9:00pm Eastern Time. [more]

February 21, 2003 - Radio Interview on The Edge: James Fox, the Executive Producer of Out Of The Blue, was interviewed on Friday morning at 1:00am Central Time. You can hear the show from The Edge archives ... [more]

February 7, 2003 - Feature Article in San Francisco Chronicle: On a recent Friday morning, Marin filmmaker James Fox was in New York City trying to do what he calls "some guerrilla marketing." [more]

December 16, 2002 - Strong support from Skeptic Magazine: Skeptic magazine publisher, Michael Shermer, endorses Out of the Blue ... [more]

Nov. 8, 2002 - Clip deal with SCI FI Channel: The producers of Out of the Blue made a deal to license several scenes from their documentary to the SCI FI Channel. [more]

Nov. 6, 2002 - Peter Coyote Narrates Film: A new narration for Out of the Blue was recorded by Emmy Award winning actor Peter Coyote. [more]

July 22nd, 2002 - Preview Screening: The preview screening of Out Of The Blue took place at The Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. [more]

March 9, 2002 - Film Wins Two EBE Awards: Out of the Blue won Best UFO Documentary and People's Choice at the International UFO Congress. [more]
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« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2007, 12:21:05 am »

No Adamski references no Allingham ones either, no Jeleila Starr input.   Sad

This film is like trying to get democracy references out of Communist-China.

Of course the Illuminati's military industrail complex is going to keep wovoostyn technology out of the masses hands.

Has anyone who has ever held a position of power ever given it up easily??

Definitive my @$$.

Everyone who has studied ufology knows that these discoid craft are vimanas from other planets in our solar system, piloted by anunnaki or exo-humans making sure that we as Earth humanity don't do something that will get us and them killed.
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