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TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES

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Author Topic: TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES  (Read 3600 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 11:03:39 am »

Local Legends and the Shamans' Warnings

Here is one detail preserved in the ancestral memory of the local population, passed down through the millennia in an ancient epic poem. The legends passed on by word of mouth tell how this land was once suddenly wrapped in impenetrable darkness and the surroundings were shaken by a deafening roar. A hurricane of unseen force arose and the land was shaken by mighty blows.
When everything had calmed down and the darkness had dispersed, an unprecedented sight met their eyes. In the midst of the scorched land, glowing in the sun stood a tall vertical structure that was visible at a distance of many days' journey. For a long period of time, the structure gave out unpleasant, ear-splitting noises and gradually diminished in height until it had disappeared under the ground altogether. In place of the tall structure there was an immense, yawning, vertical "orifice".
In the course of our exposition of the facts, we shall present several texts from the Olonkho which testify strongly in favour of the stated hypothesis because of the obvious technological nature of the events described in the ancient tales. It is surprising that the people who translated and analysed these texts did not notice or even suspect this.
Let us begin with a detailed reconstruction of events, trying to form an integral picture of what preceded and accompanied the 1908 catastrophe.
The first to learn of the coming calamity were the shamans of the native tribes. Two months before the explosion, rumours of the approaching "end of the world" began to spread across the taiga. Going from one settlement to another, the shamans warned the people of an imminent cataclysm. The people began to move their herds from the upper reaches of the Podkamennaya Tunguska to the Nizhniaya Tunguska and further, towards the River Lena.
The exodus of the Evenk began immediately after a suglan (gathering) of all the nomadic clans who moved around in close proximity, which took place in the month of Teliat (May). A secret conference of the elders had resolved that the cyclical course of their wanderings should be changed and that the clans should move close together along the new course.
Then there was a big ritual occasion at which the "Great Shaman" announced the "End of the World":
The ancestors said that they had to move from their traditional places. No one should be there after the month of Teliat in the month of Muchun [June], thus said the ancestors... The upper people want to visit Dulia... No one should see that.

And so the nomads began to move across the taiga...
Obeying some inner sense and supporting, as it were, the pronouncements of the shamans, the wild animals began to leave. The birds flew from their nesting grounds, the swans left the lakes and the fish disappeared from the rivers. An immense expanse of taiga, measuring several tens of thousands of square kilometres, lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shamans' words remained in the danger zone.
All this speaks for itself. Obviously some early warning of the approaching event was given through the shamans who "spoke with the spirits of the ancestors". The animals, birds and fish reacted instinctively to the approaching danger, reacting to the negative influence of the Earth's increasing electromagnetic field in that part of the taiga.
After studying the texts of the Olonkho, talking with local hunters and those still alive who remember the distant events, we formed the impression that the complex in question is scattered across different parts of the taiga and located mainly underground.
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