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Cayce on Lemuria

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Author Topic: Cayce on Lemuria  (Read 4151 times)
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Cayce on Lemuria

Lemuria is often equated with Mu, the sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean, though the name comes from the lemurs which inhabit islands in the Indian Ocean. Most of the information about this legendary land is available within the Theosphical writings of Helena Blavatsky and the Mu books by Colonel James Churchward.
Edgar Cayce gave very few readings for reincarnated Lemurians and this may be because most of them have cycled off the planet, or because his clients'  lifetimes in that land had no karmic relevance to their current life.
Most of the readings that I browsed while searching for references to "Lemuria" and "Mu" only mention it in passing, and usually in the context of Lemurian ambassadors and colonists in Egypt, the Gobi, and Indo-china, as well as the migration of refugees to North America. They offer no real information about Lemuria other than to state that these people were simply there, thus I will only present the readings which tell us something about this ancient land and where the Lemurians settled later.
"So, in following or interpreting the Poseidian period - or in Atlantis - let it be understood that this was only ONE of the groups; and the highest or the greater advancement in the earthly sojourning of individual entities or souls at that particular period - or the highest that had been save that which had been a part of the Lemurian age." 877-26 given 5-23-38
This was taken from a description of early Atlantis when souls began "projecting" into the material plane. Cayce tells us that this was the "highest" and most "advanced" period and I assume that this is in reference to creative abilities. Only the Lemurian souls equaled or surpassed this level of being, and some of these people received life readings from Cayce in the 1930's:
"...the entity was in the land now thought of or termed as La, or Mu - Lamu.
Those experiences then made for the determining between the thought forms and those that materialized into what became man." 1387-1 given 6-16-37
"...the entity was in that land that has been termed Zu, or Lemuria, or Mu. This was before the sojourn of peoples in perfect body form; rather when they may be said to have been able to - through those developments of the period - be in the body or out of the body and act upon materiality. In the spirit or in flesh these made those things, those influences, that brought destruction; for the atmospheric pressure in the earth in the period was quite different from that experienced by the physical being of today.
The entity then was in the name Mmuum, or rather those calls that make easy the mysteries of words as related to sounds and rote that bring to the consciousness, in those that have indwelled in those lands, that activity that merits (not the word), that brings, that impulse that urges that those forces from without act upon the elements in whatever sphere they may bring a material manifestation." 436-2 given 11-10-33
"...the entity was in the land of the long ago, in the Lemurian land, when there were the many changes coming about in the surface of the earth; even when there were those interpretations between the sons and the daughters of men and the sons of [and?] the daughters of God.
For they partook rather of those things when those expressions or periods of the injection of thought form and forces took their activity in the earth, and produced then in other portions of the earth's surface the monsters that would destroy, the periods when it is given and in those days there were giants in the earth."

The entity then was among those that were of the daughters of the sons of God, those that with their physical bodies presented those influences and forces that made for that period of regeneration when not only the bodies must be presented as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Him, but that through these the soul and the mind - being a portion of the Universal Forces - express themselves.
Then in the name rather that would be sounded as ne-um-um or em-um." 1183-1 given 6-1-36
"The land [Gobi] was among those in which there was the first appearance of those that were as separate entities or souls disentangling themselves from material or that we know as animal associations. For the projections of these had come from those influences that were termed Lemure, or Lemurian, or the land of Mu." 877-10 given 9-10-36

This last excerpt could imply that souls were incarnating into animal bodies or even monsters like those created in Lemuria.
Here are a couple of incarnations from the later period of Lemurian history:
"... the entity was in the Lemurian land, as one interpreting the laws of gravity, the laws of electrical vibration as might be applied to the usefulness of material beings. Then the name was Ooum." 2850-1 given 11-14-42
"...the entity was in that land now known as Mu, or the vanished land of the Pacific, the Peaceful; during those periods when many of those had risen to power when there were being those banishments and preparations for the preserving; for they had known that the land must be soon broken up.

The entity was among those that journeyed from Mu to what is NOW Oregon; and there STILL may be seen SOMETHING of the worship as set up, in what was the development FROM that set up by the entity's associates, as the totem or the family tree.
In that experience the entity was in the same sex as at present, but among those that were the leaders; for THEN the women RULED - rather than men." 630-2 given 8-7-34

