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News: Remains of ancient civilisation discovered on the bottom of a lake
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Ancient Astronauts Theory Revisited - William Saylor

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Author Topic: Ancient Astronauts Theory Revisited - William Saylor  (Read 421 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 02, 2007, 02:35:26 pm »

Hey B…Concerning the words "Harvest an egg from a human female and remove the DNA."  Yep! All those text talk about "mixing the clay", which I assume was an analogy for Human eggs, and then cleansing it an "purifying bath," which would of course mean, removing the DNA so they could do whatever it was they were going to do.

In Robert K.G. Temple's famous book, "The Sirius Mystery," Temple spends considerable time discussing the area of Colchis, an ancient town near the border of Turkey and Armenia, sort of south east of the Black Sea. The place was known as both the "graveyard of the gods" and the place were the gods were resurrected back to life. There is a plant there, called "Colchicum" which was at one time indigenous to only that part of the world. The Egyptians, who suffered greatly from gout, regularly went to Colchis because extracts from that plant was a known  remedy for gout, and in fact, it is still used to this day in prescriptions drugs for that same illness. Anyway, when I read Temple's account, I knew I had seen the word "Colchicum" somewhere before. So I searched through my library and finally found the passage I was looking for in an old UFO research book, which was discussing the genetic manipulation implications in the ancient texts. The book was an old one, and at the time geneticists were using an extract from the Colchicum plant, called "Colchicine" to remove the DNA from a human egg!

I thought it very odd indeed that Temple spent so much time tracing the legends of the gods back to Colchis, and that those legends seemed to stress "immortality" and "rebirth", when the area was, in fact, famous for a plant with an extract that could certainly qualify as the "purifying bath" mentioned in so many ancient texts. Many modern day researchers have suggested that the Eden of Genesis 2 was very likely somewhere near the area of Lake Van, and in truth, Colchis is not that far from there. If the Lake Van area was the Eden of the gods, then I suspect that Colchis was where their genetic laboratory was.

Today, geneticists have pretty much stopped using colchicine in their experiments because it was found to produce way too many birth defects and mutations. But there is a very, very famous text, called "The birth Man" where Enki/Ea and his genetic sidekick, Ninmuh get drunk together and try to outdo each other to see who can create people with the worst birth defects. They create women unable to give birth, men unable to hold back their urine, people hobbled by twisted ankles, people who are born with no sex organs, morons, and on and on, and all the while a very drunk Ninmuh continues to brag that she can make man as good or as bad as she desires. It's an utterly disgusting text, if you want to know the truth.

Never the less, the fact that all these people are created severely handicapped most certainly suggests that colchicine was being used as the purifying bath. Maybe the ancients finally figured out a way to remedy the birth defects, I don't know, but the whole thing certainly suggests that the area of Colchis, did indeed play a significant role in regards to where mankind was created by the gods.

If I could suggest any place on earth to start an archeological dig that might provide us with a whole lot more information, it would be Colchis!
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