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The Trisul/ Trident and the Tree of Life

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Author Topic: The Trisul/ Trident and the Tree of Life  (Read 2601 times)
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« on: February 04, 2007, 06:36:38 pm »

The Trident and The Tree of Life

by B. Olsson

The Bock-Saga is pinpointing the symbol and the significance of a specific trident, called the Trisul as we see it in the hands of Neptun. This symbol was obviously known and cherished among most ancient civilisations, as we find it in archaeological material from four continents
First I have to mention the ancient stone-pictures from Gotland. Over the years the Swedes have found more than two thousand stone-tablets, - the majority of them showing sequences of pictures showing figures and telling stories that we actually recognize (!) from the Icelandic literature as of the 12th and 13th century. Thus we have a confirmed and generally accepted connection between the REALITY of hands-on evidence and the explanations given by the myths.
The Norse Sagas repeatedly name Oden as the key-figure of the old Nordic Panteon, and the sagas all place him on an eight-legged horse, called Sleipner . Now, when the Gotland picture-stones reveals numbers of pictures of a peculiar figure, i.e. a horse-riding, solidly bearded man, wearing a peculiar, wide-brimmed hat, as well as a spear and a shield with the sun-symbol in front. Thus we may reason or anticipate that the figure on the stone-tablet actually is just another local chieftain, without any connection to the Icelandic or Norse Sagas. But, - alas when we count the legs off the horse in question he always have eigth. On all tablets with that motive
So we may be quite sure that whenever we see a man on a eight-legged horse we can simply and confidently assume that the riders have the old Norse reference to the Pater Grand Familias, called Oden or Gubben Oden ( The Ol`Man Oden ).
Now the Bocksaga goes on explaining this Pantheon a bit further. Now as Oden (Okko/Allfather/etc) of the Baltic was symbolised with a eigth-legged horse, and a triple Triangle. But in the Greek-Roman culture we find this Oden (The Allfather) a bit anonymized. But with the picture of the naked Neptun, - we yet again can recognize highly specific and and very essential figure of the Greek and Roman Pantheons. Her we find the (once existing, real) ol`man . depicted with his one and only personal symbol; The Trisul .

Semantics or sounds?

To try and take this question a bit further I relate the following to the peculiar word of Trisul;

Three-Sun. Sun-Tree. 1 in 3, 3 in 1.

From all tridents we have one - and one only special edition that was called The Trisul, always found in the hand of Neptune. The Trisul by itself is clearly picturing the numbers of 1, 2 and 3. Moreover it signifies the connection between the stem and its branches. As the stem keep growing upward, as in a line, or timeline it also starts growing sideways, in space, - creating room.
The keeper of the special trident, called the Trisul, was always the old Allfather himself. Nobody else could actually qualify to wear a trisul. All tropical kings from ice-time onwards - could carry their insignias, like a crown, a spear, a sword, a sable. But only Allfather himself could rightfully pick up the Trisul, symbolizing the family who gave birth to all royal families who in turn made all the rest of us..
Thus we may talk about Neptun/Posidon/Oden as the main actor in the old Panteons, since he symbolizes the historical origin of all legitimate kingdoms, their people and their culture.
Thus the story of the Trisul reflecting a highly knowledgeable culture is highly relevant to understand the stories BEHIND the legends of Pa-rad-is , At-lant-is and Hel-io-pol-is , - simply by understanding that the figure of Neptun connects straigth to Noa as we find him in the Bible, as well as in the pre-christian Norse legend of Voluspaa.
In the Norse legends the Aser had to escape the deluge as ice-time rushed to its end. Accordingly they went to "Noatun" - Noa`s Yard. Today we find Visby ( City of Wisdom ) as the capital of Gotland, the only land-area available for refugee. The rest of northern Eurasia was all overrun by lavines at the turmoil ending ice-time.
Thus, from Noa-tun (meaning New Yard ) we get the roman Neptune, while the Romans still call their original deity; Po-Sei-Don, - both reflecting on the same Sea-King as we are told about in both the biblical and the Norse stories of Noa. The Trisul collects the universial principle of three. Since Tri-Sul says Three-Sun we have here the three kings connected to one original Head of mankind. This also asscociates to The Three Holy Kings, as well as the Three Holy Crowns, as in Swedens national emblem.
Even earlier we have the story of All-Father and his 12 sons. In the old system the first son became The Ruler, without getting children. The 12th became the Procreator, but without other rights or obligations. So we may say that the Father, being the stem, reflects in his two sons the principle of good rule and good procreation, since these sons are both sharing their seeds with their father, who also drink his own. Since he was the only man drinking his very own seeds in any way he was the only who could carry the full-fledged, official Trisul, as it represented the three Sun-rays emanating from the stem, and through the Dios ( Drinking-system ) these very rays could reconnect to recreate through copulation from the same very middle-point; being the sole phallus of the Allfather himself.
Finally the three pokes symbolizes the two different ways a man can use his reproductive force, either for the sharing of excitement and a good, healthy fun or for the order of reproduction. The two pokes on each side symbolises the dragon , as two men are simultaneously erected and according to the saga - there to share the moment and their wisdom water with each other . (Which can be observed as a safe way to enjoy sexuality, without running any risk of promiscuity, evidently creating unplanned/unwanted new members of the family.)
With the support of this fertility culture , where men where sharing not spilling their most valuable cells we see the middle poke - in a balance-point. With the support from his brothers/friends (Brotherhood of Men) could the Neptun (as the nordic Oden ) duly erect to copulate and share his collection of wisdom-water as he shares his Seed of Life with his Venus (Swan/Disa/ Queen ), creating the due number of children normally determined to the very number by the royal traditions.
Today we can spot the three-pinned fork, the trident or the trisul in ancient material from four different continents. Likewise we find the royal principles again and again; as the basic structure of all ancient cultures we have learnt to know, - so far.
Thus we may explain why and how there once did existed a (physical) person, that resided on this planet as a genetical predecessor to everybody else. From the very first, original family of human beings to whom we all yet descend. Thus we may understand that there simply existed a head of this first family among men, that actually carried the right and duty to wear his call and function of the All-father . Throughout the generations this function was inherited by All-fathers 12th son, who at the age of 28 became the next All-father, to continue the turn of the axis that created a growing humanity. We may relate the process to a pyramidical structure, where the first family was keeping the middle-axis perpendicular and reproductive.
Thus there existed an All-father (Allfader/Oden/Neptun/Necklas/etc./etc.) And because he was the 12th son of the former All-Father he had to take his fathers duties onward. To all of our ancient ( headon ) cultures do we find that the pyramicial structure present, as they reflect on their histories and myths. So by the rememnants of Paradise do we find the memory of All-Father present in much later cultures, such as the Persia, Greek and Rome.
But, since the figure of a cherished ruler is present inn all mytholiges, we may understand that what we today call God in terms of Allfather actually did exist! And as he was the only person on the planet being the 12th son of the first family - he had to mate and create a new royal family plus create all the landlords that were needed to create another generation of local nobilities, - who in turn were the only men allowed to recreate locally. Thus all born children where grand-grand-children of the King, himself, just through different family-lines.
That may remind us about a society where the relationships between ALL individuals were more familiar , or intimate, tender, honest, compassionate and truthful - than what is normally exercised today.