So totem poles come from Mu (!), and perhaps the culture back on Mu was matriarchal like some Polynesian societies. The Lemurians seemed to have had a precognitive awareness for the demise of their homeland (just as the Atlanteans did) and began organized emigrations to other lands, but where exactly was Lemuria and when did it go under the wave?
"Then, with that portion, THEN the South Pacific, or Lemuria, began its disappearance - even before Atlantis, for the changes were brought about in the latter portion of that period, or what would be termed ten thousand seven hundred (10,700) light years, or earth years, or present setting of those..." 364-4 given 2-16-32
Some believe that Atlantis III disappeared in 10,500 B.C. because that date is repeated multiple times especially in regards to its refugees flooding into Egypt, Spain, and the Americas. Others say it occurred just after 10,000 B.C. because of one life reading which indicates that, and also because of its proximity to the date offered in Plato's writings about Atlantis. It seems that the polar shift earth changes happening at this time took centuries -from 200 to 800 years- to complete. Could such a period be what Cayce described as "gradual" earth changes in other readings?
Cayce's source said that Lemuria was located in a region which was "then" located in the South Pacific... but is no longer?
"The Andean, or the Pacific coast of South America, occupied then the extreme western portion of Lemuria." 364-13 given 11-17-32
It's likely that the source meant the extreme eastern edge of Lemuria because otherwise South America was Lemuria, but we know from many other readings that Cayce called countries in this continent "Og" and "Oz". So by reversing the direction this clue places Lemuria right back in the South Pacific, and Easter Island was probably one of its highest peaks!
An Atlantean priestess who lived in the Yucatan colony migrated north to investigate a rumor about:
" activity in which those portions of the land were discovered from what was left of Lemuria, or Mu - in what is now lower California, portions of the valleys of death..." 1473-1 given 11-10-37
This fragment has a few possible meanings: 1) that southern California was anciently part of eastern Lemuria -perhaps during its earliest period a couple of poleshifts ago or 2) refugees from sinking Lemuria were gathered in this region, or 3) both. This next reading supports the second possibility:
"...the entity in that land now known as the American, during the periods when the Lemurian or the lands of Mu or Zu were being in their turmoils for destruction.
And the entity was among those that - in what is now not far from that land in which the entity in this sojourn first saw the light - (that must in the near future fade again into those joinings with the land of Mu) - established a temple of worship for those that escaped from the turmoils of the shifting of the earth at that particular period.
The entity, in the name Oeueou, established near what is now Santa Barbara the temple to the sun and the moon; for the satellite of the moon had not faded then, and there was enjoined as to the entity in the worship as the goddess to the moon and the sun." 509-1 given 2-5-34

Santa Barbara is just north of Los Angeles in southern California. The middle part seems to suggest that California is destined to join Mu on the bed of the ocean. This next fragment seems to suggest that Lemuria was definitely west of California:
"In the one before this we find in a strange land, now unknown in the world's experience; that lying westward from what is NOW southern California and Mexico. In this land the entity ruled as with an iron hand, for - from and through this land - many were the escapes from the various upheavals that occurred in those olden periods when there were the divisions of waters and the divisions of land, and dry land appeared. In this experience the entity lost, and in the aggrandizing of selfish interests. In the name Olu. " 2669-1 given 1-9-31
It's odd that Cayce's source could not identify this person's country.
This next excerpt was taken from the special reading on the origin of the Mayan civilization:
"There had been the upheavals also from the land of Mu, or Lemuria, and these had their part in the changing, or there was the injection of their tenets in the varied portions of the land. [Yucatan] ...we may find in these ruins that which partakes of the Egyptian, Lemurian and Oz civilizations. The pyramid, the altars before the doors of the varied temple activities, was an injection from the people of Oz and Mu ...these places partook of the earlier portions of that peoples called the Incal; though the Incals were themselves the successors of those of Oz, or Og, in the Peruvian land, and Mu in the southern portions of that now called California and Mexico and southern New Mexico in the United States. " 5750-1 given 11-12-33
Here Lemuria/Mu is identified with southern California, Mexico and even New Mexico, but Cayce's source was merely stating that the "Incals" were descended from the Lemurian colonies in these regions, and the establishment of these is detailed in half a dozen life readings below.
The Lemurians culturally-impacted the people living in the Yucatan and even introduced some of their architecture there. The step pyramid design, as an elevated platform for a temple, seems to have originated on Mu. Oz was in the Andes which, as stated earlier, was anciently the eastern edge of Mu and thus inhabited by the same culture. This next reading seems to confirm that:
"...we find in the Peruvian forces, when the Ohlms [Ohms? Ohums?] were in that [Aymaras] country, giving then the development of the laws as pertain to sacrifice. The entity then in the Temple of Mu and giving the sacrificial service over which the Priest of Ohlm gave the first of sacrifice as offered by man which partook not only of the highest as was received, but of the best." 2698-1 given 8-3-25
This next reading was for a Lemurian who trekked deep into North America:
"... the entity was in that called the Lemurian land, during those periods when the people were leaving - through the conditions that were arising in that land.
The entity then was among those that first came to that portion of the present sojourn that would now be called Ohio, or western Pennsylvania.
For, the entity then set up in this new land the first of the temples from the Lemurian land; that has since been termed the Mound Builders' land. Not the present as seen, but that from which same arose." 328-1 given 5-5-33

