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August 16, 2022, 08:14:32 pm
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Author Topic: Heligoland  (Read 2697 times)
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Using rocks and minerals to heal the earth and us.

« on: February 04, 2007, 01:47:19 am »


I will try to find more on that.  By the way, I found this on your old thread:

While searching for the Posiedon material, I came upon this on Pan, or the pre-cursor of, which it appears is the elder...
"Bock means the same as he-goat, Pukki Lemminkäinen.
Same as ”Pan” in Greek.
The first ”breeder”.

Herodotus mentions that Pan was one of the eight gods BEFORE twelve gods were formed. (Eight POWERS in Bock Saga too)"

(Remember, Powers of Nature predates Gods. Odin, Thor, Frey and Freia, Hel, Bock, i, and Ra. These at first appear to be the names of gods, but they are not. They are literal forces of nature.)

"And twelve gods were formed some 17.000 years before the pharaoh ”Amasis” of Egypt ruled.

He ruled at the 5th century BZ.
(But actually Pan was the first god, alone. Pan is also same as Sampo)
This the Egyptian priests told him when he visited there at 450 BZ.
Gods should be understood as different idols, eons and powers.
Pan was honoured in Greece by sculpting him with huge phallus.
In remembrance of the first ”Breeder”. He was pictured as half man, half goat.
Two horns symbols the sperm link.
(The chinese Emperor Shen Nung was pictured with two horns!)(Showing him as the Breeder)

(Also the statue of Moses, sculpted by Michelangelo at 16th century, in the Museum of Vatican, has two horns!!)(Also shown as a Breeder)
He is said to be an Aser, but a woman (not a man) named Murse, with which name she is still known in Ethiopia.

(The ”Pangu” creation myth in China tells the same, 8 ”powers” were formed 18,000 years ago.)

Herodotus tells in his famous ”His tory” book about the hilarious cavalcades which took place in Egypt where women dragged a huge wooden phallus on wheels behind them during the fertility festivals.

 (My note: A festival something like this still takes place in Japan today)

This had been celebrated in Greece as well as in many other middle-east countries too, during the Dionysian mysteries.
Have we lost something?
We don’t seem to have anything like that anymore!

But what is the symbol of paradise?
It’s the snake, and it symbols the phallus, which Vaners called ”kyy”.
In Finland, we have a snake called ”kyykäärme”, kyysnake.
No wonder it is condemned in Bible.
It represented the sperm-link and the Mythology of Väinämöinen, which Vatican wanted to destroy.
(Egyptian pharaohs had a snake figure on their helmets)

The human beings of Paradise were perfected almost to the last degree, just before it ended.
They respected the rays of sun, fire and sperm, the givers of life.
(Some people in the north of India still worship fire (Agni), they had a temple of fire in the present-day Baku, in Azerbaijan).

The paradise ended when people became ignorant of the old customs.
They didn’t respect the sperm line, the delivery and sacrifice of sperm anymore.

They started thinking and acting themselves, and lost the way.
The information from Hel didn’t reach them anymore, or they didn’t obey it.

Paradise-time was called ”Golden Time” in Greek mythology.
Paradise is mentioned in numerous books from antiquity, mostly as the ”Islands of Blessed”.
Hel was established on seven ”Paradise Islands”, now called ”Black Islands”.

Have we lost it forever?
It ended in a huge catastrophy which killed a lot of people.
The axis of the globe shifted, causing new tilt towards the sun.
Ice-age followed."

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Thus ye may find in thy mental and spiritual self, ye can make thyself just as happy or just as miserable as ye like. How miserable do ye want to be?......For you GROW to heaven, you don't GO to heaven. It is within thine own conscience that ye grow there.

Edgar Cayce

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