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TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES

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Author Topic: TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES  (Read 3586 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 10:39:34 am »

The Chronicles of Other Peoples

Altogether, at approximate intervals of 600–700 years, several explosions or, rather, a whole complex of events including the precursors, took place. All these occurrences were painstakingly recorded in epic poetry, traditions and legends. It is a curious fact that similar legends arose in the equatorial zone of the planet, where explosions or "giant fireballs" that suddenly appeared in the sky destroyed several centres of ancient civilisations.
Judging by the results of archaeological investigations carried out in the Upper Viliuy region by S. A. Fedoseyeva, the intermittent, wave-like settlement of this territory can be traced back roughly to the fourth millennium BC. In the first millennium AD, the line of historical development is interrupted—and this does not contradict the possible date for the last historical explosion as September 1380. The cloud it raised blotted out the Sun over Europe for several hours. In several geo-active zones, powerful earthquakes took place.
This event is recorded in written sources. In Russian chronicles, it coincided with the Battle of Kulikovo Field: "…the gloom dispersed only in the second half of the day. A wind of such strength blew, that an arrow shot from a bow could not fly against it…" This factor made a positive contribution to the Russian victory.
However, the explosions are described in Tungus legends far more vividly than in other sources. Judging by the accounts, they were many times worse than modern nuclear weapons.
If we take 1380 as our starting date and go back into the past, we can trace such moments. In 830, for example, the culture of the Mayans who inhabited the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico was destroyed. Many of their cities were reduced to ruins by an explosion of monstrous force.
Some passages in the Bible are akin to the Yakut legends, e.g., the description of the plagues of Egypt and the demise of Sodom and Gomorrah. In one of the oases of the Arabian Peninsula, an ancient town was destroyed and literally reduced to ashes. According to legend, this took place when a huge fireball that appeared in the sky exploded.
At Mohenjo-daro on the Indian subcontinent, archaeologists discovered a devastated city. The marks of the catastrophe—melted stone walls—clearly pointed to an explosion comparable with a nuclear bomb. Similar events are also described in Chinese chronicles from the 14th century. They say that, far to the north, a black cloud rose above the horizon and covered half the sky, scattering large fragments of stone. Stones also dropped from the sky in Scandinavia and Germany, where fire broke out in several towns. Scholars established that they were quite ordinary stones, and conjectured that a volcano had erupted somewhere.
Perhaps the cause of these misfortunes was really Tong Duurai who has been bursting out from under the ground for many centuries? While Niurgun Bootur blotted out half of the sky at his appearance, Tong Duurai considerably exceeded him in size and, ascending into the heavens, completely disappeared from view.
We note that in the Valley of Death, a rise in the background radiation is observed at certain intervals of time—a phenomenon that specialists can't explain.
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