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Author Topic: MAJESTIC 12 & THE SECRET GOVERNMENT  (Read 2226 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« on: February 04, 2007, 11:28:25 am »

The possible existence of UFOs presents a sticky problem in logic. Well, not so much of a problem, as an inevitability. If you believe UFOs exist, then the following chain of deduction proceeds as surely as night follows day:
1) If UFOs are real, the government knows about them.

2) If the government knows about UFOs, the government is doing something about them.

3) If the government is doing something about UFOs, they sure as hell haven't told us about it.

For nearly as long as the term "flying saucer" has existed, there have been tales of government cover-ups. It's a bus that starts with the alleged Roswell crash, with stops at Area 51 and all points between Paranoiaville and TV Land.

For those seeking to wed UFOs with the kind of paranoid, deceitful behavior we have come to expect from the U.S. government, the story of Majestic-12 represents a high-water mark.

The story of Majestic-12 first surfaced in 1984, appropriately, when a roll of film was passed over the transom to a documentary filmmaker with no particular pedigree in UFOs or conspiracies, but whose friends were intensely into the subject. The film contained images of what purported to be classified U.S. government documents.

And what documents they were! The papers described a top secret government organization known as "Majestic 12," a cabal of some of history's most prominent names, which was in charge of protecting what the government knew about extraterrestrials and flying saucers. And according to the documents, "what the government knew" was rather a lot.

Majestic 12 was run by a clique of military and scientific personnel. Some of the names on the list were very well-known indeed. Others were not. In fact, some of the names were so obscure that the researchers examining the papers hadn't ever heard of them, although their existence (and credentials) would rapidly be confirmed.

The documents claimed that the U.S. government had recovered both wreckage and alien corpses at the alleged Roswell crash in New Mexico and at a subsequent crash in 1950. Under the orders of President Harry Truman, via the offices of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, Majestic (or MJ-12) was created in 1947.

The documents laid out an impressive board of directors for Majestic. In addition to Forrestal, the list included:

Dr. Vannevar Bush, who was chairman of the World War II National Defense Research Commission and Office of Scientific Research and Development.
Rear Admiral-Roscoe Hillenkoetter, director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1947 to 1950.
Air Force General Nathan F. Twining.
Air Force General Hoyt Vandenburg, who was director of the CIA shortly before the group's "official" formation.
Navy Rear Admiral Sidney Souers, former director of Naval Intelligence and the first director of Central Intelligence.
Scientists Lloyd Berkner, Jerome Hunsaker and Detlev Bronk.
Assistant Assistant Secretary of the Army Gordon Gray (who would later become CIA psy-ops chief).
Major General Robert M. Montague, who commanded atomic weapons research at a classified base in Albequerque, NM (and whose primary claim to fame otherwise is the appearance of his name on the Majestic documents).
Donald Menzel, a prominent Harvard astrophysics professor, most famous for his strident attacks on the intelligence of UFO believers.
With the exception of Menzel, the list looked pretty credible to its recipients at first glance. Another document purported to be a classified briefing paper addressed to President Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.
The papers were quickly disseminated into the UFO community. Even among the eager-to-believe crowd they became controversial. Subsequent "leaks" complicated the discussion by adding more and more incredulous documents to the overall cache, without any indications of where these documents were originating or whether they were all coming from the same source.

The later documents were more and more spectacular, both in the nature of their claims and the celebrity of their supposed authors. Later releases included briefings allegedly penned by Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein, and some included claims that the government had recovered alien bodies and alien technology. One particularly sensational "leak" contained photographs of the contents of an "above top secret" government manual on the handling of UFO recoveries.

Stanton Friedman and William Moore, the researchers primarily pushing these materials out into the public eye, remain fairly controversial, even within UFO circles. The documents themselves have been the subject of endless analysis, with very little in the way of fruitful conclusions.

Moore was one of the first people to view the MJ-12 documents. While he has maintained their veracity, he has been involved in a couple of very public embarrassments which finally led to his "confession" that some information he had been peddling was wrong and might have been "disinformation" sent out by nefarious shadow-government types seeking to discredit UFO researchers.

Friedman is viewed either as a dogged and persevering hero, or as an intellectual fraud, depending mostly on the preconceptions of the person describing him.

The FBI investigated the MJ-12 documents in 1988, providing one of the few indisputably legit documents on the subject. Not surprisingly, the official verdict was that the documents were "completely bogus." However, it's worth noting that the investigation was not prompted by any assumption of fraud. Rather, it was launched in order to determine "whether the document had been properly declassified" and whether military secrets had been improperly revealed.

And even the FBI finding itself, declassified only after an FOIA demand, was heavily redacted. Whatever conclusions one might draw about Majestic, Area 51, Roswell and UFOs in general, there's no question that the government believes it has something to hide. Maybe that something isn't E.T.'s calling card records, but it probably isn't a comprehensive history of the use and design of weather balloons either...
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2007, 11:30:15 am »


By William Cooper page 1 of 3

Before Majestic 12

During the years following World War II the Government of the United States was confronted with a series of events which were to change beyond prediction its future and with it the future of humanity. These events were so incredible that they defied belief. A stunned President Truman and his top military Commanders found themselves virtually impotent after having just won the most devastating and costly war in history. The United States had developed, used, and was the only nation on earth in possession of the Atomic Bomb which alone had the potential to destroy any enemy, and even the Earth itself. At that time the United States had the best economy, the most advanced technology, the highest standard of living, exerted the most influence, and fielded the largest and most powerful military forces in history.

We can only imagine the confusion and concern when the informed elite of the United States Government discovered that an alien spacecraft piloted by insect like beings from a totally incomprehensible culture had crashed in the desert of New Mexico.

Between January 1947 and December 1952 at least 16 crashed or downed alien craft, 65 alien bodies, and 1 live alien were recovered. An additional alien craft had exploded and nothing was recovered from that incident. Of these incidents, 13 occurred within the borders of the United States not including the craft which disintegrated in the air. Of these 13, 1 was in Arizona, 11 were in New Mexico, and 1 was in Nevada. Three occured in foreign countries. Of those 1 was in Norway, and the last 2 were in Mexico. Sightings of UFO's were so numerous that serious investigation and debunking of each report became impossible utilizing the existing intelligence assets.

Alien-Earth Presence

An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948 on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948 in Hart Canyon near Aztec, New Mexico. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two craft. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. A demon had reared its ugly head and paranoia quickly took hold of everyone then "in the know." The secret lid immediately became an Above Top Secret lid and was screwed down tight. The security blanket was even tighter than that imposed upon the Manhattan Project. In the coming years these events were to become the most closely guarded secrets in the history of the world.

A special group of America's top scientists were organized and a program under the name Project Sign was created in December of 1947 to study the phenomenon. The whole nasty business was contained within the shroud of secrecy. Project Sign evolved into Project Grudge in December of 1948. A low level collection and disinformation project named Blue Book was formed under Grudge. 16 volumes were to come out of Grudge including the controversial "Grudge 13" which I and Bill English saw, read, and revealed to the public. "Blue Teams" were put together to recover the crashed disks and dead or alive aliens. The Blue Teams were later to evolve into Alpha Teams under Project Pounce.

During these early years the United States Air Force and the CIA exercised complete control over the Alien Secret. In fact the CIA was formed by Presidential Executive Order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. Later the National Security Act (NSA) was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien endeavor. A series of National Security Council memos and Executive Orders removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and slowly but thoroughly "legalized" direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2007, 11:31:13 am »

Intelligence Gathering

On December 9, 1947, Truman approved issuance of NSC-4, entitled "Coordination of Foreign Intelligence Information Measures" at the urging of Secretaries Marshall, Forrestal, Patterson, and the director of the State Department's Policy Planning Staff, Kennan.

The Foreign and Military Intelligence, Book 1, "Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental operations with respect to Intelligence Activities." United States Senate, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, Report No. 94-755, April 26, 1976, page 49 states: "This directive enpowered the secretary of state to coordinate overseas information activities designed to counter communism. A top secret annex to NSC-4, NSC-4A, instructed the director of Central Intelligence to undertake covert psychological activities in pursuit of the aims set forth in NSC-4. The initial authority given the CIA for covert operations under NSC-4A did not establish formal procedures for either coordinating or approving these operations. It simply directed the DCI to "undertake covert actions and ensure, through liaison with State and Defense, that the resulting operations were consistent with American policy."

