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The Figure in the Room

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Author Topic: The Figure in the Room  (Read 105 times)
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« on: January 22, 2009, 03:14:33 pm »

The Figure in the Room
 True Account by Dan Omega
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My friends and I were a close-knit circle in high school, interested in alternative subjects, the esoteric and very involved in the arts. All of us, but one. I'll call him "Blaine". I was a relative late-comer to the group, and Blaine had been friends with them since elementary school, so they continued with that friendship despite the differences; I, however, only knew him casually, and for a short length of time. He was the link to the 'normal' world for us, in a sense, and so did not normally accompany us on our many adventures and explorations of the unusual and esoteric. On this night in particular, however, he decided to join us, perhaps out of simple curiosity.

Our usual homebase for activities was "Earl's" home, whose bedroom was filled with strange paraphernalia from different parts of the world, thanks to his unmarried aunt, who traveled extensively and was like a second mother to him, feeding any and all of his interests, much to our delight. She also supplied him with practically anything he needed to pursue those interests. He, and all of us, had an avid interest in archaeology and ancient civilizations, especially Ancient Egypt, and so that theme dominated much of the room. With its decor and furnishings, often with genuine articles, it was more like a chamber, and we loved gathering there. Earl's parents were incredibly accommodating and, although very nervous and most often extremely irritated by our activities, they usually relented and we had our way in the end. His home became something of a sanctuary for us, full of curiosities.

We had chosen to gather there that night for our first true séance together, and everything was prepared when we arrived, including a round hardwood table for us to sit around. We had done research before the gathering and felt fundamentally ready for the undertaking. There were five of us in total, and that was not on purpose or by design. I was surprised to see Blaine there, as he did not normally participate in such things, but I also saw it as an opportunity to convert him to our interests and thus add another to our ranks. It was the weekend, and so we were able to completely immerse ourselves in the experience without distraction.

Except for Blaine, everyone was interested and quite serious about what we were going to undertake, but I was certainly the most serious of the group. I was a true believer in the supernatural and these matters were more than just an avid interest to me. I truly wanted the event to be a success; I truly wanted to draw aside the veil and see. The fact that there was a chance to do it with others was priceless. I remember thinking that if the night was a success, our adventures to come would be all the more intense and we just might find a guide to lead us through those adventures.

We decided to extinguish all the lights. The room was dimly illuminated by the distant streetlight outside filtering through the tree branches and closed window blinds. We could, in the grey murk, vaguely make out each other's forms and the most prominent of features. So, we sat mostly in the shadows, placing our hands upon the surface around the table in a circle. A couple of us tried addressing any spirits that might be close or present, without apparent success. I became a little concerned when the atmosphere degraded somewhat with giggles and chuckles here and there. I knew that our state of mind and seriousness in what we were undertaking was paramount to achieving success; that focus and intent, will, had to be exerted in order to achieve results. I was there to truly see, and I didn't know anyone else besides those around me that had a serious interest in it, let alone would partake in such a thing. I decided to take matters into my own hands, to change the atmosphere of the room, to focus it.

I began to call on the spirits myself, entreating them. For effect, to deepen the mood and alter the wavelength of thoughts, I began to “act”, pretending to be a spirit speaking through me. I did this to temporarily catch their attention and save the séance. I was a writer and had won several notable regional awards, so I was quickly able to delve into my imagination for it, and very quickly I saw a scene in my mind’s eye... The words began to come very easily and I truly acted the part, changing my voice and really feeling the words I was speaking. I took on the character and the effect was dramatic, both for me and my now-captive audience. After a few moments I had their undivided attention, and allowed them to ask me questions for several minutes. I “imagined” the answers, replying as this character I was becoming might answer...and soon was fully in character. The answers were, for the last few minutes, even somewhat surprising to me...

I don’t remember what was said, who I identified as speaking through me, but I remember that the imagery in my mind was very vivid, surreal, as though I were seeing its abode. I remember telling them that I was seeing what this spirit saw, as though looking through its own eyes, that it was speaking from its own dwelling. I was very aware of both my surroundings in the bedroom, of my friends gathered around the table, and the “dwelling” that I was seeing in my mind’s eye. I had substantially changed the mood of the room.

Suddenly, without warning, Blaine screamed at the top of his voice, leaping to his feet, nearly overturning the table and, still crying out as he went, scrambled through the semi-darkness to reach the light switch – like his life depended on it – knocking over articles as he fumbled, falling over a couple of times in the process. One of the others was also frantic. He finally reached the switch and turned it on, absolutely terrified, nearly in tears. The two of them said that they had looked over at me near the end of my “charade” and, standing directly behind me, was a tall, dark figure. At first they thought it was me standing up, but then realized it was far too tall to be me – and I was still seated in front of it. I thought they were joking, but Blaine was visibly shaken, terrified really, did not want to be there a second longer and immediately left, walking home. Earl tried to talk with him outside the room before he struck off, but he would not listen and left in a very bad state. I was told after he left that the figure was merely standing there, outlined against the white wall, not moving. There were no visible characteristics, no hint of clothing or features.

Blaine never joined us as a group again. I saw him briefly after the episode, but never spoke with him and, as far as I heard, never went into Earl’s room again. Shortly after, he changed to another school, which was over 30 minutes away in the city, cut ties and his friendship with the others – friends of his since elementary school – slowly but eventually dissolved until they were minor, passing acquaintances. Apparently, he refused to talk with them about that night ever again.

I’ve often thought of that night since it happened. To this day I remember the feelings that permeated me as I recited my "dialogue". The other who saw the dark figure only saw it for a brief moment before all hell broke loose. I wonder how long Blaine saw it before he ran, or if he saw it again on his way home.

Posted by Dan Omega on December 29 2008 19:27:21
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