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Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?

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Author Topic: Talk or act...To be or not to be, question is now?  (Read 2841 times)
Bryan Krachtt
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« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2009, 11:20:13 pm »

Welcome to the forum Bryan. 

Again, I'll ask, as I have in the other thread, just what is it that you think a revolution will do?  What is it you want it to do?  Who would be your leader?  What would that person be expected to do? 

If President Obama had not given the bail-out packageds, and had let the United States totally collapse financially, what would y'all be doing right now?  Trying even harder to string him up, that's what.  Would people like you and HFN who think money is the root of all evil be happy then?  When there is no money people will riot.  People need food.  The people who have the food would protect it.  Gangs would form and there would be terrible fights and killings, just because there is no SYSTEM that people can live by.  The system right now is that people WORK, they get paid to work, and then they buy the things they need to survive.  If there is no system in place for a standard monetary value, please explain what you think would happen all across the country?  You would all be DEMANDING that the government HELP.  You would be demanding that the government buy you food because you would blame the government for your job loss because the government didn't do a bail-out. 

So what the hell is it you are trying to create with your antagonistic attitudes?

Whoa!  I'm not the one with the antagonistic attitude, I voted for Obama.

Having said that, I do have a few issues with how he handled things economically.  Here is what I would have done differently:

1. Obama and Bush bailed out the banks, but they should have done it differently.  They should have given the banks money on behalf of all the people who had bad loans and had their houses in foreclosure.  That way, they would have solved two problems at once.

2  Obama should have nationalized the banks when he gave them aid.  That way, he could have rewritten their rules and fired all the greedy CEOs before letting them go private again.  They would have also been forced to participate in his mortgage program.  Right now, participation is optional and tons of people are  being turned down for the programs who need help.

3.  He should have reduced the balance on their credit card  debt!  Consumer spending is what drives the economy, not manufacturing.  You can't spend when you are paying 20% to 30% interest rates.  There should also be a cap on interest rates at 15%.

4.  GM and Chrysler should have been bailed out, but only if they promised to not lay people off.  In Germany, the government pays companies to keep employees on and makes up the difference that the companies can't pay.  It is just as cheap as paying unemployment and it keeps more manufacturing here.

5. Obama should institute a single payer health plan, everyone pays into one giant government pool like they do in all other industrialized countries.  The leading source of bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical bills. If everyone had insurance, they would no longer have that burden.

All these things step on the capitalistic ways of doing things, but since capitalism only helps the rich, I am ready for a change. Also, there is no down side, they are already calling Obama a socialist, so he may as well do what is needed. 
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