Later NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were to supersede NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expand the covert abilities even further. The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was chartered to carry out an expanded program of covert activities. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 validated illegal and extra-legal practices and procedures as being agreeable to the national security leadership. The reaction was swift. In the eyes of the intelligence community "no holes were barred". Under NSC-10/1 an Executive Coordination Group, was established to review, but not approve, covert project proposals. The CG was secretly tasked to coordinate the alien projects. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were interpreted to mean that no one at the top wanted to know about anything until it was over and successful. these actions established a buffer between the President and the information. It was intended that this buffer serve as a means for the President to deny knowledge if leaks divulged the true state of affairs.

This buffer was used in later years for the purpose of effectively isolating succeeding Presidents from the knowledge of the alien presence other than what the Secret Government and the intelligence community wanted them to know. NSC-10/2 established a study panel which met secretly and was made up of scientific minds of the day. The study panel was NOT called MJ-12. Another NSC memo, NSC-10/5 further outlined the duties of the study panel. These NSC memos and secret Executive Orders set the stage for the creation of MJ-12 only 4 years later.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2007, 11:32:14 am »

First Victim of the Cover-up

Secretary of defense James Forrestal began to object to the secrecy. He was a very idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should be told. When he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of congress about the alien problem he was asked to resign by Truman. He expressed his fears to many people and rightfully believed that he was being watched. This was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia. Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital. In fact it was feared that Forrestal would begin to talk again and he had to be isolated and discredited. Sometime in the early morning of May 22, 1949 agents of the CIA tied a sheet around his neck, fastened the other end to a fixture in his room and threw James Forrestal out the window. The sheet tore and he plummeted to his death. He became one of the first victims of the cover-up.


The live alien that had been taken from the 1947 Roswell crash was named EBE. The name had been suggested by Dr. Vannever Bush and was short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would give only the desired answer to questions asked. Those questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer went unanswered. At some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling, to say the least. This compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be called the "Yellow Book". Photographs were taken of EBE which, among others, I and Bill English were to view years later in GRUDGE 13. In late 1951 EBE became ill. Medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE's illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE's system was chlorophyll based and he processed food into energy much the same as plants. Waste material was excreted the same as plants. It was decided that an expert on botany was called for. A botanist, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza, was brought in to try and help him recover. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid-1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza became an expert on alien biology.

In a futile attempt to save EBE and to gain favor with this technologically superior alien race the United States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast regions of space. The call went unanswered but the project continued as an effort of good faith.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2007, 11:33:09 am »

Creation of the NSA

President Truman created the super secret National Security Agency by secret Executive Order on November 4,1952. Its primary purpose was to decipher the alien communications and language and establish a dialogue with the aliens. This most urgent task was a continuation of the earlier effort and was code named SIGMA. The secondary purpose of the NSA was to monitor all communications and emissions from any and all devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelligence, both human and alien, and to contain the secret of the alien presence. Project SIGMA was successful. The NSA also maintains communications with the Luna base and other secret space programs. By Executive Order the NSA is exempt from all laws which do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to that law. That means that if the agency is not spelled out in the text of any and every law passed by the Congress it is not subject to that or those laws. The NSA now performs many other duties and in fact is the premiere agency whithin the intelligence community. Today NSA receives 75% of the moneys allotted to the intelligence community. The old saying "where the money goes therein the power resides" is true. The DCI today is a figurehead maintained as a public ruse. The primary task of the NSA is still alien communications but now includes other Alien projects as well.

President Truman had been keeping our allies, including the Soviet Union, informed of the developing alien problem since the Roswell recovery. This had been done in case the aliens turned out to be a threat to the human race. Plans were formulated to defend the Earth in case of invasion. Great difficulty was encountered in maintaining international secrecy. It was decided that an outside group was necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press. The result was the formation of a secret society known as the "Bilderburgers". The headquarters of this group is in Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderburgers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United Nations was then, and is now, an international joke.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #5 on: February 04, 2007, 11:33:56 am »

A New President

In 1953 a new man occupied the White House. He was a man used to a structured staff organization with a chain of command. His method was to delegate authority and rule by committee. He made major decisions but only when his advisors were unable to come to consensus. His normal method was to read through or listen to several alternatives and then approve one. Those who worked closely with him have stated that his favorite comment was, "just do whatever it takes". He spent a lot of time on the golf course. This was not all unusual for a man who had been career Army with the ultimate position of Supreme Allied Commander during the war. A post which carried 5 stars along with it. This president was General of the Army Dwight David Eisenhower.

During his first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more alien crashed disks were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. Of the 10, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana, and 1 in South Africa. There were hundreds of sightings.

Eisenhower knew that he had to wrestle and beat the alien problem. He knew that he could not do it be revealing the secret to the Congress. Early in 1953 the new president turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign relations, Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the secret structure of alien task supervision which was to become a reality within one year. The idea for MJ-12 was thus born. It was Nelson's Uncle Winthrop Aldrich who had been crucial in convincing Eisenhower to run for President. The whole Rockefeller family and with them the Rockefeller empire had solidly backed Ike. Asking Rockefeller for help with the alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever made for the future of the United States and most probably all of humanity.

Within 1 week of Eisenhower's election he had appointed Nelson Rockefeller chairman of a Presidential Advisory Committee on Government Organization. Rockefeller was responsible for planning the reorganization of the government. New Deal programs went into 1 single cabinet position called the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. When the Congress approved the new cabinet position in April of 1953, Nelson was named to the post of Undersecretary to Oveta Culp Hobby.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #6 on: February 04, 2007, 11:34:46 am »

Heading For Earth

In 1953 astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving towards Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communication. When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project Sigma, and a new project, Plato, through radio communications using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this alien race of space aliens.

In the meantime a race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the earth, stop raping the Earth's natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. These terms were met with extreme suspicion especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected.

Later in 1954 the race of large nosed gray aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we call Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would'nt be able to survive there. This led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force base. The historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had been agreed upon. Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he was visiting a dentist.

Formal Treaty Signed

President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty between the Alien Nation and the United States of America was signed. We then received our first Alien Ambassador from outer space. His name and title was his "Omnipotent Highness Krlll", pronounced Krill. In the American tradition of disdain for royal titles, he was secretly called "Original Hostage Krlll". You should know that the alien flag is known as the "Trilateral Insignia". It is displayed on their craft and worn on their uniforms. Both of these landings and the second meeting were filmed. The films exist today.

The Treaty stated: The aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other earth nation. They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish MJ-12 a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis. It was agreed that each nation would recieve the Ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force. It was further agreed that the Alien Nation and the United States would exchange 16 personnel each to the other with the purpose of learning, each of the other.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #7 on: February 04, 2007, 11:36:07 am »

Underground Bases

The Alien "Guests" would remain on earth and the "human guests" would travel to the Alien point of origin for a specified period of time then return, at which point a reverse exchange would be made. It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the Alien nation and that 2 bases would be constructed for the joint use the the Alien nation and the United States Government. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases. These alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, and 1 would be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4 located approximately 7 miles south of the western border of Area 51. All alien bases are under complete control of the Department of Naval Intelligence and all personel who work in these complexes receive their checks from the Navy. Construction of the bases began immediately but progress was slow until large amounts of money were made available in 1957. Work continued on the "Yellow Book".

Area 51 and S-4

Project REDLIGHT was formed and experimentation in test flying alien aircraft was begun in earnest. A super top-secret facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada in the midst of the weapons test range. It was code named DREAMLAND. The installation was placed under the Department of the Navy and clearance of all personnel required "Q" clearance as well as Executive (Presidential) approval. This is ironic due to the fact that the President of the United States does not have clearance to visit the site. The alien base and exchange of technology actually took place in an area known as S-4. Area S-4 was code named "The Dark Side of the Moon".

The Army was tasked to form a super secret organization to furnish security for all alien tasked projects. This organization became the National Reconnaissance Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. The specific teams trained to secure the projects were called DELTA.

