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TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES

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Author Topic: TUNGUSKA and the Ancient Mystery Installation in Siberia - UPDATES  (Read 3586 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 09:45:41 am »

GB: Can you be more specific about the location of this installation?

VU: Look for the site of the Tunguska explosion. To the southeast is the very large and famous Lake Baikal. Beyond that, to the north, is a huge and barren territory covering 100,000 kilometres. Hardly anyone lives there. There are no towns or cities. Here is where we located the installation ...

GB: Are you aware of strange stories or rumours concerning the so-called "Planet X"? If some new and heavenly body had entered our solar system, astronomers would surely detect it and declare its presence.

VU: I cannot speak for astronomers in the West, but astronomers within our Academy tell us we have nothing to fear. I have heard people talk about a rotation figure of 3,600 years for this planet, which is in a similar orbit to that of the Earth but behind the Sun. We know that this planet and the installation in Siberia are closely connected. Let me say that we believe that this installation is keeping that planet in a stable orbit. If that planet were to move, to shift orbit, the entire solar system would become unstable. Those of us in the Academy are sure that this planet is inhabited, and that this installation is designed to protect them and us. We are sure that nothing dangerous will happen. Everything is under control.

Our investigations have shown that the Earth has a pulse-a finely tuned frequency that affects everything, every living thing. Some 12,500 years ago, this pulse corresponded to 360 days of the year-study the old Egyptian calendar-but then an asteroid struck the Earth. We believe the orbit of the Earth was altered, artificially, to compensate for this. Our planet moved further away from the Sun, to a frequency pulse of 365.

This has taught us to believe that we have friends-friends who watch over us, silently. They did not allow then, nor will they allow now, any planet, comet or asteroid to strike and destroy the Earth. This, for us, is now absolutely clear.

Those who wish to weaponise space ... to tell you the truth, all of us involved in this project feel a pain in our hearts. Here we all are, investigating this installation and some other stuff, material stuff, none of which was constructed by Russians or Americans but by someone else, someone from outer space. It saddens us when we think what could happen if weapons are put into space.

Let me speak frankly. This installation has a power system, an energy source. We have located this. It was during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia that we first noticed an increase in the output of that energy. For us, it was incredible, but we now know that this installation reacts to social upheaval and conflict. Part of our investigation involved searching through ancient records and archives, and then we came across the Echutin Apposs Alanhor [sic] texts. We call them the Alanhor, and they are at least 4,000 years old. They describe the installation, in scientific terms, as to what was taking place there. It's amazing.

I have visited the area twice. The first time our equipment detected strong levels of radiation. I have to tell you, it was pretty dangerous; we couldn't hide from it. The few local inhabitants of the area knew of the installation, of course, and they described it to us. They describe metal-like structures and drew them for us. We plotted everything on a map. But these people, their families, the animals, they were suffering from radiation sickness.

The radiation levels have been continuously monitored for the past six years, and now everyone-including the animals-has left the forest. Let me tell you something about the Tunguska explosion-something that has never been spoken of before. Two months before the explosion, every living animal fled the region. It was as if the installation had powered up to deal with the asteroid. With that came an increase in radiation. The same thing is happening now, today.

GB: Are there any plans to mount another expedition to the area and to visit the installation?

VU: The radiation is a factor but, yes, another expedition is planned for later this year. Look, we want to be open and honest about this. We welcome international participation, but the people we invite must be responsible in the eyes of the world. We want people who are honest, open-minded and transparent, who are eager and willing to co-operate and exchange and then disseminate the scientific data. I invite you, Graham, to come to Russia and visit the installation as an observer.

GB: I would be honoured. Thank you.

VU: You can tell people that we, Russia, have decided that it is time that other people should know about this, and not just a few.
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