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DINNER & SPIRITS The History & Hauntings of the McMackin House Restaurant

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Author Topic: DINNER & SPIRITS The History & Hauntings of the McMackin House Restaurant  (Read 221 times)
Keira Kensington
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« on: October 19, 2008, 10:50:25 pm »

Today, staff members and customers alike have odd encounters here that are not easily explained. Many patrons come from out of town and are unaware of the reputation of the place, only to discover that they have experienced a ghost. Several customers have spoken to me of feeling inexplicable cold chills throughout the restaurant, feeling as though they are being watched and catching glimpses of vanishing figures out of the corner of their eye.

One of the most reportedly haunted spots, at least for the customers, is the women’s restroom. A number of ladies who have been in the bathroom have stated that they were in the room alone when they were joined by another woman, who comes in the door, opens the stall next door and then proceeds to well, use the toilet. The toilet will then flush but the lady never leaves the stall. Curious, the original customer checks to see what happened to the other woman when she prepares to leave - only to discover that the other stall is empty! This has happened numerous times to witnesses who have no idea that someone else has already reported the exact same thing!

And staff members have more encounters here than they would care to admit! Manager Russ Dalton told me of an occasion when he was closing down the restaurant one night and was in the building alone. He was working in the bar area, counting down a cash drawer, and left to go take care of something else. When he returned, he found that someone had taken three pages of adhesive note paper and had stuck them on the bar in a straight line. Thinking that he must have done it himself, Russ dismissed the happening and placed all of the pages back on the pad that they had come from. He then left to shut off some lights and to prepare to leave the building but when he returned to the bar to retrieve the cash bag and deposit; he found the sticky notes had again been placed in a line on the bar! He quickly left the building - leaving the ghosts to fend for themselves!

Another staff member told me about the strange happenings that have occurred in the basement. This area of the house, which was formerly the living quarters for the McMackin family servants, has been plagued with odd events. At one point, a security camera that was set up in the area spotted a dark figure as it moved across a lighted doorway. There was no one present in that part of the basement at that time. Another employee also spotted a man’s face appearing in a window next to this doorway on another occasion.

Perhaps the strangest basement occurrence happened during the summer the Harrison’s took over the restaurant. At that time, the former coal room (which still has a sealed coal chute in it leading in from outside) was being converted into a locked room where liquor could be stored. The coal door was sealed and locked one night when shelving was being placed in the room. The staff members left and returned the next door to find that the formerly sealed door was now standing open. No one had been in the room since the night before and security tapes revealed that the door to the room had never been opened. The coal door opened several more times on its own in the weeks that followed but has been silent ever since.

But not everyone who works here was convinced the place was haunted - at least not at first. The once skeptical Justin Harrison told me of the event that occurred that convinced him that there might be something to the reputed haunting in the house after all. He was working one day and had a roll of paper towel sitting nearby on a table. He left the room and came back in by way of a swinging door. As he did so, the paper towel roll suddenly spun around and began unraveling the towel from the roll, spinning off onto the floor. Justin was startled at first and then began to suspect that something other than a ghost was at work.

With this in mind, he rolled the towel back onto the roll and placed it on the table in the same spot that it had been in. It was the swinging door, he realized, that had caused the towel roll to spin. So, he took hold of the door and swung it open at the same speed that he had entered through it a few moments before - and nothing happened! He began to swing the door back and forth, easy at first and then violently, trying as hard as he could to make the paper towels move. But nothing he did caused more than a flutter from the loose end of the roll. At that point, Justin explained to me later, he began to consider the idea that there was more to the house that first meets the eye…

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