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1989-The Belgium UFO Wave

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Author Topic: 1989-The Belgium UFO Wave  (Read 117 times)
Jennie McGrath
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« on: May 28, 2007, 03:53:47 pm »

1989-The Belgium UFO Wave
From Billy Booth,

Summary: One of the very best photographs ever taken of a triangular UFO was snapped by an anonymous cameraman in Belgium in April of 1990. Recognized by anyone familiar with UFOs, it became the cornerstone of the Belgian UFO wave of 1989. On November 29, 1989, a triangular UFO with lights sparking underneath was seen by multiple witnesses-three groups of policemen included. This began a case which still baffles investigators today.
First Sightings: The first night of sightings was only the beginning of one of the best documented and witnessed UFO waves ever. On more than one occasion, two F-16 fighter jets chased the unknown flying crafts, but without results. One of the most notable sightings of the wave came on March 30, 1990 from a Belgian National Police captain, who watched a giant, triangle UFO passing overhead. Two separate radar stations corroborated the sighting.
Radar Stations Report: The triangle was moving very low, and very slowly over the landscapes of Belgium near the city of Glons, which is southeast of Brussels. A NATO manned radar station was reporting the object, and they soon found that four more stations also were getting a return from the object. The flying object would not answer hails to identify itself, and sent no transponder signal. Jets would be sent to find the object.
F-16s Sent to Intercept: Two American-made F-16s were scrambled by the military to intercept and identify the object. One of the jet radars did lock on the object, which appeared as a diamond shape on the screen. Seconds after the lock on, the UFO quickly moved out of the plane's radar range. The F-16 went after the UFO, but after a chase that lasted an hour, the UFO escaped unidentified, except for two more radar returns.
Beyond Our Technology: The F-16 pilot knew that he was chasing something that had speed and maneuverability far beyond the capabilities of his jet. At one point, radar returns showed that the UFO had dropped from 10,000 to 500 feet altitude in 5 seconds, an unbelievable move. The sightings of the giant triangles continued for months, being witnessed over and over again. They often flew low enough to easily be seen with the naked eye.
Getting a Photograph: The sighting wave became a big story in the Belgian media, and it became apparent that getting a photograph of the UFOs was almost impossible... many witnesses snapped photos of the triangles, only to see blurred imagery. This unusual occurrence was investigated by physics professor Auguste Meesen, who discovered that infrared light was not allowing the objects to be photographed.
Finally Captured on Video Tape: Finally, one good video film was taken of the object. The image showed the bottom of the triangular shape, with three red spotlights on the corners. The photograph associated with the Belgian wave is actually a frame capture taken from the video. The film was taken over the town of Petit Rechain.
Classic Status: The Belgium wave has obtained classic status in UFO lore. With over 1,000 witnesses, confirmed radar sightings, plane radar lock-ins, and military confirmations, the fact that an unknown craft moved across the country of Belgium cannot be denied. The case is also important for its unique information sharing. Civilian and military officials were forthcoming with the reports, and set a model for others to follow in their pursuit to uncover the mystery behind the UFO enigma.

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