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Druid Holy Days

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Author Topic: Druid Holy Days  (Read 829 times)
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« on: January 28, 2009, 11:52:03 pm »

Like other Reconstructionist traditions, Celtic Reconstructionists place emphasis on historical accuracy. We base our celebrations and rituals on traditional lore from the living Celtic cultures, as well as research into the older beliefs of the polytheistic Celts. Tradition, research and archaeology tell us that each celebrated Druid Holy holiday is from sunset on the day before, to sunset on the following day of the actual holiday. Thus, there are three days centring on that holiday, each with their respective importance.

The Four Druid Holy Days, in order are:
Samain (November 1st)
Imbolg (February 1st)
Beltaine (May 1st)
Lúgnasad (August 1st)

The ancient Druids did not typically celebrate, as a holy day, the four solar festivals. They were a time of celebration, but not necessarily holy. The Celtic Holidays strives to promote and preserve the integrity of our Gaelic heritage, through the information and links to other reputable sites. If there is a reputable site we have not exchanged links with, please let us know.

Some of the topics we will discuss here are as follows:
The four Celtic Holy Holidays
Celtic music - Then and now (Announced soon)
Mythology (Announced soon)
Literature (Announced soon)
Art forms (Announced soon)
Traditional Irish Gaelic social values. (Announced soon)
The Celtic Holidays does not practice or promote ‘Druidry’, or ‘druidism’ in any way. Those terms are neo-pagan/druid, and do not accurately represent the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic/Gaelic way of life. The Celtic Holidays however, does promote, through the information contained herein, and external links to other reputable sites, our pre-Christian, Gaelic way of being, and prefers to call the Irish Gaelic way of life ‘heathen’ and not necessarily ‘pagan’.

I've had some discussions with various people, on whether or not the Druid faith is a true cultural faith, or just a philosophy. Here are just a very few points I've outlined as to why our culture is a true cultural faith:

Celts and our Druids worship several Gods and several Goddesses. Yes - worship THEM! Pay Homage to THEM!
There are strict rules in all the reconstructionist groves on who can become a Druid. In most reconstructionist groves, it takes 15 to 21 years to become a Druid.
Unlike non-earth based faiths, Celts and our Druids do not separate our belief in religion, philosophy, way of life et cetera. EVERYTHING we do as an existing being, is all tied together as one package, never to be separated. (what all true religions should do and be.)
Druids have a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices.
Druids have a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices called a Grove or Clan
Celts and our Druids practice of religious belief; ritual observance of faith, et cetera which are fundamental to our existence.
Druids have beliefs and follows devotedly, those beliefs, and teaches them to initiates, of whom show are ready to study.
Druids practice various religious rites, including handfasting/marriage, saining/baptism, burial rites, et cetera.
Druids have a strict faithfulness; a devotion: an oath to the vows that have been taken.
Now, one has to be aware that the word worship is vastly different from that of the Christian and Moslem sects. We do not grovel to our Gods, Goddesses, or Ancestors.
Now, how is that not a cultural religion?
‘Druid’ is a specific term, for our educated leaders, expressing our cultural, spiritual and religious lives, which keep and teach the knowledge of and for our culture, its traditions, customs, practices laws and so forth. There is more to a Druid than being a 'preacher'. There never has been, nor is there any separation in our spiritual, religious and cultural practices. In other words, Never to be separated are culture, religion and faith! In other words - the Druid way of being is NOT a philosophy, but an entire way of life, including religion, culture, customs...

Contrary to wrong beliefs, Druids have always been and still are religious, not only believing in, but also knowing reincarnation is real. Furthermore, Druids know there are many Gods and Goddesses. One cannot be a 'Christian, Wiccan, Moslem or anything else' and a Druid. They will contradict each other.

A pernicious misconception about the Druids, both past and present is the accusation of human and animal sacrifice. Modern Druids do not practice any form of human or animal sacrifice. Any evidence that the ancient Druids did is very sparse and not well substantiated. In other words, there is very little, if any proof that Druids practice or practiced human or animal sacrifice.
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