Cayce explained in several other readings that Atlanteans also went to Ohio to antecede the Moundbuilder culture which developed millennia later. Lemurians primarily moved into the American Southwest and blended with the natives:

 "...the entity was in that land now known as the American, during those periods when there were the changes that had brought about the sinking of Mu or Lemuria, or those peoples in the periods who had changed to what is now a portion of the Rocky Mountain area; Arizona, New Mexico, portions of Nevada and Utah.The entity then was among the princesses of the land that established there the teachings of the Law of ONE, from the activities in the land which had brought destructive forces through the separations from those things that made for the love of the individual for the gratifying of selfish motives." 851-2 given 1-31-35

The Law of One was an Atlantean belief system but spread worldwide. This next life reading may be for the individual who brought the Law of One to these people:
"...the entity was in the lands of the present nativity or sojourn in the present, during those periods when there were those peoples entering into the land now called the Yucatan - after leaving the Atlantean and Poseidon land. The entity was among those peoples who journeyed to the farther West or North and West from the Yucatan land; and the entity there was a priestess, and of the children of the Law of One.
The joinings in activities there were for the attempts to establish with those peoples that had been a portion of the lost or strayed tribe, that came across from Lemuria...There the entity aided in establishing a new unison of activity, in what would now be called the Arizona land." 1434-1 given 12-2-37

This fragment proves that there's more than one "lost tribe" in the Cayce readings -the other being the Lost Tribe of Israel.
"...the entity was in that now and then called the Atlantean land, in the city of Poseidon, when there had begun the fires of the rebellions that brought about those activities by those of high authority in portions of the activities of the land that made for its destruction.
The entity then was among those of the household of Aja, in the name Amelelia, and acted as the priestess to those in the Temple of Light, that made for the guiding of those things pertaining to the motivative influences in the MATERIAL affairs of individuals; what would be termed in the present as those who oversaw the activities of the communications between the various lands - as from Om, Mu, the hierarchy land in that NOW known as the United States, in that particular portion of Arizona and Nevada that are as a portion of that Brotherhood of those peoples from Mu.
Though the entity claimed its authority, it held to that which to itself was keeping ever inviolate those laws that were transmitted by the other forces, those of the outside influences, as man might apply the elements of nature, the elements of the air, the elements of the heavens themselves." 812-1 given 2-4-35

Based on thorough research into Atlantean crystal readings and the terminology used in them, I can safely assume that this priestess of the Temple of Light was using them to maintain communication among the various lands and peoples mentioned -notably "The Brotherhood of Mu" in the "hierarchy land"!
"...the entity was in that land now known as the land of the entity's nativity, in those portions that were the place of refuge from Mu and the upper or first activities of the Atlantean land - and in that now known as Arizona and Utah did the entity then become the first of those that established the cave dwellers, and the use of the metals as a medium of exchange and adornment. The name then was Gomo." 816-3 given 2-17-35
By "cave dwellers" could Cayce have meant "cliff dwellers" like the Anasazi ancestors of the Hopi and Pueblo tribes? The rest of the fragments below are for reference and have little more to offer us other than to establish the immigration and amalgamation of Lemurians to Atlanteans and the natives of the American Southwest.
"...the entity was among those peoples that were native to the land of the entity's present nativity, or the entity's birth; among those peoples of the land that were accredited not only with the experiences of the people that were of the Atlantean and Lemurian races but those also that had taken on a portion of the activities of that people who were as a lost race.In the experience the entity was a priestess, in those interpretations of what later became known as the Incals, the Lost Tribes, the peoples from the Atlantean land, the peoples who came west from the activities in the Lemurian land." 1159-1 given 5-5-36
"...the entity was in that land now known as the American, during the periods when there were the sojourning of those from the land of Mu, or Lemuria. The entity was then among the first of those that were born in what is now portions of Arizona and of Utah, and among those that established the lands there for the building up or growing up of that civilization in those experiences; and was in the name Uuluoou." 691-1 given 10-12-34
"...the entity was in that now known as the American land, in those places about what is now a portion of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. There the entity was among those who were the outcome of those who had come from the land of Mu, or Lemuria." 962-1 given 7-25-35
"...the entity was in that land now known as the American, when there were those periods of those peoples from what is called On (?) (or Peru), Lemuria, the changes in the earth surface. The entity then was in that land now known as a portion of Arizona and Utah, THEN in the name Ummmum." 1179-2 given 7-28-36

Hmmm! Mmmmm! Ummmum! 
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