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July 02, 2022, 12:26:00 pm
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Exploration of the Bimini Underwater Rectangles Yields Stunning Finds

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Author Topic: Exploration of the Bimini Underwater Rectangles Yields Stunning Finds  (Read 1319 times)
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« on: July 20, 2009, 08:15:54 am »

Pre-flood residency or journey place of Atlantian kings within Bahamas  much more plausible Explanation.
Atlantians' favorite places were islands. All pre-flood islands were much more peaceful places without dangerous carnivorous predators (lions, mostodones, tigers, giant short-faced bear, etc) and without tribes of wild hunters of course! Megalithic track of atlantians have even Easter islands in the Pacific Ocean.

This is not a theory. My research has references by lots of intellectual minds. This is truth and the truth victorous! Mankind had not ever something like this proof!

Russian unvestigations show that the Atlantic basin is unstable. They took samples of the seabed suggesting that 10,000 years ago the mid-Atlantic ridge was above the surface of the Atlantic. Cores found at the12,000 feet level carry life forms usually seen in fresh-water lakes and sediment found in shallow water and upon dry land. Just as underwater debris can be raised to great heights above sea level to form mountain chains, the reverse is also true. (There are mistake few thousand years in the some researches. According modern data the event happened about 12,500 years ago K.M.)
Prof. Hans Pettersson, leader of the Swedish Albatross expeditions, which extracted hundreds of samples from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean throughout the 1930's, stated that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was mainly above water as recently as 15,000 years ago. A similar conclusion had been reached earlier by the German Gauss expedition, which sounded the Romanche Deep in 1901.
In 1936, Charles S. Piggot's famous U.S. Geological Survey of deep core soundings indicated that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge reached above the surface of the ocean 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. (12,50024,500 K.M.). Different sediment deposits on each side of the Ridge showed that the Ridge once separated two currents moving in opposite directions. Heavy deposits of volcanic ash on both slopes were dated at 12,000 years ago. (Piggot, 1937)
Still another oceanographic expedition, Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition of 1947-1948, yielded core samples containing sand from the Romanche Deep along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Dr. Otto Mellis did not publish these findings until ten years later (Mellis, 1958). Other geologists have guardedly admitted that the Azore Islands (Central Atlantic) are composed chiefly of continental material, some even conceding that there might be enough continental material (sial) in the mid-Atlantic to make up a landmass the size of Spain (de Camp, 1970). This is not much smaller than the size I have been proposing for the island of Atlantis.                              

Desiree real main 10 islands of the pre-flood kingdoms are proved long ago. If you want to do famous discovery please investigate sunken citadel.
Thus, if Atlantis City really ever existed, modern coordinates of the golden temple which lies beneath the ocean are that: Latitude: 37:16 N, Longitude: 25:03 Bahamas Islands are too small for huge pre-flood kingdoms.
The golden City is under huge danger by undersea robbers.
If you have FEDEX account, I will send my book as a gift!
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