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Vote in Our Online Presidential Election

Question: Who is your choice for President/Vice President?  (Voting closed: November 05, 2008, 10:07:36 am)
Barack Obama/Joe Biden - 74 (73.3%)
John McCain/Sarah Palin - 15 (14.9%)
Bob Barr - 3 (3%)
Chuck Baldwin - 1 (1%)
Cynthia McKinney - 1 (1%)
Ralph Nader - 2 (2%)
Ron Paul - 4 (4%)
Write-In/None of the Above - 1 (1%)
Total Voters: 101

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Author Topic: Vote in Our Online Presidential Election  (Read 1301 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 31, 2008, 04:12:27 am »

Being a Canadian, and looking at it from the outside - I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for what has been termed a "good Republican".
From what I've seen, a "good Republican" has taken the American country from being a top nation in the world into poverty  - possibly creating a time in hardship equal to the great depression.  A "good Republican" has taken the American country into wars that were ill thought out, and based on unreliable information.  A "good Republican" has doled out millions of dollars to the very people who have caused the economic collapse and who then thumbed their noses at the American people by turning right around and squandering the money on frivolities.  Only in America, eh?

The world stage is set to receive Barack Obama and it will not only be the American Democrats that would be disappointed and ill used if McCain wins.  McCain does not seem to have any knowledge of diplomatic negotiating, he has no knowledge of the suffering of the middle class people - he has never had to want for anything, and thinks people are poor if they make under $500,000.00 a year.  How could he possibly have a clue what is good for the American people when he isn't one of them?  So he signed up in the forces.  So what?  Was he the only one?  There were thousands of people in the forces, some more tortured and maimed that McCain.  Was he a hero?  I don't think so.  He did his duty - yes - but a hero?  No.  The men that were captured along with him have a different story.  He talks about being a fighter pilot, when the Cuban missile crises developed.  To hear him talk, you'd think he was the only pilot out there.  Truth be told, he was just that - a pilot waiting for instructions that never came.  There was no mission.  So how does sitting in a plane on the sidelines, make him "experienced" enough to be a president?  From the information I've studied, he was second last in a class of over 400 pilots, barely making it.  He only flew two missions, and crashed the plane both times.  He broke his arms when he jumped from his plane, not from being tortured.  All the men were tortured that were captured, but he was the only one who "broke" and made a video for the enemy, saying he was a terrorist of the United States.  THIS all makes him experienced as a president?  The other men who were tortured received more torture after McCain made that tape, and I'll bet they aren't thanking him for it.  I'll bet some of those men would be a better candidate for the Presidency than McCain, but because they didn't have a mommiewarbucks to facilitate an expensive life in politics, they didn't get a chance.

Barack Obama was raised in poverty.  He has first hand knowledge of what it takes to work hard, to develop character, and when he finished his education, he used it to help those who were in the same position he was before.  He didn't become an elitist, he didn't stick his nose in the air, he didn't take the easy way when he got to the top.  He's genuine.  THAT's what the world sees in Obama. He's educated, he's diplomatic, he's sincere, he's gracious, he's a gentleman,  he cares.  He's genuine.  His excellent upbringing comes through big time.  His wife is the same.  Michelle is truly a lady.  They are the type of people who set an example for others to follow.  People see the sincerity, see the dedication, and are motivated to be more like them.  They are both excellent role models.

He's a CFR front-man who will do the Bilderbergers' bidding.

You've seen Star Wars and how Jedi mind tricks worked on the simple minded.

What we are seeing is an Illuminati mind trick working on the idiot public.
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