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News: Hunt for Lost City of Atlantis
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Atlantis: The Land Beyond The Pillars

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Author Topic: Atlantis: The Land Beyond The Pillars  (Read 788 times)
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Although the account relates that "all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth" this would seem to be with the exception of those few that survived to tell the tale. The survivors of this terrible cataclysm might well have been aboard an Athenian vessel sitting beyond the delta, being able to witness much of the devastation and carnage with little to no harm befalling themselves. From this vantage point the crew may have discerned that the great island city had receded into the earth, while the channel leading to the city having become barricaded with mud was likely strewn with partially buried ships and the bodies of combatants from both sides of the conflict.

With the realization that the great city had come to its climatic end as tsunami waves completely washed over the delta, the intrepid crew would have reversed course back to the Mediterranean where their story would eventually reach and be recorded by the Egyptians. But regardless of the wide-ranging emotions that accompanied them on their long journey home, emotions would soon transition to overwhelming grief and horror with the realization that their homeland had not been spared. The catastrophic devastation that befell Atlantis would prove to be only a portion of a much, much larger global cataclysm.

Let's see if I've got this figured out as to what you say.

First of all, you're saying that regular trade occurred between Atlantis and .....who?  The Athenians, the Egyptians, the Sea Peoples, the Phoenicians?  Because Plato does say that the Atlanteans had control of Europe to Italy (Tyrennia) and of Libya to Egypt.  Therefore, can we assume that this is not a big secret and that people knew they were trading with someone out in the Atlantic?  Also, it wasn't a secret because we have a war with the Atlanteans to account for, and yet no one else seems to know of it.  To me, what you're saying and what Plato said, are pretty different. 

If the Atlanteans had such control over the Med. areas, then people knew of them.  If they were having a war with all of the Eastern Med. people would have known of it.  Nothing else seems to have been written of this.

Although science is setting the time line farther and farther back in history for humans to have developed stuff, so far, there does not seem to be any proof that there were ocean going vessels - especially on a regular basis - 11,000 years ago.  Not to say it was impossible, but to sail the ocean on a regular basis in a reed boat even, would take some daring do.!

You're saying that the Egyptians heard the tale of Atlantis sinking from Atlantean men on board an Athenian vessel.  Are you saying then that the battle took place at Atlantis?  That the Athenian warriors were fighting in S. America?  That the Atlantean men were prisoners of the Athenians who then took them back to Greece - or dropped them off in Egypt?  That Athens did have ocean going ships that far back?

So what lost them the war?  Their homeland sinking?  Then what about all the people who were in the colonies along the Med.?  Would they not have written about their homeland and their history?  If they were trying to take over the rest of the known world - basically the Eastern end of the Med., then when they lost the war, wouldn't the other nations, like Greece and Egypt, turn and attack the colonies that were in control of the Western end of the Med.?  If that were the case, surely there would be something written about this as well.  Unless of course, that IS what is being written about. 

I've said it so often - that Plato goes back and forth in time - perhaps it is that the Atlanteans who had ORIGINALLY come from outside the pillars BEFORE their home sunk - were trying to take over the Eastern end of the Med.  Meaning that by this time, there was no more Atlantis (but in an aside it is mentioned that the homeland sunk) and in the end, when this war was supposedly happening with Athens, again nauture had her way and even tho they supposedly won, the Athenians fighting the Atlanteans were destroyed by a cataclysm, just like Atlantis had been in the past. (Which means the war wasn't in S. America then) But even so.  IF the Atlanteans had colonized the Western end of the Med., a long time in the past, wouldn't there have been a history for them say in Italy, say in Morocco, say in Spain, say in Libya?  Somewhere?  Other than just Egypt.?  Because altho Athens had horrible weather for saving stuff, Egypt didn't.  Put it this way.  ARFRICA didn't.  Neither did Spain.  All these place I've mentioned should have had some kind of information regarding the history of their people.  Namely the Atlanteans.

Is this as clear as mud?
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