A second project code named SNOWBIRD was promulgated to explain away any sightings of the REDLIGHT crafts as being Air Force experiments. The SNOWBIRD crafts were manufactured using conventional technology and were flown for the press on several occasions. Project SNOWBIRD was also used to debunk legitimate public sightings of alien craft (UFO's). Project SNOWBIRD was very successful and reports from the public decline steadily until recent years.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #8 on: February 04, 2007, 11:36:55 am »

Secret Funding

A multi-million dollar secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House. This fund was used to build over 75 deep underground facilities. Presidents who asked were told the fund was used to build deep underground shelters for the President in case of war. Only a few were built for the President. Millions of dollars were funneled through this office to MJ-12 and then out to the contractors and was used to build top-secret alien bases as well as top-secret DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases), and facilities promulgated by "Alternative 2", throughout the nation. President Johnson used this fund to build a movie theatre and pave the road on his ranch. He had no idea of its purpose.

The secret White House Underground Construction fund was set up in 1957 by President Eisenhower. The funding was obtained from Congress under the guise of "construction and maintenance of secret sites where the President could be taken in case of military attack: Presidential Emergency Sites". The sites are literally holes in the ground, deep enough to withstand a nuclear blast and are outfitted with state of the art communications equipment. To date there are more than seventy five sites spread around the country which were built using money from this fund. The Atomic Energy Commission has built at least an additional 22 underground sites.

The location and everything to do with these sites were and are considered and treated as top-secret. The money was and is in control of the Military Office of the White House, and was and is laundered through a circuitous web that even the most knowledgeable spy or accountant can not follow. As of 1980 only a few at the beginning and end of this web knew what the money was for. At the beginning were Representative George Mahon, of Texas, and the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee: and Representative Robert Sikes, of Florida, chairman of the House Appropriations Military Construction Subcommittee. Today it is rumored that House Speaker Jim Wright controls the money in Congress and that a power struggle is underway to remove him. At the end of the line were the President, MJ-12, the director of the Military Office and a commander at the Washington Navy Yard.

The money was authorized by the Appropriation Committee who allocated it to the Department of Defense as a top-secret item in the army construction program. The Army, however, could not spend it and in fact did not even know what it was for. Authorization to spend the money was in reality given to the Navy. The money was channeled to the Chesapeake Division of the Navy Engineers who did not know what it was for either. Not even the Commanding Officer, who was an Admiral, knew what the fund was to be used for. Only one man, a Navy Commander, who was assigned to the Chesapeake Division but in reality was responsible only to the Military Office of the White House knew of the actual purpose, amount, and ultimate destination of the top-secret fund. The total secrecy surrounding the fund meant that almost every trace of it could be made to disappear by the very few people who controlled it. There has never been and most likely never will be an audit of this secret money.

Large amounts of money were transferred from the top-secret fund to a location at Palm Beach, Florida that belongs to the Coast Guard called Peanut Island. The island is adjacent to property which was onwed by Joseph Kennedy. The money was said to have been used for landscaping and general beautification. Some time ago a TV news special on the Kennedy assassination told of a Coast Guard Officer transferring money in a briefcase to a Kennedy employee across this property line. Could this have been a secret payment to the Kennedy family for the loss of their son John F. Kennedy? The payments continued through the year 1967 and then stopped. The total amount transferred is unknown and the actual use of the money is unknown. (reprinted with permission)
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #9 on: February 04, 2007, 11:38:42 am »

A secret government and their alien antics.

This document has been in circulation for a while, and it's pretty darn interesting. It's authenticity cannot be verified. At worst it is an excellent peice of science fiction. At best it is entirely true and the human race is in serious trouble. Either way, a man name Bill Cooper is *ahem* coming out of the closet, so to speak. You are about to read a document that details the knowledge and operations of the Majestic-12 and their associates. If you don't know who the Majestic-12 is, and this document is accurate, reading this will probably endanger your life. Continue at your discretion.

I have decided to come out of the closet and let the UFO community know everything that I know and have seen and that my sources have communicated to me over the last 17 years regarding the UFO question. I have uploaded the truth to several who have gained my trust over the last few months. Those people are Tom Mickus, Don Ecker, Stan Friedman, Bryon Smith, John Lear, and one other who`has chosen not to be identified at this time. I am releasing this information at this time to the public and I am releasing those named people from their bond of silence regarding the subject. Once you read the information you will be clear on my past actions and on what I know. I hope that you all can come to some kind of pact on sharing information as what I am releasing is for the most part documented and in your hands but not shared. Some of the information you have never had before and will provide serious UFOlogists with much fertile ground for research. I hope you all can benefit and most of all I hope this helps to expose the whole issue as quickly as possible.


When I released PUBLIC02.DOC my purpose was to expose the documents and information released by William Moore et al as being fraudulent and misleading. Indeed it was. MAJESTIC TWELVE is an advisory team of scientists who's only purpose is to evaluate information and make recomendations. This team does exist as a scattered bunch of men who do not meet regularly as a group. The information gathered by the control group MAJI is released to MAJESTIC TWELVE when study is needed. MAJESTIC TWELVE has never been given the whole truth. MAJI is the MAJESTIC AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE and has total control of information and interface with the aliens in dealings with the United States Government.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #10 on: February 04, 2007, 11:39:42 am »

Some of the documents released by Moore were changed from the original with the deliberate intent to mislead UFO researchers. I do not know who is responsible but I believe that the Government is behind the whole thing. The rest of the documents are deliberate frauds. I am releasing the truth which I have obtained from excellent sources within the intelligence community in order to set the record straight.

MAJI is the sole agency in control and responsible for every past and present consequence of contact with the alien presence. MAJIC is the security classification of all projects and information connected with the aliens, their craft, their bases, and dealings with the United States Government. MAJIC means MAJI CONTROLED. MAJIC is the highest security classification in the nation.

The name of the overall project is GRUDGE and always has been. GRUDGE is the proword for AQUARIUS and a few other projects as you will see when you read the rest of this file.

The AQUARIUS document released by Moore which he claims was given to him by Mr. Graham was changed and I am including a reconstructed document as it was presented to me by one of my sources. I am also including all the information (in short form) that I presently have regarding the U.S. Government and the Aliens. This information has been reviewed by 3 different people who know the information but do not know each other and they have made some corrections to the document. If the information deviates somewhat from information that I have previously released it is due to those corrections. My previous information was from memory of documents seen over 16 years ago and I am pleased that my memory has withstood the rigors of time quite well. In case you doubt that I had the information previous to this release you may check with Stan Friedman, Tom Mickus, Don Ecker, John Lear, and Bryon Smith as I had given the information to them some time ago.
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Jennie McGrath
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« Reply #11 on: February 04, 2007, 11:41:07 am »

Majestic documents!

Follow the link and you canr ead the originals!!

Memo to George Marshall from FDR, 27 February 1942 (49k)

This is the memo that links the UFO crashes with the Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942, since it occurred only three days earlier. It alludes to "atomic secrets learned from study of celestial devices" and authorizes "Dr. Bush to proceed with the project without further delay." The reference to "this new wonder" is, to our knowledge, a unique phrase for the time. The writing of Source S-2 shows at the bottom of the page. Authenticity, for a retyped memo like this, is nearly hopeless to prove in court. Format details might be of some help if they are consistent with the style of the time.

