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September 24, 2023, 02:46:02 pm
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News: Scientists Confirm Historic Massive Flood in Climate Change
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"Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?

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Author Topic: "Noah's Flood" Not Rooted in Reality, After All?  (Read 1112 times)
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Carl Martin - Writer, Artist and Software Engineer

« Reply #15 on: March 12, 2009, 10:17:52 am »

...It's possible some of our "brothers" and "sisters" did, but who are these brothers and sisters?  This has been my question for a very long time.  If they were in the spiritual realm, how did they manifest on this plane to institute their experiment?  They must have been powerful beings, but still, they had to be physically real to be able to breed which previously, they had been incapable of.  Therefore, it would make sense they had to USE neanderthal because Neanderthal was already breeding....

...We were put here with free will.  God does not "threaten" us that we have to love him or else!!!  Or else what?  He's going to send a flood?  Not....  ...It wasn't like the writer of Genesis was actually present himself during this epic....

Good stuff, Q.

You've helped me see where my dissertation can create misunderstandings. My ideas are strange enough that, where they collide with someone else's experience, new meanings sometimes arise that I didn't anticipate.

I'll touch on only a few points you made.

You say the "brothers" and "sisters" must have been powerful beings. I'd agree with you there. If we are all basically spiritual beings made in God's image, then we are all basically powerful beings capable of creating universes, or manipulating elements of this one -- moving mountains, parting seas, or walking on water. Marco Polo said he saw a Tibetan Buddhist monk fly. I don't doubt it for a moment.

You also stated that "they had to USE Neanderthal because Neanderthal was already breeding." Part of the discovery I made in Genesis (based on Cayce's two dates -- 28,000 BC for the Flood, and 10.5 million years ago for Adam), I found a simple formula in Genesis that yields a date of 10,454,130 BC (less than 1% from Cayce's rounded approximation). If Homo sapiens is 10.5 million years old, then Neanderthal (at only a few hundred thousand years in age) could not have been used in the genetic manipulation that led to the creation of Homo sapiens.

I agree that we were put here with free will. That is implied in my statement that God's "day of rest" is the last 15-20 billion years. But again, you seem to miss my earlier point. The Flood, if my hypothesis is correct, was not a threat or a punishment. Perhaps all bodies are expendable despite our sentimental attachment to them. The only real people are the sleeping immortals and their brothers and sisters who are already awake.

And if we (on Earth) are all sleeping immortals, perhaps the writer of Genesis was there at the Flood. Weren't you? I personally don't remember any of it, but I do have a few memories almost that old. At least they feel like memories, full of emotion I could not explain otherwise. The scientist in me is at least open to that possibility.

To counter the impression that this discussion has drifted far off topic, let me say that there is a possible connection between the Flood and Atlantis, besides the date given by Cayce (28,000 BC for both the Flood and the second upheaval in Atlantis).

If the purpose of the Flood was as part of a rescue mission, to get Earth back on purpose -- moving toward the reawakening of the sleeping immortals (us), then Atlantis may have suffered its demise because, like Neanderthal, its existence may have jeopardized that reawakening.

A baby god (celestial being / spiritual brother or sister) with infinite power, but also selfishness is likely going to get into trouble. Maybe that was part of the great fall from grace. Selfishness is not conducive to that spiritual reawakening. In fact, the very nature of selfishness is one of separateness and arrogance. If Atlantis had persisted, then it might very well have conquered Earth. In the social vacuum at the end of the Ice Age, it might eventually have accomplished that aim. A planet Earth under one selfish empire would not have created a healthy environment for spiritual awakening. A democracy is much more conducive to this. Our form of government in the Western cultures is not perfect, but it tends to encourage a certain degree of humility. Atlantis had lost its humility. Like Neanderthal, Atlantis had to go. Perhaps the same brothers and sisters that helped bring the Flood helped nudge Atlantis into its oblivion.

(Carl Martin)

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(Carl Martin)
"Now we have proof that something BIG happened right when Plato's Atlantis subdided. We have the 'smoking gun.'"
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