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TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES

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Author Topic: TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES  (Read 3587 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 10:49:15 am »

Despite the fact that such a tremendous event did not go unnoticed, the first attempts to discover what had actually occurred in the remote Siberian taiga were only made many years later, in 1927. Since then, dozens of research expeditions have visited the area, hundreds of scientific papers have been written and several hundred hypotheses put forward about the causes of the event. Not one of them, however, has been able to explain fully the complex phenomena that preceded and accompanied the Tunguska explosion. Some of the phenomena observed by eyewitnesses simply do not fit within the framework of existing theories. Much of what happened then cannot be interpreted at all from the standpoint of present-day scientific thinking.
More than that, one gets the persistent impression that we have come up against something completely outside the bounds of our customary understanding of the world about us. Perhaps today we are closer than ever before to a solution to the mystery that will become a turning point in the development of human consciousness. But it will require a certain boldness, the ability to look with an open mind untrammelled by the dogmas current in science in order to properly assess the most inexplicable episodes of the event.
The work carried out by generations of scientists and researchers provided us with a very rich stock of facts and scientific material, making it possible to shed light on the true causes and nature of the phenomena that took place almost 100 years ago in the area of the Podkamennaya Tunguska.
We shall not go over the key elements of each of the main known hypotheses here, but instead concentrate on those facts that have always remained in the shadows and for some strange reason have never been given the attention they deserve. Amazingly, taken together with an ancient epic poem, these facts present a completely different picture of the event that took place early in the last century.
At the very beginning of this study, we should stress that both before and after the Tunguska explosion there were several other events connected with it in a certain way, being links in a single chain. Therefore, using the methods employed in criminal investigations, we shall combine them in a single "case". In order to see the reality that has for so long escaped the eyes of researchers, we shall have to shift our gaze backwards and forwards in space and time to look at events separated by tens, even hundreds of years.
To this end, we shall turn to the accounts of eyewitnesses, of which even in such a sparsely populated part of Siberia there were thousands. Even in the late 1960s it was possible to find some 3,000 people who remembered that extraordinary event!
Before we turn to the facts, we ought to share what we surmised in the course of our investigation: an hypothesis about the Tunguska explosion that will be unexpected for many, but which was formed during the analysis of a large amount of data. Drawing on the testimony of thousands of witnesses to the Tunguska explosion, the findings of researchers, the text of the Yakut epic Olonkho, the reconstructed chronology of events and an analysis of the consequences of the explosions described not only in the epic but also through the efforts of scientific researchers, it is possible to put forward the reasoned suggestion that in the immense, uninhabited territory of northwestern Yakutia there is an ancient underground technical installation.
A very, very long time ago, someone constructed, in what is known as "the Valley of Death", a complex that still today is protecting the Earth from meteorites and asteroids. Of course, such a suggestion is staggering. It is hard even to contemplate such a possibility. It follows that for thousands of years, something existed alongside us that exceeds not only our current achievements but even our boldest fantasies about what might be achieved—and we failed to notice! Naturally, none of those who researched the various scientifically inexplicable consequences of the Tunguska catastrophe could have imagined that all the traces left by the explosions were the result of the activities of some ancient cosmic defence complex left by unknown builders!


"Grandpa Matvei" (108 years of age), a witness of the Tunguska explosion, photographed with the author at the
Evenk settlement of Suildiukar in 1997.
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