George C. Marshall to Franklin D. Roosevelt, 5 March 1942 (89k)

On March 5, 1942, George C. Marshall writes a top-secret memo to the President, which states: "regarding the air raid over Los Angeles it was learned by Army G2 that Rear Admiral Anderson… recovered an unidentified airplane off the coast of California… with no bearing on conventional explanation... This Headquarters has come to the determination that the mystery airplanes are in fact not earthly and according to secret intelligence sources they are in all probability of interplanetary origin." Marshall goes on to state: "As a consequence I have issued orders to Army G2 that a special intelligence unit be created to further investigate the phenomenon and report any significant connection between recent incidents and those collected by the director the office of Coordinator of Information." The memo bears correct Office of Chief of Staff (OCS) file numbers and has "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" (IPU) typed on it at a later time by a different typewriter. It is logical to believe that this is the order that sets up the IPU.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memo on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology, 22 February 1944 (117k)

On February 22, 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt writes a DOUBLE TOP SECRET memo on White House stationary for "The special committee on non-terrestrial science and technology." Both the title and the content clearly allude to extraterrestrial life, the former using the word "non-terrestrial" and the latter talks about "coming to grips with the reality that our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life the universe." Remarkably, the last four words are exactly the title of Sagan's book co-authored with the Soviet scientist Shklovsky. Clearly the situation was that we had recovered at least one craft by then, probably the Cape Girardeau crash of 1941, and came to realize the wealth of technology that lay there for the pickings. Apparently the "Special Committee on Non-terrestrial Science and Technology" had been working some time in order to define a clear action. Dr. Bush had presumably presented a proposal from the Committee for an aggressive separate program to apply "non-terrestrial know how" to the war effort, but FDR thought that it would threaten the atomic bomb program. Thus, he carefully avoids saying "no," but says that we will "take every advantage of such wonders that have come to us" after we have won the war. Very gracious letter. The classification "double top secret" was a legitimate one. We are currently (May 2000) requesting copies of similar correspondence from the Roosevelt Library for format and typography comparison. The signature, although not a strong discriminant, is consistent with other authentic signatures.

Oppenheimer-Einstein Draft, June 1947 (494k)

This six-page document titled, "Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies." This is the first document to use the phrase Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, or EBEs. It says the presence of unidentified spacecraft is accepted as de facto by the military — and this is dated June 1947. It deals with the subjects that you would expect competent scientists to deal with — i.e., where do they come from, what does the law say about it, what should we do, and why are they here?

General Eisenhower Memo to Col. K. W. Ireland, 30 June 1947 (34k)

In this one-page unclassified memo dated 30 June 1947, Eisenhower orders Col. K. W. Ireland to take good care of Archbishop Francis J. Spellman on his tour through New Mexico. What seems unusual is President Truman’s personal involvement in this matter. The memo states: “By personal direction of the President of the United States, Archbishop Francis J. Spellman in his capacity as Military Vicar of the Armed Forces of the Army, Army Air Forces and the Navy, is making a tour of military bases in New Mexico, afterwards is making a trip over the routes of the Air Transport Command.” It is strange that this is a classified trip, as evidenced by the following statement: “General Webster has assured me that the Archbishop will have complete security at all times and that his presence at any air field will not be disclosed as his flight schedule is considered classified by order of AC/AS General Vandenberg.”

Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field Order, 4 July 1947 (43k)

This one page order says for the officer in charge (OIC) to take a counter intelligence team to the UFO crash site and report to the G2 (intelligence) at Condron Field, New Mexico, which, of course, is Roswell. OIC is to take along a non-commissioned OIC, an aeronautical engineer, a scientist, a security officer and a medical doctor, provide a report by the 28th of July.

Vannevar Bush Letter to President Truman, 5 July 1947 (206k)

On July 5, 1947, possibly as a result of the New Mexico events, Vannevar Bush writes a memo to Truman recapping the status of the earlier investigations. As an apparent follow up by FDR to Bush, FDR wrote another letter (which we don't have) in April 1944 requesting recommendations on four specific points. This letter is Bush's answer. It is presumed that the Top Secret/Eyes Only Operation Majestic-12 classification was added at a later date. The letter also shows an "OK" and a Harry Truman signature. This letter is stamped with the known authentic "original" stamp, and was probably produced by a typewriter because of the uniformity of letter spacing. We expect to show, of course, that this format was commonly used by OSRD typewriters of the era. Bush restates the FDR questions for Truman's benefit, mentions the assistance of distinguished committees, alludes to the "many meetings since the events of this summer," transmits the full reports as appendices, and proposes a "single mechanism for implementing the recommendations of the several committees." Could this be one hugely classified program called "Majestic Twelve" at the end of the summer? The date of the letter, 5 July, was, of course, coincident with the recoveries going on in New Mexico at that very time. Harry Truman's "OK" may have been prophetic.

Directive to General Twining by Eisenhower, 8 July 1947 (86k)

On the 8th of July, Eisenhower got around to signing the authorization for General Nathan Twining, the head of the Air Materiel Command to go to White Sands to "...make an appraisal of the reported unidentified objects being kept there." Twining's flight log shows he flew there on the 7th.

Directive to General Twining by President Truman, 9 July 1947 (324k)

On the 9th of July, Harry Truman signed a virtually identical letter authorizing Twining to go to White Sands. Someone apparently thought it was so important that the Commander-in-Chief put his name on the spot without "passing the buck." Alternatively, Ike himself may have requested a "back-up" memo.

Air Accident Report by Twining to Headquarters, 16 July 1947 (570k)

This three page bureaucratic report provides the first glimpses of Lt. General Nathan F. Twining's Air Accident Report original published in Leonard Stringfield's (now deceased) Status Report VII, in 1994. Twining apparently describes in first order detail the inside of a flying disc, everything from the typewriter-like keys that control the propulsion system to a thirty-five foot doughnut shaped one-inch tube inside the craft filled with a clear substance. The significance and consistency of the technical content has not been evaluated, although it is clear that the writing is consistent with 1947 state of the art, not modern.

Metallurgical Lab Personnel (49k)

Interesting list of metallurgical lab personnel as of July 17, 1947, that may have been unwittingly involved in analyzing and reverse engineering crashed wreckage.

Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining to Curtis LeMay: Meteorological R & D Memo, 18 July 1947 (403k)

This two page memo from Lt General Nathan Twining to Curtis LeMay activates a new laboratory to conduct meteorological research and development and upper air research with the Electronics Subdivision of the Engineering Division of the AMC. It states in part, “In view of the close relationship and interdependence of research in meteorology and research in electromagnetic compressional wave propagation, action is being taken to reorganize the present Applied Propagation Laboratory of Watson laboratories in the Atmospheric Laboratory, and expand its functions to include research and development in meteorology and related geophysical fields.” Later the memo goes on to state that “funds requested for F.Y. 1949 Project 680-11, Atmospheric Research and applied scientific research of the upper atmosphere, a total sum of $6,000,000 has been specified…” What a huge sum of money in 1949 to study the “upper atmosphere;” a more logical interpretation is that we are analyzing flying saucers, their technology, why they are here, and what are we going to do about it.

Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Report, 22 July 1947 (415k)

This seven page document by the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit begins by saying "...the extraordinary recovery of fallen airborne objects in the State of New Mexico between 4 July and 6 July 1947." That's the subject, and it goes on to state what the coordinates are, and other fascinating details of the recovery operations and discoveries.

CWO Marcrau Memo to Commanding General Army Air Forces, 12 August 1947 (80k)

This one page memo discusses the control of Restricted Data, which was used for both atomic activities and alien activities stemming from the New Mexico events. Cantwheel, the alleged source of much of these new documents, typed on the bottom of the document, “SAC wanted to keep certain AAF personnel from accessing the out-going messages from Roswell AAF to SAC headquarters that would identify AAF personnel responsible for the transport of classified material to Wright Field, and the personnel who were responsible for disposition of the wreckage and bodies found near Socorro and Corona, New Mexico.”

Flying Saucer Analytical Report, 2 September 1947 (90k)

This two-page Top Secret MAJIC Eyes Only report to General C. P. Cabell and commanding General of the Air Materiel Command from the Research and Development Laboratory is dated 2 September 1947. It provides a credible glimpse into the problems that faced the first analytical team to examine real crashed extraterrestrial hardware. Here are some quotes: "some nation has reached a stage of flight development in which the present ideas are entirely obsolete" and "the absence of riveting and surface over-lapping indicates a "'simplistic' concept that confronts our technology to match the "'careful and well-considered compromises in respect to weight, aerodynamic refinement and design.'" A general description of the flying saucer craft is presented including a host of historically accurate AISI metallurgical tests. The research team did have success in identifying some control surfaces and exhaust ports and concluded the spherical reactor (hydrogen isotope type) was connected to propulsion motors.

