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Resident Evil

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Author Topic: Resident Evil  (Read 693 times)
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« on: January 31, 2007, 03:13:34 am »

The PlayStation box art for the first Resident Evil.Resident Evil takes inspiration from the game Sweet Home,[2] which was based on a Japanese horror movie of the same name. Sweet Home was released only in Japan in 1989 for the Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System). Resident Evil borrowed many elements from Sweet Home including the mansion setting, the puzzles, and even the "door" loading screen. While the initial game in the series was announced in both Asian and Western markets under the title Biohazard, Capcom's U.S. branch changed the title to Resident Evil a few months prior to release. While no official reason for the change has ever been divulged, it is said the reason for the change was due to trademark infringement (probably due to the name Biohazard being registered in the U.S. to the band Biohazard). According to Mikami, the title Resident Evil was chosen by Capcom USA after their playtesters reviewed the contents of the game.[3]

Most of the games in the series are played from a third-person perspective, viewing the characters from fixed camera angles as they move through pre-rendered environments. Although Resident Evil was one of the first games to use this gameplay style on console systems, the technique was first pioneered on the PC by the Alone in the Dark series which is often cited as the progenitor of the survival horror genre. These static backgrounds have been a bone of contention for many players, although Code: Veronica, and more recently Resident Evil 4, have featured environments rendered in realtime. Resident Evil 4 in particular featured a cited "full model change" which featured, among other significant changes, a new camera system which follows the player's character from behind their back rather than relying on fixed camera angles. The next game Resident Evil 5 is set to use the gameplay model.

Some of the games featured branching storylines in which events unfolds differently based on the player's actions taken during gameplay. In addition, most of the games features two main characters ( a male protagonist and a female protagonist) that are featured in the main game as either: selectable characters with their independent scenarios or as part of an overlapping storyline featuring both characters. In addition, some games feature supporting characters that become playable during key portions of the game.

The Dreamcast boxart for Resident Evil Code: Veronica .The Resident Evil series is controversial for the use of its graphic violence, gore and bloodshed which is seen throughout the entire game from start to finish. Each game is prefaced by a disclaimer warning that "This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore" and is rated "M" for Mature audiences only. It should be noted that the game's violence, unlike other series, is almost exclusively against zombies and non-human mutants, and only twice has the player character fought and killed another human being (who, in general, are villains anyway). However, the player-controlled characters are human and their deaths are often graphic - especially in Resident Evil 4, where the main character can be decapitated, ripped in half, etc. The Game Over screens also add to this, with the words You Died or You Are Dead in a blood-splattered font. Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis featured game over screens depicting the player's character being devoured by zombies or other creatures.

Further controversy arose from Capcom's dealings with Nintendo to make the Resident Evil series exclusive for the GameCube,[4] at least for the core story based titles, after many years of releasing the games for the PlayStation and porting them to other systems (more below).

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