Hyksos, Kings of Egypt and the land of Edom

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Appendix Four

 Hyksos - Edomites
Empire existed about 300 to 200 years before Exodus.  Formed a great kingdom about 300 - 200 years before the Exodus
 Empire took in southern fringe of Canaan and likely reached Euphrates  Edomite kingdom took in southern fringes of Canaan and reached Euphrates at Rehoboth.
 Were mainly Semites  Were mainly Semites
 Included a strong Hurri element  Included a strong Horite element
 May have been connected with the Hittites  Connected with Hittites
 Had horses and used horses in warfare  Had horses and describe use of horse in battle
 Were possibly shepherds and nomads  Edomites were shepherds and were nomadic in origin
 Linked with Arabians  Inter-related with Arabians
 Linked with Canaanites  Inter-related with Canaanites
 Called Barbarians, ie of a lower material standard to Egyptians  Did not posses a settled, cultural life like the Egyptians
 Capital city (Avaris) not in their own country  Capital cities often not in their own country
 Worshiped Sutekh (Seth) or Baal  Drifted to Baal worship


Below: The extent of where Hyksos artifacts have been found

Below: Some of the places mentioned in this paper

The Edomite Kingdom

The Hyksos Kingdom


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