Hillenkoetter Memo to Joint Intelligence Committee, 19 September 1947 (324k)

The title of this document is "Memorandum for the Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee." And for those of you paying special attention, you'll notice that the acronym is MAJIC, which in fact turned out to be the code word selected. The four paragraphs say we need a classified intelligence project; we recovered one craft, captured one. It says no coordinated scientific examination is possible until we get a clear directive from the president. It also says Wright Field has a new biological laboratory, the Joint Research and Development Board and the FBI, MI5, MI6 are helping.

Twining's "White Hot" Report: Mission Assessment of Recovered Lenticular Aerodyne Objects, 19 September 1947 (1.3 MB*)
*please note this file may take up to 20 min. to download on a slow connection

The White Hot report is a 19-page document, dated 19 September 1947 and signed by an appropriate cadre of military leaders on 24 September 1947. It summarizes the work of many scientists and engineers, contains specific technical details, offers political insight and closes with a pitch for a fully funded top secret research and development intelligence gathering organization – Majestic.

Malcolm Grow to Lt. Gen. Twining — Aero Medical Laboratory, 20 September 1947 (86k)

Brig. Gen. Malcolm C. Grow writes a two page memo for General Twining describing the preliminary results of the post-mortem examination of the Air Accident Report filed 17 July 1947 (see above). Note the wide-ranging distribution list from people like Dr. Detlev Bronk and Dr. Randolph Lovelace to the AAF Scientific Advisory Group and Intelligence Departments. This perfunctory preliminary report is clear in its references to a UFO: “Collision in full flight with object other than conventional aircraft,” “Artifacts collected and assembled indicate that the unidentified aircraft…,” “The functions of the instruments found in the cockpit area are unknown at present; so there is no way to determine if the craft was manned or remotely controlled.”

Lt. Col. Tucker Memo to Office of Air Surgeon, 22 September 1947 (120k)

A bureaucratic memo with excellent checkable references discusses an Analysis of Factors Contributing to "Pilot-Error" Experiences in Operating Experimental Aircraft Controls written by Lt. Col. Tucker. Tucker and his correct period phone extension, memo format, and writing style have been verified in the National Archives. Tucker was part of the Aero Medical Laboratory, Psychological Branch. It discusses two incidents on 25 March and 4 July 1947 about S-Aircraft (PF) and interactions with symbolic instrumentation with tactile manipulation of flight controls.

Secretary of State Marshall, Memo to The President, 24 September 1947 (55k)

Marshall writes a memo to the President concerning the “Presentation of Report to the President Re; ULAT" dated September 24, 1947 that expresses concern about the timing of the internal release of this report. "It would be better to discuss the report during the meeting (National Security Council). This would give the members a better picture of the situation rather than having it released piecemeal." Marshall goes on to say, "I further suggest that Twining present the findings of the Majestic-12 briefing to be given be the Director of Central Intelligence with a detailed showing of visual as well as written materials." File references, format, and signatures suggest authenticity.

President Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, 24 September 1947 (35k)

So, five days later, President Truman, in that busy week of the 24th of September, 1947, decided that he would sign this document, which says, "Hereafter this matter shall be referred to only as Operation Majestic Twelve." Unfortunately, researcher Stanton Friedman found another memo, with a nearly identical signature in this same week signed by Truman to Dr. Bush. How can that be? See theAuthentication section for a possible answer.

Memo to General Spaatz, 25 September 1947 (with Cantwheel commentsl; retyped copy) (39k)

This one page unclassified memo dated 25 September 1947 is directed to General Spaatz. It voices concern about the quality of the briefing given that day and wants the presentation package improved for the National Security Council (NSC) meeting the following day. Cantwheel’s comments typed in capital letters at the bottom sum up the sentiment, “The Secretary of Defense was unhappy with briefing of the AMC and R&D briefing officers and Symington wanted Bush and Twining to meet with Truman before NSC meeting on the 26th so that a more concise and explainable report of the discovery would be made.”

Secretary of State Marshall to President Truman, 25 September 1947 (116k)

This memo was signed top secret, MAJIC eyes only. It says "cryptographic (misspelled in original) security does not apply," thereby revealing that this subject would normally be encrypted, but to expedite it they did not. The memo says that no indication of its contents is to be divulged to the public, referring to Twining's White Hot report discussed earlier. So this is Marshall telling Humelsine, the secretary to President Truman, to make sure that Truman realizes that he's not going to let anything out to the public, and even suggests a "cover story." The similarity of the handwriting to that in other documents poses an authentication challenge.

Twining's Report to The President, Parts I–V, 26 September 1947 (70k)

General Nathan Twining writes to the President on 26 September 1947 and respectfully submits his report on Flying Saucers. This is "In accordance with your instructions, advisors from State, Treasury, War, and Navy departments assisted me in a two month exploratory mission concerning the reality of other-world visitation." The memo is impressive for its authentic looking pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff and Combined Chiefs of Staff filing references along with clear older sized paper markings.

Secretary of State George C. Marshall to Carl Humelsine, 27 September 1947 (154k)

On 27 September 1947 George C. Marshall writes to his Executive secretary Carl Humelsine about the tragic consequences if the present rumors about New Mexico events are disclosed to the public. Humelsine is resistant to sign an agreement to remain quiet concerning these events because he has already heard about them through other sources. The memo states in part, “…(a) you are unwilling to commit yourself to any agreement regarding not communicating its contents to any other person in view of the fact that you felt you already knew certain of the things probably referred to in the memo, as suggested to you by seeing the security reference ‘MAJIC’ and b) you could not feel that such a letter as this could have been addressed to you without the knowledge of the President….” This ozalid (early carbon duplication) printing process memo is authentic for the era and would be difficult to fake.

"Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States," Top Secret Eyes Only Intelligence Estimate, 30 September 1947 (844k)

This presidential briefing document is an intelligence estimate dated September 30, 1947 titled "Unidentified Aircraft Sighting Over the United States." Prepared by the Special Studies and Evaluation State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and the Office of National Estimates Central Intelligence Agency. It references both a TS Control No. 7300405, NSA authority and a NSCID (National Security Council Intelligence Directive) 6 Authority, NIA Directive.

The six page Top Secret Eyes Only covers essential elements of information, however, no discussion of wreckage, alien bodies etc., after all the briefing is about unidentified aircraft sightings. Main headings are: estimates of Soviet capabilities, domestic capabilities, estimate of the situation, estimates of interplanetary capabilities, and conclusions. The estimate of the situation and interplanetary capabilities make for very interesting reading.

The document is retyped and Source S-2 has handwritten at the bottom this is the best version available. It is allegedly annotated by Harry Truman "I want the Director of NSA to have this for future reference. October 24, 1952"

General Vandenberg to Chief of Staff, 17 December 1947 (14k)

This memo from Vandenberg to the Army Chief of Staff does not clearly relate to UFOs. However, it is clear that the decision process at White Sands and Alamogordo was in turmoil and that clarification was needed. Possibly as a result of the UFO wreckage being stored there and different access requests and priorities. The addition of a senior Army Ordnance Officer being permanently assigned to work with the joint committee for range coordination was the resolution to improve local decision making. What could be so important that would involve top generals to clarify decision making? The leaked version (page 1), is nearly identical to a document we found at the National Archives, RG 341, Entry 174, Box 141 (page 2), showing the same language in Paragraph 1 but an additional clarifying paragraph has been added which states: "This agreement concerns only decisions on joint range problems and does not extend into command and administration matters at Alamogordo Air Base." It is possible that either Vandenberg or the Army Chief of Staff upon seeing or reviewing the first memo might say "we need to clarify this so that no one misconstrues our intent and screws up the basic functions of Alamogordo Air Base."
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Hillenkoetter to Truman: Majic Black Book Summaries, 11 February 1948 (213k)

On 11 February 1948, Hillenkoetter (DCI) writes a Top Secret Majic Eyes Only memorandum to the President Truman about the Majic Black Book summaries. It states, “…For some time, the last two months in particular, I have had our intelligence liaison organization concentrating on the possible presentation on ‘Majic’ for my use as well as for the other officials concerned, particularly yourself. A highly specialized organization is now engaged in the very necessary process of separating the wheat from the chaff and correlating the items with past information in order that I may be able to quickly and intelligently evaluate the importance of the product.” This memo with 092447 classified executive order (EO) stamp and other marginalia looks to be authentic, and our forensic linguistics resources hopefully will confirm Hillenkoetter authorship.

Majestic Twelve Project, 1st Annual Report, Cover Page, 1948? (101k)

This cover page defines the members of panel of experts responsible for preparing the this report on Majestic. They had a very impressive panel — Bush, McDonald, Vandenberg — all these people you would have expected. The odd one is Major Luther D. Miller, Chief of Chaplains. Additionally, notice the Collection Directive number A-1762.1-J1. This file number also appears on other declassified documents that are related to UFOs. The absence of a date and the reference to CIA SI 28-55 suggests the possibility of evidence of deliberate altering for some purpose, such as psychological warfare.

CIA JOIA Memo, 12 April 1949 (66k)

Allegedly released by the CIA, but most likely released by National Archives Records Administration (NARA) due to the "approved for release" stamp and valid lower right hand corner control number. The challenge is finding the memo at NARA in to prove the document either real or fake. It mentions CIA Top Secret MJ-12 as a File Distribution. The memo subject is Project 63, which is a known program to import PAPERCLIP (German) scientists into the U.S. via New York city.

White Shot Memo, October 1949 (24k)

This Top Secret Intelligence Report that is suggestive of a pre-flight (PF) aircraft of "Unidentified" U.S. design. Prepared for signature for both Watson and McCoy, it correctly follows the format of other intelligence reports.

CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence, 30 October 1950 (242k)

A three page memo CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence titled "Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, New Mexico Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology" covers flight dynamics, power plant and propulsion, construction, avionics and navigation. Conclusions are startling for 1950: " construction methods are unknown at this time", "analysis of the fusion reactor...", and "travels through space by utilizing the ionizing plasma and the planets magnetic lines of force..."

Communist Propaganda Charging United States with the Use of BW in Korea, 20 August 1951 (350k)

This seven page Secret document appears to be declassified in 1985 and released; it has similar release markings to the JOIA 1412 memo citing "CIA TOP SECRET MJ-12" that the CIA could not find through the FOIA process in 1999. This document discusses propaganda as it relates to the alleged use of biological weapons (BW) by the U.S. in Korea. The thirteen point information report is rich with specifics and history, of particular note is general sophistication of the propaganda and spin on both sides. This relates to the MAJESTIC program only weakly, since we believe psychological warfare will in the end be only a minor component of UFO military document history. The CIA declassified this in 2000.

Majestic Twelve Project, Purpose and Table of Contents, Summer 1952? (111k)

For the first time we see the use of "Not For Public Inspection," "Restricted," and "For Official Use Only" on a formerly Top Secret Majic document. The table of contents appears to be the standard content covered during the 1st-5th annual reports because it perfectly aligns with the remaining report.

Majestic Twelve Project, Annual Report, Summer 1952 (1.4 MB*)
*please note this file may take up to 20 min. to download on a slow connection

This draft is not dated, but from dates mentioned in the document (latest is May 1951) we believe that it was written in the summer of 1952, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the July '47 crashes. It provides overview statements in the front, reference to Truman's Presidential Directive and then is followed by three detailed annexes in the back containing 56 relevant facts. Lots of sensational information is contained in the seventeen pages of single-spaced, specific, checkable details. It will take several man-years to validate every phrase and claim. The initial checks we have performed provide no clear indication of fakery at all. See the authentication sections for a discussion of subtle issues here.

Truman to Secretary of Defense, 24 October 1952 (802k)

This eight page memo by President Truman to the Secretary of State and Defense is about "Communications Intelligence Activities." In short, it establishes the NSA. What is interesting is that the same Top Secret Control Number of 7300405 is used on another questioned document of the same era, the Truman Presidential Briefing, discussing unidentified aircraft sightings over the United States. Dated October 24, 1952.

Annex C Fragment (132k)

This document appears to be part of one of the annual reports of MAJESTIC although the numbering does not correspond to the annual report which can be downloaded in its entire draft form. Particularly noteworthy is the handwritten references to "put in Angelton's 'Yellow' files — J1" and "Project White Hot." The text contains fascinating details about "The untimely death of Secretary Forrestal was deemed necessary and regrettable." From a historical view the document says that because of Twining's report (White Hot) President Truman was compelled to sign the National Security Act of 1947.

Eisenhower Briefing Document, 18 November 1952 (516k)

After identifying the 12 Majestic members, it states that the Kenneth Arnold sighting had caused near hysteria; noted that there was a secret recovery operation starting on 07 July, 1947; four dead bodies; wreckage moved to several locations. It showed Harry Truman's top-secret memo as Appendix A on page 008 setting up the program. Stan Friedman is a notable expert on this document. Some statements agree and some do not agree with statements in other documents. This does not necessarily imply fakery, because of heavy compartmentalization of the facts.

President Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence, 4 November 1953 (217k)
original followed by replica

This two-page Secret memorandum from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Director of Central Intelligence is dated 4 November 1953. The document deals with Eisenhower’s comments on an "MJTWELVE Operations Plan of June 16, 1953 on the subject of instructions for the expenditures of the National UFO Intelligence Program, and more specifically, the Special Operations instructions to be issued to Unified and Specific Major Commands and Commanders." Eisenhower (a) expresses concern about inflaming the UFO situation with the Soviets; (b) reiterates that both the CIA and the NSA had leading roles to play in the UFO program; and (c) confirms that both Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein (described as the director of Project JEHOVAH) were involved in research relating to UFO physics.

SOM1-01: Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal, April 1954 Part 1, pages 1–13 (2.7 MB*)

Part 2, pages 14–25 (2.8 MB*)
*please note this file may take up to 30 min. to download on a slow connection

This 32-page manual shows the crafts as being disk-shaped, cigar-shaped, triangular or ice cream cone shaped. Entities are of two types — EBEs, both described in some detail. They're not known to terrestrial science. It says that security is of massive importance. One of the principal objectives is to keep the public in the dark, a primary focus. It gives crating and uncrating instructions on where you send the parts, or the bodies, or whatever, how you protect the biological materials and the non-biological materials differently, and how you regularly do this on foreign soil — it has different packing instructions for foreign soil shipments from those of the Continental U.S. It provides instructions for good UFOB reporting — and UFOB was the label that was being used at that time by the Air Force. For a couple of years they used that label instead of UFO. The last page is very impressive. The references are genuine on page 28; you can go to the Archives and get a 1954 document and get the same reference numbers, the same reference titles, word for word, comma for comma.

"Nature of Survey" Fragment, 1955 (70k)

This one-page document with “1955” handwritten on it is a fragment of a larger document. Two-thirds of the contents refer to the “Nature of Survey” which begins with: “An analysis has been made of the first one-hundred publications in the AFSA Unidentified Flying Object Intelligence Reports, prepared by the U.S. Army Security Service, the U.S. Naval Security Group, and the U.S. Air Force Security Service. Additional reports were reviewed which originated from respective branches intelligence departments. These reports were produced in order to establish what material of UFO intelligence is of value in relation to the New Mexico incidents and the ongoing MAJESTIC PROGRAM.

Bowen Manuscript, 1959? (14 page sample) (616k)

Perhaps the most stunning physical evidence for the existence of the TOP SECRET/MAJIC program is this original 339 page manuscript about flying saucers. Written by Vernon Bowen, the original is on watermarked paper with red TOP SECRET/MAJIC stampings on some of the chapters. Most of the rest of the document is marked CONFIDENTIAL. Original handwritten marginalia shows linkages to Project White Hot, Twining, Vannevar Bush, Moon Dust, and Donald Menzel. A well written snapshot of the public history of flying saucers from 1947 to 1954. Bowen was personally well-connected to many top people.

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John F. Kennedy to Director, CIA, June 1961 (22k)

This terse memo to the DCI asks for an update on the psychological warfare plans related to MJ-12. The Kennedy signature looks genuine, but he often used an autopen so that is not an important authentication point. There seems to be no reason to doubt that this is a valid memo. If valid, it clearly indicates that there was an MJ-12 continuing as of 1962, the CIA knew about it, and it was involved in psychological warfare.

Operations Review: The MJ-12 Project, by Allen W. Dulles, 5 November 1961 (65k)

This one-page top-secret operations review concerning the MJ-12 project is written by Allen W. Dulles. Dated 5 November 1961 and referencing Presidential National Security Memorandum of June 28, 1961, the document describes the situation as: “the overall effectiveness about the actual Soviet response and alert status is not documented to the point where U.S. intelligence can provide a true picture of how Soviet air defenses perceive unidentified flying objects.” It goes on to state: “ …80% of the sighting reports investigated by the Air Force’s project Blue Book were explainable and posed no immediate threat to national security. The remaining cases have been classified for security reasons and are under review. While the possibility remains true U.F.O. cases are of non-terrestrial origin, U.S. Intelligence is of the opinion that they do not constitute a physical threat to national defense. For reasons of security, I cannot divulge pertinent data on some of the more sensitive aspects of MJ-12 activities, which have been deemed properly classified under the 1954 Atomic Energy Act.”

Authority of Director of Central Intelligence Clarified 1962 (294k)

This memo, written in early 1962 and allegedly signed by President Kennedy, was received from Source S-1 on 21 July 2000; it clarifies the authority of the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) regarding the collection of UFO intelligence. It states in part: “as the Government’s principal intelligence officer, you will assure the proper coordination, correlation, and evaluation of intelligence from all sources and its prompt dissemination to me and to other recipients as appropriate.” It is clear that the DCI is responsible for coordinating with all U.S. agencies engaged in foreign intelligence activities, and this would include UFOs and their related government investigation organizations. Hence, the DCI would have been intimately involved with Majestic and its related projects.

Marilyn Monroe Document, 3 August 1962 (40k)

The authenticity of this document has been studied by several others including Milo Speriglio and Tim Cooper. In this rare version that includes the signature of James J. Angleton (CIA counter intelligence chief) it references 54-12/MJ-12. In light of the large FOIA FBI file on Monroe, a suspicious death, known associations with the JFK and discussion of secret diaries that Monroe kept and yet disappeared, this document is could be very real.

CIA Director R. Hillenkoetter to Donald Menzel, 19 September 1963 (225k)

This letter from former CIA Director Hillenkoetter to Donald Menzel is marked CIA Copy in original ink and handwritten Top Secret across the document. Of note is the comment from Hillenkoetter about his experience in the NICAP organization, which he was once chairman of, “…I resigned from NICAP about 20 months ago feeling that it had degenerated from an organization honestly trying to find out something about unknowns, into a bickering body about personalities.” It is worth noting that Hillenkoetter was congratulating Menzel on the completion of the new book and states “I would say that you have effectively put to rest all surmises about flying saucers being from ‘outer space.’ You have done a through and praiseworthy job.” Both are participants to MJ-12, with Hillenkoetter congratulating Menzel on what a great job he did with the disinformation, psychological warfare, and obfuscation of the UFO reality.

John F. Kennedy to CIA, November 1963 (127k)

This memo, when read and re-read, gives the impression that JFK was urging a downgrading of the genuine extraterrestrials (read Unknowns) so that NASA could be better informed to handle their "defensive responsibilities." Even in this top secret memo, it is fairly unclear what all the subtleties were. However, the handwriting at the bottom, "Angleton has MJ directive" is confirmation that as late as three days before his assassination, there was an MJ program on the books. Whether this is strongly, weakly, or not at all related to his death is impossible to say from the data here.

NSA Intercept, 12 November 1963 — TOP SECRET UMBRA (201k)

This is apparently a modern retyped NSA intercept of JFK's "hot line" talking to the Premiere about the UFO problem and its collective national security importance to each country. Statements made about NASA dovetail with other known authentic National Security Action Memorandums (NSAMs) and other earlier leaked documents about partnering with the Soviets on joint space exploration. This document is virtually impossible to verify even if the nomenclature is proper for the era.

Source S-1 to Cooper: "Burned Memo" Cover Letter (61k)

Accompanying the burned memo was a one-page cover letter to Tim Cooper regarding the history of these eight new directives concerning the MJ-12 program. Startling revelations in the Source S-1 letter include: “…sensitive files that would connect MJ-12 to JFK’s murder. This document did not exist officially and has never been disclosed within the agency... We in CI have monitored civilian UFO research for a long time and have played a major role in keeping the UFO community busy... Nixon’s special classified executive order (SCEO) ordered all MJ-12 documentation purged and destroyed. This one was not. This carbon copy is the only link to MJ-12 and don’t expect any more in the future. Everything is now on computers and there is no existing paper trail to my knowledge...” The redactions were done by the Majestic Documents team to protect the identity of the author.

Burned Memo, pages 1–2 1963 (3.8 MB*)

Burned Memo, pages 3–9 (2.4 MB*)
*please note this file may take up to 30 min. to download on a slow connection

The nine-page "burned" memo, stamped TOP SECRET/MJ-12, is named because it was snatched from a fire before being destroyed, which is why it is discolored and disintegrating. Unlike many of the Majestic documents, this one is an original carbon with an Eagle watermark characteristic of government work, but so far forensic laboratories have been unable to trace it. The memo is from the Director of Central Intelligence (MJ-1) to MJ-2, MJ-3… MJ-7, in reference to Project MAJESTIC and JEHOVAH, Project EVIRO, Project PARASITE, and Project PARHELION. Although no dated is given, its content directly suggests the month of September. The year is estimated to be in the early 1960s and is still under investigation.

The purpose is to have the team review a new set of directives and recommend changes that can be agreed on. Of note is the statement “As you must know LANCER [code word for JFK] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow.” The eight tabs of directives are fascinating: (A) President’s EYES ONLY, (B) “NEED-TO-KNOW”, (C) DoD 5200.1, (D) Project BLUE BOOK, (E) Freedom of Information, (F) PSYOP, (G) BW (biological weapons) and (H) Project ENVIRONMENT. Particularly chilling is the Biological Weapons directive, which states: “Designated MJ projects should be held in readiness to perform SPIKE and HOUSE CLEANING operations in major population centers in the event conventional methods are not satisfactory. Specialists from MK-ULTRA and ARTICHOKE are hereby activated to conduct DOMESTIC." Logically, this paragraph refers to UFO retrieval operations. The authenticity of these directives seems beyond question: original onionskin papers, proper forensically verified red ink of the time period, and rare “CI” (counter intelligence) stamps.

Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications — ASTIA 28710 (480k)

This fifteen page (five pages downloadable) Top Secret Majic report on Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications by John S. Martinez is clearly over stamped at a later time with security warnings and a period style vertical number scheme of 28710. The contents are normal physics, yet use nuclear power in thermonic reactions to generate significant power for a variety of applications for spacecraft and nuclear rockets. Well referenced with much of the information more publicly understood now in this eclectic field of nuclear propulsion. This area has a rich history of close linkage to UFOs, since it was widely understood even in 1947 that UFOs don't run on kerosene, they must be nuclear. Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA) and Advanced Nuclear Power (ANP) were huge military efforts to test the feasibility of nuclear propulsion in airplanes, although the modern day success of these programs is unknown the earlier programs were canceled and not considered successful.

Summary of National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) Cases, 12 pages (1.9 MB)

This 12-page document is a chronological summary of National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) cases allegedly pulled from the Project Blue Book files. We have determined there is identical handwriting found on the IPU Intelligence Assessment and the first page of the NICAP Cases. See image below, which states: “N.M. Cases were pulled from Project Sign files and classified (TS)1) Corona, NM 2) Socorro, NM. 3) WSPG, NM”

NICAP Cases Handwriting Sample

Much of Project Sign has been declassified. Logical military doctrine shows that the very sensitive nature of crashed alien hardware would not only be “pulled from” the traditional lights in the sky and fantastic aerial capabilities of project Sign’s scope, but that real crashed hardware would need a lower classification cover story such as Project Sign to help shield the truth from prying Soviet eyes.

Also of extraordinary significance are the markings—actually stampings—on many of the Blue Book related documents including the NICAP Cases discussed above. Stamped with an automated machine top and bottom are the words “TENTATIVE SECRET FORWARD TO MAJCOM.”