The real Allfather, via his 1st and his 12th son, OWED the right and duty to carry the very basic and essencial of human nature further. Thus he held the Trisul, representing the rule-of-three on top. Powered by the staff behind, representing the time-line of the ancestors, their deeds and efforts that brought us all through the creation and the following, continous existence.

We then may see the trident fork as the most simple and still complete clear picture - of the Life-force (at work), in the stem-branch-form, - as of a plant or three. Thus the trisul is associated to the Life-Three, also known as Yggdrasil , - the Ash.


Amphitrite, Nike & Posiedon

Halicarnassus, Caria, �17. Late 2nd-1st century BC. Head of Poseidon right / ALIK MELAN Trident, ornamented with volute on either side of handle, dolphins between prongs.
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Thus ye may find in thy mental and spiritual self, ye can make thyself just as happy or just as miserable as ye like. How miserable do ye want to be?......For you GROW to heaven, you don't GO to heaven. It is within thine own conscience that ye grow there.

Edgar Cayce

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Tina Walter
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« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2007, 11:14:59 pm »

Bo really has a way with words.  I don't know if you've ever gotten around to seeing the Da Vinci Code yet, but the opening is all about symobols and their meaning.

Langdon (Tom Hanks) is running a slide show and shows a pitch fork and asks what it signifies. The French audience says "the devil, Satan!"

Hanks goes, "Poor, poor Poseidon." And pans lower to show the picture is one of Poseidon holding his trident, not the devil holding his pitchfork.

I think that Christianity has managed to taint a lot of the old pagan symbols.  In another thread we talked about Pan, Satan himself is clearly just a variation of Pan.
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il mio va Piano, sono Asino ?

« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2009, 11:43:20 am »

Dear  ......TINA...WALKER,

This Topic is about Iconography right ?

By your description the slideshow narrative resembles Indiana Jones, one and only featured lection.
the last episode with an older indiana was a shables he should have been made to look like his younger self !

to cut a long story short, The Trisent/ Trisula( Hindu.)  WAS originally the" Tree of LIFE " or rather a FRANKINCENSE-Bush.

POSEIDON was indeed " Demonised" but not only in christian times
but even earlier, by GOD-king Salmanasser-3 in 855 bc because

one of his 6,' Winged' Sea Horses caused an earth-Quake that destroyed
an Assyrian Siege-Army before the Canaanite-Capital City of KAR-KAR

The iconography of "POSEIDON" was the" Syrian BAAL" watering a three-spronged sapling
As you might have guessed the Sappling became a trident and the Watervase a Battle-club
We call THAT a defamation of character a TABOO or demonization Poseidon becam" BELIAL "

As if you are still intrested: Cry
The gradual change of Earth-GOD Poseidon into the Fierce Weather God HADDAD-Rimmon/ BELIAL-RESHEPH
can be followed iconographically from 855 bc until 500 ad on. POSEIDON became Mary's "  UNCLE " JOSEPH

Bo really has a way with words.  I don't know if you've ever gotten around to seeing the Da Vinci Code yet, but the opening is all about symobols and their meaning.

Langdon (Tom Hanks) is running a slide show and shows a pitch fork and asks what it signifies. The French audience says "the devil, Satan!"

Hanks goes, "Poor, poor Poseidon." And pans lower to show the picture is one of Poseidon holding his trident, not the devil holding his pitchfork.

I think that Christianity has managed to taint a lot of the old pagan symbols.  In another thread we talked about Pan, Satan himself is clearly just a variation of Pan.
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( Blue's)THEORY, locating"original" Atlantis( in Aden-Yemen.)
1: ATLANTIS =Fake=Latin name, original Greek: ATHE(=a Region in Aden)
2: Atlantic-OCEAN=Greek: RIVER-of-Atlas+also" Known "World-OCEAN(=Red-Sea)
3: Greek-obsolete-Numeral 'X' caused Plato's Atlantisdate:9000=900
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