"Tentative Secret Forward To MAJCOM" Stamp
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UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem, ~1976 (949k)
(replica followed by original)

Believed to be written by the Office of Scientific Intelligence in 1976, this seven page photocopied onionskin document is titled UFO Sovereignty Over Air Space: A Defense Intelligence Problem. The document is signed by LCR – the initials of an astronomer attached to the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence in the 1970’s. LCR talks about the way in which UFOs have violated U.S. airspace on numerous occasions; the way in which Top Secret UFO data has been withheld from elected leaders by the CIA; the recovery of a crashed UFO in New Mexico in 1947 by the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project; the fear of a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets being prompted by UFO radar tracks; President John F. Kennedy’s involvement in the UFO controversy; UFOs and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962; and LCR’s initiative to begin reintroducing presidential briefings on the UFO subject. The discussion of organizational slowdowns, denied information and management dilemmas are typical of bureaucracies, irrespective of topic. Such references in the discussion are consistent with a pragmatic working document, not for sensationalism or public melodrama.

Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival, December 1976 (390k)
(replica followed by original)

This paper is an Executive Briefing for the Director of Central Intelligence titled: Unidentified Flying Object Implication for Nation Security and Human Survival. LCR reveals that between 1946 and 1955 he was tasked with preparing information on UFOs and the U.S. Intelligence community that was published in a 1956 book written by him, published by the CIA and titled Central Intelligence, UFOs, and National Security. It reveals the surprising fact that many secret documents concerning UFO encounters at Los Alamos and the White Sands Missile Range in the period 1944-1949 were destroyed and also reveals how this caused problems in trying to evaluate the true picture from a historical perspective. The paper also touches upon the CIA’s role in espionage and UFO investigations, and LCR’s examination of the CIA’s historical UFO studies.

Edward Teller's Pitch to President Reagan for SDI, ~1980s (486k)

In this five-page double-spaced memo written for President Reagan’s approval, Dr. Edward Teller clearly shows his familiarity with the UFO subject and its threat to National Security. It opens with a gripping sentence, "I wish to bring to your attention a very real and dangerous situation that threatens not only us, the world, but our very existence as a race." It goes on to state, "No longer can the United States be in the position which it found itself in 1947. This was realized in January 1950 when President Truman made a decision to go ahead with a defense program exceeding in scope and cost of the Manhattan Project." What could this have been? The only logical conclusion is that it was a massive effort to exploit the celestial gifts as FDR recommended in his 24 February 1944 Double Top Secret Memo to the Special Committee on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology.

UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power by Edward Teller, ~1980s (677k)
replica followed by original

Another fascinating paper, titled UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power, is attributed to Edward Teller and is a five-page photocopy of onionskin paper. It goes into great detail about the nature of official secrecy and the benefits and the hazards of secrecy both in the Cold War and in the present day. Teller proposes that official secrecy surrounding UFOs should be lessened for three prime reasons: (a) to stimulate research in the field of military applications of UFO technology; (b) to promote cooperation between the USA and its allies around the world on the UFO issue; and (c) to inform the U.S. public of "the true state of UFO reality." Teller also proposes that the majority of classified UFO documents should be declassified. In addition, Teller discusses the use of UFO technology integrated into the U.S. military’s remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) program and maintaining an adequate defense against "UFO nuclear weapons."

Aquarius Teletype, 17 November 1990 (190k)

It is believed that this is a retyped Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) document that Bill Moore received. Although the focus of the controversy is around the Aquarius project, Paul Bennewitz, and the film that is discussed in the document, the comment about MJ - TWELVE is secondary and off hand to the whole teletype. There is an excellent 8 page write up from International UFO Reporter (IUR) about the authenticity of this document which can be downloaded from the Authentication section.

Aquarius Briefing Document, undated (cover page only)

This eleven page document is the product of Bill Moore's photography in some obscure East Coast hotel room according to his story. The content is fascinating but difficult to check; mentions of the ETs being from Zeta Reticuli is consistent with earlier work by Marjorie Fish. The document is being retyped for legibility. Others have studied this document in detail, we are beginning to review the literature and talk with other investigators.

S-Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel, 30 January 1996 (213k)

On January 30, 1996, Thomas Cantwheel wrote a two-page memo, which included a drawing of an unidentified aerodyne found July 5, 1947 south of Socorro, New Mexico by military and civilian members of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP). The memo begins: “The ‘loaned’ aircraft was acquired in 1945 from the Air Technical Services Command (ATSC, now AEDS, Air Force Systems Command). The ‘S’ aircraft was designed from an aerodyne recovered in 1941 that crashed in southeastern Missouri and the one captured in 1942 in Louisiana. Reconstruction commenced in 1945 with the assistance of German scientists at Wright Field. Propulsion programs tried to duplicate the atomic power plant found in the aerodyne captured in Louisiana and integrated the magnetic drive system developed by Tesla… Efforts to conceal the true nature of flight operations were successful in that the AF devised a cover intelligence project called Blue Book… In 1958, Project UFO and Moon Dust were activated when the USA Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit operations ceased and CIC responsibility for UFO security was transferred to USAFOSI.”

Handwritten Note from Salina to Tim Cooper, 5 June 1996 (36k)

This short note written on 5 June 1996 shows the link between Cantwheel (later believed to be Cantwell) and his daughter Salina; we doubt seriously that either name is real. It states that Salina’s father (Cantwell) wanted Tim Cooper to have these documents and that she worked at the CIA in Counterintelligence (CI) under Jim Angleton.

CIA to MAJSEC — TOP SECRET JEHOVAH, November 1998 (27k)

Chronologically, this is the most recent document to cite the words TOP SECRET MAJESTIC. With hand written references to "Weird Desk and A51" this document provides a glimpse into the modern world of asset code names, and instant assignations for unauthorized disclosure. The document is rich with key phrases such as Project 'KOHTPOA,' MOD and KGB officials, Dreamland, Area 54 & 17, leaks by Teller, Sagan, China problems, and contacting'33' investors. Many of the details are checkable.

Unidentified Flying Objects, The CIA, and Congress, Essay by Source S-1 (443k)

Source S-1 writes a memo entitled Unidentified Flying Objects, the CIA, and Congress. It opens with an interesting story of an interview with President Truman by the FBI and states: “he was asked the embarrassing question did you authorize Operation Majestic 12? To which he replied ‘I never gave any thought about it after leaving office.’ He added, ‘it was not my intention when I set up the CIA would be injected into strange activities of that sort.’ He was upset when the subject was brought up and it was sensed that Mr. Truman was being coy and evasive.”

The paper goes on to discuss congressional surveillance concerning the UFO issue, which came to a head in the Senate in early 1956. “The specific point at issue was whether Congress was to establish a standing Joint Committee on the CIA, similar to the joint Committee on Atomic Energy, to provide a fuller and continuing look at the United States UFO intelligence programs. The CIA’s UFO intelligence budget is concealed within the budgets of various government departments, mainly that of the Defense Department. The average member of Congress has no more knowledge than the average citizen of annual expenditures or of the size and scope CIA UFO operations...

"Ever since CIA was established, the director has been authorized, and in fact, directed to make complete disclosure of CIA UFO activities to special committees in both the Senate and House. The CIA is at times completely responsive to their questions, no matter how sensitive. For example, during the first 12 weeks as DCI Admiral William F. Raborn was called to 17 meetings with these congressional committees. The legislative log for the year 1965 shows that the DCI or his senior (sic) aides met a total of 34 times with four special subcommittees.” Additionally, there are three tabs attached to the paper that discuss arguments in favor of a joint UFO committee and arguments against it.

Important Memo from Source S-1, 7 July 1999 (1 MB*)
*please note this file may take up to 20 min. to download on a slow connection

This seven page IMPORTANT letter starts "Please read everything I am about to tell you as the truth. I am not a prankster or a wacko. My reason for typing this letter is to give you the facts as I know them. I am what is called in the spy jargon a 'walk in.'" The memo is rich in detail mentioning a whole slew of code words, TRINE, UMBRA, SACRED, JEHOVAH, MAJESTIC, ZODIAC, SPIRITUAL, ENVIRONMENT and MEDEA. The memo is hard to summarize because of its varied content, but it discusses the CIA role, UFO/EBE working groups, and historical events like the JFK